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💔’s goodness is not limited by my illness. God’s goodness is not limited by my circumstances. God’s goodness is…
"After a crisis, recovery can be challenging. Our lives are left in turmoil caused by the stressful situation we ju…
Retweeted by Elizabeth EstherMy illness just LOVES complicating things. I can lose days ruminating and mulling over unfixable problems. Obsessi…
@GregsTakeOn Oh sleep is EVERYTHING. My whole sanity depends on it!! @MartiMcH Yes. It did.Appt with my psychiatrist yesterday. When I compare where I am today with where I was a year ago, it’s miraculous…
Managing moods and impulsive urges requires more “brain energy” among people with bipolar. No wonder you’re so tire…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Esther*opening a can of tuna* Cat: Oh my GOD Me: No- Cat: SECOND dinner?? Me: No, this is m- *taps me with her paw* Cat:…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Estherp.s. I never do this alone. God sends people to help me get back up. We were never meant to pull ourselves up by ou… fall. I get back up. Things fall apart, I give it to God and get back up. My mental illness threatens my perce… @SusanneBarrett I love this. Thank you so much for sharing with me. 💕“There’s such a stigma about mental illness in the church." Some pastors who go public with mental-health issues ha…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Esther
@katwithahat Yep. I’ve made this mistake. Big ooops. And not fun. @LA2ROTH Daily. On time. And as needed amen!I used to feel embarrassed about needing meds for my #mentalhealth But no meds = end up in hospital. It’s just fa…
@AshleaDavis We can be drop outs together. ☺️ @MrsDuplechin I’m sorry that really stinks. What a heartbreaking rejection. 💔 @74Horns too many conflicted vibes to fit on Twitter ☺️ @andihumphries @ShannonDingle That’s awesome! I’m super happy for you that you found something that works for you! 👌🏼❤️💯 @eve_ettinger it goes both ways, babe. You’re one of my faves. XO. @jaime_coy that stinks. I’m super sorry you had this experience. I know AA isn’t perfect and this kind of stuff can… @sunny_in_MN I found it. I’m safe in God. I’m loved and known and incredibly grateful! 💯 @ben_c137 Legit true. I scored straight A’s! 😊 @brwilkes I could never be separated from grace cuz I am a child of God! I am so loved! 💕 @eve_ettinger I’m a slow learner and an eternal optimist what can I say? 🤷‍♀️😂 @StephTaitWrites Thanks, love. You’re the sweetest. I love all the hard work you’re doing. Keep showing up. You’re awesome. @JamesPrescott77 thanks, James. It’s fine. I’m totally ok. I know myself now and honestly, I feel like it’s progres… @ShannonDingle Same. I keep looking. I keep hoping. But honestly; I’m finding way more true community and fellowshi… worked its destruction very slowly in my life. I didn’t get a DUI or lose a job. But over time I lost my j…
@perizahnd Totally! You couldn’t deny that little egg her purpose in life!!as a kid, whenever I drew a smiley face I made sure to draw a little nose. so it could breathe. plus, I didn’t want… @Adam_Twining001 Right?????? I also name my cars.
@HomeJustine Awwwwwwwwwww 💕💕💕💕 @birdiejane23 I feel for ya! @JandyLynn OMG totally!! I used to be super scared that my stuffed animals and dolls wouldn’t be raptured with me!!! @awstaples This is so interesting and lovely. Thank you for sharing. @macdqt1 We’re twins. I have SUCH a hard time letting things go. I wept over baby clothes that needed to go and fur… @AmyMagicSnail I needed to be your friend as a childraise your hand if you ever bumped into a piece of furniture and then apologized to it. 🙋🏼 @justbchelsea Yes I am a 4! @smith_jeniffer Right?? I know!!!! I think the world IS getting softer because more of us are surviving. Back in th… @Aerinravage Awwwww YAYAY! @EarthSky4Peace It’s very very hard to live in this world. @LeeBethanyjoy omg you’re the cutest!!!! @dotwrnr I DO THE SAME THING. I literally always say: “Bye room: thanks for such a great time!” LOL. I thought I was the only one!! @HoustonMargaret The chipped mugs and chipped plates always have a special home in my heart. Who ELSE is gonna love them??when we moved I was so upset that I sang a song to each room and kissed all the walls goodbye. yeah, life was neve… case it was unclear that I’m a deeply feeling and sensitive soul, know this: as a kid i would lie awake at nig…
3 years ago today i lost a best friend to suicide. She emailed me her suicide note just moments before she died. I… @JamesPrescott77 Yes I’m a 4
Whenever someone says “you’re overthinking it” I never feel like: “Ah HA! There’s the solution! I’m overthinking it… @cvlbertson Try going to a meeting. The group can act as your Higher Power until you develop your own relationship… @TheTriciaSteele Well it depends on what you’re writing. If you’re writing a novel, you need to write the whole thi… @TheTriciaSteele Yes, definitely!
hi, hello. this is just to say that I am writing again. and what I have written has become a complete first chapt… did I start drinking? To ease the pain of my mental illness. Why did I keep drinking even after it made my ill…
@Em_thebaker @kymdavis73 Yes! I’m glad it’s helpful for many. I’ve just noticed an increasingly careless attitude a… @amulbunny Hey, I’m glad it helps you. I’m not discounting it at all. I’m simply saying if you’re not a doctor, don… @kymdavis73 @Cannabisrising Yep. Psychosis and paranoia are exactly what happened to me after using a marijuana product.396 months, 12,054 days, 289,281 hours equals 33 years of sobriety for me today. I’m feeling truly blessed, gratefu…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Esther @lparrottperry Thank you for sharing, Laura!If you’re struggling with alcohol or drugs, if you keep making deals with yourself you can’t honor, if it all feels…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Esther @DrGaryNGoodman @SaeedDoroudiani @Br0adway1 Thank you for this. Thank you for understanding that some of us—even bo… @Br0adway1 I understand this! Sometimes it’s so hard to articulate how I’m feeling and even if I trust my therapist… you’re not a doctor, PLS don’t recommend marijuana or ANY cannabis products to your friends with mental illnesse…
@charlotteirene8 totally!!! @profswarn right??? Always on the hunt for THAT ONE sticker! @MindijoMorris YESSSSS!!!I miss trading stickers with my friends. Oh the thrill of getting one of their water-filled stickers for two of my… @austinchanning @TNQshow well hello nice to meet you too. Yikes! I’m so sorry you experienced that. Get your respon… @LauraMichaudCT Have you tried essential oils? @Sum07356699 Unfortunately, no. Not everyone in my life is safe. I can’t tell everyone everything. Yes, I seek to b… “But does anyone really NEED meds? Aren’t we ALL kind of crazy?” Me: “If I don’t take my meds I’ll get manic…
the more honest I am with my psychiatrist, the more accurate his diagnosis + the more effective his treatment plan.… @AnnaBreeT Wonderful! I didn’t know that. Thank you so much for telling me! She’s so wise, isn’t she? Thank you… @dannoethe cuz it’s truuuuueee ❤️☺️
i once had a sick kid w/ a 104 fever and the ER nurse had to put a Tylenol suppository in his butt. My kid was yell…
hey so I’m 9 months sober today. I’ve come to see how much alcohol negatively impacted my mental health, my spirit…
@audreyassad me when Audrey Assad likes one of my tweets 😍“...dream-drifting in coping mechanisms keeps us from experiencing the non-anxious love of God” —@sethhaines in his… @Colleen42191829 YAY! I’m so glad I can bring some light and laughter into the aftermath of our shared past disasters! 😂 @Rev21GivesHope I’m sorry. 😂 @BruceNanner Sound advice. @JannaFidgets @BeknJ I hope you both have read my book “Girl at The End of the World”? We had an entire ESCAPE plan… I suggest you refrain from watching— Me: THE NEWS ABOUT WORLD WAR 3???? Therapist: Oh. Me: JESUS, PLS…
@CulturalSavage I’m sorry to hear this. Do you have a support network you can reach out to? Please don’t try to do this alone. Hugs. @susieeli Right? I heard it somewhere long ago—don’t remember where or when—and yet it has always stuck with me (no pun intended!). 😂The baby of the family watching his older siblings and knowing he’ll never make the same mistakes baby of the family watching his older siblings go back to school today, knowing that he gets mom all to himself… and again I’ve thought: well, that’s it. All is lost. RIP me. And then the WD-40 of grace shows up and unstic…
Are you feeling the pressure of NEW YEAR, NEW YOU? Plans! Resolutions! Diets! Goals! We don’t have to join the c… @mamabearboys I’m so sorry. 💔 I have bipolar, too. It is a terrible illness. I’m so very sorry you lost your dad to it. Much love to you. @jenndiggy I’m so sorry. And I’m so glad you’re still here. 💜
@SbethCaplin I hear you. I’m so sorry, friend. Yes, my best friend took her life just days before Trump’s inaugurat… is a super hard month for people struggling with depression. One of my best friends died by suicide three… @GregsTakeOn I walk for 60-90 minutes every day. Usually mornings. I love my walks!Today’s opportunity to practice better self care: 1 cup of coffee in the morning is my limit. Not 2 cups. Not 1.…
@LudoingLustuff YAY! I’m so glad it’s helping you! And I’m humbled and grateful that sharing my story helped you! T… health lesson: I’m not a doctor. I work WITH my doctors. But never PLAY doctor myself. Changing dosages,…