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If the eye-roll emoji isn’t in my recently used, then my phone has been stolen.

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My child is bored and he’s going to whinge me to death. @thatkat Also the first time I watched one of these, it was so accurate I thought they were doing a tiktok lip synch thing. @thatkat Well Rob Brydon did the Ken Bruce show as Ken and it was marvellous
@thatkat Yes! So you’re not opposed to them in principal?Well that Tory MP who I’d never heard of until today is a slimy little twat, isn’t he? (He also went on newsnight i… thread on why @MarcusRashford is the Tories' worst nightmare:
Retweeted by Emily @thatkat KAT! You are not cozy. I am worriedCatching up on Newsnight and I do not understand people with no curtains. @thatkat Absolute state of it.Yes, mate ‘cos, as well as playing football to a pretty high standard and leading a nationwide movement, he also pu… @thatkat Is that what he’s wearing! To go on tv? @DaisiesandPieUK Just finished s2 and it had the ending I wanted. I do like it when things end as I want. @shinykatie They’re like shape shifters. Amazing in everything they are in.I know I’m a million years behind everyone else but I’m watching the 2nd series of Unforgotten and Nicola Walker an… @Lynn_Nothegger I mean he’s Bobby Ewing. I don’t know about her.Just posted a photo @Caroljs It’s all a bit of a nightmare. @Caroljs Strangely I actually knows what you meant. My niece is in her 1st year at Nott Trent so it’s in my mind. @Caroljs Fingers crossed. Maybe see him early doors! 😂 @amnotfunny @msloobylou Yes, once I knew that, I was much less irritated because you know those bots are for Trump! @msloobylou @amnotfunny Apparently it’s something to do with stopping bots RT’ing in the run up to the US election. @Caroljs Are you in tier 2 now?THEY NAMED IT AFTER HIS MUM 😭😭😭😭 one is partly funded by Charlton Athletic Community Trust. Football is really doing some good work in 2020.
Retweeted by EmilyAnd are? Or at least I hope it shows that we still are that Britain. god, his feed. I am crying tears of hope, that those businesses, who are already struggling cannot bear stand by…‘sorry if you feel people have called you scum’
Retweeted by Emily @sarahvanpelt Me too! She must be so proud and he’s only 23.The lovely @MarcusRashford will not rest until the kids are fed and we’re all dangerously dehydrated from reading his tweets.Look at @MarcusRashford’s feed and see who’s offering free food to children this holiday. Restaurants and cafes are…
Retweeted by Emily @sarahvanpelt He won’t rest until we are all chronically dehydrated
@greg_jenner Very odd. Also the toothpaste comment was....odd. @greg_jenner This stuck with me too. Did a bit of a “wait WHAT?! The Ben Stiller movie?!” @DillyTante I can’t bear to look at the replies to Marcus Rashford’s tweets. I know that means I’m in an echo chamb… @BrightonSuz @euanmac60 @thechesshireset @PatrickMcGuigan @Foarke And yet, your hair still looks great! You are truly blessed. @DillyTante I have spent the last two days (6 years!) furious or having a little cry about it all @DillyTante Totally AND even if they’re not. Even if they are shit and feckless parents, in what world does that me… @swhittle @vwallop @Kellyfairy They are perfect present wrapping escapism AND they get the job done in under 90 min… @hoskas Honestly wish I could do this. I love my hairdresser and he cuts my hair beautifully but cannot dry and style it! @vwallop @Kellyfairy Oh, I’m talking crappy Hallmark movies where there’s a gingerbread house National competition… @vwallop I thought the same. I might allow myself to do it only if I’m doing something for Christmas. Determined to… @thatkat In the worlds least shocking news. @thatkat Becuase we are basically Goldilocks’ with very exacting standards. @Photomattic @RachaelKrishna @Ankaman616 SAME. Biscuits aren’t soft. @meemalee Your best friend sent you her book. That’s so lovely. @PollyVernon I think we need to curate more stuff. There isn’t t enough of that happening.Also, Rick Stein suggests 1.75kg for 4-6 people. I have 2kg for me and 3 children. I may have over catered.Remember me speaking of my fussy kids. Tonight we are eating a dinner we are ALL looking forward to....Moules Frite… JL don’t already have their ad locked down, then this would be perfect. part of this convo he also said “we need to give to the foodbank. Not sometimes. Every week” I pointed out that… @msloobylou @sarahvanpelt Imagine the nonsense that people could get up to with an ‘edit’ button.
Of course, because fighting for children living in poverty is notoriously better paid than *checks notes*....being… chatting with 9yo about Marcus Rashford and Tories and Free school meal. Anyway, he says “I’m going to sort th…“As long as they don’t have a voice, they will have mine” 😭 don’t know why you are so surprised that only 5 Tories voted for free school meals. They are TORIES!A chapter in 6yos book is called A Dancing Disaster which prompted this. @CraigRevHorwood you are struggling today and we all seem to be, this thread is full of lots of lovely ideas to soothe our minds,… @Caroljs Oh I’m so sorry. It’s all just a bit crap and some days it feels to much. I think Netflix and knitting sou… @Caroljs And of course it’s always the afternoon school run! *sigh*. Just read this. @Caroljs Oh god. We’ve literally had two days with no rain in the last 3 or more weeks. It’s crazy. @fiona_peacock I think a global pandemic has fried my thirst sensors. @Caroljs Same. I have no enthusiasm for anything. I think I’d cope better if it hadn’t rained for the last three weeks! @fiona_peacock Maybe we could raise the extra 5 mill with it? @Caroljs I’ve just had a huge moan at D about how fed up I am and how everything is rubbish and there’s no levity a… I totally finished my latest hand-knit cardigan. I carefully folded it, put it in the drawer and said “welcom… felt the same. Clearly my absolute type is “leftie nerd, holding government to account” (see previous Kier tweets)
@PoppyCocktails Bloody clowns. @PoppyCocktails There were 28 items on there including “chocolate bars. No seriously Mum, we’re running low” @PoppyCocktails This is mine from last week. My children think they are hilarious. @rankamateur Yes, he definitely comes across like that and always has.He sounds furious (as he should be) and passionate and it makes me want to cry weirdly vicious and petty grudge energy of this tweet is amazing
Retweeted by Emily @popsicle_____ Aww Pops, he’s a mini you!Just in case you were concerned that she is trending. Fear not, she's still here - being fabulous @Daresie You should. These were bought at the request of my 6yo, but I have discovered a yummy breakfast.We’ve already established that Tuesdays are rubbish. May I recommend a toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel smothered… The. Actual. Fuck.
@Kavey Cheesecake also seems like such a faff so I never do it but I bet it’s worth it. @imcountingufoz Yes, I don’t think we ever had issues so it may be in the set up. @bellamackie He also says “LOOK AT ALL THIS DREADFUL PARKING” when we arrive at school. It’s great. @imcountingufoz I knew you were going to ask me that and I do t know. Have you put the time on and then taken it of… @bellamackie Also you are very welcome to borrow my 9yo who will loudly say things like “DON’T GROWN UPS KNOW WHAT… @bellamackie My SIL who was in our support bubble, has started seeing someone and when I told my daughter, the firs… @imcountingufoz Ours do @JNRaeside @curseofstrictly It was a lovely Monday bonus when it popped up on my podcast list this morning. @sarahvanpelt I’m doing a rewatch for sure. Wondering if my 11yo TV buddy is too young to really get it. @sarahvanpelt *gasp* they haven’t been watchable over here for years. @pixiekp @curseofstrictly @JNRaeside @strictlyblog It’s much better than the official one. ;) @pixiekp @curseofstrictly @JNRaeside I was quite pleased really. TWO hours, but have enjoyed getting up to date on… you did not manage to sit through the very long Strictly launch (I was not allowed to. 6yo said “I want PROPER S… @youarethepitts I used to do a lot of ‘bitty’ dinners, so there was something they liked on the table but sometimes… @youarethepitts Well I think here, it’s hard to find something they all like. 6yo is very fussy and stubborn. Boys… @youarethepitts I mean, obviously I do try to make things we all like, but I’m much better at cooking what I enjoy… @msloobylou She doesn’t like them but is buying some anyway to “take a stand for us” #sobrave @sarahvanpelt Book! @sarahvanpelt It’s in a boom I’ve had since 1997 and is splattered and has a note saying “put garlic in later, so it doesn’t burn”Stone cold fact. @sarahvanpelt Oh it’s the absolute best. Onions slow fried, garlic, Marsala or balsamic and cream and basil @rankamateur I always did baby led weaning and they eat what we eat but two out of three can be a bit fussy. I tend… @rankamateur Oh god no, I do t cook separate meals, but they do choose not to eat it sometimes