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@WholeMarsBlog Suppliers. We’re only doing high energy nickel ourselves, at least for now. Also, maybe the presenta… @TeslaGong @DrSallyL @sydney_ev @_TeslaTom @TeslaStraya @outbacktesla @ev_outback @Michael01996367 @cvanderstock @ScottAdamsSays 🤣🤣 @flcnhvy @Kristennetten Checking into it @Kristennetten Totally up to you, but if you head to a Tesla delivery center near you & maybe help out new owners, that would be cool @ID_AA_Carmack Completely agree @Erdayastronaut Yes, the flaps are now directly driven by electric motors with a gearbox! No more hydraulics.Thanks Tesla Team for great work on deliveries! For new owners, we super appreciate accommodating us on delivery ti… @ScottAdamsSays There are times when I feel like I’m living in a Dilbert cartoon @ArtifactsHub That species has stood the test of time @flcnhvy @NASASpaceflight @austinbarnard45 @PPathole Mostly 304L, some 301. Broke at 301 to 304 interface. SN9 will… @NASASpaceflight @austinbarnard45 @PPathole 8 bar differential in ullage, 9 bar at base due to propellant head. It’… @PPathole We just need enough height to test body flaps & drawing propellant from headers vs main tanks. Will do se… flight is to 15km or ~50,000 ftNosecone & front flaps next week. SN9 next month.Starship SN8 with rear body flaps @waitbutwhy @muratpak Sure @EvaFoxU TrueFalcon 9 will launch @NASA’s super cool Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP), which will help researc…
Retweeted by Elon Musk @hisdirtremoves @SpaceX Not bad @enn_nafnlaus @ajtourville Exactly @ajtourville @MunroAssociates Sandy Munro understands engineering @DaRealWamos Turns out they mostly press the letter s & 💩 on the typewriter 🤣 with a bow obviously @justpaulinelol @EvaFoxU Haha @EvaFoxU Something like this @ajtourville Can’t support 3 wheel vehicles. Not safe enough.
@RGVaerialphotos ~9007mm @MarlonSIX60 Something appealing about Hawking/Hartle idea, but I agree with Turok/Feldbrugge/Lehners @muratpak 🖤 ur algo @PPathole @MarlonSIX60 True @PPathole @Erdayastronaut There are some practical size constraints too. Can’t be too big to fit in the engine comp… @PPathole @Erdayastronaut Doesn’t seem to be a problem. We could probably increase area ratio, given 330 bar max de… @MarlonSIX60 @DJSnM Preburners ignite, then main chamber @MarlonSIX60 Where is our prediction of probability inaccurate? @MarlonSIX60 Or energy & time, but besides that what? @podcastnotes Genetic engineering is too slow unless you use a synthetic virusWhat can’t we predict? @tobyliiiiiiiiii @Erdayastronaut Yeah, but might not need it @Erdayastronaut 107 expansion ratio. You can a little bit of flow separation towards the end of the nozzle.Completed a full duration test fire of the Raptor Vacuum engine at SpaceX’s rocket development facility in McGregor…
Retweeted by Elon MuskRVac and sea level Raptor with a human for scale
Retweeted by Elon Musk
Only thing beyond ludicrous is plaid @xiang_aw @WholeMarsBlog This does seem like the opposite of open. OpenAI is essentially captured by Microsoft. @WholeMarsBlog Haha true @oneandonlyheady Maybe I will …
@TechAmazing @UniverCurious Jets are so cool @flcnhvy @Gfilche @YahooFinance Pretty much @1stPrinciples4L @Gfilche @YahooFinance Yes @Gfilche @YahooFinance Yahoo Finance is as dumb as it sounds @ICannot_Enough Yes @Neopork85 @SpaceX Haha @tobyliiiiiiiiii @Tesla Roadster will be better @PPathole ProbablyCybertruck, ATV, Roadster & Semi C A R S @FutureJurvetson @hiromichimizuno Thanks for your many years of support through very tough times! @ICannot_Enough @WholeMarsBlog We will be a little below that this year (most challenging year we’ve ever had), but… @WholeMarsBlog That’s about right. Maybe a little faster.
@umutcnbostanci Yes @teslaownersSV cgi irl @tobyliiiiiiiiii @CARandDRIVER @Tesla HahaWe drove a Model S Long Range Plus for 422.7 miles in California and believe we could have made it to 430. @Tesla e…
Retweeted by Elon MuskThe extreme difficulty of scaling production of new technology is not well understood. It’s 1000% to 10,000% harder… @NASASpaceflight @BocaChicaGal Haha
We intend to increase, not reduce battery cell purchases from Panasonic, LG & CATL (possibly other partners too). H… note about Tesla Battery Day unveil tomorrow. This affects long-term production, especially Semi, Cybertr… @EvaFoxU Thanks! @Neopork85 @SpaceX @MarcusHouseGame We really need better legs for Starship. They’re coming. @Neopork85 @SpaceX @MarcusHouseGame Most likely, all flaps will fold after landing to reduce wind tip over force. T… @Model3Owners Fine, we’ll do it already 😀 @ARKInvest @TashaARK Good analysis, although I think we should wait until FSD is a bit more mature @singing__surfer I’m pretty sure Tesla could do a much better autocorrect. The bar is so low haha.
@LorenzoTeixeir4 @Zog_Fot_Pik @samiralyateem @ID_AA_Carmack True @IgorAntarov @soumiksf @ID_AA_Carmack Custom ultra high speed bus & efficient cooling @teslaownersSV @jgrano305 @soumiksf @ID_AA_Carmack Ok @flcnhvy @soumiksf @ID_AA_Carmack Pretty much any machine-learning @jgrano305 @soumiksf @ID_AA_Carmack It’s big @Zog_Fot_Pik @samiralyateem @ID_AA_Carmack Sure @soumiksf @ID_AA_Carmack Yeah, we will open Dojo for training as a web service once we work out the bugs @samiralyateem @ID_AA_Carmack There are a lot of pointless zeroes in FP32 neural nets. You can chop off 16 of the 3… @soumiksf @ID_AA_Carmack Dojo uses our own chips & a computer architecture optimized for neural net training, not a… @llamaa35079089 @ID_AA_Carmack @Tesla You really want waypoints this much? @ID_AA_Carmack For Dojo, we’re betting on FP16 with floating floating point (essentially, truncating mostly zeroes)… @WholeMarsBlog Yes @BabyTesla3 @WholeMarsBlog Yes @WholeMarsBlog There’ll be lots of green space around factory, but building itself is continuous. The “open” areas… @SavedTesla @peterdog15 Shaped like a diamond & aligned on true north
A prior track record of exceptional achievement in engineering *is* required, but *no* prior experience working on… you feel Neuralink might have incorrectly overlooked your resume or declined to make an offer, please lmk in co… @teslaownersSV @Model3Owners @TrungTPhan Felt I had done enough on the Internet (Zip2 & PayPal) that my work would… @Model3Owners @TrungTPhan It took an utterly insane amount of work to move the SpaceX & Tesla success probabilities above ~zero @TrungTPhan To be frank, in the early days, I thought there was >90% chance that both SpaceX & Tesla would be worth… @fermatslibrary Irrational is such a funny word to describe numbers
of course I still love you @DeborahPatteri @TENETFilm Sure, but which planet? @TENETFilm Good movie @Erdayastronaut Current was too strong for droneship to hold station. Thrusters to be upgraded for future missions.