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@noonetoconfide This is SO SWEETbabe straight VIBIN ⁦@elohimmusic⁩ 🥺💕🤍✨
Retweeted by elohim @CHEVYWOODS 😭😭😭😭😭😊
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@JPsmooth777 @TouchTunes Oh wow that’s awesome! I’ll look into it!
wrote a new song feel like myself again @elbelbb 🥺🥺🥺I relate to your portrayal of experiences. It took me forever to believe I didn’t DO anything to “deserve”suffering…
Retweeted by elohim @neonbrotherlive 🥺 @acklenwalker 😃 @yrdrifter You are so sweetobra de arte 🥺💕💕💕💕
Retweeted by elohim @PortalElohimBR GooooodnightКрасива внешне, красива внутренне. Просто подарок этого мира.
Retweeted by elohim @isawsoliz Yes! @KittyCitKat 😃😃 @KristenMDrums I love@this so much and you so much
@caffeindsapphic I can’t wait either 💔🥺 @kaylaa_jeanne I’m sorry 😔 I wish I could mend it I love you @kososguy You are so sweet I needed that thank u @meltdownMate 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I love you so much I sorry about heart @Qiaobu_music 🥺🥺🥺🥺 same @AsimTheShaman @elenasphoto 😭how’s your heart’m lost
bullshit bullshit bullshit @PortalElohimBR I LOVE YOUWe get sensations listening to Sensations. @elohimmusic 🥺💘
Retweeted by elohim @IittIebeast 60s @ithinkitsaDanny Wow I love thiswas thinking about @elohimmusic today, so I made this.
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When I feel the scaries coming on I like to just sit here listening to @elohimmusic and close my eyes just picturin…
Retweeted by elohimOn earth, this lifetime, all things are temporary-if it’s good, make it last! However... I’ve a very, very few thi…
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I ❤️@elohimmusic
Retweeted by elohim @_AlyssaJolene_ ME TOOIII still get goosebumps when I think about our time in Austin @elohimmusic. I miss you and group therapy!!
Retweeted by elohim @elohimmusic I’m in the mood for GROUP THERAPY! 💛✨
Retweeted by elohim @_Cjim_ ugh same 🥺 @Retnuh49 @zedsdead @riseagainst @adtr @puptheband I love this so much @EllaBeeChar I love YOU! Thank you! @BigJuicyDonut You’re so cute can’t wait to like 18273782 more
@awonderland holy shit that’s so weird I was thinking about that YESTERDAY. Now I just send u photos of my double c…🥢🥊🏓🥁☎️🧯🧰🧲🪓🧨🩸🌡🍟🥀🍓🍎🍅💔💄👄🦑🌹today marks 6 months since I flew home from the group therapy tour due to he who must not be… @ashhascrashed Thank u for listening!!!! I’m so grateful it’s a comforting friend right now always here for youi cannot stop listening to braindead lately @elohimmusic just gets me
Retweeted by elohim @babyspecimen You r so sweethow is she so beautiful I can’t 😖✨
Retweeted by elohim @Chase_Gray WOWOWOWOW the colorsJust thinkin’ bout being in rainbows with @elohimmusic 🌈🌈🌈
Retweeted by elohim @BriannaWyllie @chaseoblack Stop I need
@AnAwkwardBlonde Ok here are a few options let me know if you want more angel how I wish I was right there again. I miss you El!
Retweeted by elohim @Luke_Scott90 @chaseoblack @MilkStudios I love youuuuu @DancingPinkCons @chaseoblack @MilkStudios I love this gif wow @RiahKhaos Thank y SOSOSOSOSOO much I had the best time ever making it @KingDavid19841 Human!
@Chase_Gray I LOVE THATif you’re having a rough day pretend you’re Sarah Connor (t2) (or any bad ass woman) it helps @sufferingsweet @hurricanegarden Cutest girlfriend w the cutest pup! @withtherats Thank you that is so kind @withtherats It’s so true . I’m so grateful and inspired you have this mind set. I’m sorry today was bad but tomorr… @LjpLiampenfold1 One hundred !!!! Celebrate the good @darkspidersweb 👩🏻‍🎨 @hurricanegarden Exactly! @MichaelRicobene Tomorrow’s a new day!there will be good days and there will be bad days
@Joy_Manolis I love screaming this livethe im lost remixes are OUT NOW so I’m officially floating on a cloud. I’ll be in the sky until further notice list… @Chase_Gray I love youuuuUm hi “Room To Fall” has really gotten me through the past two days. Thank you @elohimmusic for putting the words o…
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shout out to @elohimmusic for getting me through every anxiety attack ever
Retweeted by elohimletsssss go
Retweeted by elohim @jacquesgreene thank YOU king @jacquesgreene you got me floating on a damn cloud4) @eliandfur remix @elohimmusic shares @jacquesgreene's soothing club remix of "I'm Lost"
Retweeted by elohim3) @edapolloUK remix
@laurbeth_ @WILLYJOY HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH2) @wearepax remix you @WILLYJOY for having me ❤️ @jacquesgreene remix twist: El isn’t JUST an artist, she’s the queen of the US and we don’t actually do “presidents” anymore. Sorry…
Retweeted by elohimthe perfect remedy for a 30 min edit of Im Lost? gorgeous remixes! each remix uniquely makes me feel like i'm float…
@CaseyWinehouse 😔 I’m sorrygo tell your parents that if they are having a bad day, they should play i'm lost by @elohimmusic 🍄
Retweeted by elohimAs soon as I hear “Let’s go to the rave” I lose my shit. 💃🏻
Retweeted by elohim @elenasphoto Dude that’s what got me thinking opened studio window shades and it was dark already .. at 7:30 @AutoBotanist I love you so SOSOSOSOSOO muchAnother night of me telling my friends how much I love @elohimmusic and how much of an angel she is
Retweeted by elohimIf I'm being honest @elohimmusic is one of the only ones that can turn a living room into a dance party
Retweeted by elohim @lil4c_princess Thank u so muchthis girl is f**cking incredible
Retweeted by elohimoh summer already happened? I mustve been asleepIts a very @elohimmusic kinda day(: Reminder to be patient with yourself and nice to your mind❤
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