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Tweets Politics. Supports Labour & the international left. A Teacher to Autistic & Downs Teens. A #StarTrek fan #WeAreStarfleet

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@JosephTarrant5 @HamillHimself @JoeBiden I do watch the news! I’ve heard Trump speak! That’s how I know Trump‘s wor… @g_gosden @RichardJMurphy Charity has its place, I give to Amnesty International. However, the best and safest way… @Trophymad A horrific act. Humanity sadly has many examples of cruelty. Amongst the cruelty there has always been k… @HamillHimself “We’re going to choose science over fiction.” How did America become a country were a presidential c…, Esquire 5.3.20. “I've always been an optimist. I‘ve a profound belief that humanity is essentially a respo… @obhsfan @ASE Lockdown is challenging for the young & many others. However people vote for more than self interest.… @LukeTLMcBlain @JobeDoherty @Keir_Starmer I live in England. I am a Unionist. I would also dearly love to renter th… @LukeTLMcBlain (Sadly I have to question wether the Tory government in Westminster cares about England or any part… @banquetfm I’m sad about Brexit and the direction the UK has taken. The next general election cannot come soon enou… @Caitlineli1 Trump visited the UK and there was so much protest. So many UK citizens didn’t even want him in the co… @Caitlineli1 No. Not amongst the UK population. Though I believe our current gov are one of the most sympathetic to…
@louise_voyager Thinking of you & your family. I hope your mum establishes what she has quickly and that she feels better soon. @orcman666 @BrentSpiner On this thread, Tom, Marni & I were politely debating. I liked Marni’s response back to me… admittedly I’ve been asleep (UK time zone) I have to watch the debate still. What a strange headline!? Can you r… @THenggeler @BrentSpiner I wish you would agree! You have your right not to of course. Take care. @Mr_Picard @FabulaSagitt Whatever! I’m just joking of course! @SassyKlown @MarniLBTroop @BrentSpiner If the language of the President is relentlessly divisive he will preside ov… @THenggeler @BrentSpiner I state facts not suggest. Trump as POTUS has mocked women, threatened to lock up legitima… @MarniLBTroop @BrentSpiner Civility comes from the top. Society models itself on its leaders. Their language. Their… @THenggeler @BrentSpiner Biden’s character isn’t in question. He has been in public life for decades & has proven h… @BrentSpiner @JoltenJ667 I laughed out loud that was so funny. I’m still laughing now! @GwinnRod @BrentSpiner What has Trump’s America become? A culture were you can say the most horrendous things about…
@BrentSpiner Biden’s character is not in question. Trump’s character absolutely is! The election is a choice betwee… @JewelStaite Love matters. A parents love for their child matters & should be shown. This image is of a healthy lov… @gates_mcfadden I’m a huge TNG fan. I love the episode Remember Me. Gates McFadden you were absolutely superb in th… @Marina_Sirtis Congratulations! A lovely tribute to one of the worlds truly greatest TV shows ever made. @wonderkrisp @FabulaSagitt Keep going friend! Keep speaking your truth. We must win. We will help in any way we can. @FabulaSagitt America joined WWII & Europe is grateful. European nations were at war amongst each other. The US joi… @FabulaSagitt Looking at America from Europe, yes, I have no doubt it is happening again. This is fascism. I still… @FabulaSagitt Being British I recognise what‘s happening in America as reminiscent of 1930s Europe & the rise of fa… @HamillHimself @JoeBiden One presidential candidate uses cruel words that mock, offend and insult. Veterans, childr… @FabulaSagitt @Mr_Picard Oh no wait! I was moaning about stamps! What a mess this country is! @FabulaSagitt @Mr_Picard That’s what I assumed too. @FabulaSagitt @Mr_Picard ...I’ve finished my tea break. I have to do some more work! Bloody Brexit! @FabulaSagitt @Mr_Picard Make it so! @FabulaSagitt @Mr_Picard Is there no Data stamp!!! Seriously!? The UK is such a mess right now! Brexit, a poor Pand… @Mr_Picard No but, yes but, seriously where is he? (That’s a British joke for those outside the UK) But seriously, where is he? @Mr_Picard What! Where’s Data!? Otherwise they’re great! @Mr_Picard I’ve stopped for a cuppa now too. Mine is English breakfast milk no sugar. @FabulaSagitt @EmmaOfTheImpact Thank you! It’s always brilliant to hear from you! It’s the end of term! I actually… @EmmaOfTheImpact I’ll have to go for now! I have to complete some work tonight. It’s lovely to chat and I look forward to chatting again. @EmmaOfTheImpact I agree. The character Data I feel is one of the most well conceived, written and performed fictio… @EmmaOfTheImpact I think that’s the sexual attraction to many of the character. A mixture of being the perfect loya… @EmmaOfTheImpact He had an incredible voice! He obviously had a huge career, but as a kid I was introduced to him i… @EmmaOfTheImpact Spiner does have an affect! My post, were we starred to chat, featured all of TNG. The thread soon… @EmmaOfTheImpact I’m starting to get the distinct impression I‘m 1 of Spiner’s few fans not thinking of him intimat… @EmmaOfTheImpact I run 1 account. My left leaning views & my fun Star Trek tweets are all together! I love lots of… @EmmaOfTheImpact A thirst trap!!! Gosh honestly I did not think of it in that way! I am genuinely just a Star Trek… USA get the vote out! Respect for the office. Respect for its citizens. Respect for the democratic… @Trophymad #BidenHarris2020 Get the vote out USA! There is no room for complacency. There must be no doubt. Trump m… @paullott A POTUS that ‘simply mocked him the way he mocks others’. Your tweet reads as if you’re defending this. M… @paullott I can understand that you’re pointing out I took this incident and generalised Trump’s intent towards oth… @paullott Mr Trump publicly mocked Mr Kovaleski. He may not have noted his disability, but he did mock the way this… @Iainkdavidson @BrentSpiner Cultural norms and customs differ tremendously globally. However, I suspect tucking a s… @Bunkers4All @BrentSpiner Come on now, this is normal. @SkellyOwl @BrentSpiner That is not the only reason. I can think of another! @AJBlue98 @BrentSpiner Rudy Giuliani. In Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat 2 film. Can’t wait to see it! What PR for this movie this story is! @JakeLobin Obama’s speech was amazing. Vote Biden. Trump is bankrupt of ideas, void of hope, uninterested in servin… @jamesfirman6 Good luck. Keep us updated. @paullott Mr Trump at a rally did an impression of the journalist Serge Kovaleski who has a joint condition. Wether… @BrentSpiner A tweet of yours about Rudy Giuliani has appeared on my timeline. Wonderful! Your humour & talking a… @BrentSpiner At least he was laying down grabbing & tucking at his own shirt and not trying to grab hers.
@JonathanDelArco Obama’s speech was amazing. He was intelligent, factual, caring and strong. I’m in the UK. Truly t… @mosiman33 @BrentSpiner Well, I put my phone down to watch Obama speaking live. Captivating. Honest. Intelligent. T… is on the BBC right now making a speech endorsing #BidenHarris. Good grief he is missed! He speaks like an in… @mosiman33 @BrentSpiner Trump in the past has mocked a journalist with disabilities & a school child with a stutter… @rafinews @kam_stephens @hugebeats @mosiman33 @BrentSpiner The idea that Biden will destroy economies is a perceive… @kody922 @Utterrunacy I’m truly sorry Kody. @datsme4sure1 So am I! It turns out yes I’m really in to politics and history, but ultimately I prefer watching Sta… @GieslerWolfgang Sorry Wolfgang, I go on... @captainpatc @realDonaldTrump Granted! It is called 60 minutes. If a politician gives a longer interview, they know… @nickjgiacone @GieslerWolfgang Gary Oldman is great. Which film is this again? @GieslerWolfgang Sorry Wolfgang I can go on a bit! I posted about 5! @GieslerWolfgang @GieslerWolfgang @GieslerWolfgang @GieslerWolfgang @GieslerWolfgang @GieslerWolfgang @woodmally1979 @TeltheTrekkie Isn’t that pie & mask with liquor!? The green sauce is made out of parsley. I like co… @svandoren @JonathanDelArco @GOP @realDonaldTrump Cruelty is the word. Cruel to separate children & parents. Possib… @JonathanDelArco @GOP @realDonaldTrump I’m a UK migrant. Arriving age 5 with my mum and little else. I was treated… @TeltheTrekkie This is good honest English food. I’ve sadly just never been a fan of the liquor. I would prefer Col… @JonathanDelArco The Pope says, “Homosexual people have a right to be in a family... They are children of God... No… @GieslerWolfgang No, wait, dipping sauce! Mayo! @GieslerWolfgang Star Trek. @Mr_Picard Your written English is excellent. @LaurenHolly The Pope is quoted, “Homosexual people have a right to be in a family... They are children of God... N… @Caitlineli1 @MetisViking @BrentSpiner @Elizbethperkins Different cultures different meanings you see! Well, that d… @MetisViking @Caitlineli1 @BrentSpiner @Elizbethperkins I have no idea when it was said. I’m of Greek decent. We be… @Caitlineli1 @MetisViking @BrentSpiner @Elizbethperkins I read Brent Spiner’s Tweet as very humorous advice for pai… @sarahcpr @BrentSpiner @sarahcpr @BrentSpiner President!? Trump’s not even a good citizen! BBC reporting Trump paid $750 in US taxes 2016… @M_Irvine89 Maurice, I’ve just followed you. I thought I was already following you? That’s strange that I saw that I wasn’t!? Hello Again! @JustFreeOnly @gogrl_tx @SacredSHS @jon_hinchliffe @neiltyson I hope all unrest ceases. Given the choice of 2 men u… @inthenikoftyme1 @TheJackyAlex @Caitlineli1 @EmmaOfTheImpact @BrentSpiner I am polite enough to wish you a good day. Please leave. Goodbye. @TheJackyAlex @BrentSpiner @EmmaOfTheImpact Yes! I was asleep through all this! Night time in the UK. My response b… @TheJackyAlex @BrentSpiner @inthenikoftyme1 @EmmaOfTheImpact 2. Please be polite! To them & to one another! I start… @TheJackyAlex @BrentSpiner @inthenikoftyme1 @EmmaOfTheImpact 1. I’m in the UK, I missed most of this thread due to… @synapsize @bunnydoes11 @donwinslow A magic eight ball!