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🦋Love to be my goofy self, 🤣laugh, & 🎮 play video games |💰World of Warcraft | ❤️happily taken |✉️ | @thiccchickgamin | ⬇️Watch me live

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@MelannTwitch much better - thank you. I have had time to cool down and think things over with others so doing a l… @Finch021 lol reminded us of this @MelannTwitch omg Melann, I love this! This made me crack up!woot, transmog piece sold :) @GirloftheRealms thank you 💜 @Eravia24 thank you. 💜 @omgitshalo24 🤣🤣🤣I had about 12k Gold from materials yesterday in my mailbox and noticed that the dredged leather I farmed for about…
@simplysuzuu Thanks. I appreciate it.Having a rough day guys. Something happened at my full time job that I am very upset about. I really need to focus… @SweeetTails This is typically me after leg day, lol - I get it girl 😂 @Movie1011 Feel better! @streetgrind_ @PlayWithJambo, I can relate to this 💯 and I definitely have my days where I feel the same as she is saying. I agree, we don’t… @PlayWithJambo Doubt myself a lot of the time and wonder how I got so luck with an amazing community. Thanks for sh…
@CarlileCreates @MaddiLynne_ I’m loving Overwatch off stream but yeah Destiny and call of duty and apex are good as others have stated @LittlePumpkinTv I also did a whole bunch of seated yoga workouts and still got a great burn @LittlePumpkinTv @LittlePumpkinTv When I head to foot surgeries and could not work out like I wanted and had to stay seated there ar… @Jedithtv At least that is what I have read and found out with my research and reading. It just got released to the… @Jedithtv But yeah seems to be bots so far I agree but hang in there and as more ppl come onto it that should chang… @Jedithtv I made an acct there and it’s pretty creative and simple to use. The platform is only a week old so great… #mondaythoughts @JanellWheeler Congratulations 🎉
@PastelSpellMXR Reboot of vine by vine co-creatorI know I have been posting a lot about WoW and gold farming lately, but I am just so excited. Today I not only mad…
Retweeted by 🏹 Ellelaith @Eravia24 yessssss! So proud of you! :D
Messages like this warm my heart & makes me realize that what I do does help others. Even when at times I wonder… past weeks gold farming I thought was slow bc of me having the stomach flu & just not putting in the hours lik… @lazygoldmaker @ryanaeckles @PersephonaeofZJ @SamadanPlaysWoW @seathrift808 @thegoldqueen @Farmer_tru @ARNOTA42
Retweeted by 🏹 Ellelaith @SeraphDraenal @ryanaeckles You got this!!! @Eravia24 Or just win one next week? Don’t buy it just yet. You never know! @Eravia24 Yeah I mostly watch Netflix or other streamers when I’m fishing, running mining routes, or herb farming.…
@Zanzarful @itsdakid_fool “So you Zan” @Hello_Octoberly Yessss we missed you but it’s all good <3 @KlaytonCalix So blessed to have you all! 💜💜💜I thought we broke her there for a moment. You had to be there for it. It was so much awesomeness. The hype filled…
Retweeted by 🏹 EllelaithFriday Hype!! Wooohoooo 🥳 @Kittn2k Hope you’re doing okay. Sorry to hear that you’re in pain. Sending lots of healing vibes to you. 💜💜💜Tonight's stream was INSANE! 🔹You all broke our sub goal of 100 in under 20 mins 🔹You all got us to Hype lvl 5! WH…
@Munz_E I don’t know you but I am so sorry to hear about your father. Take the time you need. 💜 @third_artifact - thinking, who would watch me and can I do this? - I am too old to do this so doubted myself - re… @SweetnWild_B 💯 %!!Took 8 months, but I did it! #longboi THANK YOU to goldmakers who put content and advice out there for others to le…
Retweeted by 🏹 Ellelaith @KatieIKirby @lazygoldmaker @ryanaeckles @PersephonaeofZJ @SamadanPlaysWoW @seathrift808 @thegoldqueen @Farmer_tru is ladies night! The #thiccchickgaming ladies are playing Golf with Friends tonight! Check out the multilink and…
Retweeted by 🏹 EllelaithYour girl is back and I am SO happy that the AH is working again and I got over 20k GOLD in my mailbox ! I didn't…
@Jedithtv Gold farming too is eh and still waiting on our gold... I agree with what you saidStreams will resume tonight 💜 FYI- we are still aiming for the sub goal of 100 subs this month. If we hit it, ther… @Movie1011 Thank you sir 💜 @Movie1011 It just would’ve been nice if they asked if wanted anything like I do to them but I’m not going to do th… you’re teammates all go to lunch out of the office and don’t even ask if you want anything or if you want to go. Yeah..... how rude. @toeknee623 Be different and stand out. I say do it!
@PlayWithJambo ohhh you're coming to Pax East! I live nearby and plan on attending! Hope to see you there :D @Movie1011 @jdoerrerstl1977 awwww thank you!! And even though I have been feeling sick, I left a tab open for you a… @Movie1011 @jdoerrerstl1977 Not quite there yet honestly to stream full time, unfortunately. Not that my community… @Movie1011 @jdoerrerstl1977 yeah, I am going to start looking in the company I am currently as well as others. I h… @jdoerrerstl1977 Yeah, not sure finding that I want like that will pan out. I have been trying to find something re…
it’s time for a change I would like a full time remote from home job bc after almost four years my current one has… @Baconbits078 How’s the weather? Looks like you are having a great time! Enjoy the vacation 💜 @Two5Chicken And me over here had to google who they were 😂 yeah.... @EmmDeefit I absolutely love Barre and it’s easy on my adrenaline glands the day after 💜#MondayMotivation #Motivation @TylerLeeClark @Violentnacho1 Feel better 💜
AH still waiting to get fixed, but we are continuing on that vial grind. Come chill and hangout with us!
Retweeted by 🏹 EllelaithTwitter wouldn’t let me enter all of this so here’s what I wrote in Discord. No streams till Wed night. Thanks for… down the YouTube rabbit hole while resting and watching @juliensolomita cook. Man, that blooming onion, co…
@PersephonaeofZJ day 3 of this stomach bug requires you to stay hydrated. Yes, my bedside table looks like. I’m hoping that I f…
@PersephonaeofZJ I love my Corsair headphones. The mic quality is good too. They have wired and wireless @kyonical I have it tooand it does suck, I agree! My energy levels have been better since my specialist also did a…
@GirloftheRealms took your advice today and made something other than just toast for myself. Made some scrambled eg… out this stream! I’ll see ya all soon 💜 once I’m better. 2 of being sick and not being able to eat anything except toast and drink power zero for electrolytes. Send hea… @Senzagames Feel better @Hello_Octoberly I’m sick too girl. Can’t keep anything down but toast or water. I’m home again from work 😭 @Mr_Phenom They were always my fav growing up and still what I would reach for first today if all those were on the table 🤣 @Mr_Phenom Swiss cake rolls @Nerd_Mom13 @HeavensCrush Feel better 💜 @Ashlinaa Thank youI took off work since my stomach has been acting kind of crazy all day & when I didn’t eat anything, I felt fine -…
@lazygoldmaker @Eravia24 this might help you @Zigh99 @Zanzarful @MelannTwitch @wowtumaka @mozzletoffWOW and a few more that know who they are that twitter didn’… @Hello_Octoberly @wowtumaka @ARNOTA42 @Zanzarful @PersephonaeofZJ @Movie1011 @simplysuzuu @KlaytonCalix 💜💯💜💯💜💯💜 this fam’ so much! It’s so nice when you found your community that ties in with what you’re streaming niche is… @BellezaGeezy Thank you too!! 💜💯 @BellezaGeezy @theonlyy_Jules @BellezaGeezy Followed ya on Twitch 😉 @BellezaGeezy So thankful for my community and that we hit the 1500 on Twitch & 1000 followers on Twitter. This mon… @otf_darkknight @BellezaGeezy @theonlyy_Jules Add another follow to your count. Just followed you @jiggyflyjoe Yup my hunter is my main and is staying bloodelf 😉 as she has been since 2009 when I made her an alt a… @warrior_f13 @jiggyflyjoe The fox totems are the cutest on the shamans too. Never played a shaman in all my time playing WoW and… @Kendrisite 😉But you know me .... I’m,’s my Vulpera Warlock - That tail though....So stinkin’ cute! #worldofwarcraft #twitch know exactly how this feels and I also feel the same bc I am quiet that at times I will get overlooked if I am no…
Game is back up with AH changes for 8.3! Come and explore them with me! Making Millions of WoW Gold in 8.3! Come Ch…
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