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LAST CALL (March 2021, @celadonbooks)

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@thrasherxy Ditto the reporters upset that AOC kept them away from undocumented immigrants @AJentleson IMO a Democrat should not be granted anonymity to use “McConnell” and “moral authority” in the same sentence.wanna revisit this, chief? thread. @ryangabrielson It would be more accurate to say “keeps me exercising.” @jesseltaylor I composed my tweet years ago. “KISSINGER ASS GOODBYE” @WilliamTurton @whstancil It’s probably more important to inform readers that Feinstein is lying.I thought Times journalists weren’t supposed to be taking sides. This is taking a side.
Retweeted by Elon GreenMuch of what keeps me going is the desire to be around when so many of these lawmakers die.Hahahhahaaa so funny the "pidgin" was so hilarious they tweeted while the craven pidgin tweeting octogenarian voted to take away their rights.
Retweeted by Elon Greenicymi
I hope @chrislhayes asks Pelosi if she agrees with Feinstein that Biden, if elected, shouldn’t have a legislative a…’s always been evil, but stupid is a new wrinkle of you cover SCOTUS?if religion is indeed a free pass to be a bigot, just say so. Otherwise this is nonsense. @rodeokitten @tarintowers @TimHerrera Ok, then ssshhhhhhh"people across the United States who have lost family members to the coronavirus described a maelstrom of unsettled…
Retweeted by Elon Green @tarintowers @rodeokitten @TimHerrera How about @rodeokitten? @tarintowers @rodeokitten @TimHerrera No, he must pay full price. @j_zimms @CaitlinPacific @lyzl She’s literally arguing in bad faith about bad faith. @jamisonfoser At the very least, you should’ve stopped at the byline. @jswatz @pamelacolloff I’m excited for the scene in each episode when Pam grills the prosecutor on his death bed.One last day for this! The new-to-me Chevy is in need of tires to be roadworthy, as well as licence and reg. I have…
Retweeted by Elon GreenBut don’t take my word for it... @maggiehendricks Yes!Good morning! Get yourself a copy of LAST CALL. @lyzl wow, learn to take a compliment, you ass @lyzl Looks fine.This is great. The best you can say for Pletka is she’s deeply embarrassing. decided it was ok when monsters used it as an excuse to strip away rights.
@jasminchua @TimHerrera Thank you, that’s very nice @SarahBinney @TimHerrera Thank you, I appreciate it @jennmorson @TimHerrera Thank youi feel bad for Tim that everyone ignored this. Please participate @TimHerrera Wow, still embarrassingThis is a very Politico graf, but it’s typical of politics reporters in general, who largely don’t give a shit abou… @Timodc Good piece. Might be the first in years (or maybe ever) by a conservative to acknowledge the climate catastrophe. @jbouie But who knows. I’ve been wrong about everything for the last year @jbouie My one objection is how this is being positioned. Democrats should not tell voters these are retaliatory me… @selfstyledsiren Pretty amazing that journalists had to be begged to use the two words that encompass the entire presidency. @selfstyledsiren At this late date, it’s such a bizarre thing to do. I actually wonder if h… this on a t-shirt. it illegal to say ‘racist’ or what’ll take it.’s not a smear if it’s completely accurate, Richard guys have overseen the Covid death of 1,300 Iowans it turns out he went into the settings and reset the thumbprint. @ptcrUIsErUsA He has my old phone.TIL that the thumb print thing on the phone is bullshit because the boy bypassed me entirely and downloaded a bunch of a shit
@KatzOnEarth It’s a testament to the degree with which you’ve recovered that I assumed it was two years ago at least. @KatzOnEarth It’s only been a year???? @JimSwiftDC Who do you think this is? @inthefade @Kschwenky Kerry is my favorite resistance liberal.update: she’s happy with the poll @jamisonfoser That’s a great point. @jamisonfoser Gotcha. Which way do they tend to break? @jamisonfoser That seems like an insane % of undecideds.Lyz is off twitter for the weekend so I’m happy to demand you read her wonderful Greenfield profile… @ryangabrielson THANK YOUI never want to be this bloodless.’ve never felt more Jewish, and been proud of it, than when the country has been ruled by Nazis., I hate them. @BilgeEbiri I remember seeing celebration in college and when it was over, a classmate said “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” @TimHerrera @ptcrUIsErUsA Car, did you see this? here it is...
Retweeted by Elon Green @ptcrUIsErUsA This is @TimHerrera’s fault. He’s a menace🗣 @AbortionFunds
Retweeted by Elon GreenInstead of tweeting about RBG "entering the pearly gates" or some other treacly vision of the afterlife she did not…
Retweeted by Elon Green @JessicaValenti I think people do it to convince themselves that these lawmakers have, somewhere deep down, some go… @ptcrUIsErUsA I votedOkay Iowa, a rally tomorrow at 7pm at the Federal Courthouse in Cedar Rapids. I'll be there with my kids. And I'll…
Retweeted by Elon GreenLike I know y’all mean well but Amazing Grace wasn’t the lady’s thing.
Retweeted by Elon GreenWhat he said. is stupid. It’s just throwing good money after bad. @existentialfish It lives on elsewhere. @Teh_Woo You deserve nothing less.I’m not that I even disagree with the sentiment, but right now that’s just dumping salt in the wounds and needlessl… you’re still considering a “she should’ve retired in 2014” tweet, might i suggest reading the fucking room @lindsaygoldwert @TimHerrera Lindsay, you’re always the voice of reason.It’s foolish to be so certain about the politics. No one knows. Lots of us spent the last year confident that we kn… @TimHerrera I am so beloved that everyone is ignoring this
Projects like this are the only reason I’d want to have fuck you money honestly very surprised to open LAST CALL and not see the shirtless Geraldo pic where @elongreen’s author photo…
Retweeted by Elon Greenit says so much about Silicon Valley that this guy is considered an oracle @MrsFridayNext Omggggthe replies to this are generally depressing. lasting memory of working at Arcade (later absorbed by Skyhorse) was excitedly interrupting a meeting between Di…
@wychstreet I didn’t even do the math right because it took me 15 fucking months @lyzl you yell at me for free @TimHerrera it’s pronounced jifthis is great obviously but I didn’t realize lyz was literally 10 times faster than I am. A better writer, sure, bu… love this more than I can possibly express.
Retweeted by Elon GreenYou should all read the profile. It's immensely well balanced. And it is a sympathetic look at how being a republic…
Retweeted by Elon Green @karenkho You’re a great journalist and a better friend. @painter_nancy It’s because it’s considered “old news.”This is a pattern with all trump media coverage: once is interesting; twice is even more interesting; beyond that a… “if” @Lussenpop This is amazing.can’t read @billjamesonline and not think about it forever after