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@ResortsWorldLV @boringcompany @Vegas Great work! @The_Taterade My suit is tragic @BitcoinStripper Talulah designed that dress herself and much of my 40th birthday party. She is a party genius. ♥️Honored to meet @Pontifex yesterday, a site of Great Remembrance … perhaps … a little bored?Wise words from SJM
@thesheetztweetz Their attempt to bait and switch satellite spectrum for cellular spectrum is super shady and uneth… @SawyerMerritt Hardly anyone knows this @alex_avoigt @WholeMarsBlog Probably only a few months @business Twitter me & real-life me are quite different haha! @BloombergLive @Twitter The vote of confidence is much appreciated
@Degentraland Artificial Insemination?AI gets better every day great suggestions in the comments!But sometimes they’re out of stock @marenkahnert That was the largest wheel of cheese in the Beverly Hills Cheese Shop! @teslaownersSV I love many cheeses, so hard to say that a particular one is best, but maybe StiltonThe sheer variety of cheese is amazingWhat … is your favorite cheese? @teslaownersSV cgi irl @Andst7 Trending to emptiness @waitbutwhy Could be a contributor @teslaownersSV @SpaceX Super talented team at SpaceX @jmhorp @paulg Interesting @ilyasut Maybe we’re in a computer
@waitbutwhy @BillyM2k 🤣 @AltcoinGordon I amI will keep supporting Dogecoin💕💕 shadow crew 💕💕 @BillyM2k I feel swindled every time I drink one @EvaFoxU Gwynne is the best @VladimirVargasM He did teach me a lot of engineering & physics while growing up (in an environment that was austere & often bleak)I love all my kids so much @zebulgar 💯👍 @Liv_Boeree Eventually, everything runs out of time. Father’s DayIf you can’t smell your wifi, how do you know it’s real?Congrats to SpaceX Falcon team for executing 3 flawless launches in 2 days! @BillyM2k @CryptoWhale Good question
To answer the question: Why Twitter?This will encourage people to change it hahaI’m pretty sure that uniqueWe’re changing Starlink’s default wifi name to StinkyThis is where the writers are, Of past, Present, And Future. @BillyM2k The only thing keeping the other orbital rocket programs alive is government protection or they’d be dead… @BillyM2k The super weird thing is that Falcon 9 is still the only orbital booster to land or refly after all these years! @Adam_4T @Google 🤣Feels like déjà vu all over again haha @Erdayastronaut @IzanRamos2002 @Caspar_Stanley Yes, about 20% more thrust & 20% less mass, but focus has been heavi… @WholeMarsBlog 🤣 @BillyM2k More currency-like @BillyM2k Tesla and SpaceX merch, maybe more down the road @dennis_wilborn Rock on! @TeslaAIBot @__SeriousGemini But we should have humans too! @nichegamer 🤣Congratulations to Giga Berlin team on making over 1000 cars in a week! @EvaFoxU 🤣👍💯 @blueskykites @Tesla @SpaceX @mayemusk @WholeMarsBlog @28delayslater @JohnnaCrider1 @Kristennetten @SirineAti @EvaFoxU @BillyM2k I’m a dirty rocketIt may as be a documentary, since it’s coming trueWatch the opening scene of Idiocracy. When I ask my friends why they’re not yet having kids (very few are), it so… @BigImpactHumans My son (SJM) wanted to know why we couldn’t have 20,000 cats. Perhaps this will make him reconsider.Or perhaps social media in general @rabois Hmm …Is TikTok destroying civilization? Some people think so. @EvaFoxU Interesting
@WholeMarsBlog Lame @BillyM2k @Austen 🤣🤣 @PPathole Yeah @RenataKonkoly @SawyerMerritt So much free advertising! 🤣🤣 @SawyerMerritt Hyundai is doing pretty well @PPathole ExactlyAnd rocket landings are now triple digitsOur best landing video to date, thanks to Starlink! @teslaownersSV @UAW @GM @klwtts Yup @westcoastbill YeahWatch Falcon 9 launch 53 Starlink satellites to low-Earth orbit →
Retweeted by Elon MuskLiftoff!
Retweeted by Elon Musk @Model3Owners Ok @jespow @krakenfx Good thread @DegreaseNeil That’s why Dragon has shields @teslaownersSV @ID_AA_Carmack There will probably be several launch countdowns before we pass all the abort trigger… @ID_AA_Carmack Yes, but it is achievable @__SeriousGemini @BillyM2k 🤣 @BillyM2k @__SeriousGemini @bennyjohnson Accurate
@EvaFoxU Exactly @Cernovich Wow @Andst7 Haha @bennyjohnson Interesting @lexfridman True @GregScott_photo @FarryFaz @SpaceX @MarcusHouse @LabPadre @13ericralph31 @spaceflashnews @spacex360 @sourpatchlyds @Twitter Exactly @BillyM2k @Rainmaker1973 💯 @alex_avoigt @Kaih042018 @klwtts True (sigh) @dogeofficialceo @BillyM2k Also, In Sink band should let in a tiny sink @ashleevance 🤣 @MatchasmMatt @EvaFoxU So it goes