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you are an inspiration @hoochiemanee You are an inspiration @felixcartal @SneakytheSnake 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 @JacksonRickun @jakepaul You are so not alone @a_bridgey @EbonyGorilla @JohnnieGuilbert @jakepaul Exactly @goblintoad @jakepaul Same @Schultzzie @jakepaul 100% 🤟🏼 @alysssadennis @jakepaul Thank you for this! @alysssadennis @jakepaul You are NOT alone! @jamietworkowski @jakepaul @CrisisTextLine @800273TALK Thank you for this @emmaprizer @jakepaul L O L
@Bwee95 @onestowatch I love you SO MUCH ANGEL🌻 T I C K E T G I V E A W A Y 🌻 Want to win a pair of tickets to see @elohimmusic with @Bahari and Mehro on Febru…
Retweeted by EL👁HIM.@elohimmusic ‘s new Strut song
Retweeted by EL👁HIMSeeing @elohimmusic a month from todayyyyy 😭❤️
Retweeted by EL👁HIMI get to see @elohimmusic next weekend😭 if anyone sees me cry during sensations mind ya business
Retweeted by EL👁HIM🌼POLAROID GIVEAWAY⁣🌼⁣ ELOHIM’s Group Therapy Tour starts FRI & we’re giving away signed polaroids to celebrate! To…
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@callmekevinburr Wow thank you for sharing this with me. I wish I had all the money and could fly you! @snooze2718 Whoaaaa!!!! Yummmm 🍜 @martiineznadine SWEEEET ANGEL!I was born gay and “Strut” by the queen @elohimmusic gonna keep me in that lane
Retweeted by EL👁HIM @callmekevinburr Me toooo wish I could go everywhere!!!!!! I was just on a call yesterday saying next tour has to go to Nola PERIOD @BaileySandon I CANT WAIT AHHHHwow it’s actually that time I have to pack my bags and leave for the group therapy tour 🤯 @lisaa_peterson I MISS YOUUUUHi ⁦@elohimmusic⁩ I miss you
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@filthyciggy I can’t believe it @_mishapizza HAHA!!!!!! I love you I’ll send it to you @Rosshaze22 😭😭😭😭😭 @FunKindOfCRAZY @twentyonepilots @DudeYork Thank you!!!!!
@iameden Of course always got the freshest clothinghave met some interesting people in this “music” world ..FINALLY confirmed the hotel and bought tickets to spend a WEEKEND in austin with wesley AND I get to see my queen…
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Thank you for supporting me and ENCOURAGING ME! I am so grateful for all of your love SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU❤❤❤❤❤ I cant wait to watch you kill it on tour even tho I'm just a little bitter that Van…
Retweeted by EL👁HIM @Qiaobu_music Hahahahaha sameHERE IS THE THING .. IM PUTTING OUT THE FIRST SONG OFF MY NEW ALBUM NEXT WEEK AND THE GROUP THERAPY TOUR STARTS NEX… @krewavi I CANT BELIEVE IT @babylonmeg HOW IS THIS REAL @sleepyeyeezz UGH I KNOW WTF @kayleeadkins16 @babylonmeg THE BEST FRIENDS EVER @DezDezDezzzz THANK YOU!!!!WE WILL! WE WILL ALSO MISS YOU! @thehoephania @fivebelow oh my gosh!!!!!!It's a group therapy session with @elohimmusic coming to give us our prescription at The Bluebird Theater on March…
Retweeted by EL👁HIM @DrewNunez23 Always @oracleofdewphi Interestingalmost 8 days until i meet @elohimmusic :,))
Retweeted by EL👁HIM @KoalasAreRad IM SO EXCITEDI need it to be March 13th. For my mental health. @elohimmusic pls fast forward time I need your show meow
Retweeted by EL👁HIMI swear to g I start feeling anxious at 5:00 pm every day wth is that
I’m happy and weird @alex_lonsinger @_Longslinger_ What is@it @flowxpasso YES @pasteliume @sadgirlsloan @ThisIsPVRIS I love you so muchHi @elohimmusic your music is calming me down a lot and I want to thank you for that
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@KittyCitKat ME TOOOO @theblxckrose Ahhhhhhhhhhhh @julollag IM SO EXCITED AHHHHH @jsanford221 YESS @BriannaWyllie YES @KittyCitKat 😭😭 @briemarz I CANT BELIEVE IT @Aleks_U_ @amazon EXACTLYIM PUTTING OUT A SONG 02/21/20 🤯 CLICK HERE TO PRE SAVE still think it would be really cool if you could say “Alexa I’m having a panic attack can you calm me down” and i… @BriannaWyllie L O L @BriannaWyllie The meds are working @hoochiemanee Me always @KittyCitKat 😩😩😂😭😩😂😭 you’re too cute @KittyCitKat 😂😂😂😭 @DrewNunez23 Yep @imartois AHHHHH SURPRISE HEHEI also struggled to find others who felt similarly to me until recently. I’m so grateful that I’ve found you and y…
Retweeted by EL👁HIM @iamjoewolaci Thank u!!!!!!! @lanadelreys I LOVE YOU SOSOSOSOOOO MUCH @peraltiagosbaby I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @elohimmusic you have no idea of how much you've helped me and all of us deal with our own struggles, I've become a…
Retweeted by EL👁HIMNashville this will change your life. I promise. Do yourself a favor and buy those tickets now. @elohimmusic
Retweeted by EL👁HIM @BriannaWyllie Yep @krause_mad @kenz_krause16 AHHHHHHHH YESYESYESsee you soon @elohimmusic 🥰
Retweeted by EL👁HIM @Denis28912078 Thank@you for sharing your truth @Denis28912078 Here for you always @DjskypeLyft More like a best friend ! I so appreciate it and I love the hat @elohimmusic I literally had no idea what was going on with me until I heard it music and I was like 🤯🤯🤯 because I…
Retweeted by EL👁HIM @chapstick247 I TEXTED SUSAN TODAY TO GET ME IN .. she couldn’t :(it’s been so awesome having this community to be open with. I’ve never known people in my entire life that feel wha… @elohimmusic take the stage on 4.3! Tickets & info:
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@julollag Yes 😭 @DjskypeLyft OH MY GOSH WOW YOU ARE SO AWESOME WOW @latinaoftheday I can’t believe it @thechannelapp So excited @AsimTheShaman HAHAHHA SOMEONE TOLD ME THE MOST CREATIVE PEOPLE ARE PROCRASTINATORS THO ..prepping a headlining tour is a whole nother beast @_AlyssaJolene_ 😂😂😂 @NEWFEARS17 ITS A FILTERI’m writing a fanfic about my Memojifeeling good ready for tourwhy is my memoji cuter than me lil bitch