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@draecomino 2022: Dogecoin is dumb
@WholeMarsBlog Note, buying FSD will still be a better long-term deal than subscription @WholeMarsBlog Q2 for sureGreen eggs & SPAC @totalspace360 Looks familiar haha. Nonetheless, the right move. Congrats to Rocket Lab. @WholeMarsBlog Tesla China team rocks!Doge meme shield (legendary item) drug coming out called Regretamine. Pop one & all regrets are gone.Always wondered where exactly your gaming character keeps all the stuff Tesla phone app to melt snow & ice off your car before even leaving the house 📸 by @cookie_esq
Retweeted by Elon MuskModel 3 earns Top Safety+ award from IIHS for third year in a row
Retweeted by Elon Musk @thesheetztweetz Ahem …
2021 androids dream of electric cars? @Sharvenium @flcnhvy 🤣🤣 @flcnhvy @konstructivizm Nothing if not discreet @konstructivizm Hey babe 😉
🙏 @chicago_glenn @RationalEtienne @skorusARK We will use a catapult & air mattresses to land on the roof, then base jump off @RationalEtienne @skorusARK Nickel is our biggest concern for scaling lithium-ion cell production. That’s why we ar… @harsimranbansal @skorusARK Absolutely @MemesOfMars @skorusARK Fremont shut down for two days (parts shortages) & restarted yesterday @skorusARK This is not about winning anyone over. We are production-limited. The reason we are making our own cells… @RationalEtienne I hope they do! It would be awesome 🤣🤣 @Rjdlandscapes @Tesla Prices in the US (of all goods) don’t include VAT, but it’s usually included in other countri… @cleantechnica 3mm of full hard 301 or 304 Stainless is bulletproof to a 9mm or .45Not a meta4, I mean actual books @GJGunit BothI admit to judging books by their coverStarship to the moon @johnkrausphotos Sounds like a good ideaOut on launch pad, engine swap underway @teslaownersSV Probably mid year, but Starlink is really meant for those who are least served. Bay usually has great Internet.You might see much higher download speeds on Starlink at times. Testing system upgrades.The @SpaceX Crew Dragon has officially been in space for more than 💯 days! The Crew-1 mission launched on Nov. 15,…
Retweeted by Elon Musk
@jeff_foust Rockets are ridiculously hard (sigh) @VitoTheGreat_ I love dogs & memesOn the actual moonLiterally @flcnhvy @HsueEugene @teslaownersSV @cleantechnica Potentially @TesLatino @teslaownersSV @cleantechnica Many steps forward, some steps back. Yes, we do a lot of QA before releasing a beta version. @_kenh @tobyliiiiiiiiii @Erdayastronaut @ErcXspace They will fly there from our launch site. Stationed around the world. @HsueEugene @teslaownersSV @cleantechnica Seems likely @teslaownersSV @cleantechnica We’re upgrading all NNs to surround video, using subnets on focal areas (vs equal com… @cleantechnica Interesting @tobyliiiiiiiiii @Erdayastronaut @ErcXspace One of them may be in limited operation by end of year @TheFavoritist @NASASpaceflight @BocaChicaGal One of the engines is suspect, so we’re swapping it out @Erdayastronaut @ErcXspace Short-term, CH4 delivered & O2 produced. Propellant is ~78% O2. Long-term, Sabatier reac…
@AskDrStupid Just a Surface Detail @ErcXspace I hope we don’t go bankrupt building them!Excession @mimimusics 🔥🔥 @PeterSchiff 🍆 @PPathole Super cool
@jgrano305 @AustinTeslaClub We have too much product complexity already @TechAmazing @UniverCurious Tunnels!! @JantieWillie @Adamklotz_ @AustinTeslaClub Hopefully, later this year @Adamklotz_ @AustinTeslaClub Later this year @jgrano305 @AustinTeslaClub It is still available off menu, but I don’t think the range, in many drive conditions,… @AustinTeslaClub The Tesla Solar Roof is slightly hydrophobic, so water, snow or ice slide off easily @teslaownersSV Final design is looking👌 Was just in the studio @eugenelee3 @SpaceXFan97 Most of Earth by end of year, all by next year, then it’s about densifying coverage. Imp… @SpaceXFan97 Speed will double to ~300Mb/s & latency will drop to ~20ms later this year
Of spaceflightSolar Roof even clears off the snow
Retweeted by Elon MuskHypernominalizationDojo 4 Doge @BocaChicaGal @NASASpaceflight Good chance of flying this week! @PPathole Should we? @RationalEtienne 🤣🤣 @TheBabylonBee Why don’t we have these already!?
Cryptocurrency explained did they say pegged to the dollar? Something like that …Heard a rumor some crypto coin was pegging the dollar 🤣🤣 @MIT_CSAIL Machine learning is so amaze! @PPathole @dogecoin Just some used Antminer L3+ rigs bought off eBay. Not really economic, but it was a fun family project. @WholeMarsBlog Most people have no idea, even though there are so many FSD progress videos posted. Munro understood… @dogecoin I just set up some little Doge mining rigs with my kids. It was fun. @redditSpacePorn 🤣🤣 @PeterSchiff That said, BTC & ETH do seem high lol @PeterSchiff An email saying you have gold is not the same as having gold. You might as well have crypto. Money is…
@chicago_glenn @archillect 🤣🤣 @archillect Avocado ToastI just want to start a flame in your heartJust for a day @NASA Congratulations!! @YourLordThanos @Waymo 🔥🔥 @realfuckingnews @business Somehow, a hash text file using ancient crypto can be exchanged for real goods & services!? Amazing. @business To be clear, I am *not* an investor, I am an engineer. I don’t even own any publicly traded stock besides… @business Tesla’s action is not directly reflective of my opinion. Having some Bitcoin, which is simply a less dumb…
@Teslarati SpaceX in south Texas & Tesla in central have been providing direct assistance where feasible (eg save c… @someone3201 @ERCOT_ISO Yes
.@ERCOT_ISO is not earning that R @MattWallace888 @vladtenev @RobinhoodApp You’re right
@Tesla Covered in snow & ice, roads mostly closed & no power in Austin @cz_binance @MansourShahrokh There will definitely be a MarsCoin! @itsALLrisky Sounds like it isWinter at Giga Texas
Retweeted by Elon Musk @BrennanChant @SpaceX Yeah. Active fairing half recovered though.