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we're all gonna die

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🙄 @ArktosCS @tyleragler no @tyleragler enjoywhy are kids calling themselves submissive and breedable like go do your homework it needs to be submitted and readable
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i cant do this anymore @KenobiTobey HOW TF DID BOTH OF THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO ME IN SUCH A SHORT TIME SPAN???my entomology professor would be very excited to hear this informationim sitting outside and a yellow droplet hits my hand. i google it. it is BEE SHITi literally just got shit on by a bee. @Iaubunny love this for u
Retweeted by em @DeadByBHVR FUCK OFFFlook at my new twitch avatar!!! 🥺 @laurynabailey I SHOULDDDD OMG
instead of traveling like ive been planning to do after college for the past decade, im now being pushed into the w… fully planned on relaxing this summer since i have my degree now, but my dad has been really bugging me to apply… @Ahmoar she's an interdimensional time travelerclover time @ariessqc @awhnutss YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE 💘🐵🐸 @scottiyioioioio respect💪i fuckin wish can i not stay awake
my time to shine bitchit’s #NationalBoobDay????????i am never walking outside my house againwe found a chris chan documentary viewing party on tower unite birth control exists! it’s called “twitch” !!!
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monke get down from there 😱
Retweeted by emive been in a game with some random dude named monkey for like 45 minutes, and the only words we've spoken are "im… bcuz wtf did they know abt this shit
Retweeted by emevery time i text something wild i get scared i sent it to my dad on accident. every time without failalexa just called me white and creamy?
@awhnutss @ariessqc i so happy for u guys i hope u have the greatest time @awhnutss @ariessqc EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEmy dad is gone and i have the house to myself, yall know what that means 😈 clover allowed to sleep on da bed @laurb3n patty if it make u feel better i sometimes need a script to talk to ppl as well @laurb3n this is so cutewhat’s that milf cereal. With the strawberries
Retweeted by emi love walking around in cyberpunk and just hearing random sex noisesat first i was like ok who’s harry and then i realized. she means harry potter. it’s harry potter’s birthday. tf y’all believe titties r real like have u ever seen one?… exactly
Retweeted by em @KingSqueaky @RealHalbix @kubibruh @Vulcan92588 @DeadByBHVR yeah i stream so i literally have recorded videos of me… @KingSqueaky @RealHalbix @kubibruh @Vulcan92588 @DeadByBHVR the better question is why would you waste 15 minutes o…
drunk stream in like 30 mins? @KingSqueaky @RealHalbix @kubibruh @Vulcan92588 @DeadByBHVR im not denying that the map has its problems, but it is… @kubibruh @Vulcan92588 @DeadByBHVR do you really not understand why someone would be not thrilled with a killer dci…“I don’t buy flowers for girls because they die” yeah well so do the flowers
Retweeted by emso many pollinators in my yard today, my heart is very happyconsidering scooping out my eyeballs with a spoon so i can no longer consume chris chan related news
why is it always little manlets that look like every guy whos ever had his head shoved into a toilet by a highschoo… @NotAMNESlA hiiiiiiiaka i can do exactly what i used to do pre pandemic except as doodlebobit is truly amazing what you can accomplish in video games today @Insideurmind_ im so sorry :(sorry if u followed me bc of my boobs and now ur dealing with piss tweets
Retweeted by em @doltnn @gingaaCS good @doltnn @gingaaCS no @doltnn bro go to bed @scottiyioioioio no but we play itit would appear that liz found my shrine @BlTTERBABIE me: "what did you get" him: "a candle" me and my manager look at each and start laughing him: what? i gave it to my mom @BlTTERBABIE hes worked here for like a month and the little baby dont know the different scents. to him they're all just candle.we got free candles at work tonight and i asked my coworker what he got and he replied "a candle".............????fuck breakups, u ever been in a friendgroup but clearly the least favorite
Retweeted by emFuck Airplanes what about this?
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@Iifeeater i saw a british person when i walked past temple bar so i never went in, seems i made the right choice @NotAMNESlA SEND ME THE USER QUEEN @NotAMNESlA check snap @NotAMNESlA heyyyy lmao?
wyd if this dude slaps your girl's ass who slide into every girl’s dms are braver than the us marines .. like r u not embarrassed that ur getting egod…
Retweeted by emmy tits r sweatin
Retweeted by em @sour_bart LMFAOOOOOtank u for 100 followers on twitch <3
@duhdaff_ same queen @duhdaff_ twitter is testing dislike buttons LOLme: im the only kid of yours that's not a dumbass my mom: i know @bologna_eater79 @tariannkan i mean tbh spud like ur lowkey a sick fuck for eating it @bologna_eater79 my bad bro @tariannkan @bologna_eater79 literally right after i tweeted this i remembered spud exists and felt badwhy did my dad buy a package??? why???? who the fuck?imagine eating bologna go fuck yourself buddy @WanKenobiTobey pissed on by a cicada. never leaving my house againto the young girls of the community, i know how much pressure it must feel to see everyone getting into relationshi…
Retweeted by emgamers, listen up! stop flirting with children! it's not hard ok!when pedobear blocks u :(how are there so many pedophiles on this website
imagine having esex and you tell her your name is Nigel
Retweeted by emyou can literally hear the tears welling up in my eyes i was so tilted LMFAOOOOO literally on the verge of tears today after losing to someone with the name "smolbean"im actually very emotionally stable and never become enraged for a full daythank u to everyone who said hi i rlly appreciate youbeen streaming for 2 hours and just now had my first winif i flirted wit u in 2020 it don’t count I thought we was finna DlE
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