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@beccalew he was on the show multiple times! much like Peterson I don't think he would be what he is today without rogan @beccalew and joe rogan, who continues to discredit this report every chance he gets:, Stefan has been racist for a long time, but if you look at his content from even a few years ago, it seems tame in comparison to now)
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergYouTubers radicalize their audiences. Audiences radicalize YouTubers. YouTubers radicalize each other. Stefan is ju…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @jason_koebler what's happening to u
maybe if u come in here with a SWAT team I'll consider itwhen the doctor's office thinks I'll pay a bill just because it came in the mail: WORLD EXTENDS TO SPACE: Bill Barr's dad wrote a science fiction book about elite pedophile rings in space; Eps…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @lemonsand @quadbonus yes it is mike thank you
I haven't written about what happened last summer until now. But it won't be the last I have to say about it.
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergThe day I found out that Christine Blasey Ford and her family had fled their home and were living out of hotels bec…
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergFive years ago, Zoe Quinn was chased out of her own home. It wasn't the first time the internet decided to ruin som…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg#tbt a Google employee wrote a memo about ‘the burden of being black at Google.’
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberghere's a fun scooplet: - the NSA uses Slack, but won't tell us the names of its slacks because that "benefits our a…
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergAre you a current or former 'FC Ambassador' for Amazon? I'd love to talk to you (we won't publish your name, will k…
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergMe when my post is at the top of Chartbeat
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @meredithbalkus are u playing this on the phone.......
uploading a rite aid haul video @a_cado_appears omgv interesting that @LaurenKGurley's first post on motherboard is about literally seizing the means of production is down how is @samleecole supposed to get any work done @steverousseau @ me @jason_koebler @lemonsand why do u suppose angela censored the new yorker here @itskindred why are u tweeting ur games
@derektmead I biked around a neon green lambo aventador that was double parked in the bike lane the other day i was… am shocked that more people are not more shocked by this fredo sitch. i went to sleep expecting to wake up to ful… @bigblackjacobin but still @bigblackjacobin this makes so much more senseevery day is increasingly normal when u think about it @jorgearangure @jason_koebler will u be our public editorhave you ever been edited by Austin? It's like being touched by an angel @mims @swodinsky i mean actually I would love that... @mims @swodinsky can you print it in WSJ and give us these black and white pointy headshots? @swodinsky you would love IRC tbh i think you should get into itWe are also bringing back a few recurring features and columns that I've sorely missed, including MASTERS OF THEIR…
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergLooking for journalists as well as non-journalists. Academics, non profit workers, activists, scientists, game deve…
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergHi! We are looking for some freelance columnists and correspondents on a few specific beats. Want to write 1-2 arti…
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergGordo is blessed to live a life of quiet contemplation
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @swodinsky my mom is on IRC loling @ thisthe creator of brutal doom, one of the best doom modders imo, is working on a Vietnam campaign: Dungeons is extremely fun and approachable. Because of the good tutorialization and incredible art and music,…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @swodinsky think about it @sueonthetown @lemonsand susan idk how to tell u this i made itSomebody should ask Jeeves about this.
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggbergreading the website
@liorbrauer yus @jason_koebler can this be my personalityim food :] about how Jeffrey Epstein's death represents the culmination of many years of surging distrust in a spectacul…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggbergdo u ever just think about how moot works at google @evanrodgers he's a friend of the board afraid you do not grasp the enormity of who it is you are dealing with. (removes diaper,. revealing two sub-diapers ) Shall we continue..
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergCalled this a month ago.
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergDEREK IS QUOTED: Zwift, the video game where bespandexed people sit on real bicycles in their living room and sweat…
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That’s a wrap! Thank you everyone who attended the #VotingVillage2019. Here’s some things our attendees discovered…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @nicholasadeleon @bettinamak sadly it's true @thenakulbajaj @umbernhard @henryjmeng nice keyboard @bettinamak rip to a real one @bettinamak bettina my bike was stolen last night :[ @lemonsand @jason_koebler yeah what is it
2019 long as we're all going off today I just want to say that seymour hersh is probably right about the bin laden raid tythis image, but make it cyber security @zenalbatross @xychelsea i just didn't know about this inmate companion what's the training? what does… trends are so bad rn just imagine a brain that's informed by this to any degreemy debut on tiktok is very on brand
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @liongirl528 :[Some “unhackable” voting equipment at ⁦@VotingVillageDC.
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @amandamull I'm going to text mike :]PWNED: This harmless-looking cable lets hackers hijack your Mac computer remotely.
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @amandamull I see this guy and I always wonder how I'm supposed to catch up with him. Just grab my knives and run o… @bananalise rip sofa @Jon_Christian this is twitter 100 percent of the timewhen you're a respectable journalist but also can't resist reacting to the bruh moment, this was funny. Amid the errors and exaggerations in ⁦@BretStephensNYT⁩’s piece is the claim that Iran repe…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @roseveleth @vox_union @qzunion @nyguild @SlateUnion @gmgunion @viceunion I assure you that at least at VICE, there… @roseveleth @vox_union @qzunion @nyguild @SlateUnion @gmgunion @viceunion I know this seems like nothing, but we fo… 2 hours troubleshooting my headset and I finally figured it out: it's broken @bigblackjacobin it's a bad game Edward! @bigblackjacobin -__-Shoutout by name to @josephfcox by @RonWyden for their journalism on phone companies abusing your data. #DEFCON
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FRIDAY SCOOP: I obtained an internal Ring presentation! Ring helped people form private "Digital Neighborhood Wat…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggbergmy ability to function this week ended at 4:21pm @metallicaisrad hmmm @metallicaisrad yikes @taylorjwofford i did that for like 60 hours but im done with that now @RealBenGilbert my life is basically countdown to doom yeahseems unlikelywill there ever be another good video game @SarahNEmerson oh and also i still think about this blog
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg great to see a presidential candidate talking about election security. All other political conversations ultimat…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @rachel_pick @jason_koebler it's @10 @jason_koebler the wrong One Zero is on this entire thread lmao
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg.@senatemajldr how many more security problems and vulnerabilities do we need to learn about before you take action…
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergVoters shouldn’t have to worry about whether their ballot is vulnerable to hackers. We need state-of-the-art voting…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @OneZero @rachel_pick
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