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My world is 🎶 music 🎶 ~~~~~ Favorite actor: Stephen Moyer ~~ ~Resently diagnosed with ADHD,AvPD,BPD. Finally got an answer. ~~ ~~ ~~ ~Invisible~

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Walking in the air (Norwegian) | boy soprano Aksel Rykkvin #TheSnowman sang in a choir when I was a kid #ChristmasmemorySunday. What to do on a Sunday ? 8 days till Christmas. Not ready yet. - brain stopped working glaring at the tv- O…
#adhdis #adhteaz #adhdprobs #adhdproblems #adultadhd #adultingishard #adulting101 #neurodiversity #neurodiverse
Retweeted by EufemiaLove this 💚 #RobbieWilliams | Rudolph - Warrior lol Opera performed by animals | @__M_A_T_T_ Thank you. I need that :) @anja_tammert He is home again now. Funny dog. He finally fell asleep on the couch with me lol @Nhrenz 🙂It's Saturday After been home 2 weeks it lookes like a bomb went off several places in my house. So this day will b…
We should stay the night, what could possibly go wrong... #FridayThe13th
Retweeted by EufemiaFound this little "thing" on the loose earlier to night. Now he keeps us awake and I have to be somewhere in 5 hour…
@Sandy53201794 You're welcome. @Sandy53201794 Send him a tweet and say hello. He is not much on Twitter these days but who knows. Maby you are lucky. Good luck 🙂 @keriqbaum 😂💖
My soul would leave my body if I saw this
Retweeted by Eufemia @RealMattLucas Good morning and thank you for a nice start of the day. 😂
Part 5/ I should write a book about this 🙂 A storyPart 4/ I can still remember how it felt but he came back and appologized for his high temper but then things had c… 3/"Maybe you were right But baby I was lonely I don't want to fight I'm tired of being sorry" Enrique Iglesias… 2/ Us in a nutt shell: fight-become friends-quarrel-leave-comes back and beome friends again, rp and rl, and s… #Norway
Retweeted by EufemiaBetween: bored and well bored? #restless #bored Acsidently came over the photos of that used to be RPer friend o…"I'm running with the wolves tonight" Aurora:"You cannot eat money, oh no You cannot eat money, oh no When the last tree has fallen And the rivers are poisoned… @VALewinAuthor @GaryCargillx @smoyer It was yes.RIP #MarieFredriksson (Roxette) - in loving memory ... @Moyachirps 💙Dog is super upset with Mama
Retweeted by Eufemia @keriqbaum It’s not up yet. LolGood morning world - 14 c outside. Nice with a cup of coffee #christmasmug
@keriqbaum 💚
@Nancy28541 Why he was "real" to me is because I met him in roleplayworld and we had lot of fun together and best…
-He was real to me- @beethoven_music @Beethoven_____ Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement don't need to be religious to like a beautiful song Mary, Did You Know? - #Pentatonix make peace on earth once and for all. Tolerate each other for who we are. How difficult can it be?#RobbieWilliams | Party Like A Russian
Message In A Bottle means many things. It’s about loneliness, but also realising that all of us being in this situa…
Retweeted by EufemiaIt was always someone there. Go out for a smoke together for instance. Now back to "normal" #transition #change #AlexanderSkarsgård @AnnaPaquin @smoyer You should watch this lol Eric and Bill's Bad Bromance @IamKristinBauer Pam (If U Seek Amy) Wow. Great video Wonderland - #TrueBlood
We Are Nature - Enigma @Moyachirps "Got promition from the producer" Lol#NyttProfilbilde
2019 sunset today
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High quality crime drama @GaryCargillx @smoyer Moyer in Safe house tonight on itv3 I have itv3 😀 @wildnwrinkled It was special. Vanessa Ives is my favorite character#PennyDreadful | Vanessa Ives | Sandman Music - Skin Em Up #TrueBlood season 2💗Martin Stenmarck!💗 Swedish band: #Kent One to know one - Maria Mena of emotions to deal with. Feeling a little mischievous today maby. That means: 🍺 😎 New diagnoses: elusive pe…
@Nhrenz ThanksClosing meeting: done. Saying goodbye: done. A room with a view changed from summer to winter. 3 months in institu… it because I thought it was fun but no one saw it lol Dramatique 🙂 A very good Bill video though 😊 @realrhondda 🙂 @realrhondda Aw thanks. @keriqbaum I want a golden doodle! 🐾They have started taking out 26 wolves in Norway now! That means being shot and killed. No need for it.They are red… @keriqbaum Thanks Keri
@realrhondda 😂 @socr8ive Thanks. I took a photo too.🙂
2019 playing in a theater near you, as they say.
Retweeted by EufemiaToday we remember Nelsan Ellis, a formidable talent and a wonderful human. We are thankful for the time we had with…
Retweeted by EufemiaAre we really that bad wit our phones??😱🤣🤪😉😉😉😉📲📱📞☎️📱
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Celebrating with cake 😄 @Elints22 Hi lovely. Happy Friday. Well done for making it thru xxxx
Retweeted by Eufemia @smoyer Thank you 💚 @keriqbaum Nothing 🙂Hi Stephen @smoyer 3 months in hospital is over. Last meeting on Monday and then I'm going home. Got my diagnoses,… @keriqbaum Fixed it. @keriqbaum Oh hahaha. Thanks Keri. 😊
Zara Larsson - Invisible (Lyrics) (from the Netflix Film Klaus) Best of #StephenMoyer [Mr. Saxobeat]'m a bored and very restless and don't know where to put myself at the moment so.. if I tweet a lot. That's whyGot a diagnose today that they are sure about: ADHD and then it seems like I have some more diagnoses. Will know to… is very very good 😊 #TrueBlood Crack!vid'm thankful for True Blood 💖 True Blood {A Little More Action Please} a black cape with the hood over her head she waves the wand around 2 times "Bring back Bill Compton!" she s… @HBO Bill Compton has arrived ❄ @keriqbaum @Moyachirps Thanksgiving! #CharlieBrownThanksgiving
Retweeted by Eufemia @Nhrenz Not my paintings. Yes it's more shelters there than here. I want a dog that don't bark too much 🙂
@keriqbaum Jop. Been home now and then though. @Amy_Beth2 @smoyer Thanks
Want for Christmas #dog #atelier and of course peace on earth @Moyachirps @lynnpd @oNi_hACh Still don't see it.I feel they don't believe in me but about the end of the week they tell me what diagnose I have. If I have one. 3… @smoyer @oNi_hACh @Moyachirps Sorry