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LAST CALL (2021, @celadonbooks)

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I agree with this thread. good as it gets. @OrganizingPower I do, but Christ, the speed of Bloomberg’s ascent is terrifying.Lol hope no one actually believes this. heard the man... 😍
Retweeted by Elon Green @jswatz He’s such a gracious, exceptional writer.But it’s a fact. Nothing about Bloomberg’s behavior suggests he’d like a Democrat to win.’m appalled that any Jew is considering a vote for Bloomberg. That’s some next-level shanda.Sanders is wonderfully energetic this evening.I'm so eager to read your book. Everyone should pre-order now!
Retweeted by Elon Green @karenkho @BobSaietta This is not an American thing. This is a Bob thing.
@Teh_Woo <3Great, urgent piece. NO WHAT? No no. No no no. NO. Stop just saying things people please
Retweeted by Elon Green @imjasondiamond That’s the dream.Chasing the laser pointer. @sarahw WhoooooooaThis book is extremely good. Buy it.
Retweeted by Elon Green @monetwithlove @lyzl Stay out of this, Monetcliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick @MrsFridayNext Ma’am this is a family website @sarahw FOIA the wedding!!!!!!Took a long time but it was worth it you block enough brands you finally get some good ones @sarahw the sexual chemistry is overwhelmingEither the primary or general recently read @AlexisCoe's book and adored it because I am always here for fresh and vital ways of revisiting his…
Retweeted by Elon Greennot sure this @lyzl text even needs context @AaronBauer91 I very much don’t want it to happen. @rtraister he’s one of the few that would genuinely surprise (and thus disappoint) me @karenkho I’ll give it another shotSpringsteen enough though
arguably one of the most consequential failures in financial reporting was the decision to portray Warren Buffett a…
*after 2 days in Canada* out, left to my own devices for more than 15 minutes, I will start ranting about the necessity of socialism*taps mic* the wreck of the Zelda Fitzgeraldi don’t understand all the talk about “will you pledge to vote for Bloomberg in the general” while sanders is still…, last year Chotiner talked about the secrets of rigorous interview prep
this should not even be legal few people know this, but I’m one of only two or three men who can make fingerless gloves look hot.Another line of attack against Trump that Bloomberg takes off the table. story ending, no question., I’m not disgusting. I wash the pillowcase every couple of months.honestly, I didn’t know you could wash a pillow. @megreenwell @jodyavirgan $69.69
@lyzl @pamelacolloff @GretchenMarg Oh, you’re right! @pamelacolloff @GretchenMarg On itEvery word. The GOP needs to be smothered. @bpolitics This is a good press release. @IsraeliPM Y’all keep forgetting you’re a client state.
That’s a start. @Teh_Woo @MhairiBlack @HannahB4LiviMP This is a lot of radiance in one photo!sanders supporters might want to chill with the faux-cheery passive aggressive overtures to Warren supporters.“It’s really, really hard to write a 10,000-word cover story. There are not a lot of journalists in America who can… @rebeccamakkai From “Witness” that sanders got more self-described moderates than Biden
It’s too late to fire chuck for the right reasons—unparalleled record of sucking at his job—so the wrong reasons will totally doI don’t know what prompted this but obviously I support it unconditionally
“The Hollywood Reporter mentioned a “black woman” who appeared on the 1971 cover in the exact pose but does not ack…
@rtraister people default to that because they’re not comfortable discussing the other explanationtrying the new true crime podcast. Giving it 10 of my few rules is I don’t want climate deniers to get better twitter account is amazing pretty online and can’t even hazard a guess.says a lot about Silicon Valley that every reply to this tweet is “mike, please narrow it down”
@Teh_Woo <3I think people will like my book. We’ll see. @parabasis It says a lot about CM that he’s thought about politics for nearly his whole life and is still so stupid @inthefade That’s a compound! @inthefade We’re 1 for 2 @inthefade Also, she and her family are perfect neighbors. The type who apologize for noise I don’t even hear @inthefade Well, it says im home all day @johnlingan Assume you’ve read this @johnlingan Early JW in particular is WONDERFUL @inthefade i don’t, because I don’t bake, but my neighbor comes by often enough for ingredients. I wonder how much… @squarelyrooted I feel like people are mistaking his energy for wisdom. @squarelyrooted I don’t think people read the interview too won’t be the takeaway from last night, but the debate moderators should be fired into the sun. People this stupi… @KimStrassel Yes, and for good reason.If you had a family member talk like Chris Matthews, you’d call a neurologist. @rmccarthyjames !!!! @rmccarthyjames OH RIGHT. I’m glad you’re feeling better! @rmccarthyjames also, I think you owe me a phone call but i can’t remember what about @rmccarthyjames yeah, but what do you know about moneyballHmmm probably @rodeokitten“litmus test” is such a dated frame to ask about abortion and the court. Trump already promised to specifically app…
Retweeted by Elon GreenGot home to no disability check, it's a week late, hard to get by while I deal with this and get ready to deal with…
Retweeted by Elon Green @CillizzaCNN Please pre-delete your account. @rpbp @YaleLawSch I mean, it’s true. You’re overwhelmingly decent. @rpbp You’re already there. @substockman It’s the sort of declaration that sounds great for a minute, until you think about it and realize that…
Hot take: the famous beginning of “The Journalist and the Murderer” is really stupid.For fucks sake, yes yes yes @regwag2003 I don’t think you’re exaggerating, but you are definitely lying.This was maybe my favorite interview I’ve ever given.
Retweeted by Elon Greenwhen Limbaugh dies, there’s no reason to send condolences to his friends and family, because they’re just as awfuland Mario, which is harder to understand