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@Mako spongebob @Layymooon @JDawesome23 @goombba word? @PeterThePepega one of the best games ever, you gotta be there fr @SamjaySJ Dude has KEKW on his wall.... @WoahEmil @Layymooon @Attacksx COUNTER RATIO TO DEFEND LAYMOOOOOONN @the_chardog LOOOL @Layymooon @Attacksx LOOOL @KorruptJam tomorrow at 9AM! Hence why im startign the stream so earlytwerking rn @KorruptJam TRUE! gonna also watch this guy named joe biden become mayor or somethin idk @KorruptJam im so hypedGoodnight Twitter! Tomorrow I will be doing a crazy stream that will start at 9AM and most likely go all the way to… @Slasher @JakeSucky RATIO!😂😂😂😂 @Froste i got chickenHE DROPPED ANITHER 10 WHAWHAAA FUCKING SHOT
@AgentFromISP @macawcaw123 @crackwithdrawal @Wis_Alt @Twitch holy shit @macawcaw123 Filter? I HARDLY KNOW HER!!!!!NEW SUB BADGES AND POG CONTENT TODAY WOOOO TAP IN @secretbwa HOW @Wis_Alt @Twitch the only pogchamp that can’t have any drama @xoupgone @FavsPriv @oFabz @Boy1drr @scobesx @XxQu1cKSc0peZz @CrypticNotAlone @notchaselyons @JoeyTheSuperJew @Smulzy @MinusWhale31 @Class @Ninja @Valkyrae why did this get 37 likes @VeesAQueen why would you eat poop if you just got your braces off @the_chardog no @IcyVert sure @IcyVert wanna share the caramel apple @FaZeMew when you started twerking😂😂 shit was WILD! @IcyVert aight bro we get it, go to bed @Smulzy @MinusWhale31 @Class @Ninja @Valkyrae yo ass got no money shut the hell up @xQcOWUpdates Goodnight! @the_chardog nope @SakaiDylanH want a bite of the caramel appleGoodnight twitter, tomorrow i get my braces off and the only reason why i’m excited for that is because they give you a caramel apple... @Nadeshot yo wanna play some valorantYO LIVE FOR A LITTLE PLAYING SOME VALORANT AND OTHER GAMES PROBABLY IDK SHORT STREAM POG
goodmorning @Javan_Murphy ??? @dizzy @Slasher @JakeSucky @dakotaz goodmorning dakotaz @whotfiswill bro is a @whotfisAbi stan!!!!! @SacramentoKings Damn he got a point for every single girlfriend i have! Lol! @KorruptJam thanks for the support dud @D_Tank__ dudeim crying bro ive never seen a game flop so hard😭😭😭...
@LILUZIVERT PISS ON THE MIC!!! @MrBeastYT hey guys im live on twitch, @may_wedda not too, too messy of a fruit, if i’m gaming a banana is the go to snack @bearbubb we lost him.. @nowackdesign @LoganDodson @Nadeshot i dont have any awards @nowackdesign @LoganDodson @Nadeshot Same here lol! @mynameisalliyah Your the best friend i could have ever asked for! @NoahJ456 albert spinning in his grave rn
@FaZeNikan Texas is the new LA! @kanyewest LETS FUCKING GOOO FINALLY @LilNasX GO LILNAS X GO! @r4_m14 @BR_NBA MAN @x7homas SHUT UP @Nadeshot @100Thieves You’ve been going crazy this year man, pretty Pog!
@Attacksx @goombba ironic @goombba i think the redeeming thing also counts for you losing all your points on gambling LOOOOLAlso congrats @goombba for being top redeemer of channel points🥇 you guys so much, also fuck you for making ResidentSleeper the most used emote on my channel... @goombba i miss Mufasa already @pulsersbtw ???????????? @notchaselyons is this real @ItsST4T1K @Hiko Everything is cringe @Hiko "KEKW" @FavsPriv @mvrcusy @HarryButAverage LOL DESERVED! @FavsPriv @mvrcusy @HarryButAverage WHY IS ELPWS SLANDER ON THE TIMELINE? @mvrcusy @HarryButAverage AYO???????? @ELPWSwastaken @mvrcusy @HarryButAverage what the fuck? @HarryButAverage @endeylive WHAT THE FUCK @limbolul @HarryButAverage @JoeyTheSuperJew W @LilNasX TELL THEM LILNAS!!! (lob ass!) @TeaWap i miss rain man.. @mvrcusy FR @optiuh everyone subscribed to elpws on twitch using their twitch prime sub @LilNasX is the next drakeJuice WRLD and Young Thug on Bad Boy: @SamjaySJ this shit mad funny because this is your actual phone irl
@derpyinpain @Slasher why are you replying to me with pictures of yourself bro?😭😭😭 @Slasher You can thank me for funding the whole prize pool, it was somethin light @may_wedda what drink do you get from starbucks @rileyreidx3 @tanamongeau HELLO! @SacramentoKings @SkreetMan @xoupgone especially when its been sitting for 6 days @SkreetMan @xoupgone reheated food kinda gross @xoupgone so do you like reheat these in the microwave when your ready to eat? @OnTheFlyTwitch @iMercii_ @Gavpai @FuzYKarma @rickyreapers you will pay @rickyreapers @Gavpai @OnTheFlyTwitch @iMercii_ @FuzYKarma still waiting @Gavpai @OnTheFlyTwitch @iMercii_ @FuzYKarma @rickyreapers ricky still owes me 5 gifted subs @OnTheFlyTwitch @iMercii_ @Gavpai @FuzYKarma @rickyreapers the betrayers... @KittenElise hi elise! @SacramentoKings damn this 2021 championship ring lookin good as hell rn @may_wedda @KittenElise you