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damn the man

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They're playing "Fortunate Son" as Trump leaves DC. A song critical of privileged white kids who dodged the Vietnam…
Retweeted by lizzy liberalThe Youth Poet Laureate is doing an amazing job and giving me goosebumps.Happy hump day, dipshits 😎🤘
Retweeted by lizzy liberalThe fact that Claudia Conway can record her mother being toxic and abusive, Kellyanne herself implying that if she…
Retweeted by lizzy liberalFor Anna 💕 @anna_fearon
Retweeted by lizzy liberalHe seems like a very happy old man looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!
Retweeted by lizzy liberalWhen Johnny Cash guest starred on Columbo, you knew it was going to be good.
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @six_2_and_even What about his fav five? @LarrysTwin99 Wait, how do you go from being a “porn star” to working at Taco Bell? Seems like there’d be a huge pay discrepancy. @BrothProf @CumberdickB Kamala Harris is our first female VP. The highest office ever held by a woman, let alone a… @CumberdickB ☺️☺️☺️ Thank you 💗 @CumberdickB @BrothProf Yes. She takes the position of President for the remaining length of the term. Then would n… @SarahHeartsNYC @chrissteinplays You get a new President! You get a new President! You get a new President! @BrothProf @CumberdickB So, the answer is yes, it’s common. If of 46 presidents, 14 VPs went on to ultimately become president, almost 1/3. @NotOneNotTwo Coverage starting at 10:30. I think noon is the moment. Woo hoo! @lezzimomof2 I’m so sorry for your loss 💗 @CumberdickB @uwish07 Attack Covid. Vaccinations, testing, masks, no kids in physical schools. Reform our educatio… @CumberdickB @Brookranger I think he’s pluckier than he appears. @CumberdickB Or, it’s common for the previous VP to run for President after that President’s term.OMG YOU GUYS, WE FINALLY GOT HIM OUT!!!
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @urmumsausername What’s wrong? 💗 I hope you’re ok. ✨Pick a photo in your phone that isn’t of you to best describe you... night, Twitter friends. I’ll be tuning in from work tomorrow. Praying that everything goes smoothly. Please be…
Retweeted by lizzy liberaltoday’s the last day a woman has never been vice president
Retweeted by lizzy liberalis anyone in charge of saging the whitehouse
Retweeted by lizzy liberalThe #FBI is seeking information about the person(s) responsible for the placement of suspected pipe bombs in D.C. D…
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @KDWRenoGirl I had them at 4. They were everywhere, in my ears even. My mom put socks on my hands so I wouldn’t scratch them and get scars. @a_simpl_man @imajithnair 😂😂😂 @HereToRebuild @reroutingnow Ohhhh. Kids’ camping chair! Genius idea right there! @lickmytwitttss YesSomeone in my bullet journal was excited she got these little bone shaped paperclips until she used them
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @MsJayLee22 I read this Oprah thing once about nice gestures, one of them was to let the person in front of you at… @CruisinSoozan Chug! Chug! Chug! @theHetal Yes, I have. I have also not done so. It’s not an automatic unfollow/block, until they upset me.It's almost time to let the grownups into the room.
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @NotOneNotTwo Scram, ham! @DevilDogUte People yelling, “IM ON THE TRAIN”, is forever imbedded into my mind from riding the el train.
You didn't think I'd send him off without my own departure ceremony, did you? 👋🏻🌈🎶 #SeasonsOfTrump
Retweeted by lizzy liberalGo where your energy is loved and protected
Retweeted by lizzy liberalI’m old enough to remember when pen pals were a thing
Retweeted by lizzy liberalholding hands with someone is the best kind of therapy
Retweeted by lizzy liberaldads will watch 40 minutes of news like this
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @bouffantbecky Eyeliner should not be chunky. @TheBluestStar Near Houston @limolnar @Theatre_Josh @AnthroChick1 @mikaelajpalermo Exactly. @TamaraZRoberson @Rayvenwitch @mama_bear_21 @mikaelajpalermo @aj_renee_ I’m so sorry. I’ve been there. I’ve also be… @Theatre_Josh @AnthroChick1 @mikaelajpalermo I can’t tell you the number of women who’ve asked me for help in the d… @DevilDogUte Then they check your name in the book of bad checks. @ToriBugg00 @KarlMMay1 @SarahRuth00 @Dakotapup1 @deliasmelia @mikaelajpalermo Idek how many times that has happened… i completed a chore that i’ve been putting off for 5 months. it took me 20 minutes. i will learn nothing from this
Retweeted by lizzy liberalIf you’ve never cried in a walk-in or stock room you have no say in the minimum wage debate
Retweeted by lizzy liberalA teacher I worked with has just died of Covid. I am NOT OKAY! My face shield arrived today, which I purchased. I…
Retweeted by lizzy liberalYou wait 45,000 years to be discovered as an artist and they mistake your bird for a pig
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @karaokeballs @Henry_3000 you saw only one set of bird prints, is when I carried you
Retweeted by lizzy liberalRelease the security tapes of @laurenboebert reconnaissance tours before the attack
Retweeted by lizzy liberalIf you're white and not able to say "Black Lives Matter" you should keep the words of Dr. King out of your mouth. Y…
Retweeted by lizzy liberalThe family dog house... #OddItemsIDontThrowOut
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @jvbt82hhs I want one! @bigeby13 @RaeUvLite @KateMcLoughney That would be beautiful. @bigeby13 @RaeUvLite @KateMcLoughney The good news is, there are some crimes, like state crimes, that he can’t pard… @brokemycoccyx The dog is spidery and it looks like a fast moving zombie vs the human looking robots. @brokemycoccyx The dog one still freaks me out majorly. @brokemycoccyx @Ant_F3ltz Ahhh I was calling that one The Dodo Bird.Receiving an invite to Donald Trump’s ‘ceremonial send-off’ must feel like getting one of those Nigerian Prince emails.
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @ScratchChrome If you say, “my cocaine”, you sound like Michael Caine saying his name. @JimH1923 Yes! Of course! @SarahHeartsNYC She’s awful. She’s also an awful model. @gguitarzan Yes. I find it very anxiety provoking, I will frequently cancel appointments bc my anxiety gets so bad.… @hehasfunnycars I just bought some journals there and had to use all my super powers not to look beyond the front of the store. @hehasfunnycars So much fun!#My4WordStruggle My cats🐈‍⬛ 🐈are A$$HOLES!!😼
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @IAmStillKennea omg omg omg omg omg omg she is petting a cockroach, rubbing its belly(and typing that made my stomach turn) @MNateShyamalan @borderlinemom8 Ok, I lived on the campus of the university of Illinois and those squirrels were super aggressive.As an idealistic 17/18yo I truly believed we were making social progress in the early-mid 90’s. It’s disheartening… happens to women everywhere I’ve worked where they can end up alone: the public library, retail in small shops,… @seannameeshelle Yep. But then so much you’re paranoid about, turns out to be correct, and it fuels the circle of paranoia and distrust.Dr. FLOTUS is going to restore Jackie’s rose garden. ❤️
Retweeted by lizzy liberalafter brushing out her tangles my daughter exclaimed she was “prettier than a hippo in a dress” and it is hereby my daily mantra
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @PissOffTrumpkin @BikeCurmudgeon Jorts rolled up and my lawd those toenails. (I’m also super annoyed someone could…“I see the problem.” “Yeah?” “This is Maple Street.” “Isn’t that what it says?” “You want Maple AVENUE.” “Sorry, I’…
Retweeted by lizzy liberalDamn radio stations stop playing holiday music like they think we're done dashing through the snow. Fuck.
Retweeted by lizzy liberal[going down a slide at 4]: yayyyyyyyyyyy [going down a slide at 40]: tell my storyyyyyyyy
Retweeted by lizzy liberalFunny enough, Michael Stipe listed none of this in "It's The End Of The World As We Know It".
Retweeted by lizzy liberalMe: Pica card, any card. Friend: Isn't it pick a card? Me: *eats cards*
Retweeted by lizzy liberalRemember kids, MLK was a peaceful protester and they still shot him. Have a good night.
Retweeted by lizzy liberalYou were born to be real as fuck, not to be perfect.
Retweeted by lizzy liberalEvery movie shot in Boston is like an infomercial begging you not to go to Boston.
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @seannameeshelle Oh, I also come from my mom telling me, “big brother is watching! Don’t think they couldn’t find o… @2012YesWeWill Oh lawd, it’s the courthouse? @karmalcy I’m so sorry. 💗 @2012YesWeWill How tf are is someone so hateful they actually celebrate Lee’s birthday? And then...I can’t. I’m done with people.I remember 2008 when Obama won I thought it was a sign that all the bullshit, racism and extremism was on the way o…
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @RoobsC I could see having an account to share art, that’s credited. I’m an artist, I can’t imagine even allowing f… @karmalcy Keep him with you and against your body, your breathing pattern will help him.What ARE donuts?
Retweeted by lizzy liberal @RunOldMan That’s awesome, you’re super cool, I’m glad you share with us lucky 15k people💗 @LornaMarieDavid Unicorns is the word?
Retweeted by lizzy liberalLast transmission from my underground shelter, somewhere in the near future, the human race nearing extinction: BET…
Retweeted by lizzy liberal