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Janky ass dumpo. Maladjusted. Makes no sense. 51st President of the United States. no/preference. DTF ↙️↙️↙️

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@MikeBloomberg You don't have a movement. A bowel movement, perhaps.A lot of celebrities and rich people today either pretending not to know what "the Democratic establishment" refers… @MikeBloomberg You are poop from a butt, please fall in a toilet, thank you.y’all have never needed a job reference huh?
Retweeted by Ugly The Human"Holy Lonely Light" from Macross 7 still fucks so hard. @AndyRichter *siiiigh* No, Andy.THEY PLAYED THIS SONG AT DISNEYLAND, WOW, WHAT THE FUCK policies weren’t “given” to us by the establishment - mass movements forced the establishment to pass these p…
Retweeted by Ugly The Human @Mike2020 Ешь дерьмо, собачники.TIL that the only version of the Country Bear Jamboree I ever saw at Disneyland was a summer re-theming that appare… @KTLA Is that why that place is so overcrowded? I like Costco but I never go anymore; at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday it's… Bieber looks 50 and sounds 14.Trying to think, who’s a Sonic character Dwayne Johnson could possibly play, and then I realized it doesn’t matter…
Lot of real brain geniuses in the #QuadenBayles hashtag who only know how to be skeptical in whatever direction let… @RevManzin I know what I want to be called forever, how about “cutie pie” but altered in a way that suggests I don’… can’t form an opinion on the batsuit one way or another, I think I might suddenly be too old to give a shit about… @Ve93788140 @LeahVonNoire @thebigimo hahaha is this even porn to anybody wtfThis game didn’t deserve this intro. got Breath Of The Wild, can’t wait to play it in like three weeks when I’m randomly not too tired to concentrate.The lemon tree. Oh my god, the lemon tree. @KarlRobinson02 Like ASMR of someone peeing on a cheese sandwich. I suppose. @sistersleaze @Mike2020 @SUBWAY If true, that’s not being relatable, that’s just having an abysmal sense of taste. @TheQuartering Fuck Hitler. And you, since I’m here.Every time I try to do my laundry someone has a load in the machine and I end up falling asleep waiting for it to f… @sweetbbhoney @indimillz Finishing my bowl of Spaghetti-Ohs and then probably grossing you unhorny with my loud burps. @Mike2020 ok bloomer @johniadarola Fast and nimble fingers loaded with stamina.I never got PewDiePie. Even as far as people playing games and talking to a faceless audience go, does he really de… @dreamgrave 4:00 pm, wake up at 11:00 pmJust found out Bernie buys clothes instead of wearing barrel held up by suspenders. I don’t even want health care anymore
Retweeted by Ugly The HumanInfinity triangle Credit: @ emty01 - Instagram
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Dinosaurs as fuck, I didn't give a shit about humans. @JennyENicholson knowledge of the past, wow, anything is possible @MikeBloomberg You are poop from a butt.Who sucks big time? UGLY THE HUMAN Just trash, and a waste of time UGLY THE HUMAN UGLY He can only lose UGLY Wha…’s video team is so damn good, it’s incredible.
Retweeted by Ugly The HumanI’d shower you with coconut cream pies.every single thing ive ever seen about kingdom hearts has the exact same energy as "Obama Chuckled. 'You mean, The…
Retweeted by Ugly The HumanI'm sucking my own dick and dying
Retweeted by Ugly The Human @Workers4Mike @MikeBloomberg lol, How much does Mike pay for this insipid dreck?Not lost on me that Warren is getting praise for ripping Bloomberg on the debate stage when @ninaturner and…
Retweeted by Ugly The Human @JamesNoctis It needs an XP system so that my Villager can get super buff and beat the shit out of all the smart-alecky neighbors. @JennyENicholson They’re getting ready to replace it with the Indoraptoraptor from JWIII: an Indoraptor hybrid that… @MikeBloomberg Go in a toilet, you’re a poop.I’m not excited about Animal Crossing because I know I’ll get bored with it after about eight hours and then my isl… @progressvoice The cream filling.Two people said “Other” but did not disclose what the Other was. I thought the arrow was very easy to interpret BUT… @THR @eliroth oh noThis audience exudes a very unwholesome energy. @MikeBloomberg And you have billions of times more than you’re worth, you sentient piece of litter.Bringing up politics IRL solely to inform people that they have different views from each other because apparently… Animal Crossing community reacting to the announcement that you can toast bread in New Horizons…
Retweeted by Ugly The HumanPoopy Lockstocking (2018)
Retweeted by Ugly The HumanWould be a terrible shame if one by one all the superdelegates went missing.It’s That Guy from the creepypasta who appears in people’s dreams before bad shit happens to them. @JRubinBlogger Signed.
I made this in 2013 and YouTube has it blocked in every country on the planet because they're not strong enough
Retweeted by Ugly The HumanPod Save Deez NutsWho has the worst regular/original fries?live nude walruses @starwars lol that’s okay @NewsGuyGreg @MyNews13 @BN9 He can eat shit from a hole in the ground. @JennyENicholson 4/20/69
@MikeBloomberg You are poop from a butt, please get in a toilet. @ShadowTodd The Strokes always remind me of 9/11 because immediately after 9/11 it felt like all rock radio flowed… you hide replies on your thread, that is like 100x more shameful than just getting ratio'd like an adult.
Retweeted by Ugly The Human @ShadowTodd I’m becoming less and less convinced that more than a slim minority of the Democratic leadership actual…’m a theme park for papercuts.It drives me insane that Michael Bloomberg is being sold as "the only one who can beat Trump" despite being repulsi…
Retweeted by Ugly The HumanHis sins against the left are already well-documented, but to anyone even slightly to the right of "Vote Blue No Ma…
Retweeted by Ugly The Human @AndyOstroy You’re pooping right now, aren’t you? Ew, you’re probably taking really deep breaths and savoring the smell. Disgusting. @jessecarp Why is she looking at me like that, I don’t like it @IndianaJedi They should probably be presented in such a way that they are interesting and don’t feel like arbitrar… Rabbit and Smurfs didn't fire their animators a week before Christmas.
Retweeted by Ugly The Human @PaulMDomenick Who gives a shit? Stop being weird.I did not know that. Largely because none of this was actually explained in the fucking movie.
Retweeted by Ugly The Human @AndyOstroy Dear @AndyOstroy: You belong in a toilet because you are poop from a butt. @AlabasterFuck I saw this notification and out of all my tweets over the past 48 hours I didn’t suspect it would be…’m not supposed to be awake, how did it get this late already?Every time I see the suffix “Sr.” I accidentally mentally read it “Sir”.Remember when they named a Zelda boss "Vulvagina" or something like that? @JMan86916482 @JennyENicholson Some people are very easy to impress, Numbers. @tomwatson You sound like you're very bad at things. @JRubinBlogger @Bencjacobs @RosieGray Those people make very good tweets and are correct and everyone complaining is just jealous.
i don’t know who needs to hear this, but no one has this range
Retweeted by Ugly The Human @ThemeParker104 One has rabid fans pretending it’s good. @MikeBloomberg Eat sixty pieces of cold, dry poop.
Retweeted by Ugly The Human @BernieSanders Destroy him and consume, metabolize, and crap out his stupid face. @TulsiGabbard I serve my country by telling Mike Bloomberg to eat sixty pieces of cold, dry poop.Give Bloomberg Something To Really Cry About Challengeto the tune of “Someday My Prince Will Come”: Someday I’ll touch a butt.There’s a guy at work who’s always asking me Star Wars questions because I know a lot about Star Wars and this is p… @ChannelAwesome You guys are still around? Huh. @rubin_parody Rebel scums. @Sonic_Hedgeblog What, you think it’s gonna get nominated?