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@ndrew_lawrence @thirdrowtesla 🤣🤣 @morgan_murphy @thirdrowtesla Puts our basic instincts on a roller coaster @morgan_murphy @thirdrowtesla Twitter causes id sinuation @flcnhvy @Sofiaan @Tesla That’s our goal! @People_Of_Space @SciGuySpace This is awesome!Starship fuel header tank @archillect Like tears in rain @AaronChewning @morgan_murphy Ok @facts_tesla Amazing 🤣🤣Music is a limbic resonator @morgan_murphy Nice ink @TeslaGong Not a question of wanting to do it or not, but rather having anyone there to make sure it gets delivered & works @thirdrowtesla Not true
@flcnhvy @Tesla Cool! @BramJan75663351 @flcnhvy @Tesla Love that Gen Shinseki quote!Engineering update on the Tesla ventilator
Retweeted by Elon Musk @TesLatino @thirdrowtesla Nice color @morgan_murphy Lovable dog ❤️. Mine looks like yours but in black & white. @Aaron_M_DeVries 🤣🤣 @alvianchoiri True. Each of these engines is also slightly different. Raptor is evolving rapidly. @SpaceIntellige3 It is stable on the ground without propellant loaded, which is an improvement from OG Atlas @PPathole @wjduncan She’s neither here nor there @JaneidyEve Beatrix Potter energy! @wjduncan One is Havanese & one came from the pound @bluemoondance74 Hard to tell scale, as body diameter is 9m or ~30 ft, but it looks like it could be R2D2 size in t… proud @yourfavgas @Erdayastronaut @PPathole @austinbarnard45 @LabPadre Hard to hide anything from the Internet! Yeah, we’… @Erdayastronaut @PPathole @austinbarnard45 @LabPadre Exactly. No point in an abort system on Mars, so got to make the core ship super safe. @Erdayastronaut @PPathole @austinbarnard45 @LabPadre Rockets & spacecraft have to operate in vacuum, so maintaining… @Erdayastronaut @PPathole @austinbarnard45 @LabPadre There are redundant pressure control valves. It’s a new system… @Erdayastronaut @PPathole @austinbarnard45 @LabPadre If you lose pressure control on rocket propellant tanks, you’r…’re adding this here catchy tune to the music maker in the Tesla! @PPathole @austinbarnard45 @LabPadre Pretty much. Good news is that this was a test configuration error, rather tha…
#MDTisMobilizing with @elonmusk. Our collaboration with @Tesla / SpaceX is bearing fruit. @SpaceX is now making a v…
Retweeted by Elon Musk @HenryFordNews @Tesla 👍Press any key to continue @NYCHealthSystem @Tesla You’re welcome!u r o k @teslaownersSV @28delayslater @thirdrowtesla Tesla is on second rev of internal ventilator design. Will post an update on this tomorrow. @steezyysosa @teslaownersSV @28delayslater @thirdrowtesla Yeah, about $35k with shipping & taxes @teslaownersSV @28delayslater @thirdrowtesla Bought, but SpaceX is spooling up to manufacture proportional solenoid… @28delayslater @thirdrowtesla First Medtronic units from Tesla getting installed in NY metro area. These are for wo…
@ThingsWork !! @PlaidModelS @jgrano305 @Kristennetten @brandonbernicky @thirdrowtesla We’re going to simplify Plaid a little. Was getting too complex. @jgrano305 @Kristennetten @brandonbernicky @thirdrowtesla Oh sure, good point. Will discuss with team & make available to buy in Tesla app. @SamTalksTesla @brandonbernicky @thirdrowtesla Some progress @Kristennetten @brandonbernicky @thirdrowtesla Yeah, probably July 1st @brandonbernicky @thirdrowtesla Hoping to roll out traffic lights & stops to wide US release in a few weeks & proba… @thirdrowtesla Homelink is 3rd party hardware that increases cost of all cars, but only some people use it, so it’s… @bluemoondance74 @JohnCleese Monty Python & Mel Brooks are my all-time favorites @rohanspatel @thirdrowtesla @NorthwellHealth @omead_a Northwell seems to be very pragmatic & sensible. Impressive w… @JohnCleese And how to tell if someone’s a witch @JohnCleese So many brilliant scenes. Anarcho-syndicalism! @austinbarnard45 @LabPadre We will see what data review says in the morning, but this may have been a test configuration mistake @maxdreamcreator @LabPadre @jorat1346 It’s true 😀 @cody_a_hill Air quality has a much bigger effect on health than people realize. Credit to Larry Page for making me aware of this. @spaceXcentric @LabPadre Some valves leaked at cryo temp. Fixing & will retest soon. @ChrisDungeon @Tesla 🤔The worm is back! When the @SpaceX Falcon 9 lifts off carrying @NASA_Astronauts aboard #CrewDragon, it will sport t…
Retweeted by Elon Musk
@thirdrowtesla High quality critical feedback from Munro & Co is much appreciated! @PPathole @DrDavidReich Sounds promising. Will be interesting to see results of clinical trials. @DrDavidReich For those who care about details @DrDavidReich You’re most welcome! Impressive work by Mount Sinai team. @SciGuySpace SN3 passed ambient temperature pressure test last night, now doing cryogenic @28delayslater @thirdrowtesla Weird that so many troll/bot accounts were activated to attack on this fake issue. Wonder who’s behind it. @flcnhvy @28delayslater @thirdrowtesla Yeah, very important to provide C/BiPAP devices to *prevent* cases from beco… @28delayslater @thirdrowtesla Invasive ventilators are for worst case patients. Survival rate at that point is low,… @28delayslater @thirdrowtesla Exactly. Moreover, all hospitals were given exact specifications of Resmed & Philips… @NuovaRealta @cleantechnica Will call when we reach Mars @28delayslater @thirdrowtesla Exactly
@pinkshotgun1 @kimitalvitie Definitely need a wider span @Erdayastronaut @kimitalvitie Yeah @kimitalvitie Yes, v close! Nice work. Those are V0.9 legs, so major upgrades coming. Need wider span, longer strok… @carlquintanilla Interesting @thirdrowtesla Y has next-level upgrades, especially body castings & heat pump
@NYCHealthSystem @Tesla Happy we could be helpful! More available if needed. @Erdayastronaut @SpaceX @flightclubio Mass of initial SN ships will be a little high & Isp a little low, but, over… have extra FDA-approved ventilators. Will ship to hospitals worldwide within Tesla delivery regions. Device & sh… @Teslarati @BocaChicaGal The legs extend & telescope out, so are longer than they seem, but not as long as they will be for SN4+ @neiltyson One day we will @MarsMeditation @RationalEtienne @PPathole The S-curve appears to be entering the logarithmic phase @RationalEtienne @PPathole
@ian1219 Ok @RenataKonkoly @C3LT_Games Hopefully, Starship will have enough flight history to substitute for Dragon for NASA missions too on launch stand @teslaownersSV Seeing friendsHello from the Inside graphs coming soon @guardian Magnetic personality
@microdentist And many doctors are not treating patients, due to fear of giving or receiving C19 @n2179_twit @AbbottNews This sounds great @AbbottNews Can you do a fast antibody test?
@ScottSaorAlba YesWould be great to combine blood donations with a C19 antibody test, so you know if you’re immune. Refill blood bank… @PPathole @VitalVegas Buzzfeed is a mind virus @VitalVegas Also makes for a great shelter @AlexSafahi @NYCMayor We will give away all our ventilators, whether we buy them or build them