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Sid & Alex’s Dad, Writer, Producer, Comedian. @NBCnews @TheRoot @Salon @DailyNews +more He/Him - Tombstone gifs mean I’m not dealing w/ your BS.

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@TenorioPraxGab We have a mother-in-law suite which my wife let me take a big chunk of and just convert it into an… can’t even stand the smell of Dr. Pepper. Put it next to Candy Corn and leave it on your porch as a protection sp… @wallein Like, how is everything quotable? HOW?I have no proof of this but I just assume Dr. Pepper is beloved by racists more than other soft drinks. 2nd? Mountain Dew. 🤣🤣🤣“I don’t even see color and it’s my god given right to ingest as much Dr. Pepper instead of water as humanely possi… need to re-watch Tombstone again. I quote the damn movie almost everyday 27 yrs after it came out. It was one of… @TenorioPraxGab I have 6 T8’s in a greenhouse window that doesn’t get the proper light, and a 600 watt Led with led… @TenorioPraxGab I’m growing in coco/soil too. I’m trying the same veggies in diff mediums seeing which grows better…, I haven’t read anyone cursing Chuck Todd’s name in a few day— Never mind. say, sir. challenge becomes the driving force. You want to “beat it.” So you’ll do whatever it takes. Dishes don’t requ… @WilGafney Folks weren’t woke yet. A lot of stuff pre-2010 hit the ear different now. @NanicaBrown Can’t hurt to be tested. And it could change your life.It’s called Therapy. I’m not being sarcastic or snarky either. mom now refers to “lazy” as “The L word.” Once she understood the damage the label and judgement that came alo… of the worst labels we’ve ever come up with to put on folks is “lazy.” Ironically, it’s lazy to call someone l… issue is why some folks give people with #ADDcheckin such a hard time. They’re like “I know you’re capable. I’…“Hey, design and build a complex system you may not have ever worked on before.” Me: “No problem.” “Hey, perform…’s no excitement in cleaning/organizing. Getting things to work is like a drug for me. I will grind & grind, n… have multiple hydroponic systems running (built from scratch), 2 grow areas (1 is a tent, built from scratch) & l… dunno if he birthed it but he damn sure personified it. And did not deserve Anya. of all the Buffyverse arcs to argue for...this one is solid AF. Wesley had a damn solid arc. I almost forget ho… totally should’ve lived. didn’t hate Dawn. I just found her overly whiny but now that I have kids...I get it. Chase had the best of character arc of the Buffyverse even with them screwing the actress over in the end.… like, was Sunnydale High School really highly rated? Sunnydale didn’t seem like a poor town. Why didn’t folks m… reminds me... Xander Harris was the absolute worst. Of the Scooby gang you couldn’t find a more useless whiny…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think the only way they cross is if the apocalypse takes it up another notch. Then I’ll have to farm for f… @KGfromDC @fattyMPH DO IT. I was going a little crazy for a bit. That’s why I went so hard with the plants. I needed the di…’m seriously considering buying a food safe barrel and farming fish for food/an aquaponic grow. My wife is going… @KGfromDC I’m over here all proud like “do y’all see this crazy shit I’m doing?” and my friends/fam are like “We’re… even started a gatdamb compost bin for spring planting. Indoors I use coco coir or a coco/perlite/soil mix. But I… @KGfromDC Notice I said my excitement for TINY TOONS dropped. I’m still watching Animanics/Pinky & The Brain.A month ago I was complaining that plant nurseries were bone dry. Now I *am* a plant nursery. There is never a ti… Animaniacs is back with Pinky and the Brain. Tiny Toons is returning but neither will have Elmyra? My excitemen… of 400 richest Americans in 2009: $1,270,000,000,000 Wealth of 400 richest Americans in 2020: $3,200,000,00…
Retweeted by Elon James White wears a MaskBut...what about their lived experience?
My daughter, at 4 years old expresses so many emotions. I keep thinking “she’s doing a lot” but then I realized *I*…, I didn’t know my daughter wasn’t going to be a Girl Scout. Thanks for the heads up. @CoquiTalksTrash We don’t have raccoons here thank Zeus. Because I gotta build two gardens in the spring. One for me and one for Siddy bear @PaulinaChills I’m just cheap and don’t wanna pay full price so im waiting for a deal or for someone to throw one away.I’ve built my basic-ass hydroponic systems so my next one is gonna have to stunt on’em. I’m just trying to decide d… @CycloneSteel Those are just pics of systems I’ve come across. Mine aren’t nearly as sexy but I also have private s… are good. And there are some sexy hydroponic setups that look like pieces of art. You just gotta take som… but really. If I didn’t build this grow room I think I would’ve melted down already. When the news gets extra s… mean if Amway was healthy and/or useful. 🤣 I cannot be shamed about this. I grow veggies in hydroponic systems… they like “Wear a hazmat suit to go to the supermarket now because the virus has become sentient and attacks… is the healthiest obsession I’ve ever had. After hyperfocusing for weeks I have food and plants to show for it… go where? 🤣 currently have a bubble cloner, an ebb/flow table and an RDWC running in my grow room. Don’t let me get my hands… I know the youtubers know the root mass is the money shot. Because they do so much talking and alluding to the…’ve now reached the point in my indoor farming where I watch gardening/hydroponic vids on YouTube like porn. “Th… @sycobuny @ImKeithDavid I really dig that episode. And it makes no sense that the us gov can build shit to fight Rick.If Rick is the smartest mammal in the multiverse & can create literally anything why is he worried about making mon… I enjoy is that the dark takes are valid ones but it doesn’t make it the “right” take or the “true” take. But…🤣🤣 @Ewingweb Ill admit That one didn’t work. 🤣And American Dad hasn’t been real since Stan died in season 6 in Rapture’s Delight and the rest of the story takes… mean... like almost all theories that imply the main protagonist is imagining the story we’re watching or they’re already… @dpalm66 I can’t speculate?!?!? 🤣 @dpalm66 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣The only Sesame Street I’m allowing in my house from now on.’ve read that theory and I actually think it tracks. Most of Bat’s rogues gallery seem like a fear of a child. the question I have is... Have we all accepted that all of Buffy’s adventures as a Slayer are just her having… @NeverSkurred Dude. I got nothing. I keep rethinking shit and I got nothing. Imma go grow some plants. @taylorpineiro And I wasn’t being a dick. I was just pointing out the layers of shittiness we’re all dealing with. @diannaeanderson This means a lot.Can’t. Social distancing. 😢 I’m not gonna make it. to get milk earlier today and the Target was closed because cops shot another Black man and they’re scared of…*opens app* *Sees people explaining how Alex Jones is exposing the globalists and making valid points because Joe…
@CoquiTalksTrash I said BKLYN.My son now starts saying “uh...” and nodding his head whenever a hot beat comes on—as if he’s about to spit some ba…
Marriage is a balancing act. She let me convert the rumpus room into a green house with lights and elaborate hydrop… don’t know where I sleep. My wife does. Imma listen to her. 🤣🤣🤣 @CoquiTalksTrash Stored in the fridge. Haven’t decided which way to go with it.And this is my first time carving a pumpkin...ever. My wife knows I wanna go buy like 10 more because by pumpkin 7… know you don’t have to be a suburban dad to carve pumpkins but...where I grew up nobody was carving pumpkins outs… Dad Achievement Unlocked. #BBoyStance #DGProper @KarmaKaze7 They offered to help. Not build a 30 story building with movable parts and a cannon in the cats mouth.How much were they paid? have way too many thoughts on Thundercats. 🤣🤣🤣Also, Mumm-Ra & the mutants, Slithe, Jackalman and Monkian should be portrayed as natives fighting gentrificat—take… @salynch It’s an odd coping mechanism but it’s all I got.I feel like Cheetara should be salty because she was the most senior ranking thundercat under Jaga (in my reboot) a… question I have is would Jaga appear force ghost style life like obi wan or is Jaga a figment of Lion-o’s imagi… Did Rich Lowry let the cat out the bag? That re-electing a dangerous incompetent sexual assaulting racist autho…
Retweeted by Elon James White wears a Mask🤣🤣🤣🤣 I see one anus in my Thundercats reboot I’m burning the theater to the ground. That’s not true. I’m never goin…’s a few days before the election. No amount of analysis of these final days are going to fucking matter. They’re… remember, when the Thundercats were traveling to 3rd Earth they were buck naked besides their fur. We may need… and Panthro obviously are dating. do we keep Snarf? Yes he was a part of the original Thundercats but he was annoying AF. Can we get a robot Snar… the question becomes did the Thundercats arrive on 3rd earth far in the past, maybe helped build pyramids? Or f… liberal than Bernie...I...nope...I’m not doing this..,) I mean, can Patrick Stewart play Jaga? With some so…’m open to almost any casting. Long as they bring the acting chops to make me forget I’m watching cats fight lizar… mean, I can go along with a live action Thundercats movie but it’d have to be some Avatar level cgi and human com… wonder if they’re working on a new Thundercats reboot. Not go, but a full-on reboot. That’d be great.