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public historian & writer. scared of rain. if my kingdom ever comes you better run.

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@Wolfesghost yep!! altho millions and millions of dollars in private investment followed and property assessments tripledyou can care about what buildings, new and old, look like, but at some point you have to start caring what happens… predicted that this softening would not hold under new powers, local and federal. and now there is a proposal bef… of the things i wrote a lot about last year is how, here, historic preservation and the kind of growth it drive… people think they are braveheart for putting all-caps words in a fundraising emailoh for sure. chills just thinking about Schumer's bravery during the first war of senate independence, his tear and…'all will tell climate kids and fast food workers to eat shit and then pull this "i must say i'm disappointed in m…"lost all credibility" man, y'all let this happen to us because you thought free insulin and fewer cops sounded too radicaltonight we watched WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (2006) because my brain couldn't take anything more profound than a mid-20…
i almost feel dumb saying this because i unironically love twitter but matt looks like he works in an artificial pl… i saw someone describe matt yglesias's style as 'night at the voxbury' and i need to know why more people aren't talking about this @DrewFrogger I'm sorry, bud. Good thoughts to your crew.wet ass planetary satellite to survive a plague yes, the four horsemen
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Retweeted by elizabeth catte @Vikshtrum I'm honestly surprised that many people know who he is! went out and cleaned up after her dog while she was still carrying it out of out yard and she was very surprised! @reftpt she has been doing this for months and we have to clean it up before mowing. thought it could be a stray bu… from my kitchen window i watched a dog walker physically pick up her dog and carry it into my yard to take a… opinion incoming but the new version of REBECCA (2020) is totally fine and i liked it very much for w…
@RenoHatesMe he can control himself.some of my neighbors call the police. but cops. they refuse to intervene because he's not technically yelling at an… is an old, white man who rents a room in the house opposite mine. he screams the n-word at the top of his lun… just published What’s The Greatest Story Dolly Parton Ever Wrote?
Retweeted by elizabeth catteNew Brighton, 1987. Photo © Rob Bremner.
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we went for NOCTURNE (2020) tonight, a black swan dupe from the quantity over quality folks at blumhouse me order this pizza from a place that dont tell you the size like a person with a job and insurance who has nev… @jessica_salfia she's a beaut @BFinnegan thank you! i appreciate this! @SethLSanders this is clearly what my contractor was thinking
Retweeted by elizabeth catteanyone in the shenandoah valley who has a recommendation for gutter people, please hmu!i missed the donut man so a contractor could no call no show me. unforgivable! @the_liv_place me and my best friend voted in person like a month ago for something to dome texting back "sure thing bud" disrespect to the people who do voting outreach, but if ya think i got 10 friends to remind about anything then lmao @TysonT_200 ya, this is the realest answerif someone says they are coming to perform work "first thing in the morning," what is a reasonable interpretation of that time frame? @funaleikeum that's what im drankin
when my local starts carrying cheap cases of bacchus energy drinks @Yedois It's ok! A bit slow. If you have seen most everything else on netflix it'll do -- visually interesting at least.we watched CADAVER (2020) tonight, which, stg, is basically the gourmands side mission from fallout new vegas as a… @rebecca_clayton a store near us has started selling frozen, pre-portioned individual chutneys and it has been life changingbehind a truck with both "life is good" and three percenter decals @MollyPaysBills thank you!! @carigervin a tower of onion rings filled with pulled pork @kaylayoungforwv what people who cant pronounce fajita get up to on a friday @LisaLoving definitely threateningi just.. @sarah_jwh it is something along those lines i thinka local restaurant posted this and i dont think i will ever be hungry again @TeaKaGee probably not, but that's what i like about them. they really taste weird, sort of like eating an air fres… @BrandyJefferys very good and am now also wondering what fred the Baker would think @humerusheather he only likes cake donuts! @BFinnegan i didn't finish my chores but i did go to Harrisonburg!the best part about the spicy donut is that there is no attempt to balance the flavor combination of ghost pepper a… on my bullshit are driving to the big city to buy some chutneyme when i return my library books early because others are waiting and for a brief moment feel like i earned my pla… we all agree that the best part of bly manor is t'nia miller's styling? @jennaSageScott yeah its told over the span of several years so you do get hot matt dillion at one point but he's murdering people so @reftpt he's so good i hate that i hated it @zylaros gotta give it up for matt dillion but i hated it despite laughing a lot. have you seen it?tonight was THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT (2018). we did it. we watched the 2 hour lars von trier serial killer movie
I've been skimming an advance copy for the last couple of days and ... you should preorder, I think.
Retweeted by elizabeth catte @MelanieM_Texas My focus is mainly on the Shenandoah Valley but Williamsburg is also...a lot. @LDBurnett 🙏🙏 @Lollardfish Oh david thanks so much for your time, especially right now. @socialistdogmom good luck mollyi have 2 of these and love them so much! the hunt for...cozy blanketsjust stan BTS fellas @jessica_salfia @karlahilliard a hard thing i have learned about myself is that it is impossible for me to say the…, you're telling me that folks who opposed their colleagues' union drives are now into fine tuning labor rights f… @BigMeanInternet Hey thank you! Got a while to wait for yours, right? @ZachWritesStuff yep, blew my mind when I learned!Also, when I say "living alongside" I mean literally. This is a passage about the state hospital I lived next to, t… @ztsamudzi Oh wow thank you!Oh this about to be flambé. 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by elizabeth catte @perri_mel that means a lot! I also wrote it as a test to see if I could re-commit (the answer was 'yes' with some terms and conditions).Reading this book re-committed me to public history. And distrusting every act of supposed institutional good will,…
Retweeted by elizabeth catteI wrote my first book because I needed to get something off my chest, but this one was made from a genuine desire t… @Pteratorn It is definitely a major theme in this book.I live in a corner of Virginia where the tourism and culture economy's heavy hitters -- fancy resorts, a prestigiou… have a new book coming out in a few months. It's about living alongside the landscapes of Virginia's eugenic past… and the homies on our way to pick up enough bars to download hillbilly elegy off Netflix so y'all will leave me… we watched '71 (2014), a thiller that takes place over the course of one very long night during the Troubles just heading over from Nelson County to get my homework off of blackboard but the county next to mine doesn't get internet
@KevinIsHistory ya it's brutal unless you know what you're doing and incredibly hard to fix @KevinIsHistory sounds like henna! @tonyahardingjr you look great as both @ChrisKittinger im excited for this new acceptance, just in time to start going gray!hi there dont get fooled by yr dark roots if you start bleaching yr hair for manic panic etc at 13! been dying my hair red for like 15 years and this year discovered it's my natural hair color 🤡 @rebhill oh thank you!!!!folks...the spicy donut at dunkin' is actually pretty good!