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people really think that "hate for (artist) only exists on twitter😂" is a true statement bro where do you think Tw… @IzzyMaxii Hihi @Igiveupbru Hi hiiiiGood morning nae @oatkine gay!! @GayIblis lol @epicgamer_xxx 2girlsonecup @jabizofficial jus some haters fr fr @TheKidInTheBacc @deanyyboy !!! @ConnieMaru connie you want to talk about it ?
@800dgcloud did you put a pill in a mcflurry ? @ConnieMaru hope you rest well and somewhat feel betterbingus my love <3 @brennnnny1 good topster @graveehousee Thanks Ellie, you are also girl :3Meant to post this in priv,,,okay time for a dysphoria attack before bed gn everyone @miohatesflcl ballinDo you sell gloop @eggboypriestman
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@graveehousee I didn't mean it I swear 😿😿😿 @graveehousee Lellie (dfkm dfkm)Dog with the fresh cut @sing__about__me ahhhh alright @IzzyMaxii blocking transphobia (:< @sing__about__me how @sing__about__me 710 @nocknock3005 @ShinaisWRLD @KuraKuraBonito my favorite producer who made an album with MN DOON @pvtrvcxndx okokokokok so they email you an access code needed to buy it if you entered your email in the box @pvtrvcxndx in the desccription of the youtube video @pvtrvcxndx maybe 🤔🤔 @pvtrvcxndx im so hyp e @pvtrvcxndx album coming out next month and if you pay 11 bucks you get some "9D visual experience" and the album on the 10th @miohatesflcl wtf same @ShinaisWRLD @KuraKuraBonito I only know Alfredo by Freddy Gibbs and Madlin and King's Disease by Nas @IvyStansIchiko alright I wish you best of luck in recovery Ivy I love you sis /p @IvyStansIchiko is there anything you want to vent about ?? @IvyStansIchiko I've been there before Ivy, do you have any idea what could be happening to cause this feeling ?? @stckfb @hunter_hhhh @IndieRedede he looks like he's about to bite a depot @walmarteyedrops @OceanChildish or maybe they just,, liked the record, @hanarawords @hanarawords i hae the word hhate thte thse i hrase i he ave pate rase i hai hate the pe i hate t the phhate phraat… @beach_funeral_ omg this better bang1 trait danger
Retweeted by Spooky Emi @C2testa good @flameontheroof Mr Eugene @TheKidEdwards clear of every genre !!!whatwhat @_yessirskii what @_yessirskii what @IvyStansIchiko that's the same with basically every artist tbh, if Radiohead still sounded the same like they did… @whowantthejovi @RyanTheGuyan @RyanTheGuyan Ryan you literally exist @miohatesflcl 🥶🥶🥶🥶 GO 🥶🥶🥶 @graveehousee is uhh, wooden horsebladee chat @noktubear @jabizofficial s ex = DEA th i t's true ! smosh toled me!@! @noktubear *ddie s((* @noktubear okay ! @whowantthejovi yeah im bored in school @whowantthejovi okay @whowantthejovi one hunndo percento SWAG @gaydogs ovobumpster @whowantthejovi gmgm @nocknock3005 @crukehht i just really hate the outro, and Kanye's singing on the first verse is pretty obnoxious @miohatesflcl you too 🙏🙏 @graveehousee hru!! @graveehousee omg hi hi @Audaci0us__ wait why were they suspended @miohatesflcl gm gm !!good morning @epicgamer_xxx @crukehht @nocknock3005 dub !! @dogman_99 it's sososo goodoaky good nightIT'S SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD @xangro373529771 I most likely will @xangro373529771 I'm quite a fan of Tribe but I'm not really excited by artists like Nas so it depends what kind you mean @xangro373529771 never heard it before @HipHop__Convo Haven't even heard it yet, but I have 0 strong positive feelings for the other records herelet me listending 💅💅💅 @Thefowpt2 I have a heavy distaste for the recordFlower Boy (9) Man On The Moon (8) , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , MBDTF (4) @blondedhht only the best record of all time, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone by The Unicorns @IvyStansIchiko dub