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@KassidyKW18 yeah i love him! im talking about his character not him as a person @thfcstyles yes he was so misogynistic 😭 @thfcstyles yeah whenever i mention him on tiktok ppl comment dean was their fav @ninjagoaty adam brody love of my life @ninjagoaty i agree 💖 jess is very gorgeous to me .. but does not excuse his behaviour ✨ @likesayanything i remember there being a scene when he gets really angry and punches something and rory literally flinches ????? @dazedheaven i liked dean but only when he first met rory @fleurbian LOL @a_ladyonfire paris omg meeeee & yes he was really shitty :/ @thorny561 what about when she met jess 👁 @peachsnthmangos omg it does look like him .. its the jaw kinda area @weloveharry_1Dx hes so angry too hes a bit scary @hardinaesthetic yeah when he's first introduced i liked him he was sweet but then his ~ true colours ~ began to show @ivettegracian WHEREyes jared is cute ... dean however is an awful character 😐people who like dean from gilmore girls: why ? 😐 @flickerqs i thought the same omg i cant think who it reminds me of ... for reference its robert pattinson x adam b… ... ❤️ i was morphing the morphs together i hope i dream about these faces i created just spent an hour and a half morphing male celebrities togethernick, schmidt and winston morphed together ... thinking about him outside in my garden and its 30 degrees so tell me why its cooler out here than it is in my bedroom with a fan o… @Evecornwell omg i love ur brown hairteam light mode, pineapple on pizza, edward and orange juice with pulp ❤️its a literal nightmare cant stop thinking about robert pattinson after binging twilight the other day like he literally lives in my mind… about how robert pattinson scared off his own stalker by just being himself again
Retweeted by ellieyeah ❤️ FINALLY have this option that only people i mention can reply now i can just TWEET .... with no responses .... li… @Makeupbysandyyy thank u !!<3🧚🏻‍♀️✨🧚🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by ellieanyway... team edward ❤️me in my mirror: wow i look good me in my front camera: twilight cgi babyTHE FUCKING CGI BABY ILL NEVER GET OVER THIS finished all 5 twilight movies
@cowgirlesmee omg our minds im crying @nyahanto HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE U SM💖💋💖💋 @sadeadekugbe i literally just said this on tiktok i think i was traumatised
when i was younger i was embarrassed to talk about boys because my parents would jokingly make fun of me like ooooo… had a hate page also me: named my dog at the time jasperim pretty sure i had a twilight hate page on facebook when i was like 9 years old that i ran alongside harry potter… @unlostloz a little treat ✨i completely erased jacob with long hair from my mindim watching twilight for the first time since .. 2012 ? i dont know but its been a LONG time @cumandcry i love them so much they're like little circleshe has a different face every single day i dont even know what to sayyeah ❤️ @peepoopeee thank u !! i used the colourpop pastel purple palette it has some pressed glitter, shimmers and mattes @COUTUREDICTATOR yeah im aware and i didnt say otherwisei do not know what i look like🍏🌱🍃🌿🌳 <3 @gilliangracee we have no aircon 😐 and our houses are built to retain heat @JaydePierce happy birthday jayde!!💖 @AdamJxck i was just like omg hope i havent missed adams bday but we have the same one and i forgot LOL @noelleplay LOOOL honestly thats what its likedo not reply to this if u are american because u simply do not ✨Understand✨ @PatrickManganPR yeah it is because thats what we useTHIRTY SIXam i seeing right
the way i was like: just wait until leo season 😌 all year and then it came and i laid in bed for two weeks ... yeah❤️d*pression has stolen half of leo season from me but its ok im here now bitch 😐
@kellyblaus LUV U!!!! @AuntSursh thank u angel!!naturally pink 💋😌me saying the upkeep as if i dont have pink hairi look like i have platinum hair in these pics and its making me wanna do it so bad but the upkeep ..... @giatxylor YES!!!! @hotgorlmeg its such a fun trend i cant stop watching the vids!! @bexdoesthings LMAO @giatxylor omg u remember 😌❤️ its the same dress but i had a turtle neck i think .. UR MIND @indidice !! @jackiessays yes it is!! i forgot to include that by 1st i meant the first outfit transition <3 @burberrybaby28 ppl post dances in swimwear so im confused :| @flipsidemoon motel!<31: nasty gal bodysuit and zara trousers 2: asos design jumper, dress and blazer 3: motel top and skirt & the last… @mockingburung its from sugarthrillz which is a d*llskill brand 😔😔😔 @pnkbld omg wtf??? u look amazing btw!!! <3i dont even HAVE any 😐this is under review on tiktok bc im not allowed to have bewbs 😔 <3 is the most accurate carrd ive seen abt lebanon it's both accurate in arabic and english and the donation link…
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this is 33 and I’ve never been more proud of the woman I’ve become 🥰🤎
Retweeted by ellie @jackieaina happy birthday jackie!!!!! you are incredible <3ik a lot of ppl unfortunately don’t go through carrds so here are the donation links that were linked in the carrds…
Retweeted by ellie @kristareneMUA THANK Uall of the earrings are from here: inspired by some of my favourite albums @jadoregeorgia i love u sm!!!!! @peachcait_ omg thank u 🥺 @iranforengland thank u sm!!!<3earrings: is literally what i wanted to look like when i was 13
me and my one angle ❤️i just screamed at this its me earrings:
Happy August!🥰 My business is launching this month, I’m so excited. I have put so much hard work into this and I c…
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@sarahandmakeup omg 17-19th august is so powerfulthere was a rainbow during the sunset tonight look how cute it was im gonna be sick