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I tell people how awesome books are for a living (especially ones with spaceships and magic). I also talk a lot about crafts, baking, and NYC history. She/her.

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@roseveleth I think I use "[shocked face]" to indicate this mood. @RowennaM ❤️❤️❤️ @spectologypod Stop spying on me @mollytempleton @Multiphasic Yes I was upset about the absence of Mison @NiviaEvans The links you were sending me the other day beg to differ.
@baby_ajumma Thank you!! It was a gift for a video game-themed baby shower I threw for a friend. She appreciated it… @baby_ajumma (You can actually see in this picture some of the places where things didn't line up perfectly, like his left eye.) @baby_ajumma I sometimes have the opposite problem, where I'll measure something ten times and then put it away in… @baby_ajumma I once made a quilt with 900 individual squares (pixel art) and oh boy did things get wonkyOne of my hobbies is pointing out to people that many traditionally "feminine" pursuits (baking, knitting, sewing)… @AlixEHarrow I'm the ghost doing chemistry experimentsUPDATE have slightly over-yeasted this loaf but isn't it majestic?
@swingingstorm That's so cool! We really appreciated getting the mailers with our early voting location & hours. @swingingstorm Happy birthday! I'm taking advantage of in-person early voting for the first time next week (it's o… @nita_basu ...don't actually need to do anything with but would add to the inbox total on Monday. I'm also trying… @nita_basu This is a very good question, because I am less anxious when I check my inbox over the weekend (fewer em… @AlixEHarrow This morning: @MaraWilson Me too, and somehow everyone who opens a carton of eggs in my home finds it bizarre. It's logic, people!!!
@mollytempleton Also if you like Tam Lin... It wasn't published for adults, but Elizabeth Marie Pope's THE PERILOUS… @mollytempleton OMG I love them both. Marillier was foundational to my early fantasy reading and the Arden series i… probably don't agree with C.S. Lewis on much, but I can get on board with this one. @mollytempleton Robin McKinley's BEAUTY; Genevieve Valentine did THE GIRLS AT THE KINGFISHER CLUB; THE BEAR AND THE… @mollytempleton Second (and third, and fourth) Pamela Dean's TAM LIN, as you probably gathered. Others: SNOW WHITE… @emilygigs @mollytempleton TAM LIIIIIIINHeyyy #FIYAHCON2020 @fiyahlitmag is happening right now! We're about to start the Usurping Lovecraft panel and ther…
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@AlisonCarminke I didn't use a pattern for the sweater itself, I'm afraid, but the bee is from this pattern: niece in the sweater I knit for her 🥰 @j_zimms @RSwirling Was that the year someone threw a shoe at the Goo Goo Dolls? (Or maybe that was the Chili Cook-Off?) @EssaHansen Most of mine are at the office 😭 But of the ones I have here, a nice split of local and far away! (Iro…'The Once And Future Witches' Will Have You Spellbound
Retweeted by Ellen B. Wright 🚀🐉📚 @mitzpa I, uh, usually start my Christmas shopping in February or March... @RachelFeltman @Weirdest_Thing This sounds EXTREMELY up my alley, subscribing now!
@alison_cherry I'm totally blanking on fun facts, but my favorite podcast, @nosuchthing, is nothing BUT fun facts.Some Halloween reading for those who appreciate a deep dive: a blog entirely dedicated to Disney's Haunted Mansion… @Bibliogato Hi! My DMs are open.The 100 Best Fantasy Books of All Time according to @TIME, including @nkjemisin @FondaJLee @tashadrinkstea
@joelevard @CozySyFyFantasy SO NOSTALGIC 😢 @zlikeinzorro If you really want to know, I can tell you why he's called Santa Claus!! It randomly falls right in t… @joelevard @CozySyFyFantasy Me too - I miss it. ☹️ @tashadrinkstea All that fear being churned out in theaters, and with no people there to absorb it, it'll just floa…
@mspriyanka @NiviaEvans haha JINX!OUR SUPERSTAR 🌠🌠🌠 ❤️ @tinytempest Congrats, Tempest!! That's so exciting!UPDATE: My mom confirms that she is very proud."god-like organization" My mom will be so proud 😭 @ambernoelle I love The Witch of Blackbird Pond, but I remember feeling betrayed when I realized there were no actual witches in it. @NiviaEvans People who hate joyI also completely forgot that Penelope is A HALLOWEEN MOVIEUnpopular Movie Opinion: Penelope is utterly delightful. @faye_bi They do! There's a forum area on the NaNo site dedicated to "Rebels" (people who are writing nonfiction, s…
@lauriemuchnick Maybe not "historical," but "period," yes. (Like Stranger Things! And yes, I was alive in the '80s.… @sheilacrosby403 That sounds lovely! I would like to take a trip like that. @rkambury This might be going counter to the point of this post since it's YA fiction rather than serious nonfictio…
@suleikhasnyder What, you think apartment buildings can't be haunted? 😜 @WatchAdam "The replicator can never quite get the texture of cheese right"
@aprotim I considered making them into grilled cheese, but it seemed like unnecessary effort. @AndreaGStewart It's so perfect!Update: @AndreaGStewart Can I just say how much I love that your Okc username was "SFFWriting" 😂Characters in fantasy novels: "Oh no, nothing but bread and cheese for dinner again" Me: "I could have virtually a… @tashadrinkstea "Shitposting" and "publicity" are BASICALLY synonyms.I have the apartment to myself this weekend, so this is how I'm spending it: sewing very colorful things and beltin… @EssaHansen @bhvide You have such a cool job! 🤗 (I know, I'm one to talk...) @finky_dink Thanks, I will check it out!! @kbwagers Ooh fancy. Thanks, I'll check it out! @rkambury Honestly I'm happy with just carbs and cheese @kbwagers What kind do you have? I need a rec! @petramatic "Hey, whatever this thing is, I'm MUCH cuter"My waffle maker has kicked the bucket. Should I replace it with another basic model or upgrade? (I make waffles A LOT) @mollytempleton Meh, just rewatch Watchmen @susanthesquark Did you read THE TEN THOUSAND DOORS OF JANUARY? I can send you a copy if you need it!
@orbitbooks I have typed THE TOWEL OF FOOLS waaay more times than I want to admit, @_PaolaCrespo.
@EssaHansen @gelrdrgz Whaaaaaaaat!! @ChuckWendig For some reason a lot of people tell me I have an "unusual accent," but this had no trouble pinpointin… know a lot of people who are lactose intolerant, so an experiment: challah dough cinnamon rolls & soft pretzels! @JustinHowe mayonnaise and corn!informal poll, for those who use podcast transcripts for accessibility purposes! (plz RT) is an AI-generated, 90%…
Retweeted by Ellen B. Wright 🚀🐉📚On November 18th @ 7pm PT, we're hosting a virtual event with @EssaHansen for her debut, a new space opera, NOPHEK…
Retweeted by Ellen B. Wright 🚀🐉📚 @ClaraMoskowitz Pleased to hear it! I am already running out of Halloween media to watch and I need some new additions... @seananmcguire @navahw So what I'm hearing is that I should watch Hocus Pocus! @cprwords I said "probably"!! 😆 @navahw In my defense, I have not seen it!! I only glanced at a few reviews. @aaronsagers There's at least one. (The username would suggest at least 3.) understand why, but also... why? @mollytempleton Oh I splurged for wine in a BOTTLE @mollytempleton Whatcha drinkingjust a reminder— since everyone is focusing on abortions only— planned parenthood helps way more than just pregnant…
Retweeted by Ellen B. Wright 🚀🐉📚 @mollytempleton Correction: the entire Trump/Pence administration plan @MelLenhardt Hold the water"It's often not easy to tell when AIs make mistakes." (@JanelleCShane's YOU LOOK LIKE A THING AND I LOVE YOU) @_Caryn_S 👀 @alawyerhermoney Haha yes, I was planning on watching one tonight @alawyerhermoney Is that available to watch?
Which probably-mediocre witch movie should I watch first? I've never seen any of these. (YES, I know Maleficent is… @SophiaJay42 In the other direction, I've also been contacted by recruiters there a couple of times, for publishing jobs! @SophiaJay42 It's entirely possible that I'm unusual, but I've used it to find potential job applicants (and not ne… NOW! Come join this great & timely conversation. @nita_basu they have a few body parts anywayNewsflash: "full-bodied novels" can also be genre books.