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@sophiepenrose @ChairmanBLAOW @jackbevan FUCK @sophiepenrose @ChairmanBLAOW @jackbevan very specifically this version. @sophiepenrose @ChairmanBLAOW If @jackbevan didn't commission this I will be stunned. @sheikyerbouti_ Karen O-wain. @WeAreLovedOnes You're right, have retracted, should have used the 'following police force' figure, though suicides… @hotsalvation @sphghtn Adrenaline dad turning up with a microkeg of incredibly soapy IPA. @WWRRSSDDRRWWSS @WWRRSSDDRRWWSS And the hats. @WWRRSSDDRRWWSS Absolutely hate the grading on it.The Autumn wardrobe is officially open.
@hotsalvation The Garden Centre Carpark of England. @cat_millar I have been known to drink vegetable stock. @ecto_fun @plasmatron @DasGiftBerlin @Astrowolf81 Incredible Mogwai tour bus energy from Robert Smith. @AngstromHoot It’d be at least 25 if all of the lads weren’t living together in the big house. @AngstromHoot You say friend of a friend but I can place at least 15 of our friends in this scenario. @richchibuku @jamespyrah I think he just liked killing people, but fair point.Even before COVID-19, artists were badly paid. This needs to change
Retweeted by Andrew Ellis @oxymorocycle @EmmaKennedy With all due respect, it's not the time for semantics, you know what she meant and nobod…
Retweeted by Andrew Ellislosing my mind at this crowdfunder to help frieze and the *DEUTSCHE BANK* raise £ to support 1 (one) poc curator fo…
Retweeted by Andrew Ellis @thomasragsmusic Excellent guidance for a breakfast buffet too.
@joekennedy81 Stick Cheshire and Surrey together and float them out onto a barge into the Atlantic. @joekennedy81 Cheshire, home of the NW Tories, bin it. @Darkstar @WilliamBasinski STRAIGHT INNo, I haven't become spiritual or started doing yoga.Seen a lot of punching down and horizontally on here recently, aim your punches up, mutuality across and support do… @Darkstar Sly to subtweet William Basinski like this. @fieldinghope Rainham's most prolific.I do what I do for Liverpool as much as anywhere. Children all over the UK are crying out for our help. This is muc…
Retweeted by Andrew Ellis @wonitfrombrock @jadedcreative Far too graceful. @bye_louis Have popped this to a few folk. x
@jessf_white @LukeTurnerEsq Hey now, those 88 minute subs catch the opposition by surprise! @alannamcardle_ I added the image rights onto your PRS cheque. x @LukeTurnerEsq Problem comes in how to fit Fornals and Lanzini in at CAM (where I think they're both best fitting)… @LukeTurnerEsq I think Bowen's holding down that spot on the right, though i'd be maybe tempted to look at Yarmo p…"Mate, mate, love this tune, do you know Boddika?" @LukeTurnerEsq What'd you go for as your line up in front of the defence based on that? There's some pretty big calls to be made now.This has aged well
Retweeted by Andrew Ellisif you’d told me six months ago that we’d be in the same place six months later because this government paid Deloit…
Retweeted by Andrew EllisFeeling the burnout, find it hard to talk about the burnout, don’t seems to have time in the day to read about or f…
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@andrewpmhunt wonderful start to the week with the news that @UnforgottenTV is back up and filming again! Congratulations…
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@wonitfrombrock @wychstreet @solongmarianne Adore him with my very soul. @solongmarianne But will Pinter be able to keep up, that's the question? @badwool9 @BrinkLiverpool Buyers Club or Mother, but don’t do Mother on Tues/Weds as that’s my time and I’ll fight you for my territory.He’s cracked it. We’ve all been asleep. All hail Sine Missione.
Retweeted by Andrew Ellis @LukeTurnerEsq Ta Luke, shall report back! xDon’t get me wrong, Kepa is not very good. But saying he’s the worst keeper in Premier League history? Don’t be a f…
Retweeted by Andrew EllisFrank Lampard has a poster of Rishi Sunak on his kitchen wall.
Retweeted by Andrew Ellis @LukeTurnerEsq Have your lot all hit peak redness yet? Worried that I may be left with a load of green tigerella's… @tomhfh I’m a constitutional lawyer Tom.
Retweeted by Andrew Ellis @conor_ferris West Ham tweets have a time limit, 12 hours then back to stupid music.The fact that this is even a debate makes me want to be sick in my mouth. What's worth more, actual lives, or a fuc…
Retweeted by Andrew Ellis @uncooljerk @glickzac Black pudding & kippers. I’ve also only had vegetarian haggis, and despite being incredibly E… @uncooljerk @glickzac I frequently eat two of them but you need to take into account that I have now lived in the N… @NecroButcher187 Heyyyyyoooooarghhhhhh let’s go to the hospital ahhh for fucks sake, aghhhh.
@conor_ferris Honestly, I love him so much more than I love West Ham. @jackpitt89 They were awful.Reminder that if it’s punishable by fine, it’s legal for the rich.
Retweeted by Andrew Ellis @t_manning92 Genuinely hope he dies. @tom_usher_ I think if he'd not have inherited an incoherent but expensive side from Pellegrini but instead continu… @t_manning92 I'll legitimately celebrate the deaths of each member of the board. @t_manning92 plz @krldslv @sophiepenrose It's a kind of bougie British chaos that i'm staying well the fuck away from. @sophiepenrose This is chaos. @Yahirvenegas22 @WestHam Good luck with your 6 subscribers. @tom_usher_ This is a horrifically accurate metaphor for why West Ham's board brought him back, he's going to keep… @FuckErikinho @WestHam Mate, we don't need to play good sides to be exposed as a 'trash team', we're shit. @WestHam I'd honestly be at least 95% happier if the club disbanded forever, please put us out of our misery and li… @WestHam Great timing. @TedMaul87 @BombersBoots @WestHam And want Grady & Bilic to do well @WestHam This is vile, lads.Great to see the giraffes and all that but the highlight was undoubtedly this majestic hog. @Smeaghan_ Called him a wanker. @t_manning92 Don’t think there were many from our camp. @t_manning92 Sell everyone and just play all of the U23’s, throw the board into the Thames. Eastenders theme whenever we score. @t_manning92 Genuinely yes. @Ollie_OS What a huge mistake 💔 @Smeaghan_ I’m going today and I’m going to knock out that ostrich.I think Ian Brown is finally ready to play the patch outside M&S in town.
Retweeted by Andrew EllisAbsolutely mad that this is basically in Huyton. @Peatcheo @leechwaifu Most Haunted. @Peatcheo @leechwaifu I can't even.
Continue clicking 'interested' on gig invites and not going. @janeagallagher @badwool9 @glamgigpics You need to take more drugs. @NecroButcher187 I could see the drums, as long as one of could it's fine IMO @NecroButcher187 Watching people's reactions at that Part Chimp gig was a real life highlight. @NecroButcher187 Make More Stupid Heavy Music Everyone For Gods Sake, Not Just Bodies On Everest. @HertzEnterprise @Lithiumheavy @MichaelCoudrey Ah FFS. @CosmicSlopper Oh my godBeautiful new trailer for Eternal Beauty, directed by the outrageously talented @CraigRoberts10 and scored by me. I…
Retweeted by Andrew Ellis @chicksarepacked Proud.
@MissUnd79512530 @Wildfyrewarning @andtakingnames @GranolaNutMix @MichaelCoudrey Karen, you got radicalised by Bria… @Wildfyrewarning @MissUnd79512530 @andtakingnames @GranolaNutMix @MichaelCoudrey Fairly sure it's from Star Trek. @andtakingnames @MissUnd79512530 @GranolaNutMix @MichaelCoudrey Facebook, they fucking love facebook.hey @kanyewest while you're at it, lets get rid of uniport as well...
Retweeted by Andrew Ellis @keiopensdoors @WarnerNic @OGBeefJones @kanyewest Legitimately to squeeze out a little more interest from other peo… @Lithiumheavy @MichaelCoudrey You're a gem. Bless you.