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Emily Lloyd-Jones @em_llojo California, USA

SFF Author • Recovering Bookseller • THE BONE HOUSES (2019) Little, Brown (@TheNovl) • HIS HIDEOUS HEART (2019) Flatiron • repped by @SarahLandis1 • She/Her

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@jennylhowe I’m just going to sit here quietly and think about Mags and how we could’ve had it all. (Or Haymitch if… @jennylhowe Exactly. And I’m all about making characters complex (especially the villains) but like... there’s a li… @jennylhowe Yuuuup. At this point, it’s too close to reality to be fun in fiction. :\I was all, “I’ll have more time for being social once I finish this project” except then I opened up a new project…
Also yes I’m finally returning to social media after my work hiatus so time to catch up on everything I missed.I think this rvision actually broke my keyboard but you know what? Still worth it.
Working on character revisions is like
Kids cartoons? Awesome. Listening to the same song on repeat for six hours? Great. Working out on the elliptical wh… is the year I have no shame about anything that gives me the smallest amount of serotonin.
I know I’m late to this party, but can we talk about how the Mandalorian is a masterclass in how to make a simple,… @SarahTolcser YES.
@FelicityDisco Thank you!! ♡ A friend described my book as “the non-zombie person’s zombie book” which I still cons… @RosieeThor From this angle it looks like my book is killing your plant! (It’s a great photo, though! I love it.) @JMuncySTL Thank you so much!! I’m so happy you’re enjoying it.Aww thank you!!! @CindyOtis_ I admire this guy’s turn of phrase! At least it’s original. Most of my DM requests are just “hey girl.” @BonsaiKate It really is! It’s so hard to explain to a pet that they must swallow a bad-tasting pill. @CindyOtis_ “LOIN STIRRINGLY” HAS ME WHEEZING WITH LAUGHTER. @BonsaiKate She seems to be doing better today! Managed to get her to keep down some anti-nausea meds and she’s eat…
Trying to actually answer emails while revising a manuscript and rushing my cat into the bathroom every so often be…
@Bibliogato So pretty!!Celebrate the new year right! Drink some water! Feed your pets! Invest in another blank notebook when you already o…’m gonna pretend I live farther east and go to bed before midnight. Happy New Year, friends. @CompanionHannah Poor puppy! I feel for them. @dianarowland Oh no!!!New Years resolution for 2020 remains the same: Drink more water. (Not the water pictured. This is just a pretty pi…
@RosieeThor @The_Rumpus That’s awesome!! Congratulations!So basically, what I’m trying to say is I’m so grateful for everyone who has been with me on this journey. 2019 is… were a lot of changes in 2019. Some of them were thrust upon me and others I sought out. But one thing is cer… also had the chance to be included in an amazing anthology, HIS HIDEOUS HEART. It was my first published short st… year THE BONE HOUSES released - my weird little zombie book with an undead goat, an axe-wielding girl and a so… wrote *a lot.* I did the math on it and in 2019 I wrote over 400,000 words. Some of it was practice, some of it w…’s that time of year where we all reflect on what happened and what we hope will happen next year. 2019 was, for me, a year of transition. @katially I figure that if the worst happens, I can vanish into the Scottish highlands and become some kind of urba… @katially This is my plan! Mom and I are probably going to Scotland.
Welcome to Team Bone Goat. @jediemma Yes!!!
@Sara_Wolf1 Stick and box are the winners! @brett_douville As the socks are not infused with catnip, she hasn’t tried to appropriate them yet! @Sara_Wolf1 And approximately 10 balls, a catnip rainbow, two teasers and a bed! 🤣My cat received more gifts than I did. 🤣 @jennylhowe Kid life is not understanding why socks are necessary and adult life is wearing the same mismatched soc… me: Oh no someone gifted me socks. 32-year-old me: Oh thank goodness someone gifted me socks.To everyone celebrating, merry Christmas. To everyone else, here is my cat with a snowman. @RosieeThor I desperately want to see this monstrosity and I wish we could see it together.
@bookavid Thank you!!! @bardic_lady Someone needs to eat them! Who isn’t just me! 😬 @Morteana There are either no cookies or all the cookies this time of year. 🤣 @Bibliogato Yup. I told my mom about it and she was the same. @CindyOtis_ I love these updates.Buried under cookies. Send help. @sesmith Stylish! @CoraCarmack Perfect!! @CoraCarmack That’s two votes for the Countess Conspiracy so I think I’ll start with that one! (And thank you for the recs!!) @Bibliogato I am writing these down, thank you! @gildedspine It’s such a good binge show. Honestly Food Network is the only thing I miss about having cable channels.Which Courtney Milan books should I be reading?
@gildedspine You’re making me miss Chopped! 😭The best part of Star Wars were the two guys in front of me who whispered, “Duuude” in reverential tones at every d…
@sesmith So they’ll play with literally anything else but corks
@thehidingspot The Rockton series by Kelley Armstrong might be relevant to his interests if he wants outdoorsy thriller/ mysteries!
I’m ending the decade with a film festival of action flicks that I could refer to as the Stathamarathon because he’s in like 80% of them.Absolutely no way Wakanda would enter any trade agreements with the Trump administration.
Retweeted by Emily Lloyd-Jones @theLasagna That’s adorable!!!
Me: It’s almost over! 2019 can’t hurt us anymore! 2019: Hold my beer. @emerylord For the John Grisham reader, maybe Transcription by Kate Atkinson?UM? SO THE BONE HOUSES IS IN THE BOOK SHIMMY FINALS? THANK YOU, FRIENDS. @KateElliottSFF Now I’m picturing my book outlines lurking in dark crypts, waiting for the day that they shall be r… @sharpegirl My rough outlines are fit for no one else’s eyes. They’re 50% tv tropes lists and 50% typos.Historical and Horror goes to @em_llojo and The Bone Houses! I think next year we’re going to do an award for our…
Retweeted by Emily Lloyd-Jones @crossroadreview Thank you!!! @KateElliottSFF I got to six and then forced myself to go back to the project I *should* be working on. I’ve got at… need a soundtrack that is beautiful and a little creepy. Recommendations, please.
@DeirdreEJones ❤️❤️❤️ @booksmugglers Awww thank you so much!! That means a lot.(I’m not being paid to say this - I just really do love them.)Hey, friendly reminder that if you’re looking to get a holiday gift for someone who loves audiobooks, @librofm is a…
@juniperjenny Right??? I usually just panic. A woman complimented my dress at Starbucks today and all I could do wa… poor cousin was the only dude among us, so he was automatically drafted into playing the hero in all of these pl… best of all of these plays is when we did a Clue-esque murder mystery in which we all played two different char… upside of being the family chronicler is that I have kept all of the old videos of the plays that my cousins an… @HollyKnece Thank you so much!! @Pop_Reader I feel this. (But I have to say you are such a talented artist and I’m always glad to see you in my Twitter feed.)I could go to sleep or I could start reading this 20k coffeeshop au.
I tried to get a close up but he wanted to sniff the phone. #Caturday @Bibliogato @sesmith Yes!! We can wander in the redwoods and I’ll introduce you to my cat!
@sesmith @Bibliogato I SECOND THIS. @Bibliogato I MISS YOU, TOO!! I am hoping to make a trip eastward next spring/summer.I spent fifteen minutes doing battle with a bottle of apple cider that just would not open. I went the whole nine y…
GOAT’ve outlined five books, created three main characters, already know what the ship name will be, and figured out t… can wait! This snarky antagonist-turned-ally needs a character arc. And a gravelly voice. @KateElliottSFF You are an enabler and I adore it.I’ve outlined three books in this hypothetical series so far; someone tell me to go to bed.I could sleep or I could outline a thriller series with lots of action and conspiracies and banter. @oldst1x Thank you!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! @jediemma Ahhh! Thank you!! So glad you liked it!I picture all of us leaving 2019 behind the way action heroes stride in slow-mo away from explosions.
Took Me Eleven Minutes to do That Thing I've Been Avoiding for Three Months: A Memoir
Retweeted by Emily Lloyd-JonesMy mother is spending her retirement playing video games and marathoning the Fast & Furious franchise, so I’d say she’s winning at life.