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Next phase of my hobby project is finished. Extended my #Homebridge button plugin to allow on/off dependencies. 🤘 @LuiseFreese @MiriRod @KeithWhatling @Gezeitenbrand @sharepointainia In that case I’m going for: Less Than Jake wit… @LuiseFreese @MiriRod @KeithWhatling @Gezeitenbrand @sharepointainia Only one, damn, that’s hard. Does removing two… @DhMatthias @sebastienlevert @ThomasVochten @PekkaWalkama @JussiRoine @vesajuvonen Yes, it’s working perfect with two screens!
@sharepointainia Great! Enjoy and show the result where you’ve put them. 🤘 @sharepointainia @sebastienlevert @ThomasVochten @PekkaWalkama @JussiRoine @vesajuvonen Coffee, how could I have mi… most of us are working home these days. What are the things in your office you can’t miss (except pc/laptop)? M… daughter build the lighthouse typist for #Lego #LetsBuildTogether
Two weeks until we return to Midgar.
Retweeted by Elio StruyfEverything is up and running. 🤘 Fun project to get it all up and running. @flicsmartbutton connects to… keep your kids busy and get an original #Lego minifig: @aavdberg Great to see! Have fun!People mentioned in this week's #PnPWeekly: @tracyvds, @NanddeepNachan, @DavRamalho, @michelcarlo, @homol,…
Retweeted by Elio Struyf @seidenbergsven #sharingiscaring ☺️ @seidenbergsven Great to see that they arrived! Enjoy! @waldekm 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️Do you still know the time you checked HDDs for price/GB? Seems we now have to do it for cables as well, but price/… I'm going to invest in pigeons and start a new scalable messaging service. Think we need it in a couple of da…
The best way to keep you busy is with some hobby projects. Tonight I played with @flicsmartbutton #raspberrypi @sebastienlevert @DanielGlenn @kekline @GFritchey @_AlexYates_ @MarkDataGuy @dbafromthecold @Kendra_Little @SQLBek @jlebutte Great! Enjoy and show the result. 🤘
Just updated the #FrontMatter #VSCode extension to support both #YAML and #TOML markup - components in #Markdown it seems to be possible: #NeverThoughtAboutIt @mks2009cse @DavidWarnerII Beer, Lego, and coffee always work ☺️022 - Getting Started with Azure Arc, the modern Group Policies - #Azure #PodcastFirst #sticker batch is out! At the moment only the EU ones. Belgium post service is only doing EU service. Once th…
@sergeev_srg @sebastienlevert Not at my laptop atm. Didn’t take the took a full screenshot of the stacktrace. All I… @sebastienlevert @sergeev_srg Issues related to dependencies. ‘Argv’ is not defined. @sergeev_srg Tested it out today without success. Once added to one or products it starts spitting out lots of errors. 🤷‍♂️That's nice of you @DavidWarnerII!!! 💛💛💛 352 | AC's and CJ's MS-600 results are in! Are they certified or certifiable? -, setting up family accounts for Amazon is a horrible experience. Don't know how someone without IT knowledge wo… @sergeev_srg Great! Will give it a try. Internally I started a very similar project last year, but stopped because… sticker design available soon! #TranslatingDreamsIntoCode #Stickers #Developers @JoelFMRodrigues Seems that something went wrong during the publish. Ran the CI/CD again and it's published. @JoelFMRodrigues That is weird, going to look into it. @henrikblafield Oh, nice! @sassdawe Not looking for that, I want her to choose when she watches her 30min per day. @CarmenYsewijn Ok, I’ll give it a try @resing Yes, but there you can only define screen time per app. My daughter should be allowed to use her laptop all…
@jthake @ToddKlindt I wouldn’t do that ☺️ @HenkHaag Android? @ToddKlindt I want to be able to say like on iOS to only use website X for 30min per day. @MartinHatch Windows 10Q: Is there "something" that allows me to set time limits for certain websites? #Windows10 #Parenting I say Circl… for a parental control app which allows you to manage website time usage. Stumbled upon a website which o… @phillipharding The new 1.17.0 version is just released.Check out the new #SPFx React controls version (v1.17.0). Github: - Documentation:… company said to only use VPN if it is really necessary, just to not get #AzureAD Alert Fatigue. I understand,… @phillipharding Will try to get it out this week. For now you should be able to install the beta in order to get the fix. @phillipharding You need something in particular?
NULL is just another 0 #CodeBugs @SynStalker @DavidWarnerII Sure, I would love that. Yours are going to the post office tomorrow, but it could be it… @DavidWarnerII You know I like them ☺️ @IsidoraKatanic Yes I was very serious 😂First ride together with my son ✌️❤️🤘💪👊 #LovedIt @MikaBerglund Now I have at least one, and now I probably see all. Nothing also to do during lockdown. @jasoosterveld I plead guilty! ☺️
@jaripullinen Yes, really @eointmcmahon Nope 🤷‍♂️First time I’ll see #StarWars 😱 new #minifig frame #Lego ❤️
@zimmergren @TinaStenderup @JussiRoine @PaoloPia @RickVanRousselt @ThomasVochten @maarteneekels @SaaraRoine @JussiRoine @PaoloPia @RickVanRousselt @ThomasVochten @zimmergren @maarteneekels Yeah, we had to cheer… @JussiRoine @PaoloPia @RickVanRousselt @ThomasVochten @zimmergren @maarteneekels Great to hear and see you guys!Well that got me right in the feels
Retweeted by Elio StruyfBought myself some games, bringing back some memories #FFXIII #XboxOne
Introducing the New Pull Request Experience for Azure Repos #AzureDevOps #DevOps @Petterken_ Thanks @_rebeccajackson Thanks!!! @_rebeccajackson I'll check if I still have them. @CloudChristoph Good catch, working on something else. More news soon ☺️ @_rebeccajackson If you're fast, you can still get them before I send out the first batch at: @barrybokdam If you're fast, you can still get them before I send out the first batch at: @jasoosterveld Don’t think you filled out the formMy daughter is helping me to put the stickers in the envelopes. #KeepingKidsBusy #Stickers! Thanks @United and @AirCanada 🤬 is currently rolling out on Modern #SharePoint. Are you interested to integrate this in your solutions… @fabianwilliams @AzureCosmosDB In my case I used the table APIs with #CosmosDB as that was the quickest way to test…
Here they come – the very first Microsoft Teams integrations for Valo | via @valointranet
Retweeted by Elio StruyfCode looks just like JavaScript functions, except it's PHP...
Retweeted by Elio StruyfMultilingual is currently rolling out on Modern #SharePoint. Are you interested to integrate this in your solutions…🎉🎉🎉 Got @AzureFunctions v3 working with PHP! Works with all our favorite extensions including SignalR. Blog post co…
Retweeted by Elio Struyf🚨 STICKER ALARM 🚨 Do you like them the way I loved to create them? Lucky You🍀! You can now get them! Just fil… - Talking about Azure Sentinel with Maarten Goet - #Azure #Podcast
GitHub for mobile is now available! Again great news from @github no Vegas this year 😥? @SPConf #SPC20 the sun! 🌞 Might be the last ride for the next three weeks. #Training 351 | When the World Tips Upside Down, Work From Home - @MicrosoftToDo It was on macOS @jantielens @WesleyCabus @TechMike2kX +1 Mike
Congrats @github and @npmjs. Had to complete this one to celebrate!!! 🎉 #Lego #Brickheadz @ashleymcnamara is such a change to one of the designs allowed? @TomaszPoszytek @donasarkar @JonJLevesque Thanks @TomaszPoszytek! Think something freed up my calendar for the next couple of weeks. 🤔 @yp_code @MicrosoftToDo Restarted a couple of time and working fine again 🤷‍♂️New article for citizen developers in #M365CommunityDocs (nee #SPUsageDocs): 'Understanding Power Platform Licensin…
Retweeted by Elio StruyfIt seems that @Microsoft now owns the whole #JavaScript world. @github @npmjs - THIS IS B…’re excited to announce that @npmjs will be joining GitHub. Millions of JavaScript developers rely on npm, and we…
Retweeted by Elio Struyf🚨 STICKER ALARM 🚨 Do you like them the way I loved to create them? Lucky You🍀! You can now get them! Just fil… @johnnliu That's because this was the original, and Benny got introduced in the Lego Movie.