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Name's Emiliano and i'm into video games (like PERSONA 4 AND 5, as well 3 houses lol) and i'm a sock puppet.He/Him. Only follow me if you plan to stay following

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@NoponDigi @Somecallmejon sorry.... @ThePhanSite Cat @FE_Heroes_EN Oh you know who I’m bringing to this @Kilala_4 @GlossRoyale @ecokitti Hey I’m just saying what is there alright @GlossRoyale @ecokitti Great point, but akechi still killed other people @fishupi *laughs while skipping* @fishupi I too be skipping regardless of spoilers @fishupi That’s a mood if I ever seen one @FE_Heroes_EN Yeah the new hero looks interesting but I’m focusing on Thrasir here @BlueEvoker Off to simp the heck out of Kasumi @plushcharm I wanna hug her! @GamesCageX And the 3 girls are gonna have mythra’s face pasted on them @GamesCageX Fadel @PeteLavaDigger Camilla flustered please if you can. :3 @PeteLavaDigger LOOKS LIKE WE DONT HAVE A CHOICE!
@GamesCageX P5R @PeteLavaDigger IMMMMM REALLY FEELING ITTYTTTTTTTTT @NintenZ Hope you have heavy arms @bil0batefall708 Yes @Karbuitt When viridi stoke your son’s v card @PeteLavaDigger I now understand when shulk says that he’s really feeling it @SurferFTW26 Pretty much @Jiikae @NoponDigi Anarchy reigns? Damn I thought I was the only one that knows it! @NintenZ @Dimantro1 Cept I am so good night
@JustMightyJake Big is good Jake @BlueEvoker And I was blunt there @NintenZ Welp looks like we have our 6th fighter @NintenZ The battle of horny @feralyorha There I am! @SpongeBob WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE @SATlSFYD this shit aint satisfying, ITS FUCKING NERVE RACKING @ThiccWithaQ @StormYorha I hate you. @nocontxtsonic SEGA @_BankArt @surferFTW26 It’s most likely her honestly @Gamingmints @NintenZ Only if you punch tho @Rand0m308 @UniverseJac @Kellzallday Minmin? @Lythero And this is why I feel like I shouldn’t bother with fighterz @Lythero why do I bother with fighterz if everyone is gonna ragequit?
@acstruggletwts @bakamatsuva Trying to get 30 iron nuggets @PeteLavaDigger MY MINDS TELLING ME NOOO..........BUT MY BODY! MY BODY US TELLING ME YESSSSSSSSSSS @kinkymation *hurls* sorry ate too much.... @ArcSystemWorksU Can I give her a hug? @PlayApex Caustic, blood hound, octane, pathfinder, and wraith cause I’m different people in different dimensions @jellcaps good wife @chirithies @Nitomatta Which aqua @NemiruTami @NintendoAmerica My eyes aren’t fucking with me right? @Rivers3k *laughs in future*Alright guys, it’s about time I repented a little. Let’s say this image can reach about 200 retweets give or take…
Retweeted by Emiliano/SUSANOO/Persona and 3H Fan/ Corrin @KeithMontalbo “WELL TOO BAD, IM ALIVE!” @TheSkidesZ And blocked @MegaDriveBrad Legs, cheeks, and insanity. Which one indeed..... @NintenZ OH SHIT NVM PREPARE FOR PAIN @NintenZ Glad you won!.............don’t do 5 or 7 unless you want to suffer @Nitomatta Ok thanks @Nitomatta The hecky is this? @Somecallmejon @PeteLavaDigger YOU USED THE POCKY SHE SAID I CANT PETE @itsranch @Landy_27_ @NintenZ Hilda. @NintenZ Be proud @Alice_Stand @Landy_27_ @NintenZ @NoponDigi Shulk or Rex
@BlueEvoker If only.... *silver bullet sadly plays* @Landy_27_ @NintenZ @JustMightyJake In fact you just described people to rhea @JustMightyJake No#Persona5Royal #Persona5 #P5R @ecokitti @BlackMageMavvy No comment @JordiumXBC2002 @RebornShadows Nah @lewinus @Willanator93 And thus dubstep was born @PeteLavaDigger She’s really feeling it @JustMightyJake Hell yeah @JustMightyJake It’s rhea! @ThePhanSite It’s a start to say the least @frogbiansVEVO Her face just imploded @UltimaShadowX @MasterOfHypeZ BRUH FUCKING {Name redacted} is so good... @Alpharad Me @DiscordReturns And?????????? @DabuzSenpai NOOOOOO GOD! NO GOD PLEASE NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @MasterOfHypeZ @mana_chan__ Lord help everyone @Pogsire SUPER HAPPY RANT TIME . . . . . . . . ND IS PISSED @ecokitti Your dad was like: @MidnightKolrath Oh........ok..........*cries forever* @MasterOfHypeZ Apparently it’s portuguese that you’re speaking @PeteLavaDigger I need my maid wife @mimirune You shared birthdays with good characters here! @MidnightKolrath Wait is that box real? @JustMightyJake That guy with a puppet that wants Pikmin 4: @daniiiiboii I can see why, the controls for punching can be difficult for some to play on plus motion controls can’t fit well with everyone @NoponDigi If Rex, pyra, and mythra are in then I know 2 people who would just pass out @daniiiiboii What? @daniiiiboii ARMSNintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20 @Landy_27_ And there’s an L on it! @Landy_27_ It’s right there in your name!