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Edmund O'Leary @emerald1910 Epsom, Surrey, U.K.

Proud Dad of twin sons. Strong interest in mental health issues. Trustee of Epsom based mental health charity, Love Me Love My Mind. I love aviation.

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@Sullman622 Thank you Laela and Mark.please retweet and support if you can it’s for life changing research💜
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @David_Waddell And that must feel good. @jake2220 Good plan. @jake2220 True, the weather often matches my mood ! @jake2220 Anne, I am so sorry to hear about your brother being in hospital. It must be a real worry for you. I will… @TheJackal42069 Lovely to hear from Jacquelle in Oregon. @jake2220 Struggling at the moment to be honest. How are you ? @boysbeatcancer Stranger than strange ! @jo54_ Thank you Jo. One of my favourites. @HuevosJavier Hola Javier. @Lorna_Payne Good night Lorna. @DrAdrianHeald I agree. @drjanaway I hope Wednesday is a better day for you. @JonnyLittlebury Dear Jonny, I am sorry for your loss. May your Mum Rest In Peace.Good night Giles.
@risteard69 Grim times. Taking it day by day.A little taste of Christmas from Korea.
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @risteard69 Risteard, I hope you and your family are keeping well. @Peter11595124 These are tough times for sure. I am here to help you get through the "storm" and beyond. Be kind to yourself, Stay Strong.Getting my steps in....... #B747
Retweeted by Edmund O'LearyBirmingham looking fantastic today! 🤪
Retweeted by Edmund O'LearyHà Nội 🇻🇳
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary taken in Greenwich, South East London, United Kingdom twelve years ago. power walk around the block - and what a beautiful block it is #surreyhills #lunchbreak #freshair
Retweeted by Edmund O'Learyself-harm isn't good, if you're attempting or thinking of it, please seek help. you are loved, and you are cared about by many. ❤
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @LLLChick You are so welcome. Delighted a friend called in to see you and got you out for a plunge. @ArleneM23601592 Very good advice Arlene. Thank you so much. @ArleneM23601592 Grim times over in England. Taking it day by day. I am OK. Good to hear you are good.Looking for a perfect stocking filler 🥰😇 🇮🇪My cows prints are now available from my online shop,…
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @nialloloughlin Let's hear it for the cows !CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SAY HELLO TO FINN O LOUGHLIN 🥰🙏😇#LateLateToyShow #latelate @RTELateLateShow
Retweeted by Edmund O'LearyAdam King was the star of RTE's The Late Late Show last Friday night. Adam would love to explore space. This beauti…
Retweeted by Edmund O'LearyFor my friends across the United States of America: If this is an emergency, call 911. If you are in crisis or sui…
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Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @ArleneM23601592 Hello Arlene. How are you ? @ichrisbaron Thank You Chris. I was not in a "Good Place" that day. Never expected that thousands and thousands and… in one of the smallest cafe's in all of London, the United Kingdom. Photograph taken many years ago. One of… and Borders NHS Partnership Foundation Trust say "No Say is No Joke" regarding Mental Health Services,…, 12 Years ago ! @Texasgardenbee Thank you Debbie.“The best therapist has fur and four legs” who agrees?🐶
Retweeted by Edmund O'LearyFor my friends across the United States of America: If this is an emergency, call 911. If you are in crisis or sui… remember whatever you are going through in The United Kingdom and Ireland, the Samaritans are waiting for yo… @Peter11595124 Dear Peter, You should never feel guilty about reaching out to friends. Genuine friends will never leave you out in the cold. @charlesstonio Good night Sarah. Sweet Dreams. @sukey_brown @FoundationEven Thank you.Meet Amy @amypwoods, Comms Manager with Volunteer Ireland . This week she’ll be talking all things volunteering and…
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @anzupp, Thank you for your candour and for reaching out to Oliver. We are all in this shit together ! @Anzupp1 @OliverD1999 Refreshing for a British company to tell it how it is. You make beautiful products. Thank You… @chloemorgan98_ Thank you for rallying around Oliver. Takes a lot of courage for a man to say he is struggling on a… @ARAhappyday @OliverD1999 Brushing your teeth makes every single tooth happy. And you feel better for doing it. Small things matter so much. @paw65 @OliverD1999 Sorry to hear that Patricia. These are depressing times for sure. Life will slowly get back to… we learn to focus on our own actions and reactions life becomes far less complicated. Accepting there are thi…
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @ChunkydunkU @nialloloughlin Can I come too !Snow Leopard. Beautiful.
Retweeted by Edmund O'LearyThis year I’ve put everybody’s wellbeing and health before mine. I’ve reached out recently but got absolutely nothi…
Retweeted by Edmund O'LearyBeautiful. My (late) brother and I saw the Northern Lights for the first time on our way up the hill lane to our ho…
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @ChunkydunkU @nialloloughlin Cows get holidays ! @emerald1910 @nialloloughlin Here are a few Scottish ones 🐮🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @ChunkydunkU @nialloloughlin Hello Scottish Cows. @nialloloughlin I love cows.From midnight for 24hrs only I’m offering a massive 35% off all my Cow canvases. This is your last and best chance…
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @nialloloughlin Hello Niall. I would love to have a caricature. Never had that experience before. Are they expensive ?Adam King was the star of RTE's The Late Late Show last Friday night. Adam would love to explore space. This beauti… @OliverD1999 Thank You Oliver. I am taking it day by day. Best approach right now. @katiescorziello Thank You Katie. @OliverD1999 You are welcome. How are you feeling ? @mikky_princess Made it through to the first day of December in the year 2020, a year people will never forget ! Pa… @emerald1910 @OliverD1999 Just saying it as it is, you’re a good man 👍
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @ChunkydunkU @OliverD1999 Thank you Chunkydunk UK. Very kind of you to say so. @OliverD1999 I am so sorry you are feeling like that Oliver. I take your point. Please remember you are "Oliver Dal… @David_Waddell That will set you up for the week ! No Question about it ! @jme127 Hi Jesse, Great to hear from you. I'm good and you ?I am so pleased a wonderful new friend "dragged you out of bed" & took you to a natural plunge pool. A new lease of… @TKDano I concur. They should have started at 10:05am !Protect yourself against email fraudsters impersonating @TVLicensing STOP CHECK ASK Find out how to spot and re…
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @HappyTRUMPer Thank you.Good ⁦@morningireland⁩ With you till 9 with ⁦@MrJustinMac⁩
Retweeted by Edmund O'LearySigh
Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @LindaBeech9 Linda, that is so beautiful.
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Retweeted by Edmund O'Leary @anindian I will keep that kind offer in mind. Thank you so much. I hope you are well.Thank you to Kelly in Arizona, The United States of America for posting a beautiful book and letter. Always feels s… @zannz62gp Thank you so much. @SusieEnFrance Sure do. @OChenault @Melissacsorg Yellow and Pink! @jo54_ Good Night Jo. @jeninwy Thank you. @harrycovert16 Never too late to Edmund's Party!