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Narrative director/writer/designer. Working w/ @waylandersrpg @lucidgamesltd @ekovideo. Prev Telltale. Hopeless romantic, incurable optimist, hedonistic autist

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Tell me a story about how games are helping you through this pandemic
Retweeted by Emily Grace Buck @DaiyoukaiGeisha @ckinfinite Yeah anything that you play @emilybuckshot frickin jackbox zoom calls!! bada bing!! every friday!! and sometimes more?? ya love to see it!!!
Retweeted by Emily Grace Buck @emilybuckshot I bought the Spider-man Script Book and borrowed the game off a friend when I got my PS4 back from t…
Retweeted by Emily Grace Buck @emilybuckshot I am playing a LOT of Dead by Daylight and being able to silently cooperate in a direct way with oth…
Retweeted by Emily Grace BuckLike many people, Animal Crossing has been a salve for me during this tough time. It's nice to be able to get some… me a story about how games are helping you through this pandemic
My cats are snuggling together and purring loudly as they do. I’m in heaven.Have y’all figured out how to split the difference when it comes to boundaries & being friends yet or should I just stay logged offI'm taking the GRE tomorrow 😳 I've barely studied 😱 But I'm still so excited because I'm generally really good at… @CarlMuckenhoupt @gregbuchanan (Hyperventilates)
@ZioElsydeon @TheeDoctorB Oh, I'm sorry. I did not get it.Our next Waylanders character announcement is my ✨favourite✨ character, and I cannot wait for you to meet her. @ZioElsydeon @TheeDoctorB Good news- it's fixed! And in the very next tweet! Rest easy 👍Can't put my finger on why, but I feel like we've done this before...
Retweeted by Emily Grace BuckWelcome to #TheWaydancers! Today: Tango 🌹🕺💃 #Humor #WorkInProgress
Retweeted by Emily Grace BuckJellicles can and Jellicles do @MituK Thank you! I know a bit about it, but goodness, no apologies needed. I think their work & the Intense World… @hexxchan 💖💖💖 @AmyDentata My suggestion is to talk to your doctor or therapist. They'll be able to test you so you can find out.… yesterday: I don't process things on twitter Me today: What if I tried itConfession: That last thread & a bynch of my other tweets lately have been spurred by an ongoing process I'm going… @WordWomanOW Oh the one that started the ~discourse~ I honestly don't want to get into talking about that because… @Kathy_E_J Yeah, I'm having a really lovely day, actually. Thank you for checking in. I hope yours gets better. If… @WordWomanOW I had like, six, pop up over the course of a few hours. Otherwise I wouldn’t have said anything. Thi… also, if I said anything in this thread that, in my attempt to talk about this through the lens of my experienc… @SunlessLuke And that’s true too!Guh I hate that I felt like I needed to write this. When I see people who should know better saying stuff like tha… here's the thing- I KNOW that I just made some big ol generalizations in this thread that do NOT represent ever… you're dragging "autistic traits" as examples into conversations that, frankly, are just random Twitter Discours… empathize with others all day long. We have to in order to survive. Do you know how to empathize with us?By saying autistics can't help but communicate formally, or must overcommunicate... you make us sound like automato… that's not because I'm autistic. It's because I have CPTSD from being an undiagnosed autistic in a neurotypica…, I'm an overly verbose & overly formal sometimes, both vocally & via text...and I know it. You're right, some…*sighs* *steps up to microphone* *leans in* Is there a way that, if all of you are intent on having this convers… @q_aurelius Yes! You got this! @failnaut Oh interesting! My brain doesn’t understand rhetorical questions so great (like on a conceptual level) so…