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SF/F & Horror writer. Artist. Poet. Historian. In @apexmag @FiresideFiction and @fiyahlitmag. SFWA. HWA. #DC native in exile. she/her. I said what I said.

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Bingewatching Season 2 of Chef @MarcusCooks’ No Passport Required. It’s a travel show where he is sharing about the… @Gabino_Iglesias I’m down for some Dolly!! @SarahPinsker @EllenDatlow I’d like dibs on the morning room. Architectural historian me loves everything about this. @KosherSoul I said this to my aunt yesterday and how angry I am that so many of us are viewed as expendable. It was… @az_louise That is ginormous @piperhuguley I broke down and got one! Love it @PenPrince_NSA 9 for meMy 5 y.o. is mad at me right now because I said that wolves are wild. 🙄 @TananariveDue This is so much fun. Both something and EVERYTHING.Writers! Please RT! Uncanny Magazine will be reopening to Short Story Submissions on Wednesday, August 12. We will…
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@catharticus @weredawgz It was! @weredawgz They were superhotness throughout the video and ended it with this moment of totally endearing goofiness. Loved it. @weredawgz It might seem silly, but my favorite part was actually the very end when the two of them are having fun… is, I love MMOs. I like joining other players in the world like FATEs in FF XIV, Dark Anchors in ESO and Publ… I didnt like Halo - I HATE doing raids/long missions in MMOs and being dependent upon others to advance., I liked it a lot and thought they both looked great. And being able to talk about sex freely and expres… @KSekouM @readriordan @CakeLiterary @SOLurie @whimsicallyours Congrats!Folks get so uncomfortable anytime Black women are collectively enjoying something lolololol
Retweeted by 𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖 @PenPrince_NSA @mochamemoirs @Thegriot @HorrorWriters Yeah!! Congrats on the acceptance and HWA qualifying! for the video I might get some “Oh Lords” from her, but I think she’d find Cardi’s outfit interesting 😂 97 y.o. grandma once told me “A stripper can make good money.” My mom would be the scandalized one. So Grandma?… late? Lucky you. Check out our announcement of #FIYAHCON2020's IGNYTE Awards!
Retweeted by 𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖 @TananariveDue Yes! Love her quote! @tobi_thedreamer Well...what did you answer? @intelligentwat THE OTTERS ARE PLAYING that Dolly Parton wrote “I Will Always Love You” and “Jolene” on the same day. Whew!
@Richard_Kadrey I loved that game!I’m really tickled that my story “A Clink of Crystal Glasses Heard” will be in the upcoming @mochamemoirs anthology…’m sure I’m not the only writer who imagines what actors would play their characters. For my current WIP, it’d be… @veronicawrites No. Such. Thing. We ALWAYS need new notebooks! @soupkaty I think so too. So many games have fantastic, compelling stories involved. Sometimes to the point that th… has a lot of great names to draw from/be inspired by too.I keep a names file for my stories. Sometimes I use family names from census records. Sometimes I see/hear one that… now video games are one of the things that have kept me from just standing here screaming to myself due to gr… love when people say things like “If you didn’t do X/Y/Z instead you could probably get more writing/art/whatever… @weredawgz Oh wow! Those are beautiful @bizarroguy I love that place @Catrambo I would’ve been across the room in one leapArrgh...this weather has my migraine like @weredawgz @McKelvie Sometimes the Big O opening gets in my head @wordglass Drittens! I was watching Upside Down Magic with my sons. @piperhuguley That sounds pretty blasphemous, but now I’m wondering about it... @somesillywowzer @weredawgz @McKelvie Big O @MauriceBroaddus Please...we know it will be red too.
@m_older I was like “What?” How does that even work together? Doing too much. @m_older Mumbo sauce and mambo sauce are the same thing (I say mumbo), so I’ll go with “Yes.” @ChesyaBurkePhD I know they are PISSED. Unless they’re a morning person... @PenPrince_NSA I think I also appreciate 5’s actor, who really pulls off the older self in his younger self’s body. @KSekouM One time I literally faceplanted my way over the finish line for last place and it felt like an achievement. #FallGuys @KSekouM That game is SO much fun!! My sis and I couldn’t stop laughing (and cussing) yesterday 😂 @PenPrince_NSA 5 is my favorite. The others seem confused way too often considering their training. And yeah, the music! #UmbrellaAcademy @ChesyaBurkePhD Oh God...WHY? Not to mention, any West Coasters would be really screwed. @KaiLeakes Aggretsuko knows what’s up. Straight up red panda RAGE.“Come at me bro! I will destroy you with my cuteness!!”"Once we hit 150% funding, $7,500, all contributors of underrepresented demographics will receive 8 cents per word…
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@Gabino_Iglesias*stares in Black SFF*
Retweeted by 𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖 @Gabino_Iglesias And the problem is?I mean, do they hear zombies are coming and hop in a car to Home Depot? I have questions... here wondering how folks in disaster and horror movies are able to board their houses up so easily. Do they… told my kids I wrote a story and needed to send it back to my editor today. My 5 y.o. said “You wrote a story? Th… sent off edits and the contract back for a short story that was so much fun to write! @MauriceBroaddus Heyyyyy now! Congrats Mo!!Millions. For their justifiable sheer terror alone. Seeing them all on that hot asphalt, including the smallest chi…
Today @VanityFair pays tribute to Black Horror. Fear can feed hate, prejudice & injustice. These storytellers us…
Retweeted by 𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖 @KaiLeakes Japanese folks building real gundams. The way this year has been? They’re just being proactive... @worldcon2021 @blackpotmojo @m_older That’s great newsThis is cool. And it’s going to be here in DC too? demonisation of African spirituality and traditions is on of the most overlooked, yet most impactful and destru…
Retweeted by 𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖2020 has truly become the year of “Oh yeah? Top THIS!” know I should get some rest, but my sleep lately has been garbage and so, here I am. I know I’m not the only one… @djolder It’s the worst. I always just want to do a Skip.The textbook will feature 2 short stories from middle school authors! This will be a fantastic opportunity for youn…
Retweeted by 𝕃ℍ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕖 @SWytovich Love the bandana! @RSAGarcia I love reading romance. And I find that reading widely acts as an inspiration for when I come back to my own work. @weredawgz Outright and then some! @AtGreenblatt I just made this same admission earlier and honestly, I’m OK with it. @piperhuguley Hearing that sound to this day makes me twitch @piperhuguley This part gets EVERYONE! you all for the birthday wishes yesterday! Four years into this and so much has been accomplished. But since…
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@AmberItaly @WomeninComicsNY That is fantastic! My son had a speech delay and docs told me all the things he wouldn… @fiyahlitmag @HollyLynWalrath That is so exciting! @NisiShawl YUM @Karnythia Oh. Oh my... @fiyahlitmag Ignite!! Love it! @BrentCLambert FIYAH has been and is doing great work. We all know.
@az_louise Me too!Go on and submit (I will)! Deadline is Aug. 31 @BrentCLambert It was and is so goddamn disrespectful. @Ellethevillain So many times THIS. @fiyahlitmag"FIYAH" is a colloquialism for "FIRE" and is pronounced as such. It is an homage to the publication's ancestors, cr…
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@ZZClaybourne Yes! @ZZClaybourne Sometimes her “Perfect Angel” gets stuck in mine. @shree_thorat It. Is. A. Virus. There is no “Hey, they’re kids, I’ll leave them alone.” Not to mention how many mor…