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Good night, dear magical Twitter folks. Moon (1965) by Adrienne Adams @raithleann Mine was a retired teacher, too
To keep the joys of childhood rooted deep within ones heart and spirit is to remain forever young. life has been so deeply shaped by the books I read in childhood. Many, including my 1st collection of fairy tale… from the 17th century Paschkis Cramer @RichFloodDesign No, it's still there @Andthewind So do I. It always speaks to the deepest part of my spirit. @Andthewind Same for me. And so few seem to have even heard of it. @carole_caple And I am so gladTo all of you who are childlike dreamers, who live in wonder and wishes, you are my tribeAs a child, I entered Wonderland, Neverland, Narnia, OZ, Middle Earth and I never left them. Oh, such worlds I carry within me.Can you imagine the sort that does not believe in fairies? (art by Dorothy Lathrop) @LunarLast It is such a gorgeous film @grenouille781 @AnneLouiseAvery Thank you for saying so.What is inspiring you to dream these days? (illustration by Dorothy Lathrop) @Susannah_Lloyd It makes me wish I were in that photo @MollyConisbee I love this film and wish more people would watch it @EsmeDutcher No, that I would never allow for! @Susannah_Lloyd That photograph is absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this. What a treasure to haveThe beautiful bliss of poetry and gorgeous imagery in the film Bright Star (2009) @cairngormkaren I completely agreeI find myself at odds in the modern world. I would feel more at home among old maps, gorgeous leather-bound tomes,… fairy photographs"Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmond, and Lucy who discovered a body in a wardrobe… @AnneLouiseAvery The world is a far better and magical place because you are in it. @AnneLouiseAvery Thank you for sharing this with me. I adore your writing so very, very much. You truly have a beau… @Peterwarr8James I loved the series and the books. @BronwynSoell I love it! What a beautiful dog. @kirbanita I have loved his books ever since I was a child @Kate_Dancingcat Thank you for sharing your powerful artMy life's goal is to be a librarian in a bookmobile where the only patrons are talking animals. (illustration by R… @Kate_Dancingcat That image is incredibleMervyn Peake Mihalskaya @emmaroseribbons Thank you 😊Woodland bedtime book is exactly what we all need. I know I do and these illustrations are wonderful. do so hope it's me Bednářová L. Nisbet Bulavkina good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it. - Dyla… I had been Bilbo Baggins, there would have been no adventure. Nope, I would be content in my cosy hobbit hole, w… have to be tree spirits residing in this magical one give me perspective. They remind me that my idea of time is so momentary to their own. @robkean2 Gorgeous @JENNIFE55690269 Loved Piranesi.Escapism allows the reader to leave their world for another. It can be a relief and a refuge. This is especially tr… Crane book covers Bilbo Baggins awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous verm… @lauraeweymouth I also missed that she hid in a wardrobe (a reference to Narnia)I took a deep breath and listened to the brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am. - Sylvia Plath, who was born #OTD in 1…
Good night, dear magical Twitter folks. (art by John Bauer) @co_sharp35 Same excited that #Twice has released a new album Eyes Wide Open and #IU has new music coming out this month. #KPop @kjdernelley Great film @rljtoday Wise beyond her yearsRolf Lidberg tale illustrations by Carmen Cardemil @lindsaymccall Where are our lumberjack love triangles???? think if someone ran on the platform of changing public transport to catbuses, they would win in a landslide. @Claribel_Ortega Oh yes @MESalisbury Love that show. Please share away! great reason to support this great independent bookshop @maryruthless That doesn't surprise me. Kindred spirits for sure.Yes, I would definitely read this it is #OwlishMonday, here is a photo of an owlette that was born last spring in the oak tree of my backyard. @MDaviot The brilliance of CocteauLeo Dillon's illustrations for Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears (1976) @grenouille781 Thank youFairy tales, folklore & myth are not lies but reach deeper truths about who we are than mere facts do. It is throug… @theLucyStrange You have made my day by saying this. Thank you so very much.Rudolf Koivu I love about Twitter is when people share their memories, their photos and their kindness. @lauraeweymouth Thank youThe world extends her grace @Michael63165750 An enchanted forestThe glorious chorus of autumnal colors sing out so vividly I cannot help but stop to delight in its song. @pacylin @MacKidsBooks I voted early and took my elderly neighbors so they could as well @terriwindling Thank you so very much for sharing this lovely photo. One of my favorite poems. I wished I could have gone to that exhibit.Books are enchanted like goblin fruit, once I tasted of them I knew I could never live without them. (art by Brian…
Good night, dear Twitter folks. May your dreams be as magical as you are. (art by Eliza Wheeler) @ImNotMyDataPts Thank you. She definitely shaped deeply who I am"Always be a kind, gentle warrior, my heart child," my mother would quietly tell me each day. "Be rich in compassio… a child, I was so often asked by adults "What do you want to be when you grow up?" They meant a profession but m… Ukhova“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the succe… Little Mermaid illustrations by Christian Birmingham and the Mermaids illustration by Nadir Quinto Wang on Ron Howard’s Lang Lang Biopic, ‘Mulan,’ Asian Stories – Variety @smaccarragher Kindred spirits @co_sharp35 I'm so glad that we are friends.It was two years ago today that I started this Twitter account as a way to share what I loved & create a safe place… @mmdotcox Agreed. That is the only one that does.Cave in northeastern Japan found to resemble anime icon Totoro @Claribel_Ortega Love that showAutumn sidewalk @LibraryLil32 Your comment has made me so happy that I did.