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A multiple Grammy-winning legend and flamboyant superstar, Elton is the most enduringly successful singer/songwriter of his generation.

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Tonight. . . #EltonFarewellTour stops on Long Island 🎶⁣ ⁣ 🚪| 7PM⁣ 🎤| 8PM
Retweeted by Elton JohnTracks today on Elton's #RocketHour from @thebigmoon @honeymooncie @RayBLK_ @yvesv ft. @afrojack @TheHuOfficial +…'re fresh, they're original and they're on the #RocketHour today, as Elton welcomes @TheHuOfficial to his show!…
This is it, the final American #EltonFarewellTour show of 2019 🇺🇸 Make it a night to remember, @NYCBLive! 📷: Ben G… life will never be the same again. Thank you so much for being such a gift to this world, Elton. Even generati…
Retweeted by Elton JohnJust got home from the Elton John concert and it was amazing! Truly one of the greatest musicians ever!…
Retweeted by Elton JohnI mean, I want to live in this moment forever. What an absolute delight! #EltonFarewellTour
Retweeted by Elton JohnSir Elton John at the @tdgarden! Incredible. #EltonFarewellTour @eltonofficial
Retweeted by Elton JohnAmazing show, @eltonofficial! Thank you for an unforgettable evening🎶
Retweeted by Elton JohnWatch @grahnort interview Elton in a world exclusive @BBCOne special to discuss his extraordinary life and career 🚀… brilliant night in Boston with the #EltonFarewellTour 🌟🇺🇸🌟 Thank you to everyone at @tdgarden! 📷: Ben Gibson on #RocketHour this week from @honeymooncie @ColdWarKids @AngelOlsen @Hot_Chip @RobertPlant + more at 9am L… can't wait to introduce one of the freshest bands out there as he welcomes @TheHuOfficial to the #RocketHour!… you @eltonofficial, this is amazing 🚀 elton is playing ‘Should’ve Been You’ on his #RocketHour today at 5pm o…
Retweeted by Elton JohnTonight, we say farewell to @eltonofficial with a show that will be unforgettable. Reminder, there is no opening…
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Time for @tdgarden to enjoy the #EltonFarewellTour 🙌 Have a brilliant show, Boston! ✨ 📷: Ben Gibson is very cool indeed. Thanks @eltonofficial
Retweeted by Elton JohnListen to the latest tracks #EltonLoves every #NewMusicFriday with his playlist, which includes @wearetwinxl -… Beautiful. Rockin. @eltonofficial live at @PPGPaintsArena in #Pittsburgh w/ Mom! #EltonFarewellTour
Retweeted by Elton John6 months of work and over 10,000 rhinestones later, I’m so happy with how my jacket came out for @eltonofficial las…
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I love you @eltonofficial , thank you for the best show of my life in Pittsburgh last night 💘🚀 #EltonFarewellTour
Retweeted by Elton John& this one’s for you 🎶 i got to experience the #EltonFarewellTour with my new elton/bernie tattoo. 🥺❤️🎵 my biggest…
Retweeted by Elton JohnTaking in that perfect crowd at @PPGPaintsArena. Thank you, Pittsburgh! 🇺🇸👏 #EltonFarewellTour 📷: Ben Gibson North American shows have been added to the #EltonFarewellTour through 2020! @AmericanExpress Card Members get…, an extra #EltonFarewellTour show at the @Tele2Arena just announced and on sale! 🇸🇪 Tickets at:…
Ready to party, @PPGPaintsArena? 🎊 The #EltonFarewellTour is in Pittsburgh today! 🇺🇸✨ 📷: Ben Gibson't miss out on the chance to win tickets to An Evening with Elton at the London @EventimApollo! Enter our compet… & Canada, the #EltonFarewellTour is headed your way with 24 NEW SHOWS! 🇺🇸🇨🇦 Don't miss getting tickets with the… so great hanging with @eltonofficial last night, still can’t believe he asked me to be on Bennie and the jets f…
Retweeted by Elton JohnAnd you can tell everybody...but you’d have to be quick. Tickets for @eltonofficial's signing at @WaterstonesPicc
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This one's for you. To mark the release of his new memoir Me, @eltonofficial will be signing copies of the book at…
Retweeted by Elton JohnCollege visit and then Elton John Concert! Great 50th birthday present from my daughters! @eltonofficial
Retweeted by Elton JohnIt’s something about the way you look tonight ❤️🤩✨🎹 A MILLION THANK YOUS for last night, and the MANY concert memo…
Retweeted by Elton Johncan’t believe i saw the one and only sir elton john last night with my bb🥰💗 #EltonFarewellTour
Retweeted by Elton JohnElton John has always been one of my favorite artists and seeing him live was a dream come true❤️!! Thank you for a…
Retweeted by Elton JohnAn amazing #EltonFarewellTour audience at @RMFieldHouse last night, which also included @Logic301! ✌️ 📷: Ben Gibson will be signing copies of his autobiography at @WaterstonesPicc in London on November 20th! Get…
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 🎶 We can’t wait for you to check out our @eltonofficial themed Power Portal, a fully-im…
Retweeted by Elton JohnCould there be a more fitting venue for the #EltonFarewellTour? The Rocket Man comes to Rocket @RMFieldHouse tonigh… will be appearing in conversation with fellow author and lifelong fan @davidwalliams at the @EventimApollo Lo… tickets for the Finland, Norway and Sweden shows are on sale NOW! Gets yours at… left a lot of feathers and a little bit of my heart in Philly ♥️ Dream come true ♥️ #EltonFarewellTour
Retweeted by Elton JohnFirst concert with my dad, thank you for making it a memorable one @eltonofficial #EltonFarewellTour
Retweeted by Elton JohnA dream came true last night at the @WellsFargoCtr for #EltonFarewellTour words cannot express how full my heart an…
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a rainbow magically appearing indoors as confetti is falling is the most fitting way to end an elton john concert…
Retweeted by Elton JohnReady for sir Elton John #EltonFarewellTour
Retweeted by Elton JohnThank you, Elton John, for giving Philadelphia live music memories that will last a lifetime. #EltonFarewellTour 🤩
Retweeted by Elton JohnA perfect weekend in Philadelphia ✨ Thank you to everyone who came along to the #EltonFarewellTour @WellsFargoCtr s… birthday to our Rocketman, Taron Egerton!
Retweeted by Elton JohnPlayed today on Elton's #RocketHour @broken_bells @lizzo @Ritontime @wearetwinxl @Wilco + more at 6pm LA / 9pm NY… is making a date to go see Rammstein in concert! ⚡ Tap into #RocketHour today to hear @RSprachrohr's 'Deutsch…
Attending Elton John’s final concert at Wells Fargo Center? Be sure to take your picture with this legendary banner…
Retweeted by Elton JohnThe party in Philadelphia continues with #EltonFarewellTour Show 2️⃣ at @WellsFargoCtr this evening. 🎹 📷: Ben Gibs… his #RocketHour today, Elton will be playing some @anotherskymusic @lizzo @shaedband @broken_bells may have been late discovering their music but Elton is loving Rammstein now! He'll play the latest @RSprachrohr
It's a weekend in Philadelphia for the #EltonFarewellTour, with the first @WellsFargoCtr kicking off tonight! 🙌🇺🇸… #EltonFarewellTour arrives in Australia in just 20 DAYS! 🇦🇺✨ Don't miss out, grab your tickets now 👉… joined Steve Wright on @BBCRadio2 today to discuss his official autobiography. Listen to their #EltonJohnBook be late but always be stylish with these new #Bamford watches ⌚🚀 Capturing the character and history of Elton… is here and so are fresh tracks on #EltonLoves! 🎶 Added to the playlist @mura_masa_ w/ @Clairo - '… was nothing short of amazing and electrifying! @WesleyXRobinson spoke with fans to catch all of t…
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Sometimes magic happens twice. Thank you @eltonofficial! 💖 #EltonFarewellTour #SpectrumCenterCLT @spectrumcenter
Retweeted by Elton JohnI have an awesome time at the concert in Charlotte, NC w/ my mom! @eltonofficial the most amazing & magical concert…
Retweeted by Elton JohnAmazing cake by @WowFactorCakes! #SpectrumCenterCLT
Retweeted by Elton JohnFans are very excited to see @eltonofficial! #SpectrumCenterCLT
Retweeted by Elton John
Almost showtime, @spectrumcenter! The #EltonFarewellTour comes to Charlotte in North Carolina tonight 🇺🇸✨ 📷: Ben G… up the latest @RollingStone to read Elton's musician on musician chat with @LanaDelRey 🎹🎶 You can also read th…
@eltonofficial #EltonFarewellTour I’m just returning from the show in Tampa,FL & I honestly can’t put into words ho…
Retweeted by Elton JohnThe best concert ever !! #EltonFarewellTour #EltonJohn
Retweeted by Elton JohnThank you, @AmalieArena 🙌 An amazing Tampa audience for the #EltonFarewellTour last night. 📷: Ben Gibson does Elton think will surprise readers the most in his autobiography? Click the button to unlock an…
It's almost time for the #EltonFarewellTour, @AmalieArena. See you later tonight for lift off! 🚀🇺🇸 📷: Ben Gibson went from Cha-Cha to Crocodile Rock with this epic Elton dance number last night! 💃🐊🕺 are no words to describe the #EltonFarewellTour except just purely amazing!! By far the best night someone co…
Retweeted by Elton JohnWaiting for Sir Elton John. #EltonFarewellTour
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March 31, 2019-convo in SE Missouri: 19 yo: “Mom-for my 20th birthday weekend, can we go see @eltonofficial in ATL…
Retweeted by Elton JohnOne of the greatest performances in our lifetime @eltonofficial just rocked the @StateFarmArena tonight…
Retweeted by Elton JohnAn amazing #EltonFarewellTour weekend in Atlanta! Thanks to everyone who came along to the two @StateFarmArena show… into #RocketHour today to hear @TemplesOfficial @MarikaHackman @TINARIWEN @tonesandimusic + more at 6pm LA /…'ll absolutely 'Sing Along' to this great @SimpsonSturgill song, which Elton is playing today on his #RocketHour
A literal dream. Elton Hercules John. Everything I thought it would be and more.❤️ @eltonofficial #EltonFarewellTour
Retweeted by Elton JohnAmazing #EltonFarewellTour at @StateFarmArena last night. @eltonofficial never ever disappoints and has never been…
Retweeted by Elton JohnLast night at @StateFarmArena we celebrated TWO MILLION FANS coming to see the #EltonFarewellTour, giving this luck… #RocketHour today, you'll be hearing @mahalia @warandtreaty @DardanRegard @LilNasX + more at 9am LA / 12pm NY… wonderfully mixed bag of music awaits on #RocketHour - join Elton as he plays it all on his show today! 🔊 9am LA…
REMEMBER! Tonight's @eltonofficial show begins at 8 p.m., and there is NO opener! Make sure you get there EARLY!
Retweeted by Elton JohnTonight is an extra special show, as this @StateFarmArena date means TWO MILLION FANS will have seen the… latest #EltonFarewellTour USA shows have just gone on-sale! 🇺🇸 Get your tickets at:!
Retweeted by Elton JohnFresh tracks have just been added onto the #EltonLoves playlist for #NewMusicFriday! 🎶 Check out @ThisIsPVRIS - 'H… @eltonofficial When Elton John shows up at school for Halloween!! 🎃
Retweeted by Elton John @eltonofficial wanted to show what an impact Elton John has made in my 12 year old sons life! Not only does he want…
Retweeted by Elton JohnI’m still standing. Happy Halloween, @eltonofficial! 🎃⚾️
Retweeted by Elton John @eltonofficial Happy Halloween!!!
Retweeted by Elton JohnMore from our @eltonofficial TOMMY pics on streets of Brooklyn for #HALLOWEEN
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@eltonofficial Crocodile rocking in Brazil! Feliz Halloween! 🎹🎶⭐
Retweeted by Elton John @eltonofficial @HSHQ @Harry_Styles LOVE BOTH ELTON AND HARRY WITH ALL MY HEART ❤️ Happy Halloween!
Retweeted by Elton JohnHappy Halloween 🎃 My 11 year old daughter is obsessed with Rocketman and all things Elton John. This costume has be…
Retweeted by Elton JohnBABY ELTON JOHN 😍What a Halloween costume! This baby girl is a doppelganger for @eltonofficial.🎹💕
Retweeted by Elton JohnHappy Halloween @eltonofficial 🧡🚀
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