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Elis James @elisjames London/Cymru

I present the Friday 1-3pm show with @nomadicrevery on BBC Radio 5 Live. Represented by Emily at M&C Saatchi. Tocyn oes ar y tren grefi.

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We had Jane Couch on 'How Do You Cope...with Elis and John?' She came on to talk about the painful cost of being th…
Retweeted by Elis JamesThe first episode of '@elisjames Funny Nation' is now streaming on @BBCiPlayer Find out what #RuthJones
Retweeted by Elis James @LloydGriffith @nomadicrevery BLOODY HELL!
Tune into @BBCOne tonight at 10:45pm to catch the first episode of @elisjames' show 'Funny Nation' where he'll be e…
Retweeted by Elis James @ChrisKorkey @HariRaelyn @verngriffiths That’s pretty much word for word what I muttered to myself @ChrisKorkey @HariRaelyn @verngriffiths I bought my tickets for Euro 2020 last week. All of the tickets are sent to…
@JosieLong Bing would think he needed his polling card to vote, not go because he’d lost it, find out from Sula or… @GarmonCeiro Cytuno. Odd y ferch yn cysgu 8pm tan 8.30am(!) bron o’r dechre. Gorfod dihuno hi i fwydo hi, etc. Holl… @Horwichbloke19 No, I’d been up for about half an hour with him @NorthernGwit @coneyburn WOW @coneyburn Ooooof @johnnyyates 12am, 1am, 4:30am.Why are babies so awake at 5.03am? What’s in it for them?
@sionlane Fi’n flin iawn i glywed hwnna, Sion. Cymer ofalThe Welsh are truly a welcoming crowd! Yesterday I tweeted twice about #MUFC and once about my new love for Welsh.…
Retweeted by Elis James @stujames75 I think he’s probably fitter than he was when he was with the Swans. Certainly fitter than when he was…
We’ve had it confirmed @caryshuws I beth?If John is this hungover and this deliriously giddy every week, we’re onto a winner. #LooseAndLive #elisandjohn
Retweeted by Elis James @Listenx2speakx1 Say Something in Welsh is the app Isy liked, and find someone to practice with. Don’t worry if you…
@elisjames @nomadicrevery you campaign so hard for mental health awareness, PLEASE share this and help my family in…
Retweeted by Elis James🙌 The latest #EJFOF podcast is here! ⚽ @elisjames, @Gabbidon35 and @iwanwroberts take a look at Wales' Group A opp…
Retweeted by Elis James @TonyRivers1927 @Tosh1981Peter Tweet of the year, for me. I might get this framed @Tosh1981Peter @TonyRivers1927 I’m in a similar moth situation. The only thing they don’t like seemingly is Kappa W… @paul_beardall @elisjames I still have mine too. Treasured possession. Sadly, the transfer badge and logo didn’t st…
Retweeted by Elis James @TonyRivers1927 I must admit...I don’t mind a long sleeve John Smedley polo shirt for when I want to mod it up a bit @BrynLaw Diolch, Bryn. Edrych ar ol dy hunan @BrynLaw I’m sorry to hear this, Bryn. Cymer ofal x @simon_price01 I certainly did. I often silently berate my parents for not going into Tom Sports in Haverfordwest i… @simon_price01 The 4-1 England kit, or the ‘exceptionally rare and very expensive on eBay kit’Look at that beautiful 1980-84 Adidas Wales Home shirt there, photographed in the wild @wewonitonetime @MotherSoccerNL My God that is fantasticI've just started learning Welsh using #Duolingo. Yesterday, my favourite sentence was Dw i wedi blino, which makes…
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@katiewfc I did and I cannot wait @Millar_Colin @BassTunedToRed Since Everton's last win at Anfield Swansea have been relegated to the 4th tier, narr…
Retweeted by Elis James192 days to go @GarmonCeiro @ffioneluned24 @ClwbandCymru @grifflynch @Huw_not_Hugh Ar ol danto gyda Carmarthen Town under 16s ges… @GarmonCeiro @ffioneluned24 @ClwbandCymru @grifflynch @Huw_not_Hugh Sefyll yn erbyn y ffens ar y maes chware, yn ar… @ffioneluned24 @GarmonCeiro @ClwbandCymru @grifflynch @Huw_not_Hugh Hoff iawn o gyfeirio at Garmon fel ffrind sy we… @ffioneluned24 @GarmonCeiro @ClwbandCymru @grifflynch Y broblem odd da fi yw bod Gwion a @Huw_not_Hugh ddim yn mynd… ein sengl olaf o'r albwm Swbriel Gwyn, '(Ddim yn) Grêt', allan dydd Gwener yma! Hefyd bydd un o draciau bonw…
Retweeted by Elis James @ClwbandCymru @ffioneluned24 @grifflynch @GarmonCeiro O’n i gyda ti am Slovakia y chwannen! A Portugal! A Rwsia o be fi’n cofio? @ffioneluned24 @ClwbandCymru @grifflynch @GarmonCeiro Sau’n cofio stress fel hyn tro diwetha. Fi’n sefyll gyda Garm… @ffwtbol It’s been like this forever @ffwtbol I am having a nightmare here. Got to leave the house in five minutesFootball, political debates and two forms of @elisjames - here’s how I watched last night’s football, and how I’ll…
Retweeted by Elis James @benaarondavies Ond diolch! @benaarondavies Fuck’s sakeGorfod gadael y ty mewn 10 munud a ma hwn newydd fynd nol i’r dechre. Ife cyntaf i’r felin yw hi, neu bydd tocynnau… @TomiCaws @walesawayfans When I went to Valencia with the Swans in the Europa League I was full of admiration for t… @TomiCaws @walesawayfans Wales to win Euro 2020 or Swansea/Wrexham/Llansannan to win the Champions League is a good oneA preview from our upcoming series @elisjames - Funny Nation Mondays on @BBCOne Wales
Retweeted by Elis James @_scarecrowboat it was June and a trick of the lightI hope you all enjoy the show but I must admit I have no memory of this photo being taken Do You Cope... @bbc5live is best podcast I have done about my life, Rob's and depression. 'The fact he took his…
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@DrLeeworthy So you’re saying it never existed?Helpwch Gweirydd mas! @GarmonCeiro Gret, bydd rhywun da fi sefyll gyda. Ma’r bois fi’n mynd gyda fel arfer ‘mond yn neud Rhufain @gweirydd @walesawayfans Shwt ‘ny, Gweirydd? @joe_hartley1 You’d better believe itFirst time I met Nish Kumar was at a charity show. I was having a really bad day and he swapped slots with me so I…
Retweeted by Elis James @GarmonCeiro Ti’n mynd i Baku neu just Rhufain?Access codes should have been received by everyone on 26-51 points. Check your junk folder if using a web-based email like Hotmail
Retweeted by Elis James"Here's to Lancashire" - Dixie Dean enjoying a fag and some wine as a reward for winning the 1933 Fa Cup
Retweeted by Elis JamesSomeone from @BBCFrontRow just contacted me about doing an interview about the “politics of comedians doing corpora…
Retweeted by Elis JamesThe most recent episode of How Do You Cope is up now! You can listen to our amazing discussion with @poornabell her…
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I bet absolutely nobody has ever thought of doing this before ... #content
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@Radio_Travis @KissFMUK Best of luck mate! You’re going to be great!VAR. It is the enemy of football. It is a disease on football's spirit. An obscene dictatorship spitting in the eye…
Retweeted by Elis JamesFootball Weekly Live! BRIGHTON Monday Jan 20th. @NickyBandini @elisjames @bglendenning @fishplums me
Retweeted by Elis James @sianharries_ @SimonMAlikesyou Yeah, he’d get battered on the DLR at Canning Town for trying that @SimonMAlikesyou He would also know absolutely fuck all, which would eventually become infuriating. ‘I’m more Chan… @SimonMAlikesyou Imagine the state of his teeth after a lifetime in the bushSeries 2 of my radio show Love Letters is up on @BBCSounds if anyone fancies a listen - I wrote this show having ju…
Retweeted by Elis James @RobJamesMorris I live by the sword, I die by the sword
@simon_price01 @chsingthedragon @thehuwdavies to be fair Mark, the first time we played Azerbaijan we only took 35 fans @ScottBroadhurs5 Worse than Cuco Martina? @simon_price01 Hahahaha!(a) Isn’t Mark Hughes ageing beautifully? (b) As an ambassador for my country, I’m already worried about what train… @PodcastPeldroed Tweet of the year @ShakesMcNails No, it just made for a wry tweetBeth odd y cwrw fel mas yn Baku?I’m now in three separate ‘Wales at Euro 2020’ WhatsApp groups @GarmonCeiro Dyw’r Guardian ddim yn helpu’r achos @thehuwdavies @simon_price01 @chsingthedragon It’s easy! Just a simple flight to Turkmenistan and then a quick ferry across the Caspian SeaLove that after a lifetime following these beauts knowing we'd never qualify, we then qualify for back-to-back Euro…
Retweeted by Elis James @thehuwdavies What are the options? @mike_p167 The teams, yes. Copenhagen and St Petersburg would have been easier tripsCan you ‘pop to Baku?’ #WalesAwayWatching the Euro 2020 draw. It is pretty cool that in a room full of superstars, the Wales manager is easily one o… really, really like The Athletic but because I have two young children the article on Jose Mourinho going to Tott… a Romanian baker throws crates at terrorists at Borough Market 2019: a Polish chef chases a terrorist down L…
Retweeted by Elis James @Isysuttie This had better be good. Lot of pressure, big gig @richardosman I’ve had this with free jazz. Started off and it was impenetrable, now I absolutely love it
@BethanBlake @nomadicrevery @Masterman What a cute baby! Congratulations! @DrLeeworthy I have so much to say about this but I’m about to go on air @JohnKennedy @Vinay_K_Joshi @adwaithband @LibertinoRecs Hey John - I’m about to go on air but I’ll send you an emai… @Vinay_K_Joshi @adwaithband @LibertinoRecs @JohnKennedy While I’ve got you John @blancoslos502 are also BRILLIANT @Vinay_K_Joshi @adwaithband @LibertinoRecs It’s a fabulous record Vin. You should tell John Kennedy
@bglendenning Are you going to grow a huge beard on your big holiday to India? I’d LOVE that