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a lot of people on here monetizing their wife @RobZacny the latter! total war warhammer @derektmead this is gonna be a hard pass for me @mjgault @taylorjwofford @ehwilhelm yeah taylor has pc gamer energyit's with a heavy heart that i must announce I stayed up until 4am playing the dwarf game and am now in the ICU, do…
@blakejharrisNYC @ZaaackKoootzer @kobunheat just in case it's not clear, i think it's a great story @ZaaackKoootzer @kobunheat ouyawashingSmart piece by @samleecole about algorithmic virality, the truth economy, and the widespread panic about deepfakes…
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MEP elections are bringing out the best in the Brits
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg sources say multiple Snapchat employees abused their access to user data. Four former employees, a current emp…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @rachel_pick @taylorjwofford @mjgault this: @rachel_pick @taylorjwofford do i have to pay him for a transcendental meditation lecture too?amen! @taylorjwofford @rachel_pick u know what sucks ass: twin peaks @taylorjwofford @rachel_pick okay lets just read the torah then @taylorjwofford @rachel_pick no lightsabers, a lot of talking, stupid guns that look like tv remotes and don't kill people @taylorjwofford @rachel_pick i really have no reason to side with rachel about anything but I agree with her on this issuewhat a long strange trip it's been, my dear @fmanjoo
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg:[[[[[[[[[[[[[ to feel old? this is what sum 41 looks like today: @lemonsand @samleecole @lmatsakis have u...seen him eat his ass??? @samleecole i posted the screenshotted beef and then deleted but I stand by the beefLeaked footage of Huawei's new OS
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggbergthis is really, really something: researchers developed a way to make "perfectly realistic" fake videos of faces, u…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @RobZacny how about Total War: US Election 2016 @RobZacny if u want to make an omelette...congrats to Rob for destroying my life by getting me back into total war @mjgault i crushed them the city is mine i spit on their orc corpses @mjgault i want my mommy @mjgault about to do my first siege battle I'm shakingreally stressed out by managing the dwarf empire in my video game
It's a sexual revolution @taylorjwofford idk what got into me @taylorjwofford i do bitch step off @mattbraga how was it @ethanchiel @DanjoKaz00ie @mattbraga he's literally a doctor @mattbraga @ethanchiel drink the juiceSmart piece by @allie_conti about the insurgency against the powerful textbook industry amid signs of further corpo…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggbergtrader joe's sells zhoug now?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @mvzelenks the dressing doesn't penetrate the bottom layers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @AFewBees wow damn @AFewBees ?im so proud of munchies for taking this position @carlfranzen @katiedrumm do u only like dressing on 5 percent of ur saladwow huge oversight on my part. Gaby is def near the top @swodinsky claire is amazing but brad is the champion of the peoplebon appetit youtube talent ranking: 1. brad 2. claire 3. carla 4. molly 5. chris 6. andy#1stCartoonCrush Listen hear me out
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg9-year-old me wanted to marry Shadow the Hedgehog sooooo bad... 😩💦 #1stCartoonCrush
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @ZaaackKoootzer u guys have the same energyalso happy we're at a point where our deep desire to have sex with cartoons is trending on twitter #1stCartoonCrush
@SlimiHendrix @SlimiHendrix i am scrambling rn @ZaaackKoootzer @ByYourLogic Why I'm Putting This Up My Ass, And Why That's a Good Thing @aaronshapiro @carolineha_ @lmatsakis did u see the part about how they say i can't eat the slimeAnother job at Vice Digital! The tremendous @k8lo is hiring a deputy editor. Must love: News! Scoops! Great stories…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggbergi cant wait for the next anti-astrology troll to tell me to learn how to code 😇
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggbergim a cpa and I'm telling u it's fine @nicholasadeleon @shwinyo vegan flesh is the cleanest meat you can eat @shwinyo what did I say... @rachel_pick wow lovin the new avi
just found out that my mentor @anrao has been locked out of twitter for some reason i will not rest until there is justice!!! #FreeAnkita @carolineha_ @ErikJFranco yeet🚨!!SOME NEWS!!🚨i can finally share that annabel & i have been working w/a brilliant team of astrologers to bring yo…
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergI love this piece but I'm not going to stop eating slime!!! is why you end a saga with onion ringsexcited to see all of you show the same level of participation in the new season of the young pope aka the new pope starring marilyn mansonthese are really good, union jobs. everyone at motherboard is smart and nice and can teach you a lot. my email's in…
@jason_koebler agree @mjgault im playing total war: warhammer from 2016, not the new one....but it's sick!got into a total war game so my life is over
Vice Digital is hiring. Some job listings up now and many more on the way. Please apply, please share!
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @dlberes i wouldn't do ithate to tweet about and give clicks to this story but I'm genuinely baffled that it's pegged to (and links out to!)… @aaronshapiro @lmatsakis
@1DollarWilliam oh man I remember people used to post fiction for workshopping. I never had the guts @rachel_pick @taylorjwofford taylor wtf is this opinion @mathewolson @steverousseau okay now u lost me..........folks in all honestly i have lost control of the situation @adrjeffries @jason_koebler no explosions but all my credit cards are being declined @steverousseau both!!!! @nicholasadeleon i made the exact same mistake. i thought this was strong bad shitI went on Waypoint Radio to tell you that: -- Rage 2, not so good -- If someone calls you about a bill, tell them… @mjgault USA, USA, USA @ibogost don't apologize for your passion @edzitron White House says that he was given burial at sea but seymour hersh reports that SEAL team six cut him int… news.
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggberg @ibogost what machine are u using @ibogost how do i get into sorbet makingThe military defines climate change as a “threat multiplier” in a scenario where the threat is people from other co…
Retweeted by Emanuel Eggbergahhh run me over with the popemobile is just the beginning of Sunday night dread and Monday morning is the beginning of TGIF. open your mind
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This is immensely useful both for investors and journalists
Retweeted by Emanuel EggbergTulsi Gabbard went on JRE, absolutely crushing the other dems in the joe rogan primarystadia is shaking @PeterSlattery3 ty :] @Delkin15 @Bedela92 @Sieberr15 are you getting any air in there....