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@IheartTesla @EvaFoxU @Tesla Going with nomenclature of Giga [most widely understood location name] vs Giga #, so G… @IheartTesla @EvaFoxU @Tesla For sure. Giga Berlin will build sustainable energy vehicles using sustainable energy,… @teslaownersSV @Kristennetten @EvaFoxU @Tesla Yes @HarryStoltz1 @EvaFoxU @Tesla Yes @Kristennetten @EvaFoxU @Tesla Exactly! @EvaFoxU @Tesla Giga Berlin / GF4 will absolutely be designed with sustainability and the environment in mind @EvaFoxU @Tesla Sounds like we need to clear up a few things! Tesla won’t use this much net water on a daily basis.…
@Erdayastronaut @TrevorMahlmann @Tesla V3 Supercharger deployment will accelerate considerably this year
@Everman @Erdayastronaut Yeah, system should adapt to most likely destination & anticipate school, then work, if that’s owner preference @Everman @Erdayastronaut Definitely @Erdayastronaut Ok @SciGuySpace We should have a base on the moon, a city on Mars @flcnhvy @amancalledscott @ChrisDungeon @mithunoorath I love that Heart of Gold is moved by Infinite Improbability @amancalledscott @ChrisDungeon @mithunoorath We should strive to extend the light of consciousness into the cosmos @Nicchiban_ Star Peace ✌️
@GamingSpeedy We’re working on it @AypierreMc Agreed, v important @thirdrowtesla Blazing Saddles @Kristennetten @tobyliiiiiiiiii Working on it @tobyliiiiiiiiii It’s on the listWant to play The Witcher game on your Tesla? (you can already watch the show on Tesla Netflix theater) @ICannot_Enough @thirdrowtesla Explains the sad lack of progress in candy research! @brianm853 Yeah, doors are 40 ft wide @JaneidyEve Yeah, we just finished two more propellant domes. SpaceX team & supporting suppliers are doing amazing… @TJ_Cooney @SpaceX Nice shotImproved Accommodations
@detroitnews Yay! @vm_one1 @Exhaustedpengu1 @RationalEtienne Would like to take a moment to thank Michael & Ze’ev for helping Tesla.… @nichegamer 🤣 @PicklePunchD @flcnhvy @thirdrowtesla @Gfilche @Sofiaan @Kristennetten @vincent13031925 Walk this way @flcnhvy @thirdrowtesla @Gfilche @Sofiaan @Kristennetten @vincent13031925 Great talking with @thirdrowtesla! @nichegamer @vm_one1 @Exhaustedpengu1 @RationalEtienne Michael Marks, then Ze’ev Drori, but I helped out as co-CEO as they didn…
@SpaceX Dragon trunk from in-flight abort test is in surprisingly good shape! @John_Gardi @LytovchenkoSerg @Joffan7 @julia_bergeron @NASASpaceflight Exactly @JimBridenstine @NASA @SpaceX @Commercial_Crew Thanks on behalf of the @SpaceX team! Thank you also for the suppor…
Crew Dragon separating from Falcon 9 during today’s test, which verified the spacecraft’s ability to carry astronau…
Retweeted by Elon Musk @thirdrowtesla HahaSplashdown of Crew Dragon in the Atlantic Ocean!
Retweeted by Elon MuskDragon's main parachutes have been deployed
Retweeted by Elon MuskDragon's drogue chutes deployed nominally
Retweeted by Elon MuskDragon’s trunk has deployed
Retweeted by Elon MuskDragon has separated from Falcon 9 and its SuperDraco engines have completed their burn
Retweeted by Elon MuskLiftoff!
Retweeted by Elon MuskTest complete! Today, @SpaceX completed its In-Flight Abort Test designed to show the #CrewDragon spacecraft’s capa…
Retweeted by Elon MuskToday’s @SpaceX In-Flight Abort test, which does not have @NASA_Astronauts onboard the spacecraft, is intended to d…
Retweeted by Elon MuskDragon high altitude, supersonic abort test is a risky mission, as it’s pushing the envelope in so many waysWatch live as SpaceX tests Crew Dragon’s in-flight launch escape capabilities
Retweeted by Elon Musk5 mins from liftoff down from today’s in-flight Crew Dragon launch escape test attempt due to sustained winds and rough seas i…
Retweeted by Elon Musk
.@NASA and @SpaceX are standing down from today’s #CrewDragon In-Flight Abort test due to poor splashdown and recov…
Retweeted by Elon Musk @EvaFoxU Yes!! weather data suggests sustained winds and rough seas in the recovery area during the top of tomorrow’s four-…
Retweeted by Elon Musk
@JaneidyEve YesBest place to view is from the beach. Excitement guaranteed! Spacecraft supersonic abort test coming up either tomorrow or Sunday, depending on weather @NASA @SpaceXLIVE NOW: Hear from mission experts as they talk about @SpaceX's In-Flight Abort Test. The test will demonstrate…
Retweeted by Elon Musk @jm_marchante @kekai What should we change? @kekai Munro’s analysis of Tesla engineering is accurate, both pro & con. I think he will appreciate some elements… will shut down its rocket mid-flight to test Dragon’s escape system by @SciGuySpace
Retweeted by Elon Musk @Erdayastronaut @SPEXcast @SciGuySpace Even more important for a a reusable rocket, as cost of propellant actually… @jameslin123321 @Erdayastronaut Helping to pay for this is why I’m accumulating assets on Earth. @jameslin123321 @Erdayastronaut Loading the Mars fleet into Earth orbit, then 1000 ships depart over ~30 days every… @mstrwilliam00 @Erdayastronaut Aiming for 20 to 30 years, like aircraft @Kristennetten @PicklePunchD @Erdayastronaut Yes. There will be a lot of jobs on Mars! @PicklePunchD @Erdayastronaut Needs to be such that anyone can go if they want, with loans available for those who don’t have money @EcoHeliGuy @Erdayastronaut Yeah. A lot of work is needed for propellant production on Mars. @PRANSHUAGARWA13 @Erdayastronaut Yes @Erdayastronaut That’s the goal @Erdayastronaut Building 100 Starships/year gets to 1000 in 10 years or 100 megatons/year or maybe around 100k peop… @Erdayastronaut Starship design goal is 3 flights/day avg rate, so ~1000 flights/year at >100 tons/flight, so every… per year to orbit are needed for life to become multiplanetary @fighteer1 @LCS_Big_Mike @SciGuySpace That’s about right @g33st111 Reaction to Cyberpunk 2077 slipping release date to September
@SPEXcast @SciGuySpace What’s amazing is how non-linear the effect of gravity is. Starship can travel by itself fro… @SPEXcast @SciGuySpace Densification isn’t needed to return the ship & limited cargo from Mars, but it’s an option… @SciGuySpace Fundamental issue with SLS is that it’s not reusable, which means that a billion dollar rocket is blow… @SciGuySpace Densifying hydrogen is difficult, as its liquid temp is close to absolute zero. Much easier with CH4,… @Teslarati Sorry, migh have brought the site downThe Boring Company releases new images of Las Vegas project as tunnel nears 50% mark
Retweeted by Elon MuskTargeted for Sat., Jan. 18: the final major test before @NASA_Astronauts fly on the @SpaceX #CrewDragon. This…
Retweeted by Elon MuskStarship orbital vehicle SN1, liquid oxygen header tank & nosecone
.@SpaceX's uncrewed in-flight abort test is targeted for 8am ET on Jan. 18. This test will show that the…
Retweeted by Elon Musk @nntaleb Just saw this today. Tesla refunds in general should be easy to get electronically & certainly through cus… it will look like when the sun becomes a red giant Credit: ESA/Hubble (M. Kornmesser & L. L. Christensen)
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@ErlendMoberget @ramez @KHayhoe Very true. What’s really mindblowing is how much energy the sun outputs & how littl… @Alejandro_DebH @macshlibber @SpaceflightNow Advancing humanity’s understanding of the Universe is a fundamental mo… @Neuro_Skeptic One person’s MRI machine is another’s railgun! Made a primitive one when I was studying physics at P… @Alejandro_DebH @macshlibber @SpaceflightNow Exactly. We’ve had good discussions with leading astronomers. One way… song is bulletproof & makes u buff! @rhoehn @Tesla Thanks for mentioning! We should’ve done this ages ago.
@ramez @KHayhoe Good analysis, although a bit conservative imo. However, using a high upper bound for land area tha…
.@Space_Station[WANTED!!!] Why not be the ‘first woman’ to travel to the moon? #MZ_looking_for_love
Retweeted by Elon Musk @Kristennetten They will