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i believe in the power of collectively haranguing local representatives to do their actual job and fall in line wit… staffers drop your venmos
Retweeted by Covid and CambriaEstablishment Dems worked their asses off to tell you someone with your beliefs didn't belong in their party. Don'…
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria“pushing” biden to the left is literally not happening. he won’t drop everything he supports to support m4a or a gn…
Retweeted by Covid and Cambriai’m not saying you can’t do both, but if people cared about calling their reps as much as dog piling on bad tweets…’s movement and m4a is so much more powerful w/o playing into federal electoral politics and especially the D… of the creepy child soldier-like elements of competitive team sports and how imo these teens all need good…
Covid and Cambria #sangitanames @Cam_Oflage had to pose with the red roses to keep it victorian gothic @MKupperman you’re so kind! i feel like i’m getting solvent now tho to finally buy & legit read & appreciate the bo… @westardere jaunty afwhat do you think y’all, should i leave for 8 months again like i did last year? basically i’d log back in 2021 @tarashoe now all the ‘nomads’ are just madthis came to me in a dream
Retweeted by Covid and Cambriamy new slacker dude drag aesthetic is Torrent Boyfriend know the astronaut with the dogs in his photo? His name is Leland Melvin. He’s from Lynchburg, VA. When I live…
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria @rachelmillman you’re like the local weatherman with these posts, it’s undervalued. and now to rachel with the timeline,quibi is short for quirky billionaires @GraceSpelman i like thinking it’s his lowkey tribute to devo, in my heart i want to believe this. it just makes SENSE @Oda_CM depends on size, like 5-10 pounds? it’s hollow and not heavy, just big and held in a particular way. i’m ho… learned sitar or hindustani music beyond a few super super basic lessons, wanted to tho :( i studied veena an… thing was so much bigger than me lol @sqiouyilu i admire ppl who commit to that hustle! i’m on here as a fan and booster of people like that not as one… @ElSangito this is also ultimately why social media as it exists now probably won't be able to hack it for another…
Retweeted by Covid and Cambriaglancing at my old posts and threads even from just 6 months ago i cant help but go “jfc why was i a bigheaded rand… @willyblackmore i’m so sorry willy 💜 what an excellent boy, i love that you gave each other the best lives for one anothersorry that i was still doing preachy-informative posts in 2020 as if it’s a necessity; curse of having been an admi… i love baking bread, i love taking fuckin forever to make some shit that’s $3 at the store and also it expires way faster
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria @suitablegirl for real, everyone has an equivalent of a goofy elliptical-bike-thing lmao. imo it’s even more allowe… Morning from the Bronx
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria @yehoak imo drunk tweets that aren’t bad tweets @grouchyjerk i like theseThis exchange had me ugly laughing:
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria @SorryMomDotGov @AlannaBennett really like some nerds to make a secure, open source alternative to zoom so I can piss off friends and family…
Retweeted by Covid and Cambriahave any of you have a successful convo reaching out to someone on social media who posts rn about get-togethers or… wants a thread of contemporary Iranian music, starting from pop and psych rock in the 60s and 70s all the way t…
Retweeted by Covid and Cambriawho needs to read the dune series when i can watch the Dhoom series
Retweeted by Covid and Cambriathe only bad thing about boris going to the icu is if dies, he's going to be martyred. we'll have another goddamn churchill on our hands.
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria @jp_bse sick!! i mean,,may we all keep finding dope shit that eats up our timeAnnnnd we have a winner! The functionality of the mask is 3 fold, it covers/protects your mouth, guarantees ppl wil…
Retweeted by Covid and CambriaThis looks like they did an interview with SPIN
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria @vegspice i couldn’t be a hater because she looked like she was having a blast on that thing, but lmao imagine havi… is only alcohol and makeup brands really good about having minis available in case you don’t end up liking or a… @scream_tank oh cool ty for the suggestion! i might do exactly this @vigneshr4m lol same my mom would make me go on chapati pickup at kokila’s kitchen in sunnyvalechibi size emotional crisis ^-^ @ElSangito Before The Segway, there was The Karenmobile...
Retweeted by Covid and Cambriai don’t think people started giving a shit, social justice stuff just became another thing for white dudes to be smugly correct aboutyeah i love baking bread, i love taking fuckin forever to make some shit that’s $3 at the store and also it expires way fasterused to have to do this on twitter back before think pieces was normal just to get comedy bros on here to give a sh… things. it was exactly as goofy and skymall-y as this pic looks ago i saw this lady in west LA on one of those odd elliptical-bicycle-things and i laughed but that lady is d… @earnesthermit gotta put my helmet and clip shoes on lol @admiral_baby congrats!!! so happy you’re back in actionforgot the word ‘recliner’ for a sec and almost typed ‘recumbent chair’ @runicrhyme i’m not against it as a concept and hope that it catches on as a normal way to treat disease, and also…
@ElSangito ...he’s in an NHS ward
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria @bottrill oh word! relieved for the reminder that healthcare isn’t as tiered in access out there. i keep forgetting… for jobs is the shittiest jobi’ve been eating peanut butter covered cheese cubes as a weird snack and it turns out i have the literally same taste in treats as my dogi just saw a very bad hashtag pun trending about the NY governor, and no. delightful puns only c’mon this isn’t har… @H_Ta_The lil falcorfree display name: Judeo-Kojimai think “rodeo kojima” (pronounced ro-day-oh) would be a really funny name but it doesn’t parse unless said out loud @jenihead it was also my first and favorite at her age!! 🤗 @Papapishu a super ugly but comfortable swivel recliver and ottoman set, similar to this. at last i have a Posting…, very britishly this was filmed i would have cut to the ghanaian pallbearers 0.01 seconds before my dog mid-leap lands on my chips covered junki fucked this up, spilled chips all over myself and then my dog jumped on me showing off his top surgery to the boys
Retweeted by Covid and Cambriasometimes I just fav a tweet I don’t understand because I m glad the person is having a good time
Retweeted by Covid and CambriaBoris Johnson dying while the Ghanaian pallbearer meme is big would be the closest Britain has ever gotten to giving reparations
Retweeted by Covid and Cambriaif you pixelate the picture of justin beibers house a bit it looks like it's from a 1999 strategy game
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria @lefttheprairie yeah it’s entirely just aesthetics/superficial appearance to me, makes me irate when ppl equate confidence with competence“i don’t have the confidence to do (x)” confidence is 100% unnecessary. all that’s required is bare minimum willingness to do itliterally moving into the bathroom bc all i do is clean 24/7 anyway and i’m small enough to fit in a tub. am i a Ge… there is to know about being a cool badass that can fight is learnable by playing tekken 3 over and overconservative and libertarian politicians gettin the rona because they value all the Business Handshaking over basic… have to finally watch tiger king because someone commented “joe exotic” on my pip videos @crowcialist ah, the foliage of my peopleFirst thing I'm gonna do after lockdown is go to lush so i can get three months of aggressive human interaction in about ten minutes.
Retweeted by Covid and Cambriaedibles is weighted blanket but foodme trying to do literally anything in the past three weeks
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria @BridgeOfFaust @MinovskyArticle quarioQuario
Retweeted by Covid and CambriaCorn is Indigenous, hot cheetos are derived from corn... therefore hot cheetos are Indigenous don’t @ me
Retweeted by Covid and CambriaI'm smiling....while crying ☺️😭 I think I've used all of my entire luck this year---
Retweeted by Covid and CambriaT-Pain never needed auto tune. Auto tune needed T-Pain.
Retweeted by Covid and CambriaPublix cake decorators should get $50/hr
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria🔴
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria @PublicMom @punished_harvey @GAYVOMlTSEX shes genius, ty!!Hey just FYI everybody the "Karen is a slur" lady, Julie Bindel, is an extremely well-known TERF so you really don…
Retweeted by Covid and CambriaBro we’re gay
Retweeted by Covid and Cambria