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Her/she polyglot: 🇹🇬🇺🇸🇰🇷🇫🇷 🇩🇴Hogoè Elimiera

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Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬HUH women fine as hell.
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬no... 🥲🙃 got nothing to do with “ divest” twitter @lebazyan is insane
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬yup I go through my weeks of shadow bxn my content doesn’t really get on tls gorgeous
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬Update:
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬Giving regal, giving classic.
You’re not even black 🙃 conclusion How can someone fish for features they already have. Even "Black fishing" was a term created for a c…
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬So you admit you had extra security because you thought Black folks was in there stealing???
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬Cleanse the tl. She is so beautiful!!
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬Let me go start my comedy tour. smell haterr’all are Solemates. Jackson est victime de revenge porn mais y a des gens qui trouvent le moyen de s'en prendre à elle plutôt qu'a…
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬ELITEEE YES MY LOVE dressed up for what
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬Let me clean again even though I cleaned last night. look at my wife yall! 🥺🥺
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬Don’t see it ♥️✨✨✨ Miracles are being manifested upon us ✨✨✨😌
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬I need someone to buy me the bee satchel in black!!!!
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬Need.
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬agreed. In her case shes publicly said fashion. One just drove the other.’s the way kellida eats every shoot we do
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬they broke the internet this day.
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬Butter Poached crab legs & Grits 🦀
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬princess
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬😭😭😭😂😂
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬right this shit is ghetto💀 never Barbie 🥺
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬I wanted to be 18 so I could call those TV ads for magic markers, not pay bills. @CupcakKe_rapper $hogoeelimiera have high cheek bones and almond shape eyes. When I smile my eyes slant up. What tf is the problem with my BLACK…
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬They are so goofy 🙃 like do you want me to control my genetics 😭. Go away
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬be born. 🥲Like the hate. Idk how I do it. @itsxchelsea my chest. First it’s i’m black face now you see a black woman with small eyes and it’s asian fishing💀😭 I’m so…
One thing about me, ima have fun.
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬I’m posting this again. I’m sorry y’all don’t leave black women alone, and go deal with the white people asian fishing. That being said, yt people… @safecampdana thank you for supporting me @elimieralanegra I love my purse i get so many compliments!!!
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬 @t_gthe choi kang hee @t_gthe YOOOOOOO I HAVENT SEEN THIS ONE I LOVE HER DRAMASAnd that’s on a healthy relationship
Retweeted by IG:Negraitta🇹🇬Music was just her gateway to fashion cause my girl’s main dream was fenty, Music was the sidehoe✨✨✨✨✨✨ Miracles are being manifested upon us ✨✨✨😌
Legit shed a tear
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first pic of 2021
Your TL is now blessed.
👜🐝 my next customer is on your TL 🐝♥️
Hear me out, instead of MK or coach just buy my luxury purses instead.