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"What do you actually do though?" Manage @v_e_s_s_e_l, @raxsterviolin & @immix_ens. Assessor for @PRSFoundation. Freelance Consulant/Producer. Abysmal DJ.

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@BimboLimboSpam Google Bargain Booze and ‘good benches’. @_mernx Just @ablackham I’m only leaving early if they get more than 6 in the first half. @BimboLimboSpam Google Sam Smiths pubs, don’t deviate Helen. @john__wise Pinning your hopes on the wrong team mate. @DanCroll Don't start this up again, Daniel. @CATHFACTORY Love you mate.Keep an eye out at the Liverpool game on Wednesday for a chance to catch me stoving my own head in with a frying pa… @WestHam The West Ham board have done more damage to the mental health of the people of East London than the Luftwaffe ever did. @criss_crossey Ah, there's no guilty pleasures IMO, but each additional word in that image sent me further and furt… @sean_rob23 Haven't listened, the state of that headline/sub was more than enough. @WestHam Announce liquidation. @Jenn1fer_A Never heard of him before, this is glorious, thank you! @jamesdgreig Incredible strength in actually listening to them after reading that headline.Everything about this is truly, truly awful.
@CircaWaves Nabzys. @KateFlood #1 has been a fucking revelation.*4 years.
@MarieAnneMcQuay Get him so funding so that he'll stop.
@JoeBarnbrook Honestly I hope we get relegated because it'll increase the chance that the parasites will sell up. @LoveGoldnSully @davidgold @dmartin_gk Fuck off, Karren. @patrick_hurley Make the Brits pay for a 32 county rail network IMO. @lukeabbottmusic Moog's directors are making terrible decisions for their own gain that are alienating their loyal… think it's approaching the point of an MK Dons, AFC Wimbledon scenario at West Ham.
@jackprince Very welcome to become a carpenter with me, mate. @EM0TI0NWAVE When / where are Reef playing? @CATHFACTORY Please stay away from the books on my desk. @driftrecordshop Niche tweets from Rupert #2353 @townsendyesmate Always football, always.
@OfficialFPL Grow up mate, we're losing both games by at least 6. @Carterface_ Preparation for the eventual step up to CEO of Waffles.
@NecroButcher187 @NecroButcher187 I think i'd rather set my own head on fire than ever put on a show again. @LovelyBill @LovelyBill Never doubt the internet. @LovelyBill @gabrielszatan @richfurness Holy Other - Know Where (Bump and Flex vocal mix) @The_Mighty_Mojo Can't wait to go down just to see Karen Brady's face. @The_Mighty_Mojo It would be incredibly West Ham to be the only team to beat you in the same season we get relegated.
@dalecornish @dalecornish Get that in your press release. @dalecornish @dalecornish English. @Al_Sundvall @andrewpmhunt @ExEIH Ambient cans with the lads. @KateFlood Classic Flood.
@badwool9 @keeks_ What beef am I missing in my Twitter absence here.
@PeteCityPrice @leahjconnolly It's because you're a lizard, Pete. @leahjconnolly Wondrous place.London it's been a while. Excited to be part of this ridiculous line-up, where i'll be joined by @maiapedromaia as…
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@MsLaura_Brown @thatsnogreg Could get you Goblin but not Argento, sorry pal.
@LeoCrusher @Sumuyyaa My old man used to do the doors of a bunch of soul clubs back in the 70's and my uncle played… @LeoCrusher @Sumuyyaa He produced enough records to have a shop tbf. @LeoCrusher @Sumuyyaa If it extends out to labels / collectives (and i'd be surprised if there wasn't a shop of som… @andrewpmhunt Feel like i've been replaced in your life by the chickens tbh. @AngstromHoot @tristandross Spaceport really left an impression on you, huh? @iamvanessareed Ted is a beautiful human being, please say hello from me if you head across! @Yayyab @rxdazn
@leahjconnolly <3Decided to put the vast majority of my (way, way too frequent) Twitter hours into finally learning to play my cello…
@AngstromHoot Oh Catarants. @AngstromHoot Ouch, Tom. @fudwedding Barcelona chairs and a Robert Longo original, i'd probably murder for that. @real_aaron_reed @gilescoren Great engagement here, mate. @zidanzig @flatdietcoke I just thought the arl fellas saying it had lost their minds. @tcogill He used to get half-way to the penalty spot.
@flatdietcoke Known only as an alley growing up, only ever heard it as an entry up here. @gooesfat They're 'my first punk band', for the kids, no substance but inoffensive. Good enough politics from what i've seen/read. @uncooljerk Spare a thought for us Livejournal kids, pal. @FluidCloak Worked for Sabbath. @ClareBarry Love burgers. @ClareBarry Send it my way. @EM0TI0NWAVE Enjoy @dcamilo_sw8 @sniphist @KateFlood Get these lads on the front line. @badwool9 What a hometown I have. @nightwarning Surely you're going for Danny Elfman. @iiirobinhood @Canarsie1212 @iTweetyNerd @RepDougCollins I think no video at all would have probably been a wise option. @iiirobinhood @iTweetyNerd @RepDougCollins Fuck me, this is naive. We're doomed. @Canarsie1212 @iiirobinhood @iTweetyNerd @RepDougCollins Reagan armed both Iraq and Iran, aided Saddam Hussein and… @iiirobinhood @iTweetyNerd @RepDougCollins I asked what was idiotic about this statement: "There are deeper things… @iiirobinhood @iTweetyNerd @RepDougCollins Care to explain what part of his tweet is idiotic? @millsandboom The fairy lights. @millsandboom This is special. @millsandboom I mean I was also in a short lived Nu Rave band at that time.
@mattprigge @gabrielszatan @BlanckMass Is this you? @dalecornish My fave., really not ready to go back to work, lads. human sacrifice in exchange for life without buildings reuinion
Retweeted by Andrew Ellis @shennners Think i've settled on the look. @ohasm1 Squad goals. I might pivot back to black nail varnish and listening exclusively to The Smashing Pumpkins this year. @mikeabraham111 @bonjoursara lollllll @leaharen @Getintothis It wasn't the first houseplant to die in that flat (by a long way), and we were the first people to ever move in. @leaharen @Getintothis RIP my son xox @eddyfrankel Eddy no @tyskiesour Sorry, & vegan butter as well with the Anna Del Conte one. @tyskiesour Fan of both of these & (w/ vegan cream) & then tho…
@sheikyerbouti_ I know most of us are dotted about all over the place but there's love for you from all corners, if… @bonjoursara If the door was open the smell would have travelled, definitely unsettling but that's what I reckon's… @bonjoursara Foxes are much more likely to do that kind of thing in Winter (I saw one last night and don't see them often) - one option.