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normalize same-height parties
Retweeted by emerald 🪑saw myself in a bikini for the first time and i’m like hey girl, i love u.
@ItalixnPrideAcc fletcherdeleting my dating apps bc I wanna meet someone the old fashioned way (doing karaoke at a ski lodge on new year’s eve)
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i’ve barely been on twitter the last couple days…. is this want mental stability is like
i’ve gone to waffle house with the same person three times this week…. in south carolina, this is actually considered common law marriage
@comeon_eileen_ this could have been me wasn’t a leash child but maybe i should have been
john and i have so much to discuss this weekmy brain at 8:30 pm every single night during the summer
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Retweeted by emerald 🪑 @ItalixnPrideAcc omg so prettyupdate after a full 24 hours of chronic joint pain for no reason i have decided to revoke my employment from said s… OCD seems like a weirdly shameful mental illness because like i HAVE to do these things (impulses) and i can’t… feels so weird saying i have OCD but literally i have OCD and my life has been improved dramatically since getting treatment for OCD
@comeon_eileen_ wow! i love jt !chonk guy and i both lost some weight @FOX10Phoenix
Retweeted by emerald 🪑Pro-tip: the Costco pharmacy is available to everyone, not just members. And they carry generic Plan B. It’s behind…
Retweeted by emerald 🪑personally my favorite thing about losing weight is how comfortable i feel in dresses now. i will never not wear dresses. they’re SO FUNstarting an experiment where i actually get up when i wake up and now i’m a morning person i guessthe answer is i have a spending money on clothes problem but we’re not gonna talk about itwhy did i get two jobs. i can barely handle one. i am chronically ill. i have chronic fatigue. why did i do worries if not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is my love language
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@comeon_eileen_ hi bestie missed yousomeone please tell me where to get dinner i am overwhelmed by too many choices @heyitsnikkiblon omg is that the woman that hired a hit man for her husband @comeon_eileen_ omg you got your twitter back hiskincare by curologyi’m takin some steroids for my illness currently and my face looks so puffy but BLUE! is what it’s like being me @nickfrom5to7 parable of the sower so good it hurt me 😃 it’s so scary 😃😃
you have to earn me saving your number to my contactstake modern american cultural history with dara orenstein no matter what your major is!!!! one of the best classes… @chescapotter i didn’t eat breakfast all of freshman year <3you get two an m&m mcflurry, couldn’t taste it, but now i feel powerful
Retweeted by emerald 🪑everyone say get well soon emerald @KarolsCorner ok no but why do we look the exact same doing this @eileeenc fartsliterally how did i get the flu. i am always the first to get sick every season but HOW DID I GET THE FLU???
i don’t understand why i don’t get messages back during WW2 in Greenville, SC, Black women decided to be stay at home moms to their OWN kids while their…
Retweeted by emerald 🪑i just hope everyone i’ve ever loved knows that i still love them so much no matter how long it’s been since we’ve…… @huutigs see that’s not even bad at all!! hold up i have a collectioni am way too aware of my name. please just ignore it i beg of youthe worst part about being on dating apps with the name “emerald” is the amount of shitty ass first messages with the same horrible jokes
my initials this month ! feelin some type of way about my body todayhappy pride month 💞
Retweeted by emerald 🪑 @eileenwchen_ i’ll be there 🤪never mind i got strep
i am single-handedly running hot girl summer in my circle of friends and i’d like to say you’re welcome for the har… made this at 3am
Retweeted by emerald 🪑having pets is so nice because when i’m lonely i just force one to sit with me and be my bestie. love those little guys @huutigs HAHHAHA ik i just think im funny im so sorry 😭😭 @huutigs i’m adopted but thanks :)it took a couple months of adjusting to get everything right which felt eh at the time but SO thankful i put in the… stability was the scariest part for me!! but now it’s just a calm sense of comfort because now i’m used to it i… stress enough how much mental health medication has helped me. it’s weird being open about it but if you’re… will ever capture how stardust (2007) makes me feelngl this looks so nice. no thoughts. just empty room with a bed. i wanna fall asleep here @ryanreboot_ a year ago i had 1 tattoo and this year i will have 5 it’s called breaking the banki’ve been too impulsive this summer already. last year it was like buying plants and coloring my hair and now it’s… future partner must understand that if our cat sits in my lap i’m busy for the rest of the day. that’s how it workssay what you will about the south but sweet tea is literally the mortal equivalent of ambrosia life has improved dramatically since being vaccinated. i am now too poor to keep up with my lifestyle
can i please stop getting 70 emails a day i’m TIREDi’ve only been 21 a week and already it’s proven to be my sloppiest year as a human being
constantly looking for closure! i hate itdamn i kinda fucked up wnd i hate not being able to talk shit out that is my fatal flaw @gobatmann literally just don’t if you’re going to look as foolish as thathappens lost one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and i’m so sad. my necklace came in my life at such a specific time and… coping mechanism for anything is simple: leave my house and end up downtown somehowi can’t believe my ability to be so fucking stupid for no reason. just absolutely no thought in that head of mine @Cailee_Rae congrats :~) this: if you have no idea what i’m talking about, usually i don’t either so i don’t know why you’re looking to me for answers
BUILT DIFFERENT might have lost my emerald necklace 😭😭 i’m a foolof course i love the sopranos it’s a bunch of guys and they kiss each other on the cheek and one of them goes to therapy
Retweeted by emerald 🪑had a very confusing couple of days so i took myself on a day out and read and relaxed is actually the creature from the ritual (2017) mitchell’s vs. the machines is truly one of the greatest films of all time
Retweeted by emerald 🪑 @jes_smak the variety of CVS @bellaaddis_ but you’re the NUMBER one ❤️i’m sorry but these are so embarrassing i feel second hand embarrassment driving next to one of these cars fact that i literally lost 70 pounds and went from a size 14 to a 4 is genuinely mind blowing to me. when i mee… calling everyone i know “bff” which is actually 10x more humiliating than you’d thinkhey there cowboys
except for the iconic @traitorjoke OF COURSE 🤝🤪greenville really is pretty epic and all of y’all GW kids will never know @kevinkgartland @brandnewtownie after adjusting to walking averagely paced at GW (still the slowest walker) i came…[using social media a totally normal healthy way] hey is anyone on here proud of me
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