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Looking for a late night blog read? Then look no further and try out my blog, That Weird Girl Life! I swear you'll… @ZombieGoddessxi Ooooh so sweet!! That face!!!New post: Why Bloggers Love Blogging And Why You Should Start A Blog 💻💕 #teacupclub #bloggerstribe #BloggersHutRT
Retweeted by Emily | That Weird Girl Life🐱 @thephatgirlblog I've done the same thing! I always feel so upset! The book betrayed me! How dare they! But they I… @JenniHustles Sending all the good and healing vibes!! Feel better soon!! 💖💖💖 @thephatgirlblog Very true! Plus, I got it from the library so I didn't spend any money on it. There's nothing wors… February is over, be sure to read my January wrap-up before I post my February one soon!…
Guess what! My blog has a Ko-fi page! So if you want to buy me a cup of coffee to support my blog & my many odd pos… @thephatgirlblog It's called Delayed Rays of a Star and while I liked the concept, I just couldn't get into the actual writing of it 😕 @Alice_Explores @USBloggerRT @BloggingBabesRT @BloggersHut So true! I loved them despite it though! They were so ti… @thephatgirlblog I'm impressed! You're using your time off in the perfect way then 😉 and I'm like that too with boo… @shanedawson @Ryland_Adams Is it sad I knew he was doing exactly that when I first saw the picture?? 😂😂😂 @meganelifestyle I thought my latest one was super fun to write so hopefully it's fun to read too! 💖 @JoyfulDailyBlog @LovingBlogs You're so welcome! 💕 @InchingForwards That is so odd!!! But I'm excited for your new blog post! 😊 @Just_Jess_18 Get it, girl!!! You're an inspiration!! 💖💖💖 @thephatgirlblog You're totally crushing it! Dang, girl! You're a reading machine!Be kind to others, or reserve judgement. People may seem like they are okay, but inside battling a struggle.
Retweeted by Emily | That Weird Girl Life🐱 @Alice_Explores @USBloggerRT @BloggingBabesRT @BloggersHut Hahaha oh no! I almost lost mine when it almost went over the neighbor's fence 😂 @chimmykins @thephatgirlblog @MyAngelsVoice4 @TheEmilyDyson @CarinCamen @GoldenBloggerz @AltSpeaking @ProsperousPeng @LovingBlogs Just followed you! @flannelsorflip1 @LovingBlogs Thank you so much! I just followed you back! 😊 @ashadmukadam @LovingBlogs Followed both of your accounts! 📌💕 @beth18g @LovingBlogs I'm following you! 💕📌 @JoyfulDailyBlog @LovingBlogs Thank you! I just followed you back! 💕 @CreateTell @LovingBlogs Hurray!! 😊😊😊 @meagan_lambert @thephatgirlblog @MyAngelsVoice4 @TheEmilyDyson @CarinCamen @GoldenBloggerz @AltSpeaking @renataoleo @thephatgirlblog @MyAngelsVoice4 @TheEmilyDyson @CarinCamen @GoldenBloggerz @AltSpeaking @Alice_Explores @USBloggerRT @BloggingBabesRT @BloggersHut They were the best, right???Happy Sunday, everyone! Why not celebrate this lazy day by reading my latest 90's nostalgia filled blog post all ab… Ready for the most fun Harry Potter blogger's tag you'll ever read? Well, look no further because I ha… we Pinterest pals yet? If not, let's change that! Let's see what the other is pinning and be friends on there!…
As a blogger, this was definitely some of the most fun I've had doing a tag- the 73 Questions Vogue Style Blogger T… | Blog post is now up! I wrote about my favorite toys from the 90's/2000's and it was a total trip down memory… @thephatgirlblog @MyAngelsVoice4 @TheEmilyDyson @CarinCamen @GoldenBloggerz @AltSpeaking @anamikadunknown Saturday, everyone! And to start off a great weekend (hopefully) for everyone, here's my latest international…'s never too early or late for Halloween, so are these movies (IMHO) super overrated? Let… @JessicaMathis88 Thank you!!! I think so too 🥰 @inthefluxblog Aww thank you!! I'm so lucky to have her 🥰 @TheStoryofChelc Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous cat!! 😍 @meagan_lambert It's amazing how those books will randomly just pop into my head sometimes! They were so odd but fu… you have that one (or in my case, MANY) body part that you hate about yourself? Well, mine are my DARK under eye… @thephatgirlblog @MrsSleeJones @Nancywaddell18 @Bumble6671 @ashmarie3988 @DavidMiddleham @zoeallisonauth1 @author_cory I will be too!! 😂 They were some of my favorites as a kid!
Is anyone still sticking with their New Year's Resolution? Mine is more of a goal, and you can read about how I wan… Friday, everyone! Let's start off with an old blog post of mine from when I went to one of the most magical p…'s one last #tbt for the day! My first ever trip to Paris! *sigh* take me back!!! 😍…'s going to be a new Wayside School book?? Grade school Emily is so excited and honestly so is grown up Emily!… @alifeonadime Aww thank you! I'm glad someone else thinks so because I certainly do! 🥰 @meagan_lambert I think there is a fair chance I will be posting more of her in the future, don't worry 😘 @LiteraryDates Aww thank you! I love her to bits already! 🐱💖 @thephatgirlblog @honeycakebooks @tracyjh8 @Rekwahiba @Readerhal54 @HannahTheMouse @_CarolaSchmidt @GoAnitaDow'm sorry if I haven't been replying ASAP, but I just got this furry, purring thing that's really cute and VERY dis… @bloglove2018 Thank you for the retweet and shoutout! Best blogger RT account!! 🥰😘 @EasyTips8 @BloggingBabesRT @FemaleBloggerRT Thank you! 💖 @arcanedrag0n @JulesFBooks @Torinado7 @sashro77 @dvel86 @CummingsShawna @Va_nessa201 @LisaCapone99 @nikki_twisted @darkbluejournal @thephatgirlblog @alleycat579 @arjungwriter @Chrissy_Clarke @LexiIsAWriter @LexiLovelock @tracyjh8 @thephatgirlblog @honeycakebooks @tracyjh8 @Rekwahiba @Readerhal54 @HannahTheMouse @_CarolaSchmidt @GoAnitaDow @BloggersVP Aww thank you! And congratulations yourself! That's an incredible milestone! You should be really proud of yourself! 💖 @The_alcyone Thank you!! 💖☺️ @20something_l Awww thank you!! I'm pretty excited!! ☺️ @thephatgirlblog Heehee, thank you, Tanya! That gif is everything!! 😂☺️ @darkbluejournal Aww thank you, Julie! 💖 I can't believe it's so close! Maybe I just need to get my rear in gear so… @TeaSpangsberg Thank you so much! I can't believe I'm almost so close! 😮 @jennymarston_xo Aww thank you so much, Jenny! 😊 That means so much coming from you! 💖 I'm pretty proud, not gonna lie! @chimmykins @thephatgirlblog @alleycat579 @arjungwriter @Chrissy_Clarke @LexiIsAWriter @LexiLovelock @tracyjh8 #ThrowbackThursday! Here are some toys from my childhood that I always wanted but, sadly never got. I'm sure…
I can't believe February is almost halfway over! Soon I'll be doing my February 2020 wrap up! But before I post tha… you know my blog has it's own Ko-fi page? If you love my blog and want to donate a cup of coffee, I'd be so gra… you love all things #HarryPotter and #subscriptionboxes? Then you NEED to check out @cherrywallis & @geekgearuk'… I'm at 98,000 all time blog views! So close to 100,000! I know that's small potatoes to some, but after having… @_BPDiaries_ You're so welcome, m'dear! 💖💖💖 @thecamiway @darkbluejournal @JulieKusma @arjungwriter @kymwald @sharagodwinson @AuthorPrime01 @FayThompsonAuth @thephatgirlblog @lifeofbeth761 @thoughtswithn @MrsSleeJones @JenniHustles @nyxiesnook @UnwantedLife_Me @thephatgirlblog @alleycat579 @arjungwriter @Chrissy_Clarke @LexiIsAWriter @LexiLovelock @tracyjh8 @annikakparker @RootingBranches @darkbluejournal @JulieKusma @arjungwriter @kymwald @sharagodwinson @AuthorPrime01 @JessicaMathis88 And thank you! That's one of my posts that usually doesn't get very many views so I'm so flattered that you read it!! 😊💕 @JessicaMathis88 Awww thanks! It is pretty scary at first and at times I did NOT want to do it, but in the end, it… you struggle with low self-esteem? I have and it's plagued me all of my life! I shared my story of living with i…
Did you know I'm on the 'gram? Instagram, that is! If you love random pictures, sporadically posted, then you'll lo… @darkbluejournal Me too!! 😟😟😟This year over on my blog I finally learned what an Enneagram is and what MINE is too! Read it here to follow me on… ready to snooze but not quite yet? Why not read my blog, That Weird Girl Life, before you go to bed? You nev… @JessicaMathis88 Thank you so much for reading and sharing!! Your comment about my post really made my day ☺️ and E… @arcanedrag0n Oh, Canva is the best! I just wish I had an eye for making all those great pin graphics!! @AltSpeaking @darkbluejournal @JulieKusma @arjungwriter @kymwald @sharagodwinson @AuthorPrime01 @FayThompsonAuth @AltSpeaking Oh, same here! Well, I'm not the best at making them and I therefore I don't make them a priority 😂Has anyone ever dealt with that dreaded blogger envy? I know I have but I've learned how to cope with it & wrote a…
Last year I had my very first session of EMDR therapy and here's what what happened! (Plus helpful tips if you're g… @chimmykins @darkbluejournal @JulieKusma @arjungwriter @kymwald @sharagodwinson @AuthorPrime01 @FayThompsonAuth @bloglove2018 Thank you so much for sharing!! 💖💖💖 @_BPDiaries_ @darkbluejournal @JulieKusma @arjungwriter @kymwald @sharagodwinson @AuthorPrime01 @FayThompsonAuth @ABCFamilyAmy @USBloggerRT @BloggingBabesRT Aww thanks! I'm actually working on one about my favorite toys from the…'ve been up to my #Pinterest skills lately so I've been spending a lot of time pinning lately! If you love all thi… want to do more 90's/2000's throwback posts (toys, food, etc.). Is that something that sounds fun to read or not?…, sometimes you just don't FEEL like writing a blog post right now, and that's okay. I have a few ideas on what… @letthewrite1in @darkbluejournal @JulieKusma @arjungwriter @kymwald @sharagodwinson @AuthorPrime01 @FayThompsonAuth @darkbluejournal @JulieKusma @arjungwriter @kymwald @sharagodwinson @AuthorPrime01 @FayThompsonAuth @AltSpeaking I totally understand! I just wish making them came easier to me... 😕 @inthefluxblog That's great! I think yours look fantastic! I wish my graphics looked as good as yours. I'll have to keep practicing!! 😊😊😊