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@FolktalePod Yes, it has the same account name: Into the Forest DarkNothing improves a year like the joyous news that Kate DiCamillo and @SophieBlackall have a book coming out in Sept… needs more fairy tales in their lives and these are some excellent ones. @pauljessup Of course!Researching about John Bauer's life & art, reading Swedish folk tales, listening to Edvard Grieg all the while writ… decorating, there are three types: 1. Less is more. 2. More is more. 3. Wizard Howl dream-like worlds of David Wiesner @BethCartwriter Yes! I always have to read at least one poem and one fairy tale every day. @BethCartwriter Exactly. What wondrous fairy tales one would pen.Others: Women are far too moody and emotional to be great leaders. Sophie Hatter: Oh? Really? Is that right? @BethCartwriter Or the tales one would write.I wish that in real life that whenever we accomplished something, the small band of animals known as the Fiesta Tri… and revising a fairy tale about the life of Swedish artist John Bauer to post on Patreon. can happen, everything is possible. Time & place do not exist; on a significant bases of reality, the im… night, dear magical Twitter folk. Tonight I will leave you with this illustration by Ruth Sanderson. @junescribbles Everything about that says I will definitely be reading it.Artuš Scheiner's illustrations for E.T.A. Hoffmann's The Nutcracker & The Mouse King (1924 @pauljessup Or read the book they were based on that hasn't been written yet
Alexey Venetsianov artist Konstantin Makovsky painted “Mermaids” in 1879. Alexander II, who had no interest in art, came to se… to support a wonderful artist and add some whimsical magic to your life?“Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of… @annie_hawthorne I wish we learned how to lament and mourn instead of rushing to pretend we are fine. It's physical… have just begun reading The Lie Tree by @FrancesHardinge and I come to the dedication. If either of my two kids b… remember in high school, a group of boys talking about what they looked for in a girlfriend. One of them decided… I the only one who, when they see such little cities, wants to live in them? @magsthebookie2 It was.What is inspiring you today? because Austen's world is one that's more intimate than Tolstoy's grand & larger narrative doesn't make it les… university, I got into a debate with a male professor who dismissed Jane Austen as a lesser writer to Tolstoy be… @Fieldandfen I love that @sofipasternack And your books have so much depth to them. I am in awe of how you are able to balance a fantastical… @mrjamesmayhew You know you will boosting this @jesskimwrites YES! Exactly that.For those who write & illustrate kid's storybooks or MG books, your work can deeply impact & shape how a child sees…'ve never hurried when I am reading an illustrated storybook. As a child, teachers used to ask "Elliott, are you n… don't believe in a hierarchy of writers with authors of adult lit at the top & that one is supposed to strive tow… @ryanliveson I assumed that was just a given. @CindyDanger The other two are The Cat Returns and The Secret World of Arietty.Two things I don't understand: one is the idea that an author "matures" from writing children's books to adult lite…'m not lazy, I just want a fire demon to fix my lunch for me. spent the morning inhabiting The Most Beautiful Thing written by @kaokaliayang & illustrated by Khao Le. This… @oharasisters Not really. You offer the world touches of beauty, wonder, whimsy and imagination. All of these are p… @oharasisters Thank you for sharing your gift with us.I want the world to be as lovely and gentle as this illustration @BethCartwriter Or, better yet, pick up the dream to protect and nurture it with encouragement and wonder. @BethCartwriter It makes me think of Yeats' writing: I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreamsSuffering writer's block? Rainer Maria Rilke experienced an inability to write for 8 years. He traveled in the hope… Ma brings world to tears with poignant ‘Amazing Grace’ at inauguration concert @BethCartwriter Like beautiful soap bubbles @BethCartwriter Know that all too well, unfortunately.Birds fill the limbs of the leafless old oak tree. I just gaze at their movement from my kitchen window. @BethCartwriter I remember my mom giving me a copy of his The Prophet years ago and I was blown away by Gibran's writing. @lauraeweymouth I think the Oceans 11 series was a retelling of it.Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen, who was best known for his illustrations of trolls, died #OTD in 1914. He gaine… @lauraeweymouth I love Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Heist"The cats of Ghibli Ghibli: Everything You Need To Know About Legendary Japanese Animation House via @mymodernmet
Lim Khim Katy F. Kuang: How a Hidden History Became a Fantasy Trilogy via @lithubHaving grown up a gentle child who was often bullied, I am always grateful for leaders who are empathetic, inclusive and hope-filled.Thanh Nhan Nguyễn Bruce on Lizzie Borden, Shirley Jackson, and Grimms' Fairy Tales via @bookmarksreads“We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond.” ― Gwendolyn Br… B. Goodale was the first time I burst into tears at the pledge of allegiance. @MHarrison13 @chickenandfrog Absolutely loved that book by @kellybarnhillKorean artist Kim Tschang-Yeul was known for his painting of drops of rain. His work was rooted in Eastern philosop…
Good night, dear magical Twitter folks. Tonight I will leave you with a piece by Wassily Kandinsky that was inspire… Biddle's art takes a surrealist approach to fairy and folktales. Isadora's Rapunzel do story ideas come from? Hayao Miyazaki replied: What rushes forth from inside you is the world you have alr… was lucky enough to have a mother who took me to the library - the public library - twice a week, Wednesdays and… can a parent get their child to love reading? By presenting reading as a joyful gift not a thankless chore, as…"The seeds of dreams are often found in books & the seeds you help plant in your community can grow across the worl… Stratton was an illustrator who brought an Art Nouveau style to numerous works of fairy tales and folklore, i… can I explain to anyone that stories are like air to me, I breathe them in and let them out over and over again… was the first book that made you fall in love with language? (illustration by Rosalind Beardshaw)éon Bakst's Sleeping Beauty canopy of clouds I want a cottage with a door like an owl. @LunarLast I will have to read it then. The only two I haven't been read by Woolf is that one and The Voyage Out.Edgar Allan Poe, who was born #OTD in 1809, was originally going to write his most famous poem about a parrot inste… Magical Look Inside the Painting Process of Studio Ghibli Artist Kazuo Oga via @openculture @LunarLast Have you read Jacob's Room by her? Is it worth reading?
Me: (after writing) Eun Sil in Ghibli films @Ebonyteach I'm going to love it!Very excited about this book“You write not for children but for yourself. And if by good fortune children enjoy what you enjoy, why then you ar… @Fox_Is_writing It is one of my favorite filmsFantasy is not a lie. It is through fantasy that, even as children, we begin to understand reality. (Art is "Kirsi… Horror Movies Based On Fairy Tales & Folklore | Screen Rant @malcolmguite What marvelous company to keepToday's writing tip from Hayao Miyazaki: @LunarLast Looks yummy @LunarLast Did you get your lemon cupcake?