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@AndyLunique PLEASE SIR I HAVE THINGS TO DO I CAN'T SPEND ALL DAY LOOKING AT THIS @LogitechG SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET 👀A breakthrough in design and engineering, meet the G915 TKL. #KeepPlaying
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Filing self-employment taxes to Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" might be one of the most accidentally nail-biting things I've ever done @Rokvir Oh that's still there too.It's my day off and all I want to do is play more Nier oh no HELP @sirithre The Witcher tv series actually. They use a very vibrant color palette!
Oh hey I'm live with more coffee chats and NIER AUTOMATA! Gosh I love this game. You could say I'm... excited 2B a… person / the scent scene where Treebeard realizes his friends have all been cut down and declares war against Saruman by bellowing… @capitalvices @Sleepyheaddx Pls it is very late and my wife* is already so thicc *me @Sm0kal0ke @scarfino 2B probably doesn’t even cook. 9S is the cook. @adityas95_otaku @CeddyOrNot @scarfino Well damn! Today I learned. @CeddyOrNot @scarfino That’s fair! I assumed any bacteria, even from handlers, would be cooked off, so I’ve never b… @scarfino Interesting. I’ve never washed chicken before. The bacteria is killed from cooking the chicken properly, not rinsing it off. @capitalvices HOW @ProZD Pasta Puttanesca, Australian black licorice, fermented pickles, soft-boiled soy sauce egg yolk, fresh waterm…
@HavanaRama YEEEAAAAASSSSISSAN AFTERNOON STRIM We're playing more Nier: Automata of course, and I'm in a giant ...forest?… @MeganLenius HAPPYYY BIRTHDAY YOU ABSOLUTE LEGEND @ActaBunniFooFoo yo thank you my man @BrettClaudio SO GOOD @omegalbagel He doesn’t wanna wake anyone up!Silent Bill @ChillboBagginzz Oh god your laugh is so 😍
@Lil_Madness_ Thaaaank you ☺️Goo mornin my hairs are fluff MORE NIER AND AND WE’RE AT A REALLY COOL PART! @notbijoudemi HAPPY BIRSDAYYYYYY BIJ!IN FACT, I'ma keep it real: I was planning on starting my second playthrough of The Last of Us this weekend, but I… @hadstclair Wine!!Okay. Nier: A is SO good. I am WAY into it. Next strim is at 10am ET tomorrow (Friday)! Can't wait to find out more of the story. @cackatk You can def still wear it!! Now I'll just have an idea of what it might mean :D
Back again for more Nier: Automata. I think it's pretty dece so far and want to really get into the story!… dork is goin’ BLADIN @AznSensation27 You are literal sunshineWho out there is new to gaming and not sure how to get started? I’ll show you what to play (and how to play) during… @EscoBlades Oh my GOD YEP @thatnerdviolet Damn! I’m loving it so far. @rolonavirus That’s so dope!Excuse me NONE OF YOU told me Simon Pegg was in The Boys Now I’m even more hooked
@DomesticDan 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @DomesticDan poppin over real quick @OneIllAnimator @SamSantala @ATablestory I teared up a lot.Sharing this PHENOMENAL commission by @SamSantala... My lovely AUTUMN BRADBURY from GONE! Thank you Sam! If you'…🔴 I have a dragon. I am a dragon owner. ⭐: @buffwoto @JonsandmanTv @ElspethEastman with special guest @Mythematic
Retweeted by ElspethOh hey! G'mornin, I'm live and playing The Inner Friend today. Should be full of creepies. Come on in. but this is where my brain goes @BloodyfasterTV OUSTANDING SO PROUD OF YOU 😤❤️
LIVE NOW for some MAYRIO KART with the community! Let's RACE! Teeeee Passss.'all 7-layer bars are these and they're magic:
@DominicShayler I believe so, they opened a ton of stuff last week. My Mom, sister and I have been in voluntary iso… calls. "We're having a grill-out, and we made potato salad and seven-layer bars! Wanna come over?" My hungry… MADE ONE, Y'ALL. You're welcome. @yuuietv Oh lord 😑 @iFooYa I’m just gonna throw in a “Please dear god don’t” real quick @DomesticDan Mood 24/7 but with chocolate chip cookies @Deks37 @ZachWigal @mccsicecream Eureka was my third choice!! @ZachWigal @mccsicecream How exciting! Those two I mentioned look the most enticing for sure. 😄Hey friends... I'm giving away... FREE ICE CREAM! 🍦 I want to send you two pints of 🍨 from my favorite spot,…
Retweeted by Elspeth @ZachWigal @mccsicecream I... wait really? Oh my god. I might be crying a little at the possibility, these flavors…
Dress Sunday. First dress from a viewer 🥰 thank you
Retweeted by ElspethIt might be raining outside but I’m basking in the stream lights today for @yuuietv’s Dress Sunday! ☀️ Live with… I let a fly into my house and he's a slow mover and I still can't swat him, CON FLAB IT @mneelzy @BCEFA What an absolute gem of a human, thank you for thisI need to learn how to use zoom!
Retweeted by Elspeth @SalsmanPatrick I always crave pregnancy food, man. Pickles, ice cream, licorice, oysters, tomato juice. My cravings are weird.T-10 #KeepPlaying
Retweeted by ElspethInstead of Taco Bell, I had a peanut butter sandwich, almonds, grapes, and pickles. @Henderson1983 Same, every damn day.
I’m playing Total War! Wooooooh hey we live again! Bring your coffee. :D @Lowco2525 The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch. Best book I've read in a long time, gave me chills. @Lil_Lexi @Lowco2525 @Classypax that's adorable!! Happy birthday Classy :D @APropellantYarn SO TRUUUUUUEEBeep boop I'm live TONIGHT WE FINISH "SOMEDAY YOU'LL RETURN" I SWEAR TO GOD @waffles634_aldo thank you :3Beep boop live soon
A lot of people tell us we don’t promote our own stuff enough. So here’s us promoting our RPG podcast…
Retweeted by Elspeth @RynnOfficial NUUUU IM SORRY
Can we just finish this flibbity jibbin' spooky game, IT'S GONE ON FOR LIKE 40 HOURS NOW! WHEN WILL IT END?!… @witchytwitchytv @AllyRaeven Let’s start a Twitch roller derby! @BikeMan They make me feel badass! I can’t wait to get proper protective gear and head out into the world with em 😭For those curious, here's the Amazon link!: @theRhiannon Yes! I was just about to post where I got em: @WishfuiiyTV They’re on the way! @JulietRascon Thank you!! I wasn’t expecting these until like June and somehow they must have found an extra pair. Super slick.THEY LIGHT UP YOOOO roller blades arrived! 😍 to level-up your gaming space? @Xfinity xFi is a must-have, but come stop by and let’s talk about how else y…'s a "smash-the-patriarchy-while-listening-to-Enya" kinda day @AustenMarieTV @JustinMcElroy Did you know that Chuck E. Cheese’s lore starts with him being raised in orphanages a…
@LadyDevann that frisbee happiness is too pure 😭 @Strippin OMG @dexbonus FANTASTIC JOB! I'm tossin a proverbial coin your way. @DomesticDan HEARD THAT. The amount of "Why did you cut your hair, it was so beautiful!" that I get is TOO. DAMN. HIGH.🔴I don't even know how I got here... ⭐: @buffwoto @JonsandmanTv @ElspethEastman with special guest @Ezekiel_III &…
Retweeted by Elspethgood morning to everyone except my neighbor's dog that has been barking since yesterday @AznSensation27 @Immortals @FaZeClan @TeamLiquid @T1 They better if they know what’s good for em 😤