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@tiffys1983 ThanksHappy birthday again Tiffany @tiffys1983 Wish you all the best on this day and that the year to come will be good…'t wait to see it! you ❤️ Tuesday: 5 years ago 😟
@tiffys1983 Different time zones😉Happy birthday @tiffys1983 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Have a great day 🍰🍨🎁🎈 @Moyachirps 😍😊 @Nhrenz 🙂Steve liked some of my tweets a few days ago! 😊😃😃😃😃Day 6. Sunshine sailing north of the Azores!
Retweeted by Eufemia @Nhrenz Well this was about Bill.....☺️ @tiffys1983 @coats1234 @40Violet @TrueBloodLady @true2bill @Katie_Malarkey @realrhondda @Moyachirps day before I will be "locked in" Part 1 At the hairdresser Just got a neck massage and coffee @EmVarnson 👍😄 @Elints22 Do it! I'm sure you will look great.
Retweeted by EufemiaThey just want to do everything we do 🐶💚
Retweeted by EufemiaCan't make up my mind if I shall get a new haircolor or not. What I really want is to cancel the appointment and st…
Only 2 more days! 🙆 @rickygervais It’s how you joke about things. Some has the talent some not. It’s an artform that you master perfect… I say goodnight someone say good morning. Some have sun and some have rain. Some have storms and some have pea… used made me think of this: #BillCompton 4 episode 10 #TrueBlood TRUE BLOOD - Burning Down The House - The Used.wmv {A Little More Action Please} an episode season 4 #TrueBlood
#BillCompton is a lie Time only stands for here and now What you see passing by Is your only chance to fly Tomorrow is… could run awayMiss you so fucking much! Where did you go?! Saturday I will I don't know what I will do then but I know I will not be at home. #justsaying @Amy_Beth2 Hi. It's okey thanks. Have a good weekend @HamillHimself Or "The Ballad of Beaker" @HamillHimself Hahaha 🤣 I also recommend "Ode to joy" Lol"Once my life was plain and clear I recall Once my ignorance was bliss Nightfall came Like a serpent's kiss To my t… #BillCompton @rickygervais and it's so deserved. It's brilliant.Indila - Dernière Danse @GretaThunberg 👍Sounds great. Lykke til videreSeems to be attached to the couch today so I put the new season of #MindhunterSeason2 up on the screen on this gre… Most Wanted | BBC One | Saturday 17th August, 2:00pm. @rickygervais
Retweeted by EufemiaOh Happy day! 😊😊😊 Oh Happy morning Let the sun shine even if the sky is grey ☀️
It’s getting darker. Autumn is here. Melancholy -Edvard Munch @throwupthehornz @keriqbaum I said almost the same to him 🙂 and he liked itGood morning xx
Retweeted by Eufemia @Theorossi Why are ppl so crule? What do they achieve from it? They also probably sleep good at night. Poor tige… I say something about mental health there is no responce what so ever except a couple of times from 1 or 2. i… said I'm a fan of British crime drama Here is Stephen Moyer as Tom Brook in "Safe House" Brilliant played as alw…
Some ppl drink too much when they shouldn't. Some ppl always answer sarcastic and that's no fun. #justsayingI’m a fan of British crime drama and I must say that #Marcella is very good. One of the best. British quality 👍 Thr… @Katie_Malarkey It’s okey. I’m watching that British crime drama now I like Fear the walking Dead very much. 🙂 @Katie_Malarkey I haven’t seen Shodowhunters but The Originals are okey @Katie_Malarkey English. I wasn’t impressed so I switched over to British dark thriller drama. Marcella @Katie_Malarkey I try something else lol The Maus @Katie_Malarkey I’ve seen it. I’m trying a German movie now. @Katie_Malarkey Thanks. I’ll have a look.Been to the meeting today. THE MEETING. Going through the program. Next Wednesday I'm going in. I will be an instit…
@Elvindel @Trinesg @Venstre Elvestuen i dag. @BoltonSimps Brownish @BoltonSimps Not sure lol Light brownies orange? @GretaThunberg Lykke til! 👍God resa.#AnimalRights isn’t a wacky idea. Admittedly only one #animal has rights so far but then only one decides who gets…
Retweeted by Eufemia @Elvindel @Trinesg @Venstre Kan ikke stemme Venstre allikevel. Beklager. * i villrede* 🙄👍💚👏👏👏 I will dive my hair dark again. Dark and mysterious 😎 This time I'm thinking coffee brown 😁😆😄🙃 Cheers ☕️Morgan Freeman is 82 🙂 It was what they said on the TV just now"I really don't want more theories about Bill thank you very much! It's all over the place!...He is not going to DI… did the summer go?
1 week to go #TrueBlood #DenisOHare
Retweeted by EufemiaCappuccino’ world ☔️☔️☔️
Difficult to go to bed when depresssion strikes. Not sure why. It's like you are paralized and just sit there stari… evening ☔️⛈🌧 @BoltonSimps @IamKristinBauer I don’t know really. Jus hope it will stop soon. It’s election for the comunities now… crap 🐘😱
Retweeted by EufemiaWhere is the chocolate when you need it! ☕️Five years ago we lost the brilliant Robin Williams. His improvised scene in Good Will Hunting made the camera oper…
Retweeted by Eufemia @anja_tammert I wasn’t sauber when I woke up. Got into no-one-cares-mood looking at notifications and there he was!… @anja_tammert Thank you.🙂😂😂
@Amy_Beth2 Thank youpeace PEACE! lol where is the edit botton! @TwitterOrganic chamomile lemon balm & lavender infusion "Snore & place. Just the thing before lights out" 🌃 @Templarlady Thank youOh, NO we didn’t miss anything in True Blood, but this article is worth a read if for no other reason then to remin…
Retweeted by Eufemia @tiffys1983 @realrhondda @Katie_Malarkey @keriqbaum @cubcrazee @sonsofhorror @AllStephenMoyer @anja_tammert @realrhondda Thanks 🙂Finally sauber again and calm and down to earth! Not sure about the earth thing Never mind Can’t believe I did th… for the likes @smoyer I'm hooked on this Cross-stitch game at the moment. Hope you like it.Dont know what I was thinking. #sunglassesday 😎 and of course major #anxiety #neverlearn @Elvindel @Trinesg @Venstre Det har jeg gjort før . 🙂 For meg har naturen, innkludert dyr/ rovdyr alltid vært vikti… you to the one that made my day this hangover morning. I mean it. Thank you for the likes. 💜Oh @Moyachirps He liked my tweet! Well tweets! One of my most serious tweets! Shall I thank him? I dont know what t… @iskald9 @Trinesg @Venstre Ja nordmenn hater vindmøller. Jeg har vært i UK mange ganger og der har de hatt vindmøll… @kenradio Wow! am so fucking drunk! I haven'tn even thought about Bil okey here it comes Bill Compton - My Simple Obsession the first video I found of Martin the day after I saw him in #Eurovision I fell in love lol Stenmarck! 💖