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@awhnutss hav a nice night brooke 💗GOODNIGHT !!!!!! @EATONSSMELLARK yeah that would be because i have auto save on @awhnutss i really like thiseyes r so pretty like ive never seen an ugly eye @h_________e i do this every day and it still comes up for me 😁me: hope u all have a nice night me: *deletes*
u may think my tweets are bad and dumb but yall dont even know what my drafts are likeweirdo !!!!!!being a bitch for no reason is soooooo cool and sooo fun u are sooo cooooolit’s funky monkey fridayoh my god the crowd cheered an the girls after we get the vaccine
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this man believes the paris agreement is for climate change in paris. i literally cannot believe he’s realLMFAOOOOOOOOO @apricotthot @Iaubunny im literally ripping my face offnever doing a “cartoon yourself” app again @EATONSSMELLARK stfu join among us @duhdaff ITS SO CUTEEEEEEEgoogle "boobs" thank me later
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2021 @ariessqc i appreciate U quinn @ariessqc it really is
@EATONSSMELLARK ok and she’s also a milf. So what is ur point @EATONSSMELLARK ok but my capricorn stepmom always buys me good skincare products for christmas. so @EATONSSMELLARK why are u attacking my dadCOCK AND BALLS @kittiaja ERASE THE PRODUCT TYPE PART !! @kittiaja i got u bb*whats stopping me from buying this never taking it off and having yall never see my face again
2021 @h_________e wow ur not even wrong @h_________e id take the red gummy just to delete ur account for not eating bluberry gummie @h_________e but the bluberry gummie is very tastywhich would u take
please stop sending me this (Stardew Valley)
Retweeted by em @ariessqc agreewe’re eliminating white boy of the month @h_________e yeathis is all i need
@awhnutss 🙋🏼‍♀️ how we say “man” whenever we’re disappointed
Retweeted by emi didn’t have to buy a 23andme to know this is one of the dumbest people I've had the "pleasure" to work with. A sullen, dull and quiet person, she…
Retweeted by em @EATONSSMELLARK I think you look really good in it @puropurin ?ive said it before and ill say it again trying to be friends with me is just a painful experience overalli be like i want more friends someone dm me🥺 then ignore all my dms
2021 @awhnutss true he seems like a respectful king @awhnutss not him saying please ....we truly live in a society
Retweeted by em @EATONSSMELLARK Me when ur top song of 2020 was where’s my juul @EllsanaDestiny thank u 💗I’m Obsessed with Froge Hat @kittygirlmeg THANK YOU BBBBIE 💗💗i asked lauren if I could borrow her hat and She actually sent me froggy hat. love her @seethecookie that was bored. This is Boreder
@SleepyMoan sup @pixieb4bie period! @daevgg 🥸ive had like the greatest 48 hours ever. i have not been this happy in a long time. idk. just thought id share. @daevgg ? @ariessqc ripped froggy @bologna_eater79 LMFAO DUDE @yyaannzzaa THIS MEANS A LOT TO ME @bologna_eater79 THE MAID??? @yyaannzzaa i love it. @batpixkie love the shroom earrings so much morning @megasofer oh n lex are devising ways to destroy mankind in the edate channel. are yall jealous
@nocontextpawnee oh my god @gingaaCS dont pretend like you didn’t know @gingaaCS nice reply @BenBeneato @WanKenobiTobey he responded. fell right into the trap @EATONSSMELLARK i cant even describe how mentally ill this was. @SleepyMoan how’d i know you’d reply to thisreply if u love boobs in ur mouth 👍 @whosvenem what a stealthey made a special mask for a group of people that didn't go outside anyways @uwudree tank u beebee 💗 @KenobiTobey THIS IS SO COOL @KenobiTobey WHAT THE FUCK TOBEY!!!!!!!!! @EATONSSMELLARK i fucking am @STRAXZYY @ariessqc @gingaaCS do u just respond to all of quinns tweets @ariessqc @gingaaCS shut the fuck upfuck you @twitterwhat the fuck LMFAO