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Today's to do list: Water the plants Trader Joes run Find a nice spot outside to journal Have a great Sunday y'all :)This whole thread. I've experienced different levels of this as well. Not one lie here. @petiteaitza I was running fact checks all throughout these episodes. I think the disclaimer is warranted. Some sto… @SouthernBohemia I play this song often. She did what needed to be done. Her and Pharrell. WHEW
Expecting to spend Thanksgiving alone, I made a whole spread. But, I put my foot off in this mac & cheese if I do s… @candacerogue I am, I have the option to pay on each loan, which I do and that goes to principal. That's how I paid off two already.
@Lexual__ These are fireeee!!!I'm waiting to see what happens with this student loan forgiveness. If it doesn't shake, I'm about to consolidate t…'m annoyed at the fact that I KNOW I have paid thousands to Nelnet and this balance has not moved since 2012. I li… @EriPDev Oh wow, look it's me lmao“I gotta warn ya. In your circle, does not mean in your corner” - Cam
Retweeted by Magic City Mo @ThugDebugger BARS
@Unaamorcita I miss it and Pointe so much. Honestly.Been working with the team, getting @renderATL on track for 2021!! Really excited about what's coming.
@feelgoodnaj Same. I pretty much skip that song. @Varsity_K @donilovesyou IDK they did this before so we'll see if it sticks this time*Currently running around the house to Traphouse 3* @BrotherGram True @Tendurag lmfaoskskskssksksksksksksksksksk JORDANWow, I really miss throwing ass 🥺💔🥺
Retweeted by Magic City MoCan't forget Mansion Elan either. 100 man swag surf was a memory I'll never forget. @LaBeautyologist Was a cultural reset when it came out. Not a Nicki fan currently, but I have to admit. . . @larrycurlyanfro Went to school 15 mins up the road from Miami. Good. Ass. TIMESshoutout to Primetime, Club Miami, Atrium, Crunk, Esso, Libra, Tringali's, Figure 8, MJQ, Gold Room, Vanquish/Reign, Vision…
Retweeted by Magic City MoI---’all, whatever you do....don’t go to compound.
Retweeted by Magic City MoI just pray nothing goes wrong at Compound even though niggas need to take their asses home in the middle of a Panamera #VERZUZ @coolblknerd See that might actually end in a shoot out @Unaamorcita TRULY... headed to COMPOUND in a PANNY???
Retweeted by Magic City Mo285 Peace Accord 😂🤣 did they survive
Retweeted by Magic City MoLook at Gucci !!!! I am really proud of him. Holy shit.I guess Atlanta is who really won tonight. @candacerogue I forget Jeezy put the hit on em, but I know Gucci caught a body over it. Whewwww chileLEMOOOOONNN @EriPDev Gucci ain't gone go for it. I know he won't. He keeping it cute right now. . . @larrycurlyanfro Yeah. I can't even argue with that. @feelgoodnaj Bitch, I might be @larrycurlyanfro He is. I want them to be able to keep it peaceful. But . . . I don't know if Gucci will go for it.The energy really did shift. I hope they can keep it peaceful . . . Truly. #VERZUZ @larrycurlyanfro Alas @HustleBunny11 It did. Early @blvckyuppie @larrycurlyanfro lmfaoooooo I appreciate the support @larrycurlyanfro @blvckyuppie lmfaoskskskskskskssk. The transition was slightly corny, but he checked him so. . . 🤷🏿‍♀️ @larrycurlyanfro @blvckyuppie Just gonna revist this after that lil speech. I feel slightly justified.OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO @Certifiedcurls Girl I was there Thursday through Saturday. Friday nights? LIVE. I think about those times a lot. Good times for sure.NOOOOOOO GUCCI NOOOOO @Unaamorcita MA'AM LMFAOOO @feelgoodnaj Girl, same. Got this white people shook lmfaoooooAnd I would rap Plies's verse word for word. OMG.I used to work at Club Prana in Tampa. When this song came on I got so lit and sold so many drinks. I made so much… Gucci still won the round.Jeezy shady lmfaooooooWho used to stroll to Photoshoot? Was it the AKAs?Yes I'm shouting. Yes I'm excited. LmaoGUCCI AINNO AMATEUR!!!!!Gucci won this round @feelgoodnaj Oh. . . Oh. . . OH!!!!WAITING FOR IT @feelgoodnaj Will be on repeat okay?!Um. Fuck kodak @Cspanish At all and I'm a kee keeing to it @magicmorgiejay Good times!!! @Unaamorcita High key @Unaamorcita Good ole Plies. @feelgoodnaj HAS TO. HAS. TO.OMG RIP SHAWTY LO.
Retweeted by Magic City MoHOP UP OUT THAT PRETTY MUTHA FUCKA LIKE HAALLLLOOOOO #VERZUZ ok yeah now I'm team Jeezy. Jesus. @larrycurlyanfro YOU KNOW I AM BITCH!!!! LMFAOOOOSo many memories to this song. Holy shit. Gucci was the soundtrack to the clubs of all my freshman year. Sigh.Anybody that knows me knows All There is MY 👏🏿 SHIT 👏🏿 #verzuz I remember going to a Jeezy concert and he played th…*RUNS AROUND VENUE TWICE*YOU WANT THE WHOLE THANG HIMME ON THE BLACK PHONE!!!!! MY SHIIIIT #VERZUZOk . . . Update. I'm team boff. Cause I'm over here rapping both word for word. @larrycurlyanfro @blvckyuppie LMFAOOO, it's cool. Yeen gotta console me lol @larrycurlyanfro @blvckyuppie I've always had a slight crush on Jeezy SHIT FIVE IN THE MORNING ON THE CORNER CLOCKIN!!!I just got so sad. Nor MJQ. YOUNG JIZZLE FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE MAP!!!!Special hoodrat memories w my friends to Imma Dawg . . . Good times #VERZUZJeezy came back like, wayment. Talk shit if you want. . .Wait. I stand corrected. . .Gucci basically set the tone already. I hate to say it. But . . . Those first two diss records ? Yeah. It's already a wrap. #VERZUZ @zxnesix Me. @coolblknerd Straight for the throat. Jeezy is trying to be the bigger man but . . .Gucci in the corner talking shit. #verzuzI ---- . . . Jeezy . . . Sir. . . I ---- @iLikeIke_ Not at all @zxnesix As. . . the FUCKHALLLLLPPP Gucci came out swiiinggggiinn wooooow lmfaoskskskssk yikes #VERZUZFellas, if she rapping these songs word for word tonight? KEEP IT THE FUCK CUTE lmaooo #VERZUZ
Retweeted by Magic City Mo @Tendurag Bopping like shitThis setup look like a Love & Hip Hop reunion. 😂 #verzuz
Retweeted by Magic City Mo @NikkiMegaplaza I never expect them to be on time. But I appreciate the DJI love Jeezy. I do. But if they play Mixtape Gucci tonight? I'm sorry . . . I gotta give it to Gucci. #VERZUZ but… @feelgoodnaj I got it casting right now. But the Apple TV set up is so much better.Not gonna lie. I ran that song into the ground back in HS. And I still know Bo Hagon's verse word for word lol
@keshalake I'm in tears over here. I been laughing for five minutes.