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Elytron Frass @Elytron_Frass Under the Shadow

Pseudonymous author & collage artist of Liber Exuvia (@gnOmebooks) All other publications are free to read/view here:

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@great_old_ones_ 🙏below: my new hybrid essay about the Alt Economy of Inner Night (about 1800 words; speculating on artists' pacts w… split, fallen fruit (2017)
Retweeted by Elytron FrassA thought on antagonistic forces in supernatural horror: The only time you should take off their mask is when what'…
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"If it exists, it would form a bubble of reality nestling within the fabric of space and time alongside our own fam…
Retweeted by Elytron Frasscoming soon CONCUSSION PROTOCOLS by Richard Makin #alienism
Retweeted by Elytron FrassThis month: Smell Of Us by J. Kimchi Bald by P. Green 38 Geary b…
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Home Discomforts Images I created for the unsettling short story gem 'Monster in a Box', to be found in the (high…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassHaute Magie ii @Etoilegazer @Iheartnoise Goat of MendesHaute Magie on Ritual #1
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @ClarkKrendel this is not my enterprise, and I am firmly against solutions of any kind.
Michael Quint interrupts your Saturday with “BUYING A GUN BEFORE THE CLIMATE CRISIS,” three poems about research ch…
Retweeted by Elytron Frassit just goes on & on. sometimes as a reader i wish that more contemporary writers were attuned to & drew on the ric…
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @jsief Those animations were done by David Firth. He has a feature length animated anthology film called Umbilical World worth seeingcompletely enthralled by Daman Packard's DAWN OF AN EVIL MILLENIUM (starts at 4:58). an utterly batshit, no-budget…
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @RobertKloss 👀 @HalPeppercorn @BRYeager Need to see this one. Fatal Pulse is the one I like most (thus far) @SongsofMaldoror redefining the "date film"the 1st is an interconnected anthology, so the sequel possibilities are limitless. Such a depraved/gross-out gem, w… Hour by Michael Zichy
Retweeted by Elytron Frass the 2017 feature film Kuso, directed by Flying Lotus (Steve Ellison) @sirenmusing The textures & colors really come together here. @Elytron_Frass last week’s wild encounter:
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"Evil Against Evil "
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"To exist in society is already an act of masochism, and masochism is equivalent to genius in the sense that great…
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Desperation feeds. Like a hungry ghost with a bigger mouth. #Inktober2019 #inktoberday18
Retweeted by Elytron FrassA demon fishing for souls, detail of an illustration from a prose adaptation of Pèlerinage de la vie humaine by Gui…
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"To place in opposition the limitless violence of crime and the limitless violence of beauty..." Working on an ess…
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @DurbanMoffer 🙏Since I've received and finished Liber Exuvia by @Elytron_Frass I've been inundated with arthropods & humbled green…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassGRASS LABYRINTH (Terayama, 1979)
Retweeted by Elytron Frassand vice versa
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @ClarkKrendel !!! nice cauldronall known races of edible pill incite such placebos // raise the false flags of waking states eyes are vestigial…
to the Devil of Whirlwinds who breathes in all matter all life and all that this matters into itself for fulfillmen…
Retweeted by Elytron Frassontologiavore ii Hat Man: A Shared Shadow Phenomenon #paranormal #shadowpeople
Retweeted by Elytron Frass#iread BLACK HOLE #comics by #CharlesBurns cloying dark metamorphoses & epidemic venereal adulthood
Retweeted by Elytron FrassOctober always makes me think of meteorological sorcery. Romanian meteorological mythology has some very interestin…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassExcerpt from my new book Twin Ship Tao // thanks a lot @SURFACEScx
Retweeted by Elytron FrassThe Twin Ship Tao book will be released in late October. Its first presentation will take place on 6/11 in Prague /…
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @meta_nomad @qdnoktsqfr Only write after 3-4 days of self imposed sleep deprivation. Incapable under less stressed… Bleckner, 1987
Retweeted by Elytron Frasshe reckoned that solitude had its advantages, that to mull over old memories and recount idle gossip to oneself was…
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @Skhellter never wanted/needed it tbh prefer he stick to doing original period piece horror @Elytron_Frass old journal page:
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @ClarkKrendel or: Do insects dream of an iridescent kant? 🕳"time is an abyss profound as a thousand nights" -Nosferatu the Vampyre (Herzog, 1979)
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"No mouth, no stomach, no eyes, yet it can detect food and digest it. The blob also has almost 720 sexes, can move…
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This Last Night in Sodom is as close to perfection as one can attain through poetry paired alongside music
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"The Door always swings inward, for that is what I’ve been told in the past, the distant past, by those people who… textbomb by @trefryesque is virulent @trefryesque So gud👇*swipes right*
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"TORCH ME TORCH ME TORCH ME" Mika Hrejsa's paean to demonfucking. (@tokyo_vamp)
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witnessed the predacious face of god in a tuft of cat hair follicles Company of Men Hand-cut collage #collage #teeth #symmetry
Retweeted by Elytron FrassCheck out Ron Athey, Guest Editor from @thisisunbound:
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"community that is virtual from the mandated message community virtual corpse virtualized on the internet is a noto… @ExpatLitJ 🤘🏻 @theehuntingdog nice Legba veve
The opposition of terror and horror “depends on the visibility of an object: with something to apprehend, the imagi…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassAphonic Space
Retweeted by Elytron FrassKeywords: horror, John Portman, astral projection, United States, housekeeping practices, ritual sacrifice, Osiris,…
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @stephensunderla @_gobbet_ The Shout (1978) perfect film"Drink deep, or taste not, the plasma spring!" -Seth Brundle, The Fly (Cronenberg, 1986)
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"I live and die by the crystals." -Galaxy of Terror
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"Machines, women - and, if you like, demons - on the dark side of the screen, in a non-human (inhuman) excess of th… creepshots from PULVERIZATION for the curious. thinking abt doing a preorder or something to gauge interest in…
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The bird from blue velvet and the bat from suspiria must do battle in this long awaited spin off that pits the-
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"Every species can smell its own extinction. The last ones left won't have a pretty time of it. And in ten years, m… day 3 bait #Inktober #inktober2019day3
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @miggyangelpoet @dreamsofbeing_ I too was hovering over that button after reading the excerptsThe plot thickens when @Elytron_Frass's Alt Economy of Inner Night comes out @vastabrupt. Very soon.
Retweeted by Elytron Frass'Euderus set is known as a "hyper-manipulator"—a parasite that manipulates a parasite that manipulates a host.'
Retweeted by Elytron FrassŠUMx disccusions @ IFCA-Automated Ecologies 12 & 13 October, Maribor, Slovenia @thesumx @ekscest @AlienManifest
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Mercedes Roffé (tr by Judith Filc)
Retweeted by Elytron Frass“The horror of living and the horror of death are mirroring each other like in the Etruscan torture in which a livi…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassNew work exhibited at @modernagalerija, part of the #blackmarket series
Retweeted by Elytron FrassCyberpunkcrashhead
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"..Ambivalence in living or even wanting to is what makes my writing incoherent w in a particular range or ear shot…
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @chris_hunt0 @529_EAV 🤘Very thrilled to be opening for vatican shadow next thurs 10/17 at @529_EAV | my friend Zapah_lab will join to sce…
Retweeted by Elytron Frassdeep diving into NOT YET I-II by @ExpatLitJ this weekend
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Retweeted by Elytron FrassAd infinitum
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@garbagemagician @BRYeager Bladder of the ImmortalBallpoint pen & stickerz
Retweeted by Elytron FrassNEW ARTWORK OCTOBER 2019...
Retweeted by Elytron Frass – Being That the Artist, Snagged in the Undertow of Perpetual Treason Spawned Along his Eve…
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @gialloqueen Thoughts & prayers for Brundle-Fly never forget