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@MCH162 Thank you 🙏🏽HIGH SCHOOL SOCCER: @CHSSpiderSoccer shuts out Watauga to advance to state semifinals (WITH PHOTO GALLERY)…
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫Go vote for Oliver! He is a great kid! You can vote many times!
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫Hey Tweeps, we NEED your vote 🙏🏽 PLEASE vote for our newcomer OLIVER!!!!!!! ⚽️🥅🕷💛 RT 🙏🏽 It’s time to vote for Char… bring this amazing project to life for @WHES_Global 🌎 #donations #plasticfree
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🙋🏽‍♀️ I was a school bus driver for years. Even on days I didn’t feel like smiling or greeting a student - I did!… 👉 are the questions for tonight's #BookCampPD that our guest moderator @BethHouf create…
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫📣 Pst...Hey world, 2 of our newcomer ELs are highlighted HERE ⤵️ just read! 🕷⚽️🕸🥅 #CHS_ESL Advance to State Semifinals!
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫This Tuesday evening our chat will center on how we serve long term #ELs. Join us! #SeidlitzEdChat
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫I was honored and humbled to join these eight unbelievable educators at the NC Awards where we celebrated the accom…
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫Thank you, @Newsela for this amazing story! "Teen who migrated to U.S. border to escape gangs hopes to join his mom…, I LOVE this so much!! My motto: embrace your own identity to encourage students embrace their ow… @MsSandovalENL @RyanMoo25567760 @EnlHps @HpsOcr Great questions!! Yes, please share this awesomeness!! 🙏🏽💕 #StoriesMatter @vilma_turner28 @karmabak Love this! Tapping on students/SIFE’s potential is imperative to help our students push t… @JenineSilen Yes! And he CONTINUES to inspire us. Later in the book you'll see another 2 min video w an update of h…
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫 @ZikaLindsay I totally understand. Research shows that Ss acquire Lang through content...however, it only happens w… reason to support our students, especially newcomers, in sharing their stories. #Ellchat_BkClub
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫{New blog post} - Stories that Sparkle Powerful Conversations - Part I #StoriesMatter #ReadingToMakeAdifference
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫Weddington Hills is at the top of the Leader Board... Go Wildcats!💙🐾🌎 #groWHere #learningonsaturday
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫 @RyanMoo25567760 It’s beautiful 😍🤣 @kmtrangel Really?????? OMG!!!! You made my day, friend!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🙏🏽Great Job Boys! ⁦@CHSSpiderSoccer⁩
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫 @paolita6131 @ProfeJohnson76 @Jadeleyva Yo creo que fue en New Mexico @EudyCHS @CHSSpiderSoccer Ha! She was not interested in the picture. She was enjoying the moment 😉💛⚽️ She loves soccer!
Great game tonight, @CHSSpiderSoccer ⚽️🥅🕸🕷💛 It was awesome to hangout with my #ELs que comprar una copia y un póster para mi aula. ¡Qué belleza! 💗 @Jadeleyva #LaCosecha
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫 @RyanMoo25567760 Dreamers by @yuyimorales used @yuyimorales’ book 𝔻𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞𝕖𝕣𝕤 to provide intentional lang intervention to 2 SIFE Ss. It was amazing the connec… @RyanMoo25567760 Not too bad for the small ones! I LOVE the bag 😉 @RyanMoo25567760 Right?!? They’re beautiful 🥰😍I was honored to meet these passionate educators 💕🥰 They’re doing an amazing job. @EnlHps @HpsOcr #LanguageMatters #CarolinaTESOL2019, how did the conference impact your week? @CarolinaTesol
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫 @juliemansfield5 I Love this, Julie!! Thank you for your willingness to get to know more about your ELs!!This week was rough. Late nights with translating for parent conferences and the demands of being a single mom, but…
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫I then used the quiet time to conference with each student on their ACCESS scores and we set their goals for this y…
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫{New blog post} - Stories that Sparkle Powerful Conversations - Part I #StoriesMatter #ReadingToMakeAdifference @ValentinaESL @Larryferlazzo 🙋🏽‍♀️ I second this! 💕🥰 #pd4uandmeA person I am grateful for bc they inspire me is @Larryferlazzo bc he shares with educators far & wide! He is givin…
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫 @LoriEdmondsPhD @CarolinaTesol me too!! #pd4uandme #gratefulHeart @ElisabethJM85 This one maybe?!? @MrsLeonENL I don’t know but I’m hoping I can get one too!! I’ll let you know if I find out. @SDLBACK, were these p…’t this art breathtaking?!? I want a hard copy for my class!!! Jade Leyva, this year’s Cosecha Artist 😍…“I stepped out of my cultural bubble...” ~ @TamiJ123 I LOVE this!! Can you just imagine the cultural shift we can… @HollySawyerESL Best. Ever!! Thanks for sharing!This poem! @emilyfranESL #pd4uandme #CPS_ELs_CAN
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫 @polonerd @Marian_Catholic Thanks for joining #pd4uandme, Sean! It was a busy chat! @MrsOliteracy I am so glad you joined us today, Jasmine!! #pd4uandmeDITTO!! LOVE #edu #pd4uandme @ProfaMAB wow!! This is powerful, Margaret! You can influence so much and you can advocate for ELs in a great way!… @HollySawyerESL I LOVE this!! see???? #bilingualism is powerful and it opens so many doors to inspire and encourage… @DennisDill This is so important. Dennis! We have to feel valued and we must feel appreciated in order to give our… @MsSalvac Love ya 🥰🧡🍂 a high point in my professional career. THIS TWEET 👇 It is surreal because of all that Emily Francis (…
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫 @MrsSMendozaCPE hi Sandy! Gracias for joining us! Our Thankful conversation cards are posted!! You can answer them… @saldanact awww! I LOVE her already! Thanks for sharing a picture of your dulce abuelita #pd4uandme @ProfaMAB great!! The more we learn, the better and stronger we become! #pd4uandme @amgonza Thank you for all you do, Anabel!! #pd4uandme @MrSteveAvery That's great, Steve! When we know better, we do better!! Great job! #pd4uandmeThank you, Thank you, for joining us this morning! @teresagross625 @specialtechie and I wish you a great weekend!… @specialtechie Thanks!! I'm sure I missed A LOT of tweets! #pd4uandme @Isham_Literacy @teresagross625 @specialtechie awww! we LOVE you, Kimberly!! Thank you for always engaging in our conversations! #pd4uandme @LaurenPorosoff @3_DLeadership @specialtechie Thank you!! We are always thinking of ways to make #pd4uandme fun and… about myself I am grateful for is my love and honor for my mother. I am who I am because of her love and… @CatSchneider4 Love this! THanks for sharing, Catherine! #pd4uandmeMe this morning!!! Wow! 🔥 #pd4uandme Thank you all for engaging in amazing grateful conversations 🍁🧡🍂 am grateful for the opportunity to work with Newcomer #ELs at @SpidersCHS I LOVE inspiring them and I am embraci…🥧 LAST conversation Card 🥧 Something about myself I am thankful for, is... #pd4uandme @HollySawyerESL I LOVE this!! I am too grateful for our school's admin!! They all support what we do for our ELs #pd4uandme @teresagross625 he makes your heart happy...I can see it! THanks for sharing!! #pd4uandme @smanhart4 awesome!! THIS is exactly how I felt about my mother-in-law!! She was so amazing with me! #pd4uandme @CatSchneider4 hello! Welcome #pd4uandme @PlayYay @teachbetterteam awesomeness!! Congrats #pd4uandme @PlayYay they're so cute!! #pd4uandme @teresagross625 @specialtechie Awww!! Love you ladies!! #pd4uandme🦃 Conversation Card #3 🦃 What opportunities are you grateful for? #pd4uandme am grateful for @MsSalvac because she inspires me to advocate for my newcomer #ELs Thank you, Carol for all YOU… @JDRodriguezIII1 awwww! SO cute!! #pd4uandme @kruevans welcome George!! I am too thankful for amazing colleagues #pd4uandme @saldanact hola Cristóbal! #pd4uandme @amgonza good morning, friend! I'm glad you're here! #pd4uandme @ktkelly14 @3_DLeadership @specialtechie @debreese Thank you, Katie!! Love your perspective! #pd4uandme🍂 Conversation Card #2 🍂 A person(s) I am grateful for because they inspire me is/are ____________, because....… @3_DLeadership @specialtechie @emilyfranESL @debreese With that said, I’m thankful for educators who help me to con…
Retweeted by Emily Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫 @ProfaMAB I LOVE how our students inspire us!! #pd4uandmeI am thankful for my little family!! #pd4uandme @BeAwesomeForKds welcome! Where are you joining us from?!? Your name?! #pd4uandme @HollySawyerESL hello Holly! I am so glad you're here!! #pd4uandme @MrSteveAvery hello Steve! Welcome to #pd4uandme @JDRodriguezIII1 it's going on RIGHT NOW!! #pd4uandme @Isham_Literacy welcome Kimberly! #pd4uandme @dawblack hi Dave! #pd4uandme @ProfaMAB good morning Margaret! Welcome #pd4uandme @TraciBrowder hi Traci!! Welcome #pd4uandme @smanhart4 hello Shawna! Welcome!! I bet those pancakes are delicious!! #pd4uandme🍁Conversation Card #1 🍁 I am thankful for... #pd4uandme @teresagross625 @specialtechie wow!! that's too cold! @Tellez2u hola Karen! Welcome and thank you for joining us!! #pd4uandme @3_DLeadership ummmmm, no! #pd4uandme @teresagross625 welcome, faithful friend!! #pd4uandme