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The people that were rallying for labour were more campaigning for people who have less than them or less fortunate…
Retweeted by ellie @loversinlace KAILE. @sunflowerchIo yes 😌💋i used to be a harry styles stan account i dont have any shame literally sitting here with my hand over my mouth please . i cant wait until april .... who has a spare forum ti… DONT KNOW WHO SHE IS!!! SHESHE ........... LOVE U!!!!!!! @lewisbuchan i cant believe you genuinely tweeted this off of your own accord little bit stunning luv xTO BE SO LONELY !!!!! it should be styles please sing me into a coma for the next 5 years so i dont have to wake up tomorrow and see the conservatives are still in powerthe VOICEMAIL is it called cherry because of mon chérie omgthe uk is so racist that brexit is more important than children living in poverty and people dying because of austerity.
Retweeted by ellieno one talk to me for the next 46 minutes and 43 seconds
omg 2 minutes i feel sick... at least harry styles is releasing his new album at midnighti just played this masterpiece of a song to my mum and she said "he's got to meet girls in the car park because the… your fighter
Retweeted by ellieA stark reminder of the importance of this election #GE2019
Retweeted by ellie @TomJen12 shut up you tory dickheadSome reported (young) people being turned away from #PollingStations because they didn’t have ID. That is bollock…
Retweeted by elliei had my polling card with me when i voted but two different people asked specifically to see it when it is not NEE… of students have been turned away from voting today on the grounds that they don't have a polling card or…
Retweeted by ellieDon’t forget the victims of Grenfell today. Do not bastardise their memory by voting for the party that allowed the…
Retweeted by ellie @thelightlive over liam payne .. @thelightlive she is!hot young singles are waiting for YOU at your local polling station
Retweeted by ellieoh my god my friend has been turned away from her polling station because she didnt have her card but you DONT need… i have a really good video idea but i dont know how to execute it properly it involves my dogs and if it turns… @shannonconwaay theres no saving himWearing #CommeDesGarcons , @Harry_Styles for @guardian 🖤 Styling @harry__lambert
Retweeted by ellie @ImJessicaClaire me either i wasnt planning on it @imallxx i think its called rude hours its literally the first line im sick @noacfniamh STOPFJSJSJnot liam payne taking years to release his first album for it to include lyrics like "meet me in the parking lot il… @Alexdboot this was in america! but yeah i always feel pretty uneasy when i get into an uber in london by myself @ElenaBateman @sarahandmakeup YOUR OWN PEN TO THE POLLING STATION !!!!!!!!!!!! black biro will do!! failing that, use pressure with the penc…
Retweeted by ellie!!!!!! bring a pen remember every single one of you is closer to using a food bank than you will ever be to having a billion quid.
Retweeted by ellie @HollyMacMakeup1 i know oh my god :( i really hope none of her followers are affected too much by this because its…
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Retweeted by elliethis is really good!!!! HE'D ONLY BEEN DOING UBER FOR 3 DAYS
he scared me so much omg i thought i was about to get kidnapped i was thinking oh my god spencer reid is about to i… said he'll take me to in n out (10 mins the opposite direction) and his friend is gonna be there and i can meet… then bc it was my first time in america we were talking about food and i said how i just tried in n out and rea… me i should come even though i was 18 he was like "ill get u a fake id and show you a good time" and he kep… cant remember if i ever fully told the story but it was like a 1hr + drive from beverly hills to anaheim and the… @peachcait_ my trip was $50 i couldnt even get $5 😭 my life is worth three dollars ... threethey did fully refund me but only after i tweeted about it and i dont even know if the driver got banned 👁thinking about the time i nearly got kidnapped by my uber driver and uber offered me $3 credit for the inconvenience <3 @faceofemily 😭😭😭 @catherineesson she literally has an audience of 2+ million young people many of which could be lgbt themselves and… not homophobic i have gay friends 😌✨ clone #349 really said Bi? 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 LGTQ RIGHTS! i cant stop laughing someone take this girls phone off of herFor all the privileged people... its ok to sacrifice a little bit of what you have for the greater good of the comm…
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Retweeted by ellie @whotfisrc ISNT SHE ACTUALLY AMERICAN THOUGH SKFJKD no alot of the time its actually british ppl who think im ameri… you're in the uk, 18+ and registered to vote its SO important you make your vote count tomorrow. i'm not going t… @sarahandmakeup yeah ive been told that as a reason before! @kalismith16 im from the uk! @NE0NGRAVESTON3 @Alienzabeth they kinda do :/ when i use self tan i am still in the 'light' foundation category whe… does everyone always think im americanlove actually sweetie im so sorry you're not sure who to vote for, watch this.
Retweeted by elliei don't want to "do things" or "take care of myself" i want to "sit very still" and "eat noodles"
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whats that coming over the hill is it a hexbug its a hexbug @moonlightlilyx @lewisbuchan amazon: buy for £13.99! us: happened to me with a picture and i hadnt even USED the brands products in it @lewisbuchan OMG i thought it was logged into mine!! and i bought princess and the frog 😭omg i keep thinking about ratatouille when the food critic drops his pen gave me chills 😔 i love u remy the ratSome men have this weird complex about "humbling" confident women.
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@AdamJxck @lewisbuchan im screaming all my friends think i hate them cause i have everyone saved with just their first name in lowercase 😔 @lewisbuchan omgim literally shaking i cant believe we get harrys album this week just watched ratatouille for the first time in years and im crying im so proud of that tiny chefi love tiktok @notcornell thank u!!😌😌<3 @itsmolsxo thank you sm!! @DRIVELIKEIDOPML thank u!!!<3stream watermelon sugar by harry styles 😌✨
"Do not judge them on their promises. Judge them on their record."
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@itsangelaa_xo i bet it was a look😌 @linabugz thank you queen! will try this @bysandyhirales Omg im scared @AshGhotCakess omg but u looked SO good my ears stick out id look scary @amytxylor its still quite neon 😔😔😔how do i get green hair dye out 👁 i want to go back pink 👁 but my hair is destroyed 👁imagine im in my bedroom and not at jingle bell ball right now seeing harry for the first time this era .. u gonna talk about lack of punctuation on TWITTER yes im gonna type a whole 280 character tweet as one sentence… and lexie ................ follow a secondary school teacher on Instagram who teaches in the North East and she’s just posted this on her st…
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🦋 @Kierabridget our brains: im baby
@iNabber69 i dont blame him @taliavfx omg...