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@TeslaTn @jgrano305 @TeslaratiTeam @Teslarati @DollyParton Yes, in plan. Superchargers and public high power wall c… @ChrisJCav @jgrano305 @TeslaratiTeam @Teslarati 👀 @jaminwestby @teslaownersSV @jgrano305 @TeslaratiTeam @Teslarati I think so @jgrano305 @TeslaratiTeam @Teslarati Doing range testing now. Number will be significantly higher than 300. Extreme… @jgrano305 @TeslaratiTeam @Teslarati We have reduced pricing on Model Y LR dual motor & will offer a LR single moto… @teslaownersSV @jgrano305 @TeslaratiTeam @Teslarati Yes @vicentes @TeslaratiTeam @Teslarati It may be able to reach 250kW at low states of charge @jgrano305 @TeslaratiTeam @Teslarati No, as range would be unacceptably low (< 250 mile EPA) @TeslaratiTeam @Teslarati We had to increase some wire thicknesses in S/X to reduce resistive heating. Technically,… @MightyTesla @SamTalksTesla @ElonsWorld @Nikola_Truth @WholeMarsBlog @RenataKonkoly @stevenmarkryan
@WholeMarsBlog Thanks :) @PPathole That is the near-term danger of AI @nichegamer I didn’t mind DA2. DA1 was awesome. Mass Effect 2 (talking about sequels) is amazing.
@MKBHD Haha @OprahSide Maybe he should design flag of Mars @engineers_feed 48 65 78 20 74 6f 20 74 65 78 74
I spoke with Korolev’s family today. He was one of the very best. Корольов / Королёв. @Ali_Afshari In general, we need to improve how podcasts play @OptimoPrincipi SPQR @djzinc @kenyanwalstreet True haha @RationalEtienne @flcnhvy @PPathole @IheartTesla Death is the loss of information @thatt3slaguy @flcnhvy @PPathole @IheartTesla Earning power post augmentation would easily pay for itself (if that’… @flcnhvy @PPathole @IheartTesla Absolutely @TeslaParaTodos @EvaFoxU @Tesla 👀 @mjkapkan @EvaFoxU @Tesla Probably a good one to design & engineer in Germany @blue_bnd @EvaFoxU @Tesla Even more @Techgnostik @EvaFoxU @Tesla Ok @scr00chy @EvaFoxU @Tesla 👀 @EvaFoxU @Tesla Berlin Model Y is the one to watch. That is a revolution in automotive body engineering (finally). @burakaydik TrueWow, IHOP & GitHub are closeBest use of the term “Full Stack”? @PPathole @IheartTesla For sure. This is both great & terrifying. Everything we’ve ever sensed or thought has been… @redmercy Yes @buzzindelhi Sorry, should hopefully be soon! @kenyanwalstreet Not actually a payout, just a vesting of stock options. It may never pay out, as the stock can’t b… @IheartTesla No easy way to answer this in a tweet, but helping with dire brain injuries is our first priority. Details Aug 28.AI symbiosis while u wait
@vistacruiser7 @flcnhvy There’s some of that too @flcnhvy True, it sounds so surreal, but the negative propaganda is still all out there & easy to find in social me… @PPathole Make sure to read ur terms & conditions before clicking accept! @TeslaGong @PPathole Samwise Gamgee @PPathole Altho Dumb and Dumber is 🔥🔥Progress update August 28 @AusTeslaOwners SureIf you can’t beat em, join em Neuralink mission statement
@vincent13031925 @teslacn @EvaFoxU Tesla China team is awesome! @lexfridman Words are a very lossy compression of thought
@nicebit_net @valleyhack If you get past Mars, the asteroids, moons of Jupiter & Saturn, inevitably you reach Uranus! @cnunezimages 🖤✨Carl Sagan ✨🖤 @valleyhack Essentially. Long-term purpose of my Tesla stock is to help make life multiplanetary to ensure it’s con… 9 lands on Just Read the Instructions after delivering GPS III Space Vehicle 03 to orbit for the…
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@BBCScienceNews Thank goodness for modern medicine! @JohnnaCrider0 For sure @Teslarati Coming soon, our battle with Big Tequila! It’s real. @ajtourville @TeslaratiApp @Teslarati That would be next-level 🤣🤣 @TeslaratiApp @Teslarati I bought a pair of XL @WholeMarsBlog Also true. Haha you rock! @WholeMarsBlog Nailed it
@JohnnaCrider0 Thanks Johnna, you too 💕 @TariqMK_ Good summary @TariqMK_ There were 268 years without war. That’s the amazing part. @RationalEtienne @teslaownersSV @flcnhvy Yeah! @teslaownersSV @flcnhvy Lord of the Rings @MMelinot @flcnhvy Looks cool @teslaownersSV @flcnhvy Sure :) @flcnhvy Age of Napoleon, so far. The first books are a little dry. Gets much better when Ariel is co-author. @WholeMarsBlog 🤣🤣Read The Story of Civilization by Will & Ariel Durant @lexfridman Well saidDang, we broke the websiteOnly $69.420!!Limited edition short shorts now available at @Gfilche Yes haha, we will soon be short of short shorts @blue_bnd @Kristennetten @flcnhvy @PPathole Yeah, it’s pretty weird @spaceguy_24 @teslaownersSV @EvaFoxU @cnunezimages @Tesla Yeah, but first we need to finish Giga Berlin and a secon… @EvaFoxU @cnunezimages Nice haha @CyberpunkGame @kanyewest It may have started already @cnunezimages It’s absurdly large @elonmusk "Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase…
Retweeted by Elon Musk @PPathole @kanyewest YupBeautiful fireworks in LA tonight @GadSaad He is a mind virus for foolsNorth American Supercharger usage is now at pre-covid high, Europe about a week behind, China & Asia-Pacific in gen… @nichegamer 🤣🤣 @RocketLab Sorry to hear about this. Hope you get back to orbit soon. Rockets are hard. @kanyewest You have my full support!
@JakeNew27819898 🤣🤣Please take a moment to report accounts clearly engaged in harassment. It is the only way to maintain public discourse.🇺🇸🇺🇸 Happy 4th of July!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 @PPathole @cybrtrkguy @flcnhvy That would be great @xiang_aw @bigwheelastro @ChainsawMelee @EvaFoxU @PPathole @leighalexander @TalulahRiley Agreed, but it’s hard to i… @cybrtrkguy @flcnhvy Accounts that unequivocally advocate harassment should be suspended with warning, then shut down if repeated @flcnhvy True @bigwheelastro @ChainsawMelee @EvaFoxU @PPathole @leighalexander @TalulahRiley Yeah, but why? I’m working on sustai… @EvaFoxU @PPathole @leighalexander @TalulahRiley Thanks, that would promote good public discourse @PPathole @leighalexander @TalulahRiley A pseudojourno asked all his followers to spam my mentions @UniverCurious Wow