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Game Music Composer/Pixel/Lowpoly/NFT Artist Music - Art - Knownorigin/Rarible - el-metallico

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@CJJammies Pls no fetish shaming, it's a shaming free zone @DJ_Link Got it, thank you!
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @googlichek BasedI am not a weebYes, my future 2-nd ex wife still looks perfect today @opensea These 2 fellas are my favs @GenuineHumanArt and @AffinityPlay I also desperately want Last Selfie by… @filipagomas Got it, thank you so much! Yeah, most persons of my age speaks English totaly fine, but I need to show… @no__________end @BadFoxLab Yes, I tried, sorry, NFTs are much more cool."GHOST." 1/1 now available @makersplaceco ! 🟣🟣🟣 0.5ETH reserve Check it out here 👇🔥 #NFT
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @filipagomas And yeah, hi, of course. Regime and climate change hit me hard in the head 😆 @filipagomas 2 shops together, I bought some stuff in one (some shit for home) I enter Minipreco and can't see... I… ask because I already met at least 5 different accents of Portuguese (I speak as a foreigner listener of course),… bros, need halp (I have no time to learn again rn, got a plenty of commision on work, need moniz). In your… @hawkun Ok, I see, thanksI bought new monitor (not for work, to play Yakuza after I finish this huge bg you gonna see soon) and have questio…
mildly NSFW commission for @thirsty_dev of their girl Ciara 💕
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@MagnificentNFT Yup, still here. First sale November 8 last year.Good morning folks.✌️ A little over 5 hours left until the end of the auction.⌛️ Still enough time to chip in.🪓 L…
Retweeted by Dmitry PetyakinNo matter what, this generative banner project will be something that will be awesome. If it sells out, or not. If…
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin☀️closing in 2 hours @SuperRare
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin#DigitalTrends episode 28 Explore this weeks creators and artists on @KnownOrigin_io Co-curated by…
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @MOCDA_ @KnownOrigin_io @fi_lor @SerenaTabacchi @CosmoZach1 @plushka1 @georgebrad93 @cgbnine @Raid71 @chiniakov3d about #Digital #Architecture? Discover 10 #artworks from @KnownOrigin_io in our latest #DigitalTrends episode.…
Retweeted by Dmitry PetyakinSince #NFTs are trending again it's my duty to shill my stuff. #cryptoartist #cryptoart's important to be a part of something bigger than yourself
Retweeted by Dmitry PetyakinApe FURMO 🌟 EP 2 of The Boring Ape Chronicles 🦍 Drops Wednesday 4th 3PM EST! Edition of 100. @BoredApeYC #NFT
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @DropYourNFT @VinicioApenas @KnownOrigin_io Thanks @mikiNFT @KnownOrigin_io Thank you!New drop on @KnownOrigin_io Regular Sign #cryptoartist #cryptoart #nftcollectors #NFTs
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakini drew a dude
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Endless Summer.
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @benroy__ What would you like to see from it? Here is a sneakpeek from the project
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @dutchtide @eSatisfire Yeah, I totally understand, bro, I did not mean to offend you in any way, sorry if I made so… @eSatisfire @dutchtide You, guys, found new ways to exploit NFT in the wrong way, aren't you? Don't do this, it hur… Summer. 1 of 1 animated art piece available on @SuperRare:
Retweeted by Dmitry PetyakinCroissant castle in the making, wtf is hapening to Blizzard/Activision? I know it's been a complete shit show for last few years, but I see… Man's room supposed to look like this
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Literally me., boios, lost my web connection, just got restored, hope you are all ok. @XCOPYART GM, Xcopy, more or less alive, how are you?
I mean I did not ever had this idea, Matrix has brokenI met a guy here, and he is absolutely mindblowing - he was playing WoW for decade or so, and he was playing Healer… I'll hide in bushes, I got tuna with me and bread, you lost, birdiesI woke up. Good morning. Not so well nourished, but overall it's fine, have a nice days, guys. Also I want to take… missed her soooooo muuuuuuch
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakinpokemon unite gardevoir
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @beetlebear This one, I am not sure if it has English subs, but it's a masterpiece
@Lidia_Lee_Lee I mean I love rats more than people, if you are a part of their gang, their won't hurt you, never, i… @Lidia_Lee_Lee Hey, thank you, Henry is totally fine, he is very strong boi. @ElenaNazaire ok @ElenaNazaire a zahchem? @beetlebear спасибо, другif you know rat's apointment center which affords ETH, lemme know plsне верь, не бойся, не проси @tryShowtime yeah, it's mine @beetlebear man, telll me how, I need to knowCan I escape into some other dimension? @Nucleose Yan, can she please hit me already? I am really tired of awaiting😅 @JiskeyJasket Thank you, G, you always know right words🙏 @NotDeadDesigner @VengefulHeart1 Thanks, homie, yeah, I love symmetry, it looks amazing, but when you do add some l… up for commissions! Take a little lookie at my catalogue if interested and send me a DM if you're super int…
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @Nucleose Thank you, Yan, means a lot for me @Lostxvayne13 @Nucleose Yan has a niche of his own, I even can't describe his art, it's way too unique. @Nucleose Yes, I like to be attacked by your beautifully drawn girls (we are all have our little sins)😅e-girl? yeah i've heard of her
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @Nucleose Yan, it's great, but I was waiting for a punch for a 30 secs already, I NEED IT.READ QUICKLY! Quick question to all Yakuza fans - Bakamitai, is there a snare kick or side snare kick in the verse?… reverse boomer a thing? I am trying to understand how to use Facebook, but I can't, so my inner boomer laughing… @moawko I am an individualist (I dunno if there such a word in English) so I would pee to myself 'till I die, and i…
Yes, I posted it a month ago, but twitter won't allow me to post all stuff I want. Rest of backgrounds I draw for… @NotComradeSnake @JustinWhang B-B-B-BAKA!!! (I dunno context) @moawko wait, but you can drink someone else's urine, right? So you can pee to each other's mouth every hour... God, I need to sleep... @moawko well, yeah, ok, prolly, I dunno, sorry😅 @Pixel_Pit yes @SovanJedi Love you, man❤️❤️❤️Is door male or female?I mean buddy door, it's maleYeah, it's door behind me (just in case)Sigma male in his natural habitat more days and I'll finish lab background. @JiskeyJasket G, you know her, I saw her already, we can figure it out ( I hope so) But yeah: insanely smooth work,… @Darkeyed19 I know your name, bro, I am just not sure how to pronounce it, in Russia we spell Kiril with 2 L - Kiri…, I'm doing some #pixelart #streaming for the next two hours. Come drop by if you'd like to watch me lose my mi…
Retweeted by Dmitry PetyakinYeah, so, I re-watching True Detetctive rn, idc how cringey McConaughey on Instagram, but the Rust Cohle role is ge…, sex is fine, but have you listened to Akiyama 1 hour version of Bakamitai? Pure pleasure. @beetlebear Join me, man, it's cool, I guarantee it😆diamonds
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @JiskeyJasket YES, she can do whatever she wants with me. Jokes aside - G, how you do it, literally, I don't unders… @WildLeoKnight Man, your local coffee is a killer thing, it's very strong, I never had such coffee in Russia. Need… @pixelnovak E verdade, meo @NotDeadDesigner Thanks, mate! @theartistjulian I work in industry for the last 13 years, and I am ok with that, I mean - it's ok, if that's how i… @digitalartchick Yo, I even dunno who you are, but I am seeing you daily. Mind buying my stuff?'t get mad at me, I am simple man - God made me like those things @Bornatoxd (every year)😅Guys, pls, buy my #NFTs - I need money for local drugs and hookers, thank you. @Pepsart Yeah, exactly! Lot of people takes it too easy, like - ah, it's just a coffee, no fucking way, bro, it's a…