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author of young adult & middle grade books • UNSEEN MAGIC (2022) @GreenwillowBook • THE BONE HOUSES (2019) @LittleBrownYR • repped by @SarahLandis1 • She/Her

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@MissDahlELama AHHH THIS IS LOVELY! I love the colors so much. @Kristen_M_Young He is a cutie but his sleeping faces are hilarious. I really wish I’d caught the moment when his m…’s been a few days since the last kitten picture, so please enjoy this photo of Dandelion’s deep sleep face.
@eeberquist Just... don’t go too short. Start long and work your way up. I speak from disastrous experience. @eeberquist I mean as long as you have sharp shears and a few youtube tutorials, I say go for it. @LiteracyBatman I am so excited for it!!!(Yes I am watching the Witcher.)Her: Oh, I know this Old White Wizard Guy. Me: No, that’s the Old White Druid Guy. The Wizard Guy is in a different… favorite thing about my mother is she puts up with me pausing tv shows to explain the complicated character back…
I want to be friends with whoever names these cats. paperback edition of The Bone Houses releases next week, and I’m like, that can’t be right. It was March yesterday. @theLasagna Congrats!!
@CindyOtis_ He is the cutest! @CindyOtis_ Dash!! That’s such a cute name. @BillieBook I am highly looking forward to hearing your reactions. @shhenning 👀Dandelion has decided that he’s a lap cat now. @Dezinuh Oh no! Dealing with sick pets is never any fun. They don’t understand, “You have to swallow this to feel b…
@Bibliogato Friendship break-ups are so painful sometimes. It has taken me years to mourn certain friendships. It m…
@BonsaiKate I'm so sorry. Sending all the love to you and your other cat.Ok, I'm saying this with the understanding I'm trying not to cry right now. (I also have to draft a statement for t…
Retweeted by Emily Lloyd-JonesI truly wish I were in the mindset where I could remember RBG and mourn her loss - but I’m currently too terrified…
Where are you going to be next Friday evening? That’s right, listening to me talk about the freelance hustle, capit…
Retweeted by Emily Lloyd-Jones @Dezinuh Thanks! It’s been fun so far. How are your cats? @Dezinuh He’s so tiny! Only two pounds. I can barely handle the cute. @andeereilly Such a sweetie!! @achuka Yes, I’ve got him a tunnel! I haven’t introduced it to him yet, but soon. @kellie_lynn I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how big he gets! He’s got rather large paws.Side note: It's September aka autumn aka Halloween. @em_llojo's THE BONE HOUSES is spooky season PERFECTION.…
Retweeted by Emily Lloyd-Jones @melissasee Thank you!! Your kind words about THE BONE HOUSES mean so much. 💕 @StephanieRuble He’s such a clumsy little lovebug! @SamiSaysRead He is so cute, I cannot deal @MarthaMihalick He is such a sweetie!! @Panediting Aww thank you! Both his nose and toe beans are SO PINK. @ViviBarnes He’s super sweet too!! I love him @sztownsend81 I thought he couldn’t get any more adorable but he just flopped in my lap and gazed up adoringly.
@jediemma His name at the shelter was “Banana Split” and a friend is insisting his true name is “Orange Dreamsicle,… @emerylord I love him so much. @bookavid He’s so tiny!!(Named for his markings... and also because I’ve been playing the Witcher 3 non-stop all summer.)May I introduce Dandelion, my new kitten. So far he likes toy mice and shoving his face into my really old slippers. @MissDahlELama Sending all the hugs, Dahlia.
Picking up the new kitten tomorrow!!
@chaneytweeting This makes so much sense.If you read one tweet thread today, make it this one. @RosieeThor Yuppp. Right after I hit send I’m like, “Oh no what have I done???"Why is it that my ability to self-edit improves 500% after hitting “send”? @Mr_Podo I adore the fact that @librofm has a sleep timer, so there’s less retracing my steps to find where in the book I fell asleep.(I am re-reading THG which is why I just remembered that infamous day I was laying bed, feverish, and thinking that… is sometimes fun... except for that one time I first listened to the Hunger Games when I had the flu and a hig… anyone else’s brain do the thing where if you’re listening to an audiobook and then fall asleep, you’ll end up…
Just typed “The End” on a thing and that never gets old. @Bibliogato PLOT TWIST.
@andthisjustin I’m kind of hoping if I stare long enough at the page, the words will just appear.
I cannot believe it’s been a whole year since this came out!! @jennylhowe He has better balance than I do!
The pure adrenaline rush of crossing That One Thing off of your to-do list. @abitkales Yeah, it kind of looks like the weather a Ringwraith would pop out of. (My backyard looks almost the exact same.) @shavnamorgan I hope tomorrow is much better, and if there’s anything I can do - let me know!
@Bibliogato Yaaaaas! I am running off to preorder right now. @andthisjustin @doesntmattr @Scholastic Congrats!! This sounds amazing and I cannot wait to read!I have to dark-humor my way through this apocalypse because I just washed ash off of my porch garden tomatoes.Mom: Is that fog or smoke? Me: Yes. @sharpegirl You know if you ever need to talk, I’m always here. Sending all the support and hugs. @recitrachel @mltate24 Woo! Let’s do this. @recitrachel Sounds perfect! I’ll have a fresh cup of coffee by then. @recitrachel Yes, please.
If anyone asks who I relate most to in this book, I’m going to have to answer, “The person who dies because they’re… @abitkales Of course it has to be post-apocalyptic. 2020 is a year with a reputation to uphold! 😬 @mollificence It’s very disconcerting. @janiawriter Zip Code: Mount Doom.I keep trying to write but instead I’m just looking out the window and whispering, “I live in Mordor now."
It looks like evening at 3pm.Ah, September. The season in which I drink pumpkin-flavored things and make sure my emergency bag is ready to go in…
@sharpegirl Same. It’s really hard to concentrate on writing with twitter refreshing constantly in the background.… @sharpegirl Yuuup. Half the reason I broke my twitter hiatus was for updates on fires and power outages.Why are all of the synonyms for “sneak” so terrible? No, I don’t want my characters to “slip, ooze, or slither.” Th…
@samlefaye I have to say, it’s very warm here and I understand the sentiment entirely.Mom: I canceled the sun. Me: ...What? Mom: I closed the curtains. @LostInEA It is a very good name, but I’ll probably be changing it to something that rolls off the tongue a little easier. @jethacktrash Pictures will definitely be forthcoming! @JenFSAdam I fully anticipate half of my phone’s storage being dedicated to cat pictures. @raecarson Of course!!
@KatWithSword I’m so happy!I also met Five Finger Death Punch and the other polydactyl kittens - they were very adorable and very, very playful.I met Banana Split. He tried to climb my shoulder and hide under my chin, then figured out I just wanted to pet him… @JenFSAdam It’s very binge-able! @tiny1dr So pretty!! @glitzandshadows Dahlia Adler’s retelling of “Ligeia” in HIS HIDEOUS HEART is the first one to come to mind, but if…
@ElliottBlackwe3 Oh my goodness, that cover is LOVELY. @ShvetaThakrar (Ahhh! I hope it’s a great letter and all the revisions go smoothly!) @ShvetaThakrar I love it already!! @TeeEss A classic!After a week of heavy-duty drafting, I’m rewarding myself with STAR DAUGHTER by @ShvetaThakrar.What is everyone reading this weekend? @JenFSAdam Self- bribery seems to be the most popular technique!
@aquafortis It’s worked so far!Fellow writers, how do you keep yourself motivated? My oh-so-mature strategy is to buy a new game, but I won’t le…’m probably one of the few people who remembers those regional gothic lists going around tumblr in... 2011? As a w… inspired Unseen Magic? the professional answer: wanting to write a whimsical, slightly dangerous magical town…