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Elle. 35. They/them. Not a girl. USian in Spain. Writer, cat rescuer. I name cats after Pokemon. Too political for cat twitter too cat for political twitter

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@theblackjess @FlyIngenuity Hmm, my DMs are letting me down then lolActual person who made the tweet: it is, I found it in another thread plush dick fvck the ad tweets are gone now. Weeeeird @HasanHaiNL I couldn't tell what it was at first I was scaredIs this like some new kind of bot? Like cobble together a decent take and then swoop in with plush dick? @GrimOgreLabs He had me in the first halfLike believe me, asking for support on here is 100% fine but this is...weird"what ppl need is money to buy this plush dick" @WesPip Nah, Cowherd's whole thing is making ppl feel smart by being an ass. He's somehow a worse Keith OlbermanFirst tweet: hm valid Second tweet: ok yeah definitely Successive tweets: wait what wait....wait...🤨 @redruby17 @paz_fey @assofspain Yeah, Spain is pretty much a single country by force, not by natureHow much are they paying Cowherd because I too can be supercilious and snobby @Bitchy_Bruja Also your cats are beautiful!! @Bitchy_Bruja Oh awesome! I've only seen two in person, both were on the larger end of the spectrumAnd here I am, yelling nonsensically into the void for free @TomBrady I am so here for the nascent Quarterbacks v. Aliens franchiseHow do you know I’ve never seen aliens Colin?
Retweeted by Elle M. (they/them) @EmilyGorcenski This is a good list
My husband: hey I bought a really big cat tower Me: oh cool we have a few of those the cats like them Him: no I m…
Retweeted by Elle M. (they/them)Butterfree says "is stripe fren Aerodactyl!!" @SteveScalise People wanting to vote: hey it's a bit easier! Steve Scalise: @SteveScalise Oh no!!!!!!!! Oh my stars and garter!!!!!! Oh my dear sweet baby white Jesus!!!!!!!! More democracy!!!! Such a disgraceIf anyone out there has found some GOOD DUPES I would love to know about it! @visionshadows they're generally pretty ok about new things. They're mostly really well-adjusted and curious which I'm really happy aboutTbh I have tried really hard to find cat beds/cat stuff that at least resembles the Neko Atsume cat stuff, on the 'nip
Retweeted by Elle M. (they/them)Hey!! If it's something you CAN do, please consider helping me run an unofficial cat sanctuary and help local stray… @assofspain ohh thank youLugia's over it
Retweeted by Elle M. (they/them)This is what happens when she gets catnip
Retweeted by Elle M. (they/them)Please help me keep my cat sanctuary residents rolling in catnip <3 sorry to be annoying about this but I care so much about helping cats and I can only do it with your help. It m… very comfortable Exeggutor FRENS IS ME CHARMANDER!! SOMETIMES AM HAVE A CONFUSE OVER NUMBER OF FEETS ME CHARMANDER AM POSSESS
Retweeted by Elle M. (they/them)Tyranitar, always making sure I do my laundry @KQscholar I can whistle normally but I can't do they super loud whistle, where you put your fingers on your lipsCat, cat, cat... duck?! Right now we’re out helping some friendly outdoor kitties with a heartbreaking backstory. W…
Retweeted by Elle M. (they/them) @qeelsbeen Otter has lol @assofspain You know the more I think about it the more this explains a lot of interactions I've had. My default is… Babby Wooloo and Otter are excited @suchsmalldoses_ The words pero/perro are my enemies lol @assofspain What's this from? It's beautiful writingWhat's something that, despite being taught like 100 times and putting like, every ounce of effort into learning, you just can't do.
Retweeted by Elle M. (they/them)CATS APPROVE the fantastic things about following "the cat American" @ellle_em: seeing what life is like in a feline-ruled…
Retweeted by Elle M. (they/them) @cosmyra64 Not super often lol but we were gifted a jar of like, pure catnip stalks @NewIlluminatus No but the night is youngI think it might be for like, Savannah cats. Because those things are huge @gmcconnell1 Omfg I'm DEADAlso pls chill out, it's in the house. He just put it together outside @dkdmac No it's in the house now he just put it together there @benjanun_s What???My husband is 5'11what the husband: hey I bought a really big cat tower Me: oh cool we have a few of those the cats like them Him: no I m… I am running a cat opium den gets very chill, on the 'nip horse or: Smorse
Retweeted by Elle M. (they/them)Kricketot got some catnip"wat...wat are this?" @abrokentweeter I mean to be fair she's probably thinking the same thing @tinkerbclla Just search Candyman, you'll see itVery intense is what happens when she gets catnip @meuyve No he's Spanish @emilyonguitar Why would she film it like that's such a bonus I would tell nobodyThe Candyman secret room thing is making me cringe only because if the poor girl's landlord finds out about that ex…
Retweeted by Elle M. (they/them) @LS94012515 don't think it's the right space to blame women herenegative: aliens' first impression of earth is Texas positive: aliens' first impression of humanity is Baker Mayfie… @bakermayfield Aliens travel lightyears across space & the first human they meet is Baker Mayfield and tbh I don't… I backed up out of the stable like I'd happened upon a crime scene and everyone was staring at me and there's m… like logically I know being freaked out is like the opposite of a good thing to do around a horse but I was act… guess they'd been grooming it because it was tied to a post so I go into the stable and ALL OF A SUDDEN HORSE FAC…'s safe enough here that my kid has started her horseback riding lessons again. Last night we went to watch her a… @suchsmalldoses_ same though and I get yelled at for it by everyone who has tried to teach me Spanish :/ @marzipan_civil omg I'm the opposite. I can snap my fingers on my left hand but not my right (I'm right-handed) @DevonEllington adults in my family tried for YEARS to teach me until they realized "they can tread water ok enough… @rsybuchanan I was able to read music and play the trumpet to the point where it was....not unpleasant farting nois… @WhatTheRuss the fact that he threw/gave away stuff he got from his father is....really telling. I would legitimat… what else could he mean by "making new memories?" He wants her to stop seeing the dog as a connection to her sisterLike he couldn't handle losing his father so he's going to turn the thing that connects OP to her sister into somet… to add to an already bad situation: it has not escaped my notice that the dog belonged to OP's sister, who has…'m tempted to say "learn how to ride a horse" but tbh I think I could learn to do this if I wasn't deeply afraid of horsesI'd say math but I legit have dyscalculia so I don't really count that because it's just my brain being my brain.… 1. drive stick shift. I've had like, five separate people try to teach me in the easiest conditions and I ju…'s something that, despite being taught like 100 times and putting like, every ounce of effort into learning, you just can't do. @ltimonin I'll have to ask some local friends haha @NewIlluminatus Ohhh ok hahaha that's a useful term @assofspain Hahaha is this especially an Andalucian thing? @assofspain Oh God hahaha I'm in the wrong country @NewIlluminatus A mess? Or am I translating that wrongBecause I guess it's relevant I spoke to him in Spanish because I live in Spain @meuyve I live in Spain @erinblink I live in Spain lol everyone speaks Spanish @assofspain Ohhh ugh I didn't mean to come off as like... demanding or anything I asked super nicely :/