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DJ, radio presenter @sohoradio, run @baileLDN @flexxldn, producer @BBCR1 @1Xtra. Small, loud. Opinions mine not BBC's. Bookings/tunes

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@CassKidd Congratulations! And yes please... x @katehutchinson @KISSFresh 🥰🥰🥰 @JubileeDJ I know hardly anything about yoga but sometimes felt similar (/feel cuz I’m still trying) there are load… @palmito_fr 🥰🥰🥰
Yeah getting a cheap cab is cool but have you ever spent an introspective hour on the nightbus with only your music… time last week my @KISSFresh went out! I always try and use mixes as a showcase for new talent, especially on… new @fiskyoioioi on Scuffed in Emily Dust’s Kiss Fresh mix 💪
Retweeted by Emily Dicks @Kensayebeats Pleasure as ever!
@ShawnReynaldo 😂 since his handle is Ray Charles you can safely assume he’s making at least ONE of these up!New mix for your Monday! Have a listen to my @KISSFresh mix featuring @ckrono @evehive @snowflkz @RoskaOfficial're announcing our @BaileLDN artists very soon! One of them will be making their UK debut but you'll know them fr… @NeilBopperson Ooh that’s a good shout! @sofutureclub 💖💖💖 @ClubDjembe @KISSFresh @KarenNyameKG 💚💚💚💚✨💚✨ @NyegeNyegeFest 🥰🥰🥰🥰"I wanted to go back to my techno roots on this album" The head of @gqomubhenga records @MalumzKole talking about…🥰🥰🥰 @SOME1ldn @KISSFresh 🥰 @BusuaInn_Ezile Merci! @BoaKusasa 💚💚💚
Had a fun time putting together this hour-long mix for @kissfresh. Some festival faves from the summer and a lot of…
“What would I say to my self from 10 years ago? Hold on tight.” @KaptinisDead talks about being head of music at…💃 Big ups everyone who’s bought tickets to @BaileLDN already! We can’t WAIT to announce our headliners, one of whom…
🎉🎉🎉 whole thread 👊👊👊 @KojeyRadical was phenomenal last night. The project bangs and it’s powerful to see an artist with such presen… A SHOW last night!!! Wicked chats with some inspiring and brilliant @KaptinisDead @MalumzKole and…
@LawlessYo Wow how did you magic this?Catch @EmilyDust live tonight from 6pm as she's joined by special guests @KaptinisDead @MalumzKole & @annamorgandj.…
Retweeted by Emily DicksStill some spaces on this at @RoundhouseLDN // @transmission_rh
Retweeted by Emily Dicksv sad to be leaving @YardTheatre, but there’s an amazing opportunity to join a fantastic team as a music & events c…
Retweeted by Emily DicksBeen trying to pin @KaptinisDead down for an on-air chat about 4 years! V happy he’ll be on tonight’s show talking… of a landmark week in the UK chart with Stormzy, Jaykae, Spyro, Aitch (x3), WhyJay, AJ Tracey, Conducta, Mist,…
Retweeted by Emily Dicks😍 Love to @jamzsupernova & @EmilyDust for the recent spins of my latest one 'Obsession' taken off @ClubDjembe Compi…
Retweeted by Emily Dicks
@BoaKusasa 💚💚🥰🥰 @NoNotThatDevlin Ah that’s cool!! Lives up to the hype @NoNotThatDevlin Wow. Big talk! @Vugafrica Yeaaaah @KaptinisDead should know! 🥰 @DJWhitecoat @KISSFresh @snowflkz @DJPOLOUK @DjFirmeza @KarenNyameKG @Kensayebeats @ckrono @mckitinho @preto__show @lym_dot 💚💚💚
Also some killer tunes from @evehive @Equiknoxx_Music @SangoBeats @vhoorvictor @JeremiahAsiamah @chicodub Special… this is happening right now on @KISSFresh!! ft @snowflkz @DJPOLOUK @DjFirmeza @KarenNyameKG @Kensayebeats @Bakongo_ 🔥🔥🔥🔥
18.09.2019 - we release episode the 1st of 7 weekly webisodes on the hidden history of Gqom. | a Bubblegum Club Pro…
Retweeted by Emily DicksAny music video directors available to shoot a video in Ghana next week or the week after?
Retweeted by Emily Dicks @MellaDee_ Congratulations!!! Hope you had a wicked day 💚💚💚
Next @BaileLDN is gonna be immense!
@aimeecliff I’ve been to a few weddings where the dad can’t bring himself to actually say “I’m proud of you and I l…
@aimeecliff British people are so bad at sincerity 😭 @phil_tinline My phone auto corrects my name to Email sometimes 😭If there’s such a surplus of chicken did anyone suggest sending it to the food banks? @jack_selecta SO READY. They might need to give me two! 😂 @BenMaloneDJ Oh my god they look like a limited edition silver model 😱A thought - if you stop sharing stuff from people you disagree with their engagement / stats go down which is gener…🚀Newsletter #25 Released 🚀 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 Let's Turn On 🆙 with mixes by @structure01 @blastto @radio_coco
Retweeted by Emily Dicks @NKCproductions @LobbyUK Absolutely love this release, been battering it 💪💪💪Club Djembe Vol.1 is available now! 🎉🎉 Buy or stream from your favourite platform here:
Retweeted by Emily Dicks @katehutchinson @NyegeNyegeFest Wish I was there!!!Excellent and thought-provoking article by @ciaranthapar as usual, drawing links between music, culture on politics… @KamillahRose Oh noooo. Eye drops are your friends today! 💦Hey y’all. I’m collaborating with @residentadvisor on a series of Exchanges interviewing some of black dance musics…
Retweeted by Emily DicksWe are growing the Pitched Up team. Looking for a marketing/product manager with lots of passion and hunger to grow. 👀
Retweeted by Emily Dicks
@HighClassFilter Oh no! That’s a shame about the scheme :( ACS have Christmas tree ones that are cheaper I think...… back to one of my @ShambalaFest sets. So weird hearing live sets back, stripped of atmosphere and context… heres a reminder that I write things and can write things for you for money I even have a portfolio now and an…
Retweeted by Emily Dicks @MalumzKole Ooh the rhythms on this are awesome!
Calling our incoming black British undergraduate students: Looking at scholarship options? Make sure you check out…
Retweeted by Emily Dicks @motif_SA Thank you!! Happy birthday, have a wonderful day
@ElkkaMusic @iamsherelle @KarenNyameKG 💚💚💚💚 thank you lovely! @iamsherelle Yaaaaay happy birthday twin! 🥰💚🎂 @cardinalsounduk @snowflkz @KarenNyameKG @iamsherelle Ooh happy belated! @k2rah_ @snowflkz @KarenNyameKG @iamsherelle 💚💚💚💚 @TJuarezHotSauce 🥰🥰🥰 @cardinalsounduk @snowflkz @KarenNyameKG @iamsherelle Yaaaay when are you? @FrankMcWeeny @DistructionB Thank you xxx @Nondomjovi @jukwa2 💚💚💚💚 @snowflkz @KarenNyameKG @iamsherelle Thank youuuu!! Virgo season 🥰♍️🎂 @jukwa2 Hehehe thank youuu @jamzsupernova @KarenNyameKG @iamsherelle Thank youuuuu 🥰🥰🥰 @TomKoast Thank you xxx @Que_DB 💚💚💚💚 big ups! Thank you for making it a special one. Till we meet again, I think I owe you a drink 🥂 @schlachthofbrnx Thank you!!! 💚💚💚 @ExtraFelt Thank you!Also been through some very painful family loss and illness this year. I don’t talk much online about it but it sit… then I’ve played some amazing places, like @NyegeNyegeFest and @orangefeeling. The prog i made in Durban abou… throwback! This time last year I was in Durban interviewing ⁦@DistructionB⁩ who kindly gave me some champa…
@KatieWeathz It is indeed!! 🎉~ any djs specialise in afrobeats available on Friday ~
Retweeted by Emily Dicks @kieran_yates 🥰🥰🥰Yesss @kazabonbon killing it on @KamillahRose @foundation_fm right now 🥰 birthday to my almost-twin @KarenNyameKG and twin @iamsherelle in advance of tomo! 🎉🥳🎂 (and Beyoncé on Weds) issa strong week ♍️ 💪I’m looking for a (paid) assistant for a project, specifically someone who; is interested in music; has basic desig…
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For all those asking when we’re doing a weekend party, the answer is tonight! 🍑💚🇧🇷🐝 Good places to print flyers while-you-wait somewhere on the Victoria line? Hive mind go!
🚨 APPLICATIONS TO BE A YEAR 5 FUTURE BUBBLER ARE NOW OPEN!🚨 If you're interested in being part of our mentorship pr…
Retweeted by Emily DicksSummer of festivals done!! 14 festivals 🎪 5 countries 🇬🇧🇩🇪🇩🇰🇨🇿🇧🇪 3 @baileldn nights 31 sets What a joy to share m…
🥰💚🔥 @m4nnion @sohoradio Ahh thank you!Woooo @BaileLDN is gonna be on a weekend! Come down to @CamberwellFair After Party it's gonna be a sweaty box of jo…