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@EmilyJFajardo @AmberLeeConnors @OriginalPSP LOOOL what is in the political water today, I can't handle itFolks issa meme, that's all. I promise I'm not this ghastly level of self-congratulatory JUST yet @SapphireSuniver Thank you, thank youJust out: MY TWITCH SUBS AT THE HIGHEST POINT EVER, EVER, EVER! How about saying it this way, IN THE HISTORY OF TWI… @littlesiha Take care of you, fam ❤️ @TurboGurbo No @BrightWasTaken Say ten Hail Mary's and atone for your sinsI don't trust people who like covers of AfricaI will be out of office until the 20th, working on secret things, and I am INCREDIBLY excited. See you all Sunday. @TyrikDedrick LMAOOOO I don't know why this made me laugh so hard
IT IS TIME FOR KOMMUNITY KART. COME RACE WITH US. ASSIMILATE. on a lovely October hike with my mom and our pups... Cleo's first time off the leash and she did so well! She…, let's finish #LostInVivo maybe! off the internet forever bye @ArgoWizbang The TECHNIQUE @BloodyfasterTV And I YOU 🥰🥰🥰 @bobdunga92 MA'AM BACK AT YA @bluejay_712 ARE YOU SAYING THIS IS NOT GOOD
Some of you have asked for my streaming makeup routine.... so I made this quick and easy-to-follow tutorial! USING… @CannibalQueen21 give him squeezies for me!! @Xlll_Wolf what's fortnite?Weird. I can't access certain vods right now on Twitch, including my own. @cheidick @honeychild1229 As a Midwesterner, I'd like to know why you weren't dipping your Oreos in ranch @ElCid_Tweets where's my plaque for the kitchen that says "Coffee is life" @BigGiantCircles @tha_rami "Helen I've just had a Jimmy of a time tonight. My car is parked about two Jimmies back,… @JonsandmanTv @TheHunterWildTV Yo confirmed Jon has had secswe asked @Dogss to name all the straw hats from memory and we got: luffy robin zorro the cook guy...steve boneguy…
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@thundergaming @CONEY @Arisdael @VGBC_GimR @ThePhenomenalEE @LiquidHbox this is disturbing @barkingdero @RollPlay @skinnyghost WOAH! He's a badass! Thank you, I love your take on him 😍Fanart of Johnny Collins @ElspethEastman from @RollPlay #FarVerona #TTRPG #Liveplay GM by @skinnyghost
Retweeted by Elspeth Eastman @BloodyfasterTV U SO COZY AND CUTE WAAJHHHJJHGJH @Ch00kin[LIVE] What's this? Far Verona two Saturday's in a row? We'll I'll be... Let's get to space! w/ @djWHEAT
Retweeted by Elspeth Eastman @zookdook legend @SourKoolaidShow Hey bud how's about a knuckle sandwich eh?? PUT EM UPIn just over an hour take to the stars in an all new @RollPlay Far Verona 1PM ET! @ElspethEastman @djWHEAT
Retweeted by Elspeth Eastman @SpectreKilo @firstwefeast Yes please @LilyPichu Oh god I was thinking about it too but nightmares maybe 😖Hey are you today's date Cuz you're a 10/12 You have spinach in your teeth and your pants could use an iron @Pokket Wait til you see my power tools @G211Triple @LogitechG o7 @MonSwanson @LogitechG Aw shucks - thank you! :DSwitching to Lost In Vivo! STREAM with sum SPOOKS #DeliverUsTheMoon #LostInVivo I'm gonna be on for awhile, drinkin' KOMBUCHA and gettin… @sodakite @LogitechG NAY THEEThe cap backwards, with equally vacant but somehow pensive stare 🤔😅 @Rokvir @LogitechG fam at @LogitechG coming through with the 🔥 hero jacket and cap 😍 Thanks for the sweet gear! #LogitechGPartner
Stream schedule this evening: - Deliver Us The Moon - Lost In Vivo I think that'll about do it for space/claustrophobia folks 😚We have a weekend of @RollPlay upon us! Starting with an all new Far Verona tomorrow 1PM ET @ElspethEastman
Retweeted by Elspeth EastmanBig thinkin' about moderating a dating chat show for @twitch viewers. Talking about how to date and what are good m…
Retweeted by Elspeth Eastman @BaerTaffy Follow me bud, I know a place @DomesticDan DAPPER DAN @JayViperTV Agreed, and I am livid for her. I don't know what blind system decided this. @woofpickle Nah. Stuff is discussed more openly on social media now than it was years back, but to me it's always b… @OMENbyHP @CupAhNoodle @marykateives @MajinTaj @ellektrikk @witchytwitchytv @EvilToaster @RegisKillbin @HoloArigato All these people = ❤️
WOOPS forgot to tweet! Moon's haunted. We're live. #DeliverUsTheMoon @aureylian Yes, and I miss having it on my PS4 :( @EvanneElizabeth Ee hee heeI wanna play a scary game but I've played preeeeeetty much all of 'em already. Suggestions? I love indie horror wit… @OJessicaNigri @MartinWongPhoto @starpyrate @ZachFischer @aconsultingmind @LadyBlazey @firecatrich THIS IS AMAZING WHAAAAAAT @MerryKish Scuse me! This is my list too WTF. 🤔😅 @LyleRath Boo you suckSnapshot from Snapchat by one Mr. @BrightWasTaken 🥰
@ThePinknesss What a lovable BUBBO ❤️ @JJRamplin Happy puppo! @CletusBueford Bella is perfect, please give her boops for me😃 @ElegyofGames You take care of you, mister.
Well, we're playing a game that KFC made. That's all I got. #KFCDatingGame but only for frozen pizza DiGiornHub @RetroGaijin @BobRossOfficial Yo what the fuckHey it's 4am time to sleep! Brain: ...r-read more Junji ItoWent to see Joker. I recommend; good stuff.Elspeth & Doog60 New emote?
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Welp, internet's being largely unstable tonight after a few test streams - I'll be on tomorrow (hopefully!) with th… @HeyitsDwang @TwitchPluto @FireDragon BUHHH 😭❤️ @TheMavShow @ImSarahDaniels @cgbarrett @HayliNic @MrsDrLupo @JustSeum 🐍🐍🐍💚💚💚 @ArgoWizbang Well hell. I've become the predictable uncle. LOVE YOU DUDE. 🤣Everyone has that one person that always hangs around you and won't go away and ends up making everything feel like…
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Hi, we're drinking and playing #SOMA with @BrightWasTaken for his first time. This should be good for the SUNDAY SC… @CrReaM Idk why I thought your grill had a piano on it @Lil_Lexi I'm here for you Ą̵̡̧̬̫̟̥̰͈͊̽̚͝ļ̴̡̜̮̼͉̀̋͌̒͋͒̕͘͝w̵̛̦̅̋͆̀͗̈͂̌͘a̵̩̞͗̉̆̇̌͛ȳ̴̡̛̮͇̊̅̈̓̀͌͜s̸͉̖̣̈́̇̄̔̀́… @GubbaTV Omg thank you @cmcbrinn Thank you! 😚
@rudeism Same with me, wtf is wrong with honk @GoldGloveTV das a good boboI keep on saying that @ElspethEastman is the Audrey Hepburn of Twitch.
Retweeted by Elspeth EastmanWe're dual streaming this! Come hang with your favorite space crew 😊 @TheHunterWildTV Well shit. Now I gotta see it. @VernNotice Mornin Verb!!Join us tomorrow for an all new @RollPlay Far Verona 1PM ET! Do it for the keeeds! @ElspethEastman @djWHEAT
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COMMUNITY KART with @BrightWasTaken! Come race with us. Live now! :D #MarioKart8Deluxe
Got a lot to do tonight off-stream, folks - I'm running on 2.5 hours of sleep and I may fall asleep if I attempt ca… already being well aware of @ElspethEastman's new profile pic it *still* left me unsettled when she switched t…
Retweeted by Elspeth Eastman @SonnyPsydup Bro you don't understand how hard I choke-laughed at this wordingI just looked up the history of the word sandwich because my life is a nonstop adrenaline fueled stunt festival and…
Retweeted by Elspeth Eastman @Tarfu Huge compliment considering the thousands of mega-hot people there, but thank you!