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i stream everyday on // All my tweets are Double Platinum πŸ’ΏπŸ’Ώ

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@WhosBreezyUK my ass will vote just for a pair of yeezys LMFAO @kanyewest LETS GO #KANYE2020i fucking hate creepers bro... @BigMaq2K @Grahamalott dude? @Grahamalott How to get someone to spit in your food 101
TODAY WE CELEBRATE MERCA, im live btw @Pro_SakaiTama you need help @BakeHatesItHere Done."Happy" 4th of July... i guess... @CorinnaKopf me please so much @pokimanelol I know, if you guys want to know dm me haha @SamjaySJ @ItsXodia We look so good in that pic lol @JohnUpClose IN TRAINING?? @rxyymond lemme see it @rxyymond how does he do it, 0 misses @xuehaiwuya2 @espn @joeyjaws where?Only 75? LIGHTWORK @SamjaySJ wait what LMFAOOO @sockshoptweets or people that go β€œPERIODT”mf dog said @SamjaySJ LETS GOODude are these fireworks or gunshots dude im scared @VeryTinyPeen ??JUNE WAS MY WORST STREAMING MONTH OF THE YEAR BUT I WONT LET THAT GET IN THE WAY OF THE GRIND. IF YOU TRULY WANT SO… @VeryTinyPeen @VeryTinyPeen im your friend :) @Grahamalott @OnTheFlyTwitch Oh shit were we not supposed to announce that? @Grahamalott @OnTheFlyTwitch Can't wait to be on the podcast next week!Thank you @Grahamalott / @OnTheFlyTwitch and everyone who came in today for making today amazing me some grilled chicken on a nice summer night! @SamjaySJ @Blankzy_ @Attqcks @sockshoptweets @CityMorgueTom what does poverty meanPLAYING R6 WITH @Attqcks , @SamjaySJ , @sockshoptweets , @CityMorgueTom @TheSamsman fr @TheSamsman bro wtf
HOLY SMOKES WE GOT A @OnTheFlyTwitch RAID GUYS IM LIVE POGGERS @VeryTinyPeen Bro howling on twitter LMAO @Boy1drr Frank JR for the win @Abstraaa this is all your fault LMAOO @WhosBreezyV2 always king @BrenBrenlol it is a person bro LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO @BrenBrenlol dont act like im not added lmfao @Comikazie Honestly a lot of respect for that, that shit would kill meMe when someone asks me how my July is going @BrenBrenlol chase lyons mod chat goes crazy!!! love them, they are like family! haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚actually listen to it @KidCudi NO WAY LETS GOOOOO @BWAMatt LMFAOOOOOOOO @Freddychini πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @FaZe_Rain WE ONLY GO UP NORDAN LETS GOOO @VeryTinyPeen quote rt with this message it will bang @WhosBreezyV2 Sadgei fucking hate minecraft @juulpodjules i can’t think of a funny tweet, but i’m doing a sub a thon soon poggers! @VeryTinyPeen πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @ItsBearloe oh nice!why are people looking at me to go outside with a pickle lyons shirt on, wish me luck guys @jeangaultierr @Xouped @IcyVert @mynameisalliyah β€œShe likes my laugh, not u πŸ˜Œβ€
@Attqcks haha hop on rainbowPlaying fortnite with @BrenBrenlol @koordell haha thats so cool! felony why dont you try this to me and see if it workshey haha how are you. anyways im live ahha @FaZe_Rain TALK TO EM NORDAN @Mako hi mako(SERIOUS QUESTION) Would you guys want to see me do another Sub a Thon? @jeangaultierr tell her " WOOF WOOF" from me, she'll know what it means haha @realJBA what song is this @notchaselyons @scobesx no hoes at the bar LMFAO @puppygirljenna WOOF WOOF @puppygirljenna omg go sis! @jeangaultierr dont care LOB ASS! @juulpodjules i gotta pay 10 cents @juulpodjules you gonna answer? @juulpodjules YO LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? LI… @juulpodjules Congrats! What are you gonna do to celebrate @Synahtra Cant wait to take a better look at Vagina! @Xouped @mynameisalliyah you are in PogU @itsKursed it sure doesnt feel like it @Synahtra same thing??? @Synahtra ive met you at twitchcon bro wym? @Synahtra DELETED??? PUSSY ASS @Synahtra how long do i have @Attqcks dude @Synahtra Vagina @Huntrelol @notchaselyons LMMFAOOO @Synahtra Elvis @JoeyTheSuperJew haha whos trying to do the 12 month thing to me haha @kcgotsusd @charmedskull @VeryTinyPeen @JayLags_ @ARoughRider @rittzwastaken LMFAOO GET HIS ASS KC @charmedskull @VeryTinyPeen @JayLags_ @ARoughRider @rittzwastaken GO SKULLY GO SKULLY @charmedskull @VeryTinyPeen @JayLags_ @ARoughRider @rittzwastaken lmao i’m just joking, ty queen πŸ’œ @charmedskull @VeryTinyPeen @JayLags_ @ARoughRider @rittzwastaken the fuck is so funny @puppygirljenna okay can you follow me haha @SamjaySJ goodnight mr sam @BrenBrenlol if that was me in the video i’d be drooling all over her LMFAOO @TheBOSSVincent5 I’m gonna be live again tomorrow, the power is being weird rn sorry man
dude WHAT is this shit @BrenBrenlol @100TJackiee πŸ’œcome by and show their loveFuck sake, thank you @100TJackiee for the host today. Of course only about 20 minutes after my fucking power cuts o…