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The way this man’s slides was hugging his lil calf muscle 🤣 The deer in headlights look 😂*CHOOSE ain’t no falling into that shit. Whatever folks be falling into ain’t love. This i know!
Retweeted by trans ves dykeTweet taken down, KC has been found.I’m partnered w one of the best to ever play the game of hide n seek 💪🏾My nephew yellin’ “uncle Devin where are you!!??” LmfaoooNot @ThatBoyYouLike hiding all good nowWe have a night full of hide n go seek... imma find this lil TS secret spot @idee_fixe_ & @MorticiaGodiva whispering aboutFound somebody that ain’t me 👀He gon find me now I’m talkin shitPlaying a game of hide and seek right now & I bet @ThatBoyYouLike won’t find my ass 👀
@ZoeGawd “Study, fast, train, fight” ✊🏾💪🏾 @ZoeGawd Black August for meThe other day a 7 year old asked me “why you got on a Black lives matter mask?” am EXCITED to be on the judging panel for the Illuminations Grant for Black Trans Women Visual Artists. Applicati…
Retweeted by trans ves dykeI think we can all agree that Black folks...
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I wanna play today #TransmanThirstdae right here ... register now
Lady I needs support to cover the costs of medical care, transportation, and temporary housing while she recovers f…
Retweeted by trans ves dykethis app so fucking fake yall jus be saying whatever
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Sis Pam Africa speaking at Free Mumia rally!!
Retweeted by trans ves dykeI need $1k to just fall in my lap today.
Retweeted by trans ves dykeion have all the answers @tethegreat Shit be blowin mine. To a world where we need less scammers 🔥 @AsanniArmon 🥳I’m actually super excited about this one! July 4th is @4THEGWORLS’ ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY 😭😭😭 Jewel and I are goi…
Retweeted by trans ves dykeOh shit y’all! I’m only $120 away 😩please continue to share and donate if you can 💜
Retweeted by trans ves dykeJoin us digitally to see an example of transformative justice irl and a discussion with @prisonculture !…
Retweeted by trans ves dykeI love watching the floor is lava
@BlackBoiComplex 😭😭🥰🥰🥰🥰🙈 Was so nervous, thank you ✊🏾 it oochie wally or one mic?
The gap between your personal life and your politics usually shows up the most in your love life because desire tel…
Retweeted by trans ves dykeJune was a wild one
I need a massage so bad... my bodyWow.... I can never get enough of listening to this song🔥🔥🔥 built this nation, burn down the fuckin’ plantation 🔥🔥🔥Got to say “welcome home” to a bro today got me thinking about my mans with a 2051 release dateThe final iPhone will just be the blueprints and then you have to buy every part and make it yourself
Retweeted by trans ves dyke✊🏾 @Tiff__83 🥰🥰🥰🥰👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 very welcome!BOOOOOOOST!!!! Still urgent! We got $300 to a Black trans woman yesterday but need to support another sisTer and tw…
Retweeted by trans ves dyke🥳 Happy Birthday!!!!! @ByrellTheGreat 👀Just called my mans for the first time in 6 years and he picked up the videophone like “hello! You got the facial h…
I love seeing big people dance. My absolute fave. Move that bawdy, allat body-ody-odyMy nephew and his friends gon be mad when this come on and I hit my uncle dances 🔥🔥🔥 sweet that I got heavily tatted as a youth. Some of my tattoos are admittedly ridiculous. I do remember spec… @nopantsnomoney @RickiiBobbii24 Congrats!!! 🥳🥳🥳This is such a big flex... WATCH THIS
Retweeted by trans ves dykeWhile we uplift the names of people we lost I would like for us to also uplift the names and the black translate wo… introduced me to a chant during this march “colonialism built this nation let’s burn the fucking plantation!“Black trans liberation is a global struggle; keep fightin. We will win! From Squad freedom looks like “everyone is… abolish gender policing is a step of many to abolishing the prison industrial complex! No transmisogynoir, no ab… must also say Nare Mphela, trans activist in South Africa whose life was stolen in January 2020. In the words of… state sanctioned violence that most recently took the life of Tony McDade, to the trans misogynistic violence… assume we are all here because we want Black trans liberation. Audre Lorde told us that it is important that we d… speaking yesterday several people said I did great, my kin called this morning to say how amazing I did. That… until this morning did I realize that being told that after my 1st time speaking led me to not really want to speak at rallies.I spoke at a rally yesterday & for a moment I thought that was my first time speaking at a rally. Then I remembered… can I buy shirts with Black women hip hop and r&b artists on them? @aijuswanaswim SentA filmmaker, director, and actress, a comedian dedicated, talented harpist’s a cultural worker, her in this documentary love of my life @idee_fixe_ in all her magnificence ✨ - check her out…
😭🥰it was an honor & I’m forever inspired by your greatness 😍 picking wedgies without shame! Free your booty crack!Ahya Simone is one of the most spectacular women I have ever met in my life. Get into the doll ✨… @peytonthepoet Went to get the copper one for baby, sold out w the quicknessangela davis said "there are black people I do not want to be in unity with" & I really felt that
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She’s at $17K right now. Let’s boost this tweet & send donations to get her to $20k before Monday… times Tommy Pickles said, “I don’t want SPONSERBILERIES no more!!” I felt that
Retweeted by trans ves dykeLove to all the survivors out there. You deserve better than what you’ve been given.
Retweeted by trans ves dyke to The Anatomy of An Apology by Intersectionality Matters with Kimberlé Crenshaw @FEMMEREH Happy Birthday 🥳I have trans men homies of all varieties. No disclosure, low disclosure, full disclosure, masc, femme, she/her pron… day I might solve the mystery of the erasure of Black trans men & trans masculine people.
@altpnk We’re talking about trans men that use the pronouns she/her. Not sure why it matters whether they are binar… men that use she/her pronouns shouldn’t be confusing or controversial Pronouns don’t define gender, a pronou… @altpnk It came on the TL because it was retweeted. Because pronouns do not define gender, there are trans men that… would like one pls tryna remind people in the NPIC that the goal is for us to work ourselves out of a job. @aprettyPR Lmfaoooo @KaiDavisPoet All of the above @MiQL 🥴🙈 yeah, I was there n stuff @idee_fixe_ 😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰 thank you for inspiring me through your brilliance and creativity.
Thank you @haymarketbooks, Rachel Herzing, @sheabutterfemme, @MicahHerskind, @SultanReina, @rachelkuo,… love this video so much 🥰♥️
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