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SciFi, Fantasy & Horror author. Artist. Poet. Historian. Fiction in Fireside and FIYAH. #DC native in exile. she/her. I said what I said.

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@weredawgz Whaaaaat?! CONGRATS!!
This takes some serious nerve and gall and...just WTF already?! @djolder That is just sickening. Everything about this and this book. @ChesyaBurke @KaiLeakes I almost chose that gif because I was singing it in my head 😂 @KosherSoul YES! @KaiLeakes @KaiLeakes Me when it comes on: @elizabethkbanks If she ran that flatiron over that girl’s hair one...more...time...🤬 @TananariveDue @AfAmUcla @JordanPeele @InventoryPress I was just reading my copy earlier today. That sounds like such a great class. @ChesyaBurke I’m convinced it’s just ingrained into the sport at this point, it’s so ridiculous. But it isn’t even…’ll wear it for the next one...😉😂 @Marika_Writes_ @RdotSpoon First thing I thought was “Ooo...that is GORGEOUS, but that is for itty bittys, not me.” 😂 @weredawgz Go on now!!! @ChesyaBurke Their flops are so extra...
That is truly a for real for real living your best life smile! felt this so hard last week. Yet another reason I passed on the yoga class at work... @Nalo_Hopkinson I feel you SO much on this! I want to wear long, fancy beautiful dresses at fancy places and things… @weredawgz How their mouth feels trying to eat that...
I needed to re-frame my “Prince” album. After all, what home office is complete without Prince riding along the bea… @definitelyvita Her Nana is hilarious! This vid had me cracking up too... @elizabethkbanks Oh God, now I’m thinking about Hellraiser and want to make a funny minicomic about the Cenobites... @elizabethkbanks @intelligentwat actually told me she cooed at the pic. So knowing it’ll be filled with horror and weird shit mak… was trying to think of a way to motivate my writer friends in a way that will make them smile every time they rea… made @intelligentwat a box like my ShrekBox for her story ideas. Hers is OtterBox. Like mine, the overwhelming cu… @Nalo_Hopkinson Not at all!!! @seraph76 That was a GREAT story! I’m playing Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag right now so I’m all for stories about sailing the seas. @Nalo_Hopkinson You look joyous in this pic! Rock it!! @GwendolynKiste @NightmareMag Congrats!Read some of the Rosewood oral history interviews for yourself: first-person accounts of Rosewood (and Tulsa) set me on edge and made me shake and cry at work. Historians… was ostracized by his neighbors (some of whom he shot at when they tried to come on his land and get at those he… left and didn’t come back. In the accounts, it said they’d visit John Wright-the white store owner who hi… survivor who was a child then said they tried to get them to come out from hiding and were hunting them “like rabbits.”This is a great thread about the Rosewood Massacre. John Wright’s house, the last home standing, was up for sale la…“Let us be dissatisfied.” #MLK #MLK91 #MLKDay
Retweeted by 📖𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖📖Today, we commemorate Dr. King’s life and legacy. May commemorating him compel us to rise with love, courage and…
Retweeted by 📖𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖📖 @AuthorCharish K-12: majority Black city, majority Black teachers; undergrad: 2; grad: 0
@Freeyourmindkid I sing “A Brand New Day” and skip down the hall like Diana when I’m leaving a job. is still in the ICU, but improving. They took the ventilator off, which is good. I asked the nurse to put it on… is the little notebook I keep on me to write poems in when I need to process my husband’s illness or stays. It… @djolder I LOVED that show. @AlyssaColeLit You were great!My husband went to a private school for the wealthy here. I was a DC public schools kid who was like “Must be nice.… many, like in this area, childcare can be more expensive than a mortgage. It is ridiculous and parents are forc… @victorlavalle I always pack my own because of that. @MARIADAHVANA My best friend had one and I loved playing it A LOT. My fave was Dig Dug. @piperhuguley Nubia!! I would have loved her so much!
My sister called me from a church prayer breakfast where our grandma just told her “I got the ziploc bags in my pur… @djolder Happy Born Day! @nicolegkurtz Sometimes they’re short, sometimes long. But it feels good to get it put somehow.When I arrived, the woman looked me up and down and “Are you sure YOU’RE supposed to be here?” @Sifill_LDF @Amtrak Wait...WHAT?? You don’t have to do that if they weren’t reserved and there’s no assigned seating. Wow.I have been writing poem with every stay. There are a lot of them now. Sometimes it’s the only way that I can articulate how I am feeling.I am sitting with him in the ICU. It is very quiet here. He is somewhat sedated due to having the vent, but wanted… RT: Out on Tuesday, but you can start reading it now: Not So Pure and Simple excerpt available from @EpicReads
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@Nia_Davenport @premeesaurus’s already 3?? Where the hell did my day go??Thinking about Iverson Mall snickerdoodles, Crystal Skate, hanging out at Landover Mall, sitting on the hood of her… @pfunk1130 Everybody Black in the area during that time knew PG Cty cops were the main ones you didn’t want to come across, smdhBesides Dead by Daylight, horror survival (especially zombie games) is the one game genre I’ve never gotten into. A… @endorphinique Looks like he would’ve been fun to know. His “right back atcha!” one is still my fave. @LRGiles I was Keeper of the Big Bag. What DIDN’T I sneak in should be the question. @GFarrellWriter @LRGiles My friend did that too! A whole rotisserie chicken. @DeviousDwyer @NoVaTEENBF Congrats!I’ll be honest, I took off from work because I knew I just wouldn’t be able to deal with whatever people or BS came… home from the hospital at 3 am. Still woke up at 6:30 to see my son off to school. Got the little one off too 2… dreamed a large brown spider was crawling on me. I was freaking out, but not trying to kill it and catch it in my… @SarahPinsker @SarahPinsker That is because Zu is awesome and couldn’t take it anymore 😂The process of binding djinn is pretty elaborate but there are more accessible things used to trap. These are for p…
Retweeted by 📖𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖📖 @Marika_Writes_ Still gotta do it and take that chance.Pretty much. We get labeled and literally can’t afford to behave like that. @AyannaPressley You are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. @nicolegkurtz I’ve found that I have to ask for it. It has a strong flavor so go easy on it when you first try it.… swear @michaelharriot’s threads are some of the best reads on here... ghul is a flesh eating djinn with the power to shapeshift into an animal. just saying
Retweeted by 📖𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖📖 @cypheroftyr I do something else and come back to it. Also, reading and watching things that might inspire me. @khaalidah Ugh. Get up out of my lunch life already. @weredawgz Cuuuute! I love that gold and the lipstick color! @LMDavisWrites Thank you!His transplanted lungs are on the decline. Did you know donated organs have a shelf life? For lungs, it’s 5 years a…’s my husband’s birthday. This is what he looked like when I first met him 28 years ago when he was his HS gra… @nicolegkurtz I remember being like “THIS IS THE BEST SOUP EVER. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.” The straightforward dudes… @nicolegkurtz I eat it as often as I can! My first bowl was at Pho 75 in Arlington, VA. Then Pho 88 in Beltsville,…
@elizabethkbanks Four, if you add chill around in the house ones
91. Everything you could say about the human condition & how to improve it, you said it. Powerfully, with love, w…
Retweeted by 📖𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖📖The night before he was assassinated. Assassinated. Many wish “Happy Birthday” to a man today that they would have…
Retweeted by 📖𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖📖 @premeesaurus I was busy looking at the T-rex thingy (scarf?)Magic! I love these threads... @az_louise Nooooo, Murlin @intelligentwat if you need something nice related to trans literature today. (I am just bumping this every time there is…
Retweeted by 📖𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖📖A review of @fiyahlitmag’s latest issue from @ClowderofTwo, including one about my story “Roots On Ya”: “If this we… @RoanhorseBex @daledeforest @GrandmaSaidNo @KinsaleHueston @RoanhorseArt Happy Book Birthday! Congrats!Award-winning children’s author (and DC native) Jason Reynolds has taken on a new project: He has been named the co…
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