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claire @eliter3k d૮₍˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶₎ა ♡

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@HyunhoeTV @arissajadey she a mom ? @koalanoob hiii @GregoFPS @jayryuki 😳 @1flyuh CRACKED @BenevolenceFPS @envysJPN @H1RA__ my kittens 🥰 @BayonetVAL ofc @christinecocoab @krnnguyen_ 😮😳 @krnnguyen_ Who dat🤨 @krnnguyen_ @christinecocoab So cute🥺 @AlvinBach heyyyy😏Happy Mother's Day! if u don't have a mom in your life that's ok because i am your mom now >:) @HyunhoeTV i would stream but trristan is sleep @wholegrainn happy birthday! @Darkest_Pants bruh i have 2 + on tier 10 for killjoy's wtf.. i guess i barely play @EndiADC AAAAAA SHE IS SO CUTE 🥺🥺🥺 congrats!!! @ahad Claire 🤝ahad hella unread messages @zander_fps Zander insane @ahad demon cat @menace_val i mean 7105 @menace_val what is 7104
@christinecocoab i worked boba and there would b bitches who would get triple boba + lychee jelly i was like ???!?!?!? @H1RA__ gm Robert 💙 @averymyusic let me bring you some baked stuff next time you work 🥺 @menace_val oh my god oh my god @HyunhoeTV ya i gotta watch out for u 🙄 @Jonaaa6_VAL JONA SUPREMACY @regcnt no but my girl twitter mutuals are my gfs... i was just making fun of my friends tweet 😭 @LanceOTK i believe in you🙏 @naeekwan 🖕 @Scrounge_ @icyjl 4 white boys and an asian
@careertwitch thank you @cIe0h u tell me i have no ideai'm quitting @CuriousCryptid_ wait i lowkey like it.. LOL @swrongwitme ur so cute *_* @acesu @Lear_VAL @dvxma_ @jayryuki ? @jon_nyo do itttt i got thai milk tea yesterday! and gonna go again this weekend LOL @jon_nyo boba @okidenni 😳 @annikaphobic wait wh- @annikaphobic bitches FFSFHJJ IF SSG @Cryocells_ Go Matt go matt @AlvinBach LMFAOOOOOO @okidenni gn u missed me n lear apex stream :*( @ventureYNB it's making him stream more :) @ventureYNB i don't play val often, so it's not worth :( i can gift you a sub to mr lear tho if you want! @ventureYNB ty ty, @ me next time u stream, i'll sub @icyjl @Lear_VAL HES BROKE @HyunhoeTV when you gave me half for my sovereign sword, i've lowkey been saving it so i can give it back to you +… @Pow_NY Thank you power @okidenni I've never played 😮 if u teach me I'm down @okidenni me w/ apex
@Cryocells_ This ain't it bro 😭😭 @krnnguyen_ he is already a baby idk how i can raise a third 🤨 @krnnguyen_ you know.. i kind of want one too @krnnguyen_ @nlbil 😳 @menace_val 💕💕💕 @sorcerawr If i evr see u on I'll msg u! @sorcerawr Me :D I'm pretty busy lately w school but always down to play w you @oddlyawkward so talented 💕💕 @sheebT_T ur cat looks so cute and mine looks zooted LMAO @plat1numOG Go plat go plat😑 @JimmyJamTV HAPPY BDAY JIMMY @raegarooni omg dis is so cute .. may i use as a pfp w/ credit :o @Sentinels @HyunhoeTV 😳 @gabbys we can run it down like the good old days :") @krnnguyen_ OOPS I FORGOT.. yes next weekend :)) @gabbys Me me me @krnnguyen_ this weekend ?
@careertwitch @Shiro_Rz .. @ahad @Shiro_Rz ??? @Shiro_Rz LETS PLAY SOMETIME PLS @lotustraps I think i have u alr :3 @lotustraps Meee @oddrie_ prettyyyyy @dprjustine ur pfp.... so cute bye
@ciaolyx SO TALENTED @Jonaaa6_VAL HOLAYY @cIe0h i want u so bad @ericshoooee i guess so..
@envysJPN LEMONS ARE A FRUIT ???..??.???? @envysJPN what?????? @envysJPN how u think they make lemonade ?? @envysJPN all fruits tht have liquid can be juiced ..???? @envysJPN Son.. @menace_val keep your head up ily💕 @regcnt congrats :D @A5927599945 let's smoke tg @Himacopter dms open if you need it ;-; take care @NahsieTV LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO CONGRATS!!!!!
@HyunhoeTV @Lear_VAL DonoWall1 game 3 clutches @stmchach3s happy birthday lovely💕💕 @svilormvr UR SO SEXY
@krnnguyen_ now when i drive past the titties I'll think of breeze A site 😌 @krnnguyen_ LMFAOOOO @sheebT_T 🙄🙄