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Elytron Frass @Elytron_Frass Under the Shadow

Author & collage artist of Liber Exuvia: For a selection of free-to-read publications:

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Hear TORRENT now:
Retweeted by Elytron Frass“And they will crawl toward me on the verdant blossoming moss, From the darkness, one by one, like springs from the…
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Alice Călugăru, THE SERPENTS Translated by Christina Tudor-Sideri (@dreamsofbeing_) “They come and stretch their…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassA Seamless Beast From Death, Desire, and Other Poisons (link to order in bio)
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taxonomythological confusion: composite of Drosophila/Ophelia Drosophlia, the drowned fly-maiden floats belly up,… can finally say that NEXT MONTH, we release Christina Tudor-Sideri's (@dreamsofbeing_ ) Under the Sign of the La…
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an excerpt from @JohannesGoranss's translation of Eva Kristina Olsson's The Angelgreen Sacrament is up at Folder th…
Retweeted by Elytron Frassfinding that you can't now but not realizing that you couldn't ever
Life is a death parasite.
Retweeted by Elytron Frassdecline on opportunities to record my work as audio. Not only a terrible speaker but an awful listener. Even the mo… @JohannesGoranss @foldermagazine Looking forward to this, congrats"The stage is a heavenly stairway; the angel is born, gooey and grasshopper-like, from the pupa, a perpetual motion…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassWe are so excited to welcome @deantoniparks and @chris_hunt0 to the Merigold family for their release of their mult…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassLeft: Maële, “The Neglected”, 1905. Right: Roland Topor “Tentative”, 1976. You can check out numerous other saucy i…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassDDT, Suehiro Maruo on Glandular cavities expose the funicular limitations of a taut body / realms reveren…
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click bait, 300 years dead on arrival @UdasNej both are as beautiful as the wet dream imolook at Hollywood films, televized & streaming media not as progressive successions of industry product tailored to… years of praying to the self-beheading mantis goddess, which my novel Liber Exuvia was dedicated to, I realiz…【胃NEWS】仏のアーチストnicolasによるミニ本シリーズPOOL OF TEARS、5冊UPしたばい。
Retweeted by Elytron Frass【胃NEWS】4年ぶり自主制作市場本「もう、帰らない」発刊!!そんで完全手作りZINE2冊もUPしたばい。どんぞよろしく。も少ししたら新オリジナルプリントTシャーツも出来るばい。
Retweeted by Elytron Frasswe are made in the broken images of iconsToday's top Demon comes from The Temptation of Saint Anthony, by Salvator Rosa (1645). Rosa was a Neapolitan painte…
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they can't read your book for free if it takes a horrific psychic toll
Retweeted by Elytron Frasstooling around in her guts powdering everything white mucosa-kissed extra long finger nail laced with anthrax & gypsumThe Games never end, those who believe otherwise do not know the corruption of Time. We are that corruption.
Retweeted by Elytron FrassEfigie Multiespecies
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Retweeted by Elytron Frassglitch gif i made called >KN33 SH1T D33P_
Retweeted by Elytron FrassNew Flash from Shane Jesse Christmass (@sjxsjc).
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I've been feverish and aching but when will they circle me? Fragale Thrall 2015 Ink on paper 5.5 x 8.5 in
Retweeted by Elytron FrassGive it to me
Retweeted by Elytron Frassunconscious driven/labyrinthine breath
Retweeted by Elytron FrassI’m grateful to share that my album TORRENT will soon be available digitally and as a super limited edition tape fe…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassOnly loners left alive
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Do you know the artist?
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@LiamMJones1994 Big Man Japan
Retweeted by Elytron FrassDoing an interview and virtual performance for @grimalkinmusic and @quietyear. Also there will be an interview with…
Retweeted by Elytron Frasscc @pay_nim @gnOmebooks @DurbanMoffer Not since mainstream corporations usurped the ability to label their contactors as artists @giantgio @__mryuk__ "Facts!!!"
we serve all we make, yet we masquerade as young gods to our subsOur second release today: 'The Sound of the Earth Turning' An album by #leap @praxivist666 & @no_michael_
Retweeted by Elytron Frass"they tore apart a venomous seadragon and shared it between kisses killing, cleaning, feasting, the ritual of fest…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassOur creators made a game and then we all within their game perceived ourselves as real @trefryesque I like that Shocking Dark is basically trash talking Greta Gareta blasting away at Space Jockey knockoffsthere's no shortage of institutionalized space to defect fromI don't think that you can listen to this first album enough! It's definitely influincing my art lol! #BlackMetal
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Retweeted by Elytron Frass @Perry_Ruh Miike's Dead or Alive opening tho?
Call for submissions for 'Plutonics' XIV is still making the rounds. We're looking not only for "traditional" theor…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassPisces and Cancer.
Retweeted by Elytron Frassupon hearing of its death, the ego self-resuscitates discretely
#art #ArtificialIntelligence #artwork #ink #inkdrawing #drawing #illustration #sciencefiction #scifiart
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Retweeted by Elytron Frass"They dwelled within the carcass of a once proud culture, and everywhere they looked reminded them of this."
Retweeted by Elytron Frassan abrupt halt in out of body propulsion resulting in mass autoscopic collisionsthe motions, bereft of aim, tend to sickness: flywheel off the axle
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PRIMATERNITY "I have headaches that expand into the world and make the people around me ill. They don’t know it ye…
Retweeted by Elytron it? IS.
Retweeted by Elytron FrassAcute alienation so attractive. Desirous mutation at the expense of humanity. Growing wings and taking flight.
Retweeted by Elytron Frassthe revelation of cosmic indifference to organismic achievement and suffering is one that won't self-reveal, for we… @eris_rlt I dont plan on it but yeah same difference"The Vivisection Caravan", a wonderful, visual piece of writing by @rlgransden via @wordpressdotcom
Retweeted by Elytron Frass‘one emptiness unbound forevermore, one lifeless sea that breaks upon no shore, and one totality impend upon the si…
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Thinking of the breathless suprise of finding this arachnoid gothic ejectum while on holiday in Chania. Part of the…
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Retweeted by Elytron Frass @_gobbet_ This book is excellent, Gary.Thanks to Dennis Cooper for this warm welcome for Mutations:
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@theehuntingdog a bloody red mist of Teeth and Feathers, the first issue by Cape Magazine is here! Please go and have a look.…
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @jsief @trefryesque If collected outside my country I freeze beforehand to kill internal parasites. most arthropods… @jsief @trefryesque Immobilize, Collect, and Preserve is my moto @bAbAHAdAd It's also satisfying to tear each page out after reading @trefryesque @jsief Mine have no holes at the top and rubber cement at the bottom ;) @gialloqueen This was wild. Thnx. Would've never been aware of it if it wasn't for this tweet. @YVERBORN @olofhanvark @georgjutvall 👀In Hermann Hesse’s novels, or 'soul biographies' as he called them, self-discovery walked a tightrope between deep…
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Retweeted by Elytron Frass @BigTrotsky Daniel Richter is a king
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@Perry_Ruh "heliogabalus or the anarchist crowned"Politics is a spectacular failure. And the Spectacle is all that's keeping politics alive.
Retweeted by Elytron FrassErotic writers are low-key sex workers
Retweeted by Elytron Frass @lagomorphosis stellarPre-orders for new zine "Death, Desire, and Other Poisons" now open 🖤
Retweeted by Elytron FrassFree preview below to our forthcoming erotic grotesque graphic novel, VITIATORS LAST NAUTILEAN AND OTHER SEASIDE PHANTASMAGORIA, an illustrated collection of beachfront terror by myself and…
Retweeted by Elytron FrassOut now @ art by @olofhanvark @georgjutvall
Retweeted by Elytron FrassSick poster
Retweeted by Elytron FrassYOU WITH YOUR MEMORY ARE DEAD... ...a reissue of Gary J. Shipley's book extracted from the film BEGOTTEN, available…
Retweeted by Elytron Frassyawns of the eyeless sepulchrally from brittle necropastorals of skulls