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Here's a fun little exercise for #Tigers fans: Project the 2024 Opening Day rotation: No. 1 Starter: No. 2 Starte…
Retweeted by emilycwaldonTigers prospect Matt Manning said today his forearm strain this summer was mild, and probably would've cost him jus…
Retweeted by emilycwaldon.@KellysPics is and always will be a rockstar. Love seeing this recognition for her. #Rangers little Midwest League throwback: My 2019 Top 20 for @BaseballAmerica: @cjloken This was in reference to the bigger trades. Tigers also traded Maybin for Victor Alcántara in 2016.#Tigers notable trades from 2017 and how they are playing out. Wilkel Hernandez has tipped in at 94-97 MPH during Instructional League, I'm told. @ElElectrico62 Feliz cumpleaños hermano. Dios tiene grandes planes para ti en el 2021. Sigue brillando tu luz. Orgulloso de ti.Here's a fun little exercise for #Tigers fans: Project the 2024 Opening Day rotation: No. 1 Starter: No. 2 Starte…
This has been a fantastic World Series.
This is seriously cool. Series Hero! You can now bid on @Brett_Phillips8 ‘s game used + signed cleats from the ALDS, with all procee…
Retweeted by emilycwaldon @_mcameron44 😂😂😂 @_mcameron44 Looks like he did turn them off. I’m sure he’s not the only one experiencing that. 🤦🏻‍♀️ @emmabaccellieri Happy Birthday, pretty!“Fans” can be absolutely disgusting. @sportstori All the emotions last night. Unreal.This is everything. happy that the world is finally appreciating the majesty that is Brett Phillips. called the heck out of that ending last night. Hands down. still can’t believe that happened. #WorldSeries @Chasemarino13 Point still stands.Now imagine tonight with a packed house. You suck, Covid. #WorldSeriesExcuse me while I watch this 1,374,752 more times. Un-freaking-real. need a Brett Phillips interview, stat. ...and someone make him laugh, please. Signed, meI...that was...did they...wait...did I just...Live look at #WorldSeries Twitter: casual reminder to follow this crew (and many more), refusing to believe there are limitations to how great th… solved. Love you long time, @RotoWear. ➡️ on Kevin Kiermaier, “Not bad for someone that pretty.”I’ve never met Randy Arozarena, but if I did.... he’d probably hit a home run off me. #WorldSeries
Retweeted by emilycwaldonHow is it that Cody Bellinger can have that much hair and still not find a helmet that fits properly?
Retweeted by emilycwaldon @Mudcat55 happy birthday!Holy CRUSHED. 👀Mookie Betts is really good at everything. Send tweet.Pitchers are athletes too.Justin Turner, you little devil.
👋🏼 @DTrainMLB! @sporer It’s your birthday! Much love, brother! Miss you and our Podcast panel!Roll into Grand Rapids after being gone for a week and nearly got run off the road on the S-Curve. *Happy Sigh* It’s good to be home.Happy Return of Big Ten Football, y’all!I could watch Walker Buehler pitch all day. My friend apparently agrees. #Dodgers
@Emilnem GREAT book. @jlw072 @sherylsandberg @LeanInOrg You’re amazing.I just found out that I’m going to be an Aunt for the 12th time and it absolutely never gets old.
@ThreeTwoEephus I have 45 blocked. They shall stay blocked.Don Kelly watch. in baseball. @RobByrum I’m in Little Rock.
Conquered. #PinnacleMountain @KellyNash Happy birthday to my beautiful ray of sunshine who manages to love me so well even from a distance. I love you. @JonathanMayo @GoldenSombrero @forest_stulting Arizona Fall League Crew: The Reboot @GreenfieldMax18 @EmSheDoesIt @skg_18 @CallieTsai @astroscallie @SlangsOnSports @lindseyadler @emmabaccellieri Women like sports, women know sports, women are passionate about sports and women want to work in sports. To…“15 more steps...” IYKYK @forest_stulting @GoldenSombrero, Larry. It’s not hard. @laneyEIO @giannaarantes5 @amandacstein Y’all are amazing. ❤️❤️❤️ @blainehardy65 😍😍😍 @jeffstanger Petco :)Unconfirmed reports that Mookie invented Yelp before winning an award for his seven-layer dip.’ve run out of ways to remind you that Mookie Betts is good at everything.
World. Series. Baseball 🤩🤩🤩 @glasprojoe Good talk. @RealArtOfWords THIS IS. SO. COOL. @kmeinke Why are the Lions the way they are? @glasprojoe Just go with it, Joe. Schedule doesn’t allow it during the season. @LottOnBaseball Best wishes to you, sir. You’ve earned this. Thank you for everything.Added my sixth Major League Park to my list today ✅ #Cardinals shoutout to my @Baseballism family for the warm welcome during my visit to the new St. Louis store today. Be…
And here all this time I thought simply being Don Kelly was qualification enough. from my family trip: Aunt, “You’re so pretty!” Me, “Aww, thank you.” Aunt, “It’s a shame you’re single.”… can’t tell you how many times I’ve already watched this and how many more I plan to. Absolutely gorgeous. for my Dodgers contacts and as referenced are they. “Holy balls that just happened.” 😂 absolute joy on the face of Cody Bellinger was the purest thing I've seen all night. That swing is a BEAUT. @tcapp19 Oh. Well, in that case... @tcapp19 Source?Mookie Freakin’ Betts.
@HolographicRibs Ok, now you’re just talking silly.Wait...the Lions won?This is special. @hillmanchad Purely speculation at this point.Dad, “Well, the #Rays are fun, huh?” In case you guys wondered where I get my stellar baseball analysis genes from. @SFHCommish_1 @chelseabrooke @BaxFootballGuru @AmyTrask @HammerFox2 @sportstori @kellierowe @JennaLaineESPN @coachevans1973 @breezyCLE @BurdsIVue @MKonSports @bmiller14news @Emilnem @chelseabrooke @BravesAshland
@mike_petriello He’s trying to explain how that was easy. Because, Twitter.That’s cute, Adam. Mookie, ridiculous is normal. haven’t purchased a Slam Diego shirt yet and kind of disappointed in myself. @MandyBell02 Happy Birthday, beauty! Miss you so much!Got to visit the two greatest #Cubs fans I ever knew today. Miss my Grandparents everyday. my heart, Illinois. @RyanSchuiling @kfgwinning ❤️ @HannahRKeyser You’re adorbs.
Dang it. Forgot about Hoosiers. Hoosiers with SJ at a close second. Don’t @ me. Jam is the only correct answer. every man who champions women to continue to pave the way for women working in sports: We see you. We thank you… miss Justin Turner’s vintage Justin Turner beard. #Dodgers
All the dollars, a 15-year subscription to Hulu and a case of @bigleaguechew. #Padres @_mcameron44 @JeffFrancoeur @TBS Agreed.