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Dmitry Petyakin @ElMetallico1 Russia, Stavropol

Music Composer/Guitarplayer/Pixel Artist Music - Art - Available for work

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@Zero_Starlight @SophNar0747 All of them @eCherryArt Как же мне бомбит с твиттерской компрессии. А работа отличная.
@Ready2ESC @GundamIsHere Doesn't matter: better lose half of wealth than be a literal cuck @GundamIsHere I am not his fan either, but I feel really sorry for him, he should just divorce, he shouldn't live like that.Even a 50-year-old woman will give you a 20-year-old's excuse, goddamn. This motherfucker Gave everyone in his fami…
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @puppiesandanime cool afモフ会🐧☃️ #pixelart #ドット絵
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@rilemtwit I really love how it looks - I love this kind of perspective, but in the game it may feels wrong.
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @waneella_ @IdentityVJP Правый нижний прям ваще ништяк @MattFDraws I hate fuckers like that. Blocked him.
@Snarfermans @doomed4art Dude, you are killing it
Wrong Rat Palette: #vinik24 #pixelart #pixel #ドット絵I @Franrekkk Why even bother? All's fair.We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am runni…
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @ElenaNazaire @_truevector_ Но в целом да - с тобой и Ваней согласен. @MJgIrRdl75BWsUX I love them - so adorable❤️ @Iceztiq Very pleasant view @JamesNefFUentes Thanks, man, yeah, this kind of stuff has it's own charm. @ElenaNazaire @_truevector_ Я экспериментирую чисто - я в старые игрули сейчас играю соньковские, и заметил фишку:…
@_truevector_ Жалобы не моя тема, ты меня неверно понял - я фанюсь просто.Exactly as I thought - interiors are kinda pain in the ass for me atm. Prolly 'cuz I am suck at modelling. @StuntmAEn_Bob Thanks, not sure if I am going to finish it - just wanted to quick test interior with walls and stuff.Weird #1bit kitchen #pixelart #pixel #ドット絵I #lowpoly Software used: #aseprite #Crocotile #blender you staying on kitchen shelf. Work in progress. #pixelart #crocotile @ElenaNazaire @sixveeceear Нормас @ElenaNazaire @sixveeceear Лайков много надеюсь? @Arvydas_B 100% true. Still playing Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrios because of stunning maps, I can't play modern deg… i work very hard everyday and spend eternity on my artwork art profile: another good material to post without credits
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @sixveeceear Мда, аргументация у них пиздец канеш.Я не понял - народ.ру еще существует что ли? Охуеть. @MaximNuriev с днюхой, Макс
Bruh, I fucking love Resident Evil series - but ffs, RE 0 is so ridiculous: that Gigachad Billy with sleeve tattoo…
@_truevector_ Каеф ваще
Da fuck am I reading? @wtfmig Happy Birthday, Mig
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @L0rraX Adorable boi @MasterBismuth Yes, crows and other birds are amazing, tbh all pets are great, if you'll have a chance - get some cool buddy @MasterBismuth This is so coolAlso, ravens are super cool birds, one time I found a guy - prolly fall out of nest: he was small. I took him and w… I got it right - that guy just went home with that girl and decided that he is going to live there with her. Gig…ふくちゃん💕ただいま🏡
Retweeted by Dmitry PetyakinХм, кукурузные консервы вроде рыбой пахнуть не должны🤔🤔🤔ふくときなこ💕お目覚めのきなこさんを待つ、優しいふくちゃん☀️😚
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @Kldpxl @StelloHexis Thank you, Khaled @NOP_Pixels @StelloHexis Thank you, NOPUpdate: just woke up, he sent me rest of payment. Thank you very much, guys, for having my back, I really appreciate this.
@chriswearly Anyway - thank you, I appreciate it. @chriswearly No need to pay, man, if you want to use it - use it for free @WhiteSarcophag1 @StelloHexis Thank you @_truevector_ @StelloHexis Don't forget to pay him either, by the way. Lmao. True. Thanks, bro. @ElenaNazaire @StelloHexis Да я не против даже если бесплатно кто-нить заюзает с таким раскладом) @StelloHexis Stop it. We both know you are scammer. You scammed me, I got it. No problem, shit happens, I'll surviv… @Shoehead_art @StelloHexis I feel you, mate. Sorry that happened.Also, 3D scene preview, made it for demonstratin how to place stuff, please, be aware of @StelloHexis Dude commissioned tileset, now he is refusing to pay rest of the sum, his ar…
@JPEGNEGRO @JustinWhang I wonder if she plays RAID SHADOW LEGENDS @JustinWhang Apparently it has been banned because of 3-rd pic - guy started to question things he shouldn't. @MrSchmeckles I am so sorry. Stay strong, sending my love to you, you were amazing dad for him.
@waneella_ Ох как вкусно @Sempai_Black Вот как оно оказывается - стримишь, снимаешь видосы кучу лет, всем по кайфу, а оказывается не умеешь нихера. @TristanTroup1 It's easier for me to work with itFound it, high iqBois, how do you manage Aseprite commands? I reinstalled system, so my preferences are gone. I need right mouse but…
@JustinWhang hey, man. Found some weird shit:
@artofsully Thank you, Sully @_truevector_ НетMarshrutka #pixelart #pixel #ドット絵I #lowpoly Palette: #vinik24 Software used: #aseprite #Crocotile #blender @wtfmig I've heard it as Disturbed cover, 10/10 - would knock that door again
@librorumque Yes, understandable @librorumque Do you have Aseprite? There is option there - import for Twitter, it should loop seamlessly. @StuntmAEn_Bob @King_Worrell @eCherryArt @PuddleheadC @princessofcubes @nolnad @itakepiIIs Thanks, man @wtfmig Same. I made some progress - it's 4 cups instead of 5 now, and it kinda feels ok. @King_Worrell muh boi is chillin'
@librorumque I did some autosetup 12 years ago, and I did not touched it since then. @librorumque Same😁 @StuntmAEn_Bob It's stunning, man. Still plays great, still lot of butthurt from some certain moments, and I love i… finished Silent Hill 1. Again. Fucking masterpiece. @librorumque That is a very good tree
@SpectreSkully I see, thank you. @Kldpxl Get well, Khaled, take your time. Health is very important.24.01. - Кошка получила обморожение, а две другие умерли от внутреннего кровоизлияния. 17.06. - Такса лишилась глаз…
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @der_mars Thank you for help, will check out his channel. @SpectreSkully Looks amazing. How you made the fingers? Did you used 1 pixel grid for them, or you used regular 8x8… 2 things I would like to know - how to model simple stuff like cars, poles and shit, and how to put texture on that.Bois, can you, pls, send some Blender 2.79 tutorials links for beginners. Why exactly 2.79 - I know how to import pixelart there properly.
Apprentice's attic #pixelart #isometric
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @zekey_s_lizard @2Pblog1 Thank you
@orangemagik ШикосБля, опять гроза, пиздец. 2 месяц льет как из ведра. @BIOBOOSTERPIXEL Nowhere, I made it for practice to level up skill a bit - shapes here are kinda more complicated than in my previous works. @akebi_rat He looks much more better, so glad for him!Train #pixelart #pixel #ドット絵I #lowpoly Palette: #vinik24 Software used: #aseprite #Crocotile #blender
#iconvsartist @krzymsky Dude, this is insanely good
@TheQuartering Lmao, where can I get my moneyI'm creating Rogue from the #xmen using the amazing Crocotile3d #lowpoly 3d modeling tool. 🐊 #screenshotsaturday
Retweeted by Dmitry Petyakin @NOP_Pixels Looks great @GundamIsHere Lmao, she's continue to talk shit about you, and you continue gaining subs, that thot played herself.