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35. She/Her. WoW parody singer. Twitch Partner? (Since 2013) Creator @blackbackstudio. Loves her @nukufox. #furry #brony 💖💛💙 biz:

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@HnybeeSorceress Thank you! I might do more to it or make color variants for when I feel like changing it up for my leisurely cruising. :3 @Sapphhyra *nodnods enthusiastically* 🤓 @morganfrerking Thanks! The car is No Mod but someone super awesome in the ProStreetCars group shared a neat tool w… my bitch ass computer freezes in this drawing video I did. Watch it anyway because I am a total pro.
Retweeted by EmberBTW, if you want to see what the article is talking about, look here: (Images are ©Marco…
Retweeted by EmberI gave my car in @SecondLife a crystal pegasus themed custom paint job. "Good Enough" #flickr @MystmantleArt Uldum
Y’all legit made a monster.
Retweeted by Ember @UpToTASK SIMBA and nala tho
Retweeted by Ember @IgotDragons Thanks for letting me know. I’m gonna look that one up. :D @caldyr99 @thegoldqueen @TheGldDragon @Postsemreh @pommie_tappet @SharmSong @FireMageKershin @ChristieGolden @RavenSylphe Mystery solved! @RavenSylphe Rofl. 😂 ✂️I have no clue what this gif is from but I like it. 😂 #SocialDistancing required in the #VirtualWorld = zero feet! Having some fun in today’s #SecondLife pic of…
Retweeted by Ember @WoPairs @SharmSong *nodnods* @SharmSong Dumb people are going to kill us all. D: At least is shut-ins will inherit the earth. 💜Second Life is back, baby. It's good again. AWOOUU I interviewed @ebbealtberg of @lindenlab – inside Second Life!…
Retweeted by EmberThis chameleon painting is my new favorite video on the internet
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since it’s been a Whole Year.. i must, once again remind u of the importance of 𝙏 𝘼 𝙄 𝙇 𝙎 ✨
Retweeted by Ember @KookieKills *cheers to finding the good ones and dropping the bad ones*
😂😂😂😂😂 :) 🎮 Twitch: 💻 Website: 🎥 YouTube:
Retweeted by EmberOk this made me lol.
A Google engineer made this application which can search online for "furniture that can be placed as perfectly as p…
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@KeroZero360 @DoorDash They were stealing dasher’s tips? @MadeleineMidori
Thanks for implementing No-contact delivery. ☺️ @doordash @Serendypity3 Aww. Poor guy getting evicted by his own family. >_<
Roflmao. Whoever made this one has chosen some excellent word combinations. 😂 Honey Ditch is my new favorite thing.
Retweeted by Ember @Serendypity3 Hope you can fix the shelf. And that’s kind of you to open your home to your son’s friend. Why is he… @crimson_gaze *hugsnugs*Taking a break from my recent bout of obsessive creating stupid stuff in Blender and scripting in Second Life. Havi…
Retweeted by EmberThis is the coolest thing I've ever seen.
Retweeted by Emberwelcome educators new to Discord 👋 you can now create your own pre-organized classroom space with one single click…
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Under the cover of a COVID-19 media frenzy, our government is trying to pass a bill that would essentially outlaw e…
Retweeted by EmberRetail workers made to work during the pandemic should get hazard pay. Double their salaries while they work. I’m d…
Retweeted by Ember @akamikeb “Including content that does not violate our.. guidelines” Way to cover their existing fail algorithms. W… running around trying to keep our high-risk Boomer parents from going out and contracting a disease tha…
Retweeted by EmberWhen stocking up for #SocialDistancing, if an item has a WIC symbol beside the price, get something else. People wh…
Retweeted by Ember @Warcraftjen Happy birthday!pandemic panic doesnt lie
Retweeted by EmberY’all mfs buying up all the toilet paper have never hoarded fast food napkins like a maniac and it shows
Retweeted by EmberPeople ask me how the “social distancing” is going. My reply: “I’m just playing video games like normal.” #prepared
Retweeted by Ember @BigBlueFox Glad I saw your tweet on my timeline despite the @ typo. :3 Fun video!! \o/..............wut.
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@crimson_gaze Oh, I just realized why you had it in your reply. Wow, Tumblr is the dummy for putting the @ for my i… @crimson_gaze Thanks. By the way, the other account you tagged is sadly 100% unrelated to me. XDView this post on Instagram A post shared by ember (@isolte) on Mar 14, 2020 at 10:14pm PDT @Arokh74 Man, that really is trippy. O_ONew hair-do that inspired an outfit that inspired a photoshoot at an appropriately inspired location. #SL #avatar
@morganfrerking 😫Convention cancelled due to the coronavirus? Still want to cosplay? I promise you this isn't sponsored but JOIN TI…
Retweeted by Ember @Xoxo_Knockout Look what I found. :3
@Danielsviper1 Hehe okie dokie. XD @veroicone Grats, lady! @Danielsviper1 Ok, maybe I'm just a dummy, but how does this 5 things 5 tags work? I see a bunch of people using -d… @SpiralSuicide @SharmSong Gotta keep mah girls in the know. ♥Dear Virtual Friends who might be looking for a Facebook-like alternative for your virtual-self -- Please see… stream starts NOW! Come by and show some love! Anything helps 💕 FOR THE KIDS 💕
Retweeted by EmberIdiot.
Retweeted by Ember @SpiralSuicide @SharmSong Despite their nicknames “Mosquito Hawks” and “Skeeter Eaters” they don’t actually eat mos… have long admired Carolyn Forche's poetry and am delighted she has published a new book after many years. Help su…
Retweeted by Ember @Quarnozian Yeah, I grew up calling them mosquito hawks too or "skeeter eaters", but as soon as I learned many year… @Ceara22 *nodnods* !BREAKING: The World Health Organization has announced that dogs cannot contract Covid-19. Dogs previously held in q…
Retweeted by EmberCrazy cool and beautiful. 📚🏛️ This uncensored library in Minecraft features texts & articles banned in certain cou…
Retweeted by Ember @SharmSong I know, right? I did like how it was hangin’ on my lamp in the picture though. Like it’s a little monkey… know crane flies are harmless but they scare me. One got in my room before bedtime & I tried SO hard to just slee… @akamikeb Hi5 for clean booties! Bidets are the best! The only negative side affect is feeling even worse after usi…
Some cons will happen in 2020. Some might be cancelled in light of the pandemic. Remember that these decisions do…
Retweeted by Ember @Plueshiie Oh no! Maybe the quarantine can direct your focus on commission work? Hope you and your family get throu… is so gratifying to watch
Retweeted by Ember @Silverwolfy *nodnods*OH MY GOD THE STOCK MARKET IS TANKING WHAT DO WE DO LIFE IS OVER Bitch, please. All that shit has little bearing o…
Retweeted by Emberlike tp is literally the worst way to clean a butthole
Retweeted by Embertoilet paper people: you do realize a 5 minute shower can achieve the same effect
Retweeted by Embersymptoms of adhd the stereotype doesn’t mention: - executive dysfunction (you want to do a thing but feel physical…
Retweeted by Ember @SpiralSuicide More like “Pin the tail end of donkey” … (cuz someone could technically use my Alicorn head for a donkey avatar maybe? :D) 😂 @SpiralSuicide What?! It’s just a G rated item for piñatas and pin the tail on the donkey!!! 🤪😎🤓Now that the eyelashes on my Bento Alicorn Head are more manageable via the new HUD and script, I can release this…📹 whatthefuckugou: reqsketch: I just need you guys to see how cool my brother is rn “people always talk about the n…
@Plueshiie Oh I found the problem. Caspervend auto-associated the wrong Dropbox version to the Marketplace version.… @Plueshiie I mean everyone who bought -either- * @Plueshiie Poop. Not sure how that happened. I must have accidentally sent the Batty head to everyone who bought bo…’m a science-type guy, and I’ve been looking for accurate info on the coronavirus. This is the best resource I’ve…
Retweeted by EmberCoronavirus is teaching us that: 1) Healthcare is a right 2) Paid sick time is a right 3) Many, many people could…
Retweeted by Ember @Plueshiie Uh oh. Did you get the update for the Normal one too? @Plueshiie Fluttershy’s eyelash texture would be really difficult to do with the way my mesh is currently. To get F…, every company sending out a canned message about CV: it's super helpful to know that you've got a plan to keep…
Retweeted by Ember @ExarchU @MystmantleArt Here here ♥
Dear @SecondLife friends who have purchased my [bbS] Bento Alicorn Head -- I know it's been less than 2 weeks since…'ve seen this making its rounds so I figured I'd hop on :D Some of y'all often seem to want to know more about Ero…
Retweeted by Ember @akamikeb Amen. @awesomesprout 🤣 @BigBlueFox 😃🎉 @BigBlueFox Omg. You didn’t happen to record any of this did you?? :3 @BigBlueFox Hah! Now you got me all curious how many spawned entities my computer can handle without exploding. 😂