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@__annarose_ nooooo @_Ethxn_ sorry you only got a tommy!!!! @_Ethxn_ said northies are over, this one’s for him 🕊🕊❤️ bewildering i have nothing to do tomorrow
@FennieBee 😅😅 most british cities are dirty in my opinion @aisha_taras to be fair stabbings happen everywhere! i’m not sure of the stats ofc but manchester and liverpool aren’t short of them @oldspeak1 but, like, if someone who’s never lived in manchester called it a shithole, i wouldn’t care because how… @oldspeak1 True! and the idea that a northerner moving to ldn makes them a class traitor or w/e is very real. I jus… @MayMWoods or as many as other places! there are so many unis @MayMWoods Ohhh🤣 It’s pretty mad that people would think a city full of young ppl/culture wouldn’t have house parties @cleo_writes Me too! And I’d live there if I could afford it @cleo_writes I genuinely don’t know anyone who hates it! But maybe that’s just my friends... it’s definitely also b… @MayMWoods If my friends moved to London straight after uni I’d call them crazy too! Like where are you getting you… @laurahday Even though I know it would probably be a fun place to live if I could afford it. Also, does it even mat… @laurahday Have any of them lived there? The general consensus with my mates is they don’t want to leave Manchester… @simonrug It’s tempting but my hand is already cramping at the idea of writing down all my contacts at once @laurahday it is objectively very busy, and some people might not like that I guess? I don’t think it’s something t…’ve literally never heard anyone chat shit about london, except for the ridiculously high living costs @heresmishti please no wotsits slander on my tllooking for a keys player to join me and my band for a rehearsal next Friday in Manchester 9pm- late, anyone looking to join a band???? ✌🏻✨
Retweeted by Ella GloverTW: eating disorders For @BritishVogue, I spoke to three women about how their racial identities have impacted the…
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@hgvandepeer I heard One Kiss by Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris at leat 20 times a shift when I worked in a bar in summer 2018Do you know someone who was an Abercrombie in-store shirtless hunk? Please DM me if so! Particularly looking for p…
Retweeted by Ella Glover @missmolliequirk @SavageXFenty i wanted the body version of this so bad! but she sold out in my size @heresmishti Yeah actually good shout!! Need to get organised I'm such a messI've been freelancing for well over a year now and never officially kept track of my contacts - does anybody have a… the best budget-friendly AirPod alternatives for all ur wireless earbud needs for @TheIndyBest (these are…, I think Labour’s perennial problem is that a lot of people don’t actually want a fairer society, they w…
Retweeted by Ella GloverI am once again asking if anybody wants to use my Savage by Fenty VIP credits as I have once again forgotten to skip the month 💜
ordered some clear whey isolate, i hope i like itStatistically speaking, insecure workers are more likely to experience workplace harassment. With fewer rights, rep…
Retweeted by Ella Gloveri didn’t even have one in my house! my grandparents did though, which is the only reason i watched lizzie mcguire a… i-D, I wrote about how Young landlord TikTok is now a thing and it's absolutely horrible. I destroyed my TikTok…
Retweeted by Ella Gloveri know i’ve been very journalist-in-need-of-work on main recently, but sometimes that’s how it’s got to be 🥴what is it gonna take for someone to put me on a retainer to write words? thxSeriously, I had the worst day in months today, and I just went to the gym, hit some PBs and even did a cardio circ… repeat my luck that the first month since losing my job when i’m balling (by my standards) is also the month i lose m… cannot ignore what Is happening in Colombia right now. Adults and kids are being murdered, kidnapped, raped due…
Retweeted by Ella Glover @roalsovi Oh definitely! It does make sense, but I think that’s when people are doing themselves the greatest disse… @roalsovi That’s very true re representation. The tide is slowly changing though - check out Ashley Que on Insta/Yo… biggest problem is that exercise has become so entwined with the diet culture/fat loss narrative that it almost… don’t think people who can exercise but refuse to realise what a disservice they are doing to themselves
give me chicken super noodles nowi’ve been trying really hard to ~eat well~ since the gyms opened, and i can tell because i just tasted to word noodles as i read it @_Ethxn_ and £30 was expensive at the time!!!For an article I am writing for @MktsInsider I am looking to speak to Millennials who have invested in crypto asset…
Retweeted by Ella Glovermy mental health is riding on the one job application i sent out in three months @olivverjames thank you!! i so proud of that article - it’s such a fascinating story and everyone involved were so… @olivverjames 🥺 thank you so muchhi please hire me a piece on faceless hiring where an AI conducts the interview. Would love to speak to companies who are doing…
Retweeted by Ella Glover @msmarymorgan @HUCKmagazine thank you for your insight 🙏🏻🙏🏻📢"There are no regulatory bodies, no structures, no reporting channels… it’s an environment that is very conducive…
Retweeted by Ella Glover @sillyolddaniel aldi beetroot burgers!
@colombochar this would work on me @stephmurrayyyy @HUCKmagazine @IWGBunion Thank you for reading! @heresmishti @shahedezaydi @kyajbuller angelThanks to @daisy_schofield for working with me on this, and for the brilliant, thoughtful edits☺️Statistically speaking, insecure workers are more likely to experience workplace harassment. With fewer rights, rep… @bethmayashley @garageflowrr yes coop has them and alpro does too @bethmayashley @garageflowrr i’m all about the cartons @garageflowrr @bethmayashley cold brew type coffee is different to normal iced coffee!! i personally prefer it - bu… @bethmayashley it’s may and less than 10 degrees, o understand ❤️ i got an iced coffee yesterday and it was not a good shoutMe and the girls under the heat lamps at the beer garden after forcing ourselves to go out during a rainstorm
Retweeted by Ella GloverStatement for what? We don’t care. Redistribute the wealth!!!
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@drumbonist exactly!!! the shiny eyes @drumbonist but it’s stupid as fuck @drumbonist i honestly think it’s because if there’s two faces in a picture and only one is face tuned, it will be… @iamlucyrobinson have goosebumps!!please, mums, stop facetuning your babiesNot me actually getting an application in on time @hannahfearn @RMCunliffe I don't remember being told not to drink? (although i probably didn't anyway) @Johnrashton47 Get a Galloway's steak pie! Worth the trip on the 10A @RachelCDailey Maybe I'm wrong, and I totally disagree with the way she went about things, especially naming the jo… @RachelCDailey It's not, but I think her point is that all these different invasions of privacy are cut from the s…
@punt_ruby There were definitely XR people at kill the bill, but the separate protest that was happening, which see… @garageflowrr @bethanymrd i get you tbf sometimes you just want a normal sausage butty @bethanymrd @garageflowrr ratiod! brioche toast with NUTELLA is fine but it’s even better with butter and philadelphia @bethanymrd @garageflowrr with bethany @bethanymrd @garageflowrr have to agree @HurdANoise @garageflowrr defo think there’s two conversations here - one about call out culture and another about… can minimum wage be different for a 24 year old vs a 25 year old? the last two age brackets will never make sen… @FennieBee yeah that’s what i meant about invoking a pile on being bad vibes, but if she’d left the name out i woul… @FennieBee Thanks for telling me as I was just assuming but it doesn’t make much of a difference to my point(have just been told the child has, in fact, been born, which doesn’t make a difference to my point but sorry for fake news)also we need to stop normalising the use of unnamed sources to discuss a celebrities personal life (when it isn’t p… @ashby_fitz yeah i agree there was definitely no need to name and shame!yes that journalist was just doing her job but i think we can all agree that publishing a story about an unborn chi… we really defending celebrity gossip journalism this bank holiday weekend? @garageflowrr yeah no need to invoke a pile on @garageflowrr i don’t think she’s slating the journalists email process, but the story she’s ‘going to publish’ with it without consent @garageflowrr tbh i’m not a fun of this kind of celebrity journalism so i do see where she’s coming from - weird to…
they aren’t even trying @DGKnightWriter quite silly because the bill directly affects them! there were some XR members and an XR speaker thoughAnyone know why the #XR protest didn’t joint on to the #KillTheBill protest in Manchester today? @BethanMcConnell No it was for Kill the Bill - I don’t know why she was so against it! I’m intriguedThere was a random blonde girl in Manchester today snatching protesters signs off them, and picking ones up off the… the Conservative Party manifesto, 2019.
Retweeted by Ella Gloverdrone above st. peter’s square in manchester where the kill the bill protest is taking place