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@Erdayastronaut @SpaceX That was fun! I was operating on limited sleep & serious back pain, so not at my best. It… @ID_AA_Carmack It would be an honor to have you visit Starbase @cleantechnica Yeah, seems odd that Tesla wasn’t invited @teslaownersSV @WalterIsaacson He’s shadowed me for several days so far @WorldAndScience Makes sense @28delayslater 🤣 @lexfridman @WalterIsaacson Yeah, they’re all good, but I particularly liked his biography of Ben Franklin @andrewjwells @WalterIsaacson 🤣🤣 @josh_bickett @WalterIsaacson Maybe one dayIf you’re curious about Tesla, SpaceX & my general goings on, @WalterIsaacson is writing a biography
@ID_AA_Carmack I have great admiration for John’s engineering ability! What he did with Armadillo was incredible.… will do this for future rockets, but it’s not quite ready yetMoving rocket to orbital launch pad @AustinTeslaClub That is the goal. Our official name is actually Space Exploration Technologies. SpaceX is short form. @aparanjape @Erdayastronaut @SpaceX I do think that great design & engineering of products are critical, but manufa… 6 engines mounted to first orbital Starship @teslaownersSV @NASA I thought we had lost for sure. We were just a tiny company back then, only 1 of 4 launches go… @teslaownersSV @NASA Just want to say thanks to those in government who fight hard for the right thing to happen, d… @teslaownersSV @NASA I do love NASA, always have @teslaownersSV @NASA It’s true @teslaownersSV The sheer amount of time Tesla has spent dealing with bike lane is staggering. Short answer … yes.