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Ely Lucas @elylucas Denver, CO

Husband, father, and Software Dev in Denver, CO. Software Engineer & Dev Advocate @ionicframework. Strong opinions loosely held. Be cool and prop others up.

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@ClaudioTrains @joshuamorony It’s probably too easy to get naive code running in Ionic 😂. Great post josh!One of the cooler photos I’ve taken. Mt Rainer through a plane window ✈️'m pretty excited to share that we're adding another Developer Advocate to my team at @Ionicframework ! Want to…
Retweeted by Ely LucasGet your group in on our 3rd annual #ReactUnited event! Accessibility & UX Design with ReactJS groups from all ove…
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I printed my own yard sign
Retweeted by Ely Lucas @ryanlanciaux I bought an unlocked iPhone from Apple store once and they activated it thereIt’s pronounced GinaI take full responsibility, but it’s not my fault
@JustinNoelDev Mostly just smoke and grieving for those that are affected. The fires won’t get close to the homePictures from #coloradowildfires taken from my home last Saturday @danbucholtz Do you think that would also alter the salaries since they don't have to account for bay area cost of living? @maxlynch Nice! What have you been doing? I just went upstairs to grab a piece of fruit and came down with a coupl… @shanselman @NathanFillion Does seem too young, but maybe thats because i only played the later uncharted gamesI reached a new level of cool 😎 @FilishaShah @code @paranoidcoder We were going through some architecture design decisions around @useappflow, and… new partnership announced, Pepsi Center will be known as Ball Arena. “It is with great pride that we introduce…
Retweeted by Ely LucasNew name. New future. Same memories. #BallArena #GoAvsGo
Retweeted by Ely LucasWow, as hard as it will be to stop calling it Pepsi Center, this is super exciting! Great to have local connections… for @Angular, @reactjs, and @vuejs with @nrwl_io 's NX on RealTalk Javascript episode #106 with gue…
Retweeted by Ely Lucas @pteheard Yes
Today @ionicframework powers apps for Burger King, Amtrak and a lot more...but we need help! We're hiring iOS and…
Retweeted by Ely LucasSponsored site ads are slimy and so are the sites that use them. I'm floored at how many local and national news sites resort to using them.Just used @code's live share feature for the first time with @paranoidcoder and it was super cool! Its one of those… you ❤️ VS Code? Get ready to enjoy it even more when you read about using the REST Client plugin to make API cal…
Retweeted by Ely LucasPeople of color open up about the racial harassment in the online gaming community. @TJHolmes reports on racism and…
Retweeted by Ely LucasWant to learn a bit about @nestframework? 😺 I had to the pleasure to chat about it with @AlyssaNicoll @gregmarine on the story about http status code 418: I'm a Teapot? Look no further! Enjoy 🍵! @gregmarine so disturbing 🤣 @stolinski It does make me wonder why the rest of the country has such a hard time with it
@jthoms1 @wesbos I will usually keep it inferred unless I need to make damn sure the return type doesn’t accidental… Chromium Edge PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) to the Microsoft Store by @Justinwillis96
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@SantoshYadavDev Congrats! @ladyleet @_jayphelps @BenLesh @manekinekko
@DavidKPiano ProgressAnd now Boulder is on fire 😞 @jthoms1 No only digital products used in the app do @spences10 The Dark Theme
I think at this point the NFL should just shut down until they can figure this shit out.More programming fun 😋 I coded this UI in just 3 hours 😲👀 Hint: @Ionicframework
Retweeted by Ely Lucas @fm3ndoza @Ionicframework Nice work! @jerrynixon actually @CorvusAndronic1 @giocalitri oh holy crap its actually called space force! thanks! @jerrynixon yep, @giocalitri the real name of it is space command just found out Space Force is a real thing, and its here in Colorado
@nicknisi No, think it was a combo of mics and hdmi to usb converters
Retweeted by Ely Lucas @nicknisi I had similar problems and *think I nailed it down to my usb c hub, and a device pulling too much power f… @mattbonig i just watched train pornChecking out Implementing Push Notifications with Capacitor with @ClaudioTrains from the @ionicphilly meetup!
@drosenwasser Pre 1.4 was tough. Once the correct knobs were in place to control how much TS yells at you it got much better @samjulien @Auth0Ambassador @twilio @cloudinary Did you get MS MVP on the list? Probably more similar to GDE than the others
@wesgrimes @jthoms1 i got a 10X Max and will probably get the 12 pro max. The features I'm most excited about actua… Vue RC2 is out! This release brings big stability improvements to apps using tabs, modals, and popovers. Get…
Retweeted by Ely Lucas @jthoms1 5G? more like 5C(orona) amirite?Digging the new screensaver feature in latest streamdeck software @stubbornella except the number of days farris bueller missed @wesgrimes pretty STICK you mean. Like it sticks, to metal things. Get it?Mobile phone antenna technology will impress me when you can walk into a Target and still have a signal @JustinNoelDev Thx for the reminder to start up Xcode every once in awhile 🤣 @pniedri @reactlibraries @stolinski awesome artist with a studio here in Denver (though not sure if it’s open right…
Nice to be able to go for a walk and see the mountains and not have it smell like a camp fire all the time home Twitter you drunk @webdad3 congrats! @walkingriver lets throw a triple negative in there: "discouraging residents to forego un-traditional door-to-door… @walkingriver heh, thats how I read it, but doubt that was their intent @jk_powerup
Not even going to watch the clips of Daks injury @TroyRenck Love the philosophy but the situation is still BS. Hope this motivates the Broncos to just smash them next week.
@jthoms1 nice, about time @OFranklin74 congrats big o! @willklein_ Nothing set in stone, but dev advocates are typically a role in a dev rel org, along with evangelists,… @JoshuaKGoldberg @jthoms1 Omit<Everyone, 'josh'> @jthoms1 wha? What did I say? @KClarkADSTech @Ionicframework I discovered that using Prompt was cleaner than the initial one I sent you @puf @jeffposnick @_davideast This one is 🔥 @walkingriver Did you think maybe its them, not you?Ever fill out an important form and lose it accidentally navigating away from it? 😱 Don't let that happen to your…
Just had a fly land on my head and now I'm contemplating life decisions @KClarkADSTech @Ionicframework Heres a quick demo using the mechanism from react router to block routing when you n…, “it’s over go home”I’d like to think the fly was feeding him his linesI started late. Trying to stay on to see the fly.
hate it when the chrome dev tools just decide they won't hit your break points in react appsAnyone released an @Ionicframework app lately (or just has one inside the store)? Looking for new apps to review on…
Retweeted by Ely Lucas @nicknisi @typescript They are pretty generic and don't have much class @KClarkADSTech @Ionicframework to clarify, are you talking about the hardware back button or the IonBackButton? @SpilledMilkCOM Heh ya I caught up last week and have had to wait @XJustified @Kahjahkins If cyberpunk were to get delayed again, yes fans would get upset and complain on social med… @Kahjahkins When the next WoW expansion got delayed, most fans I saw were accepting and glad they were taking the extra time @SpilledMilkCOM Ya there’s still one more left. This seasons been great tho
@mattbonig k, i got IRepositoryBase then @mattbonig wait wut? Is that really what its about? @KClarkADSTech k, let me check. I kinda remember fixing an issue around that, but don't recall the implementation off hand, gotta find it. @KClarkADSTech @Ionicframework in react?People be prepping for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month in November), and I'm like, damn its still March @marktechson Wait for it @marktechson What... are you waiting for?