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Elis James @elisjames London/Cymru

I present the Friday 1-3pm show with @nomadicrevery on BBC Radio 5 Live. Represented by Emily at M&C Saatchi. Tocyn oes ar y tren grefi.

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@DanThwaite @RPadarn @megandaviesnews @spiritof58wales @DylanEbz yw'r dyn i ofyn! @MikeBubbins @SteveSpeirs4 @simonrug @ScottQuinnell I’d bring back the Merit Table @carolyn_hitt @ceritheviking I absolutely loved this: @PhilRichards82 I think you’re spot on there Phil @PhilRichards82 That’s my opinion. And you can’t fault his acquisitions in January. It’s not an easy club to manage at the moment @LFCjparny Sorry I meant Firmino! @JoffStreet He knows where the goal is, and lives off scraps @jcorrigangolf Thanks manUnless you detest John and I and everything we stand for, why not vote for us in the British Podcast Awards Listene… FT. The Swans are marching on. Ignore that last one2-1. Now looking at that first tweet again @PhilRichards82 We either seemed to play well or play badly and get lucky @LFCjparny He’s a very good young player with a lot of potential. But it’s a lot to ask of him to get in the side a… 2-0 up. I hereby retract the first tweet completely and am looking forward to enjoying this new dawn at The Liberty @DanThwaite @swanabi If the Swans or Wales score after 60 seconds, I just want the game to end there and then and go home @swanabi Easy to forget that football is meant to be entertainingWe’re now 1-0 up. I take it all backWatching the Swans. That great football we played back at the start of the season feels like a very long time ago.really good piece about the difficulties facing comedy and theatre
Retweeted by Elis James @SteffGarrero @MikeBubbins @CleaseCraig @jalexgriffith @distantpod At Oxford? Oh dearHave a read!
Retweeted by Elis JamesNEW BLOG POST HAVE YOU HEARD: THE SOCIALLY DISTANT SPORTS BAR/ @distantpod @elisjames @MikeBubbins &…
Retweeted by Elis James @MikeBubbins @CleaseCraig @jalexgriffith @distantpod @SteffGarrero I think you’ve picked my first clip for next week @evpowell_ @WalesAwayDuty He almost came back to the Swans, but the club messed it up apparently. Such a shame @WalesAwayDuty UnfollowExcited about tonight's @distantpod recording. I think it's our best clip & doc choices so far. If you're one of th…
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This is a great article from @5tevieM @almurray I’ve gone Noddy Holder @simon_price01 I haven’t had my hair cut since January. If I pluck up the courage to do it myself, I’ll go for a Da… @realliamager I happen to think I look very young and vital, thank you @brad_scott I think it might be @mattjdavies HahahahahaBeen experimenting with lockdown facial hair. These sideburns are meant to be ‘Liam Gallagher during divorce procee… brilliant @elisjames and @nomadicrevery are currently in the Top 20 for the @britpodawards Listeners' Choice Aw…
Retweeted by Elis JamesBattered, going home
Retweeted by Elis James5.47am. Only 13 minutes until that first pint!
5.30am for pre-drinks round mine tomorrow if anyone’s interested?
Retweeted by Elis James @Cudey1 My partner is a stand up. Having been with her for ten years, it’s absolutely astonishing how many times sh…’ll never forget how articulate Teresa was, considering how difficult this must have been. Comedy needs to change,… @RalphDavies1 @distantpod Cheers mate! Hopefully see you at Euro 2021 @JasonHazeley ‘I don’t know, the IRA...? Left, right PROMENADE!’ @JasonHazeley In around 1988 there was a bomb scare at my primary school (almost certainly the work of teenage pran… @MalkyMacIntyre I love the Manics! I watched No Manifesto: A Film About Manic Street Preachers last week in factThe latest #EJFOF episode is available @elisjames, @Gabbidon35 and @iwanwroberts discuss the chances of Cardiff Ci…
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John Robins (@nomadicrevery) hasn't been able to get a haircut during #lockdown, but he thought he had the solution…
Retweeted by Elis James @KermodeMovie Happy birthday, Mark!Folks! #HolyVible, the book I wrote with @elisjames is only 99p on kindle for a limited time! I don't have a kindle…
Retweeted by Elis James @MrBispham @MikeBubbins @distantpod It’s on my list. Absolutely superb @MrMorgan44 @distantpod @MikeBubbins Believe it or not, I actually watched it this morning when I woke up with my son. It’s greatFor anybody that wants a helpful spreadsheet of all the clips, docs and book recommendations from @distantpod I've…
Retweeted by Elis JamesFor the final time this series join Bob, Alice and Gruff as they navigate life on Ankle Tag - this week Gruff's mum…
Retweeted by Elis JamesThe latest #EJFOF episode is out! ️⚽️ @elisjames, @Gabbidon35 and @iwanwroberts discuss Cardiff and Swansea's for…
Retweeted by Elis James @courts_B_R @SwansOfficial Best of luck in the future mate @MarkJnH Roy Hattersley’s one is apparently very good @TaxiForNelson About 60BIG NEWS! The Holy Vible is only 99p on Kindle for a limited time, so you’ve got no excuse unless you’ve already re… @cerij76 Interestingly, Dad would claim to be from Tumble, Mamgu would say Cross Hands, even though they are talking about the same house @Liam_Jones19977 @RobertElsey8 @swansnews @sw37ans @MichaelCattroll @JohnWilliams004 @SwanseaAlliance @SwansCity1912 I’d agree with that @leroybasslines @davies2107 @RobertElsey8 @swansnews @sw37ans @MichaelCattroll @JohnWilliams004 @SwanseaAlliance
@Soap_Bar Today We Die A Little is the one I read @Trueblubird927 Dydd Iau @RobertElsey8 @JohnWilliams004 @swansnews @sw37ans @MichaelCattroll @SwanseaAlliance @SwansCity1912 @DaiLittle @davies2107 @RobertElsey8 @swansnews @sw37ans @MichaelCattroll @JohnWilliams004 @SwanseaAlliance @SwansCity1912 I s… @distantpod is now No.6 on the UK Apple Chart for Sports Podcasts. And you will never listen to a bigger load of…
Retweeted by Elis James @Therealwev @distantpod I watched it this morning!
@RGlovebox @ceri10786 @distantpod @SteffGarrero @MikeBubbins HahahahaThanks for the shout out at the end of this episode @distantpod @MikeBubbins @SteffGarrero @elisjames - you've just…
Retweeted by Elis JamesA true honour to have a clip that I suggested used on @distantpod (the Ice Hockey goalie) An even bigger honour to…
Retweeted by Elis James @distantpod THANK YOUGet on it. We discuss NRL, NFL, Jurgen Klopp, tennis, ice hockey, bobbing for apples, Sunday dinner
@thisrurallife If it’s big enough to be a problem, you’ll find itI had no idea being a parent to young children would involve muttering ‘oh sod it, it’s only a bit of piss’ to myself so often @V_S_studios @distantpod Thank you!
“We are like Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon in The Odd Couple. Incidentally, Elis says my references are hopelessly…
Retweeted by Elis James @Rhiroberts Thank you Rhian!
@Groundtastic very rare you see a top tier with terracing, I can't think of another example @jcorrigangolf @asoundreaction I'd agree with that, and I think all of the musicians and comedians in Wales would too @DavidCoop_ Inspired to Ride on Amazon Prime @jcorrigangolf If you want to see what the fuss is about James, @asoundreaction very kindly wrote an article about… you get a spare two minutes this evening, it would be very nice if you could vote for us on this.
Retweeted by Elis JamesCliff is one of my heroes. One of the world’s best wingers in his playing days, played for Wales at the 1958 World… @Andrew__Johnson @DrLeeworthy @martinjohnes I can just hear every stand up I have ever met muttering ‘I wouldn’t open with it’ @DrLeeworthy @Andrew__Johnson The Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci of Welsh History @DrLeeworthy @Andrew__Johnson @martinjohnes Totally impossible to monetise as a stand up, but this is hands down my favourite kind of humour @Andrew__Johnson @DrLeeworthy @martinjohnes But I always find my way back to The Smiths @Andrew__Johnson @DrLeeworthy As well as Leadbelly @Andrew__Johnson @DrLeeworthy I’m a huge fan of the Sex Pistols @martinjohnes you to @asoundreaction for writing this about @distantpod @PhilRichards82 @SwansOfficial He’d have loved it. Simon was a great example of how enriching football can be. I’ve… @DrLeeworthy Like guitar bands and The Beatles @MikeBubbins Hahahahaha @SwansOfficial I can’t imagine watching the Swans without him. He was a fantastic bloke and I miss him already @simon_price01 @MikeBubbins Oh my God, I love that. ‘Marginal gains’ @MikeBubbins Respectfully disagree. This is George Best scoring against Benfica in the 1968 European Cup Final. Soc… proud to be associated with @DRMZ_Carmarthen, the work they do is so important for the town’s young people
@jcorrigangolf @sportingintel @nomadicrevery Pawb! @jcorrigangolf Beer 52 will do it @jcorrigangolf What’s the dollar? @jcorrigangolf It does beat working for a living @jcorrigangolf I’m just a man with a Protestant work ethic and a microphone, James