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@ScottAdamsSays Please run. That would be awesome. @RubinReport Accurate thread @SenSchumer May I suggest a DM chat 🙏 @cb_doge @Tesla @mayemusk And then was at Twitter HQ past midnight. Very long day.Launch and catch tower destacked Ship 24 from Booster 7 on the orbital pad today ahead of the Booster’s static fire…
Retweeted by Mr. Tweet @micsolana lol @dogeofficialceo Will dig inCongrats Tesla California factory team on all-time record production! @EvaFoxU Tweetception @BillyM2k 🎯
Q4 2022 Earnings Call
Retweeted by Mr. Tweet @PeterDiamandis 🙏 @TimRunsHisMouth 🤣 @RNCResearch 🤨 @SenSchumer @RepJeffries Do you write your own tweets? I recommend it.Changed my name to Mr. Tweet, now Twitter won’t let me change it back 🤣 @BLKMDL3 Same, Mexico rocks! 🇲🇽In 2022, we produced & delivered 1.3M+ vehicles 💪 In Q4 we achieved our highest-ever quarterly revenue, operatin…
Retweeted by Mr. Tweet @udiWertheimer @BillyM2k 🤣 @ScottAdamsSays Yes, but this was not disclosed to the public for a long time after the government and vaccine make… @BillyM2k @dogeofficialceo 🤣Starship fully loaded with cryogenic propellant @DavidSacks Wow @WholeMarsBlog Lmaooo @thevivafrei First I’ve heard. It is not possible for me to fix every aspect of Twitter worldwide overnight, while… @tim_zaman @sedielem Gaming rocks @JoeyFromPhilly Will do a thorough review over the next week @StockMKTNewz @BillyM2k @dogeofficialceo No @BillyM2k @dogeofficialceo Yeah. The corpo media shills clearly have their marching orders to write hit pieces on m… @dogeofficialceo Thank you, Sir Doge! @BretWeinstein Several aspects of For You recommendations were fixed last night. Team and were in the office past m… @Timcast He is also the heart of the show @BretWeinstein Are you still seeing this issue today?Full presentation →
Retweeted by Mr. Tweet1/2 a 🐝 philosophically must ipso facto 1/2 not 🐝🐝 all u can🐝 @Rainmaker1973 Hop in, we’re going to Mars! @BillyM2k I think everyone is awesome @BretWeinstein Will investigate @MarioNawfal South Korea has an even lower birth rate @JudiciaryGOP @SpeakerMcCarthy This is important
Thank you to the Tesla team, our supply chain partners & the local community that helped us get here!
Retweeted by Mr. TweetWe've come a long way since we broke ground at Giga Nevada in 2014. To date, the team there has successfully produ…
Retweeted by Mr. TweetToday, we’re announcing $3.6B of new investment in Giga Nevada. - 4M sq ft of new manufacturing footprint - 3k add…
Retweeted by Mr. TweetAfter completing Starship’s first full flight-like wet dress rehearsal, Ship 24 will be destacked from Booster 7 in…
Retweeted by Mr. Tweet @slashdot Population collapse is a major risk to the future of civilization @thomasmidleton @VivekGRamaswamy Far too much power is concentrated in the hands of “shareholder services” companie… completed its first full flight-like wet dress rehearsal at Starbase today. This was the first time an int…
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@alx That turned out to be um … inaccurate @JonErlichman Good thread @billysteeler85 @NicoleBehnam That too @NicoleBehnam I don’t like the taste or effects of most alcohol, but there is something quite beautiful about red wine in a fine glass @MarioNawfal It can summarized with one emoji: 😴 @unusual_whales ! @WholeMarsBlog Maybe one day @SmokeAwayyy Big year for AI @NicoleBehnam 🤣 @MuskUniversity Major respect for the makers
@WallStreetSilv @SRSroccoReport No change in copper production is required for the transition to sustainable energy… @mtaibbi Another case of parody & reality being indistinguishable @emollick Wow @cb_doge @Tesla @mayemusk Wow, lot has happened in 13 years @BillyM2k yeah @cb_doge Busted @alx !! @BillyM2k One of my favorite features @WholeMarsBlog Probably a good idea @TheRabbitHole84 !! @BillFOXLA @FoxNews Where have they *not* found classified documents? That might be a shorter list. @DrNickA True @ashleevance @WallStreetSilv @CommunityNotes We are going to great lengths to avoid the Wikipedia left wing editorial control pr… @JonErlichman Always liked that design
@ahmadtariq07 @Fidias0 True🤗 @jgebbia 🤣 @WallStreetSilv @dogeofficialceo @TheRabbitHole84 @WholeMarsBlog @BillyM2k lmao @tyromper Yeah, we’re thinking hard about this @PeterDiamandis Absolutely. Freedom means freedom to die when you are sure that you want to. @TheRabbitHole84 Notes must stay pure. @ScottAdamsSays @Dilbert_Daily 🤣 @giano That’s the plan! @TheRabbitHole84 Maybe there’s a way to do this by placing an ad below tweet detailsAlso, there will be a higher priced subscription that allows zero adsAds are too frequent on Twitter and too big. Taking steps to address both in coming weeks. @Austen 🤣 @CollinRugg That is a little delayed, as a key researcher can only travel to Twitter in early FebJe me souviens Pluto 🥹 @OzraeliAvi Twitter is the source of truth @DexterWWinters @ScottAdamsSays Was required to visit Tesla Giga Berlin. Not my choice. @unusual_whales The note is incorrect. There are ~2300 active, working employees at Twitter. There are still hundr… @peters8620 @stillgray @ScottAdamsSays I had OG C19 before vaccines came out and it was basically a mild cold. The… @ScottAdamsSays And my cousin, who is young & in peak health, had a serious case of myocarditis. Had to go to the hospital. @unusual_whales @BillyM2k Yes @ScottAdamsSays I had major side effects from my second booster shot. Felt like I was dying for several days. Hopef… @CommunityNotes Extremely important @BillyM2k 🤣🤣 @BillyM2k @joshzepps Sigh … I hope Sam becomes his old super rational self again one day @slashdot Cool @LayahHeilpern Interesting & entertaining content from around the world is worth seeing