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Former games critic of 10+ years. Previously PC Powerplay, Hyper and others. Board gamer. Obsessed miniature painter. UX specialist.

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@riding_red Thanks for the recs! @ElPrezAU i am on twitter and im mad u cant hear me scream
Retweeted by Nathan CocksRest in peace, Jens Knudsen. (1942-2020) Thank you for inventing the LEGO figure.
Retweeted by Nathan CocksThis. Another thing you stop being able to unsee is how many big, unshaded, sunny roofs there are without solar pan…
Retweeted by Nathan CocksI have no mouth and I must heal. @riding_red Been meaning to jump on the Expanse novels too, but that's all in my 'to read' list so if there are any… @riding_red I mean, KB says they wager it is one of the best books of last year. :P @riding_red May have to take a look. I haven't read any sci-fi in ages. @riding_red I'm also choosing to read the surname 'Wagers' as a verb following that quote because it amuses me to do so. @riding_red Great cover! @dippizuka Also says something about the pervasiveness of the sport here that I don't watch it but know the correct… @dippizuka At this point I'm just going to nod (doesn't watch cricket :P) @weemadando Wow!That'll be a yes. Because, you know, Australia is a terribly racist country. 😠 @dippizuka True, but damn, that's a helluva pronunciation nonetheless. :Ptbh for any american talking about cricket this isn't the worst effort by far
Retweeted by Nathan CocksIgnore the quality of the gold in the first photo - My Scale75 metallics are still in the post and I had to make do… using metallics here because I’m trying to speed paint some figs as a palette cleanser before I get back to fi… the figure is much poorer quality but I’m just not a big fan of true metallics. Even using different shades… @soulgirl76 Sorry! :PI’m full enough to take a nap.Me, a serious architectural historian: so is the rooftop upstairs? Bartender at this pub in Fitzroy: that's generally how roofs work mate
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @jasonimms This was a ‘what was in the fridge’ dish. :) @CDoomjester I now understand the query. :PThere should have been a comma after that soy folks. Chook was cooked with some soy sauce as a seasoning. :P @jasonimms Sauce. Am I a monster?! :P @CDoomjester No, soy sauce. @CDoomjester The soy is just a very light seasoning. Chook wasn’t swimming or even marinading in it.God damn! 🤤Soy chicken and cheese omelette :) just got a DMCA takedown notice for the video in this tweet which I'm 90% sure was just a very short video of me…
Retweeted by Nathan CocksIntriguing. every week every single member of the IPA taking stress leave the day after bin night.
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @Kermitron @Campster Fair. GT content can be fun. More like Cinema Sins. :) @KrisLigman of the internet right now is articles titled like "Why I'm Concerned For The Democrats, As A Democrat" by someo…
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @bradgallaway @grmartin A truck is definitely being driven and it is most thrilling! @Campster Sticking with the subject of cool - I'm still in awe that The Last Express has historically accurate loca… don't want to harp on this but it genuinely bugs me. Like, pointing out the stars were wrong in Titanic is legiti…
Retweeted by Nathan CocksThere's something really depressing about how in 2020 Neil deGrasse Tyson tweets are utterly interchangeable with G…
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @ginnywoes I'm dying. 😂 TikTok has a really good visual representation of a million versus a billion dollars, which is especially rele…
Retweeted by Nathan CocksThe latest attempt by the media to smear Bernie Sanders is stating that Bernie "praised" Fidel Castro. NO. What B…
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @Jickle @Serrels If you don't have kids it's just Frozen on repeat.We have reached our final enlightenment.
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @jiggsy @drearyclocks @Serrels I'll check it out when I sign up for season 2 of Mando. :) @jiggsy @drearyclocks @Serrels I can't. I cancelled Disney+ :P @drearyclocks @Serrels Seems to be the standard response. :) @Serrels Cancelled D+ the second I finished The Mandalorian. Will resub for season 2 and cancel after that. :PHappy 10th anniversary to one of the greatest games ever made. @Swery65 thank you for this experience can't wait fo…
Retweeted by Nathan CocksSeems there is a group missing from this list of diverse backgrounds - I just can't put my finger on who it is. @morganjaffit @jiggsy @LeenaVanD @DrCurlytek Same line of toys obviously. @morganjaffit @jiggsy @LeenaVanD @DrCurlytek Holy crap! I had no idea about the BT connection. I didn't have a pug… know how comedy is one of the fastest things to age. Often its because of changes in societal sensibilities, ot… @mechapoetic I'm glad I don't fall into the target of this tweet because I refuse to have self-respect. @hailtonothing Gotta move quickly Terry. :P @ElPrezAU Nathan for someone that only likes shit beer you sure have said IPA twice in this tweet
Retweeted by Nathan CocksImagine being a member of the IPA and posting in a way that makes it clear to everyone that you are a member of the IPA. @evmulholland Which bin will you be putting your brain worms in Evan?Conscripted to *checks notes* sort their own rubbish.
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @LGLancaster Arm rests went up and Nathan went down. Slept the entire way fully stretched out across all those seats. Good luck. :) @LGLancaster Had a flight back from NYC when that happened... except like, only two or three passengers got on boar…
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @KrisLigman Love, love, LOVE it. Have fun. @KrisLigman This game absolutely blew my mind when I first played it for review. It's basically "The Scientific Me… @KrisLigman OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!! @SK_Louie Yet they didn't do that for The Onion Movie. @new_waster @SanatanaMishra Planescape: Torment and Arcanum both also handled good/evil dichotomies to excellent effect. @DoubleJumpComms @TheCantorDust That's awesome! @morganjaffit @LeenaVanD @DrCurlytek @jamesjdominguez Right? Mindblowing.Y'all gotta stop being bullies online. :P @ElPrezAU Some Democrats are deeply, deeply committed to their core value of losing elections.
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @riding_red Touche :P @ElPrezAU Sander's what tho
Retweeted by Nathan CocksI just don't get this. 2 next pay cheque. order down. >_> @ehronlime Messed up. @RaygunBrown Seriously though. Fuck the Knicks.Look. I have a problem. :P @ehronlime Okay, that’s some fuckery.Using a gun to kill an apex predator from a distance is classic cuck behavior
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @LeenaVanD Whatcha got in the left there?Fine, decision made. Two more paint sets and then I think I'm set for life. >_> @ehronlime Yikes. @ehronlime How close to that card game are we talking?Dang it doesn’t anyone here know how to cook umber
Retweeted by Nathan CocksI'm really bad at picking shades of a certain colour from my palette to match what's on the fig. I need significant… palette is giving me anxiety though. :P need to make a tumblr posts thread just for this post bc I think about it constantly
Retweeted by Nathan CocksLudicrous that Wappel gets to this point in under 3 hours. O_O @ElPrezAU *checks* Yep, it's a day ending in 'y'
Retweeted by Nathan CocksAll because I wanted one of the smaller sets but shipping from Canada is so expensive I'm starting to think it's go… oh... Nathan's looking at more paints. >_>Re LRT - Definitely one of the coolest face-turns in a TV series.My heart still SHAKES at this scene
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @HSW3K I am so surprised by how much I ended up loving this film.Bettina Arndt AM could be stripped of her Order of Australia honour
Retweeted by Nathan Cocks @DebsSrsns Hahaha. Nah, just spam. :P