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WoW Gold Making with a chill community on Twitch▪️🦋Thyroid Disease Warrior▪️Stream Team @TwitchVixens▪▪

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if u are feeling sad pls look at this cute duck 💜
Retweeted by Ellelaith @RianaRohmann I personally enjoy seeing backgrounds more than a green screen just bc it feels more like you’re enjo… @Ashlinaa The “there’s no stop, drop, roll button” killed me. I’m dying with laughter 🤣😂🤣😂so wholesome, I love it! @TheWanyeBest @SweeetTails It’s okay! I think most of us knew you weren’t with your mom 😂🤣🤣 @WillPow3red @TheWanyeBest @SweeetTails Are you the one that talked about the emergency note?? Hahaha that was funny 😆
@PersephonaeofZJ My deepest sympathies for you Perse. ❤️If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out, we are h… Couldn't fit all the names above so @bearkoda446 @InstaGatorTV and SohoPixie-- Thank you for your raids too!We made it through 8 hrs for the Community Day & Murloc Onesie stream. I want to thank each & every one of you for…
Live now for the Community Day & Giveaways will happen each hour all day. Come in, say hi, get to know the commu… @CattitudeTV lol, yeah I had to look at it bc I forgot which side the tank was on ;)After stopping at the pharmacy for my thyroid meds ... you all know I had to stop and get some @dunkindonuts iced…'s stream will be the community reward of me streaming in a Murloc Onesie for hitting our sub goal last mon…
@emeelzia Be safe and have fun. That sounds exciting!! I don’t blame ya. Spend time with people and loved ones as m… to parents for the day and had to get gas in the car.... literally forgot what side the gas tank was on.. ha… a day. I can honestly say that you all support me in good times & bad. Today was an off day however, you were… @EmmDeefit Omg this was soooo cute. My heart!!
@Hello_Octoberly take care of you first, sending you a virtual hug and some love lovely lady! 💜 @DrizzlingRose Since I started working on my garrison's from your guide last month - this never gets old to see 😉…
@KittenAtHeart Yeah it’s even shadier since he never told her we dated at one point, so yeah very creepy. Just proves my point lol @Eravia24 Pizza is in the oven for me tonight too <3 Gluten Free cauliflower crust pizza with uncured pepperoni! I… @WillPow3red i love zucchini or steamed broccoli for the veggie and the chocolate lava cake, it's awesome! @WillPow3red LOL sounds awesome, what's for dinner and dessert? @KittenAtHeart yeah a second ex today tried to get my information from my ex roommate who is still good friends wit… @bearkoda446 do what makes you happy and what works the best for you. Life is too short not to <3
@Kaelandori @randomguy616 Can we please get my boy Henry to play Arthas like this mock up?!! @Hello_Octoberly @seathrift808 I can’t stop laughing at this 😂🤣😂🤣 Love it! Also, you’re welcome Octoberly 💜💕
💜💕Today’s stream was crazy!!Thanks for all the love and support everyone. I truly appreciated it! 💜💕 See ya all again Wednesday evening!
Going forward, the Sunday streams on Twitch will have a time change and will now start at 5pm EST. There will be…
@jiggyflyjoe @dunkindonuts Is it sad that I want to go out for another one? LOL @madhattergal66 @dunkindonuts 100%%!!! @jiggyflyjoe @dunkindonuts I love Dunkin! I am not able to get out to get it during the weekdays since working fro…, it’s the weekend so as usual treated myself with a short drive & an large iced coffee from @dunkindonuts yummm… @Hello_Octoberly Anytime lady 💜💕💜💕 @Zigh99 @PersephonaeofZJ @ARNOTA42 @simplysuzu @Senppai90 Wooohoooooo! Congratulations 🎉 @JessicaBlevins Glad you're okay! 💜BTW, that puppy melts my heart, sooooo cute!!
@GirlGoblin1 @Hello_Octoberly @CallMeFuu @seathrift808 @JessiDee303 @Senzagames This was very kind of you, thank yo… @ashnichrist @AdamPashley6 @Instacart It was great having you!! See ya again soon :)Hey friends, the Elevator Boss is still alive and well, just in case you were wondering. You're welcome🤣…
@Ashlinaa Have an awesome day, truly blessed to know you! <3 Enjoy! I did call @Instacart and they immediately refunded/credited the items. But now I have to do another de… immune compromised is hard...depending on others for groceries, delivery fees, & such sure does add up. Jus…
When I started making videos on YouTube last month I had about 30 subs. You all have been so supportive in this… @TightKidd @Hello_Octoberly @PersephonaeofZJ @seathrift808 I too am a TSM noob ;) @cptmorgan34 the sadness, but hey if you're still willing to post up a few it's passive income if you farm up a few stacks each week :)Woot! Time to go try for another one #worldofwarcraft @PersephonaeofZJ /cheers 100 bandit bits for treats hahahaha maybe that will help ya? @PersephonaeofZJ Ugh phone why. I was teasing and was trying to type “bring” not being 🤣 @PersephonaeofZJ Phone stream? Hahahaha jk kiss bandit for us @PersephonaeofZJ Noppppe you must - you promised people 💜💜💜 being Bandit with you 🐶 @LambbChops Feel better and get some rest💜 @Euphie_9 Thank you but I’m just resting for the night. 💜Enjoy Fall Guys
@Euphie_9 I’m laying in bed bc today was super stressful ... @Eravia24 good luck, keep me posted! @Eravia24 However the results turn out, feel better, and rest when you can. 💜 @games_kyle but to be fair, I had already rebooted 2x earlier today for the work related issue so its not like I ha… @games_kyle I had to restart my pc then it opened. @games_kyle You as well? Man, all the tech seems broken today...Nope, can't adult today....lets restart and do this again tomorrow. 1) Remote access to work has been down for almo… @PlayWithJambo I'm always around, supporting you here and on stream when I can around work and so forth. I am prett…
I already loved the friendship that I have with @bearkoda446 but this BLEW ME AWAY. She had a newcomer into her st… @PlayWithJambo It is exciting either way. I have been around for 6 months or so and will still keep coming around.…' the Labor Day holiday & off work today! Been just relaxing and hanging around the house. How has your d… the Arcanite Bars and Jade when they sell together! 🥳
Sorry forgot to add this earlier, if you're enjoying the 3 day Labor Day weekend, please be safe and have a good holiday 💜 @Hello_Octoberly @Movie1011 don't judge me but never had one of these....haven't been out to just get that. Betwee…, I won't be streaming tonight and will be back to stream on Wed night. (7:30pm EST) Since we won't be tog… @Hello_Octoberly ohhhhh, you know I love cave farming! :) Already gave it a thumbs up! @FireNymph13 Feel better soon 💜
@ARNOTA42 I am SOOO happy that you got your accounts back! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS @cptmorgan34 Thank you!!!It's Saturday so you all know what that means....latest Youtube Video is now up! If you enjoyed it, please give t… @jdoerrerstl1977 so sorry to hear this, sending best wishes and healing vibes to you! Please take care of yourself @Lichlings Hi, my name is Ellelaith. I stream World of Warcraft and focus on Goldmaking. I work full time during th… @Alisera yea, like I want to go outside but not sure what I want to do. So instead since the weather is nice I op… @Baconbits078 think with the pandemic I have been coop’d up indoors for way too long. Last night after work I couldn’t sit at m… @xRogue_tv Hope you start feeling better soon!! @xStormie_tv Hope you feel better soon!!
@ARNOTA42 Sending you a big virtual hug too Arnota. We are here for you and you can talk to us anytime. It pains my… @Hello_Octoberly Did that for months with my VoTS mount with my two accounts. Nothing wrong with it. You go girl! 💕 @ashnichrist I started last month and I am loving it there. It did take a while to figure out my style of what kin… @DrizzlingRose I won't forget you!! :)It saddens me to think that others feel that if someone grows in their journey on Twitch that they aren't needed an…
@Jedithtv I have to say this isn't a great campaign this year. Still glad they are doing something but this one ha… @celheals Thanks I put up two variations of the design. I really love being creative and like that the site allows… @celheals I heard about Bonfire from someone else, played around on it today during lunch. I enjoyed the graphics… all were so supportive last night during stream when I was having a rough time and broke down into tears. I’m…
@AshtynCarlile and thank you in advance 💜If you’re currently subscribed to a streamer, you can still pick up the (up to) 30% discount! 👉choose to not rene…
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@SweetPeachGames Since 1982! Starting on Atari and then most consoles after that and then finally PC gaming with Wo… @MTV @MileyCyrus I am really loving her new sound, songs, and that voice is on point as always!
Finally got a battered hilt to drop again! 🥳 @cptmorgan34 #worldofwarcraft @emeelzia Feel better soon 💜 @cptmorgan34 @P11nkXBL I look forward to meeting you and chatting! 😁 @PlayWithJambo Gotta love those phishing emails. 🙃😉 @MelannTwitch Same, always here for you 💜
@Eravia24 Thank you! I hope work goes smooth for you. I will be going live at 5:30pm. There is always a 2 hr gap b…