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Emily 🌸 @EmilyGameDev Auckland, New Zealand

An Aussie in Aotearoa 🇳🇿 former CM for @wanderervr & player support for @critterclash. Opinions are my own! (she/her)

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I'm working on a tribute to trailblazing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, and I'd love to hear about th…
Retweeted by Emily 🌸Just found out I don't have a disc injury in my back. I'm so relieved I could cry 😭 I thought I'd be stuck with sci… are beautiful 🥺 VM hold such a special place in my heart @lucyamorris Uhhh free penicillin? 😅
Hello friends! My mum, who is the loveliest & kindest woman ever, is a midwife. Midwifery is both a difficult and e…
Retweeted by Emily 🌸All this talk of whether people think you’re intimidating is really tiring. Firstly, if people are intimidated by…
Retweeted by Emily 🌸 @LeenaVanD Leena, this thread is excellent. The "am I intimidating?" meme was kinda fun to read but made me a bit u… @JimothyJimbles ... yeah that checks out @JimothyJimbles Why are computers so dumb @JimothyJimbles My partner saw this and said “uh oh. That’s terrifying” Is it broken now? 😅 @callioperyder @catty_art @lucyamorris I've had the same experience! It really is magic hey @timrodz oh my god this sent me 🤣 so CUTE
The fact that all of the famous D&D DMs are white men is a problem.
Retweeted by Emily 🌸 @alpaca_cactus I hope she has a good Physio tbh @AndyAstruc 😂 slendy with two basketballs shoved up his shirt and crippling scoliosisI've been enjoying playing Wolcen but this is easily the thing that irks me the most about it. It's 2020, can we pl…! I'm going to #GDC20 ! Very excited for my first #gdc and hoping to chat to #communitymanagers and other pe…
Retweeted by Emily 🌸 @pepperraccoon YEP, seconded big time.
@magecandor At LEAST forty, that jar was a tough cookie 😂 @t_jackwilson oh my god you BET your cotton socks I'm buying that when it's out! 👀I've felt confident about how much stronger I've been getting since starting weightlifting but I gotta tell ya, my…
Do yourself a favour - grab a tasty beverage and read this article. It's good. 😍 @bexchangewords @LoriiPops No worries! ☺ @LeenaVanD Those are the good words 🤤 @EliseMarchouba Oh nooooooooo 😂🙃Sciatica nerve pain is extremely bad and I wouldn’t recommend it to my family or friends @LeenaVanD I’m trying to avoid snacks for a while and the idea of these are making me so weak, they look so gooooooodHi y'all, I'm still looking for work. If you know of anything I might be suitable for, please give me a shout. Comm…
Retweeted by Emily 🌸 @natsum77 N A T @natsum77 Nat im begging you put your elbows back on your desk @natsum77 You're so nice im cry @natsum77 Nat 😭❤️ no one can brighten a studio as much as you! @jack_knobel Thank u Jack you are a heckin good egg and I appreciate you @NinNons Oh Noni ❤ thank you bbIf you want to know more about me, check out my LinkedIn Thanks for reading! 💕Other cool facts about me - ✨I'm studying a Bachelor of Communications via distance with Griffith University 🇦🇺 ✨…🎉 I'm looking for work! 🎉 I'm looking for remote or on-site Community Management roles - I'm based in Auckland NZ,… @TheVTran Gosh I needed this today! Thank you 🙏
@aspenforster I feel honoured @aspenforster I saw you drink water, does that count
All I want out of life is for some very rich tarot enthusiast to commission me to make a deck, please Alternativel…
Retweeted by Emily 🌸 @JimothyJimbles @t_jackwilson You are welcome to try and stop me @t_jackwilson @JimothyJimbles Dibs on Germany @laurclinn This sucks and I'm experiencing second hand embarrassment for you. I'm sorry you got such a lame reaction to a friendly comment
@LeenaVanD Uhhhhhh this is a bit too accurate for my liking, what the hell 😂😅
@Kerst_Art Aw thanks for asking ❤️ Community management and player support is primarily what I do 😁 I'm also huntin… @saracecilia I'm doing the Cafe thing but I didn't think about having the TV on! What a great idea ❤️ @Wanderlustin Yes!! Absolutely! ❤️ @natsum77 FUCK 😂🤣 @natsum77 BOOP ur preggo sozseriously Lupercalia was A LOT, highly recommend checking out the wikipedia article Valentine's Day, consider celebrating it like the ancient Romans did for shits and gigs @laurclinn Not right now but I really hope I'm one of those mystical old people that owns a big, airy mansion with… @Pattyqubed Thank you lovely ❤️ and yeah it's really shitty! I've been walking to my local cafe each day and having… think the worst thing about unemployment for me is the feeling of isolation. I love being around people and I get… @cassjadegray Big, big same
@merryh AWWW ❤️ @aspenforster Omg she was so beautiful 😭 I'm sad she's gone @Wanderlustin 👀 Well this is cool af
@callioperyder 👏👏👏 YES @LeenaVanD I literally do not understand how you can have a career in any kind of media and think politics can simp… @aspenforster Aspen 💔 this is so awful. I'm incredibly sad for you. Sending all the love and care in the world to you @charlietheGfish Hell yeah! Good luck with it 😁 @matthewmercer This is so awesome. Thanks for your contribution and signal boosting this Matt 🙏
@ItsCurlyx LMFAO holy shit 🤣 @ItsCurlyx also for your consideration @ItsCurlyx YES @JimothyJimbles That's vaguely terrifying
There’s no glamour in making games, and it’s a lot of hard work. Here’s my personal list of Philippine-raised/desce…
Retweeted by Emily 🌸 @natsum77 Damn what a hot parenting tipExtremely pleased to announce that @natsum77 has adopted me and I'm allowed to have One Icecream @LeenaVanD :') straya @JimothyJimbles !!!!! SO CUTEDamn Auckland thank you for the perfect day 👌🙏
@stef_peacock Spam it more, do it (you look fab 😍) @Wanderlustin He's so fkn cute 😭 @aspenforster Fucking YIKES
@farahcoculuzzi Definitely a 1, whether I like it or not 😅 I've always had good visualisation skills, and it can be… @lucyamorris Poor lil man 😥 abscesses are so gnarly. Wishing him a speedy recovery!
@Ben_Scerri that's some big brain energy, holy crap @beabravo That looks absolutely delicious 👌😍 @JairMcBain HA this is amazing 🤣👌
@ohyoufox ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So much love to you hon. I hope this year is better. @JimothyJimbles Hahahah 😅 take care of yourself you duffer @JimothyJimbles Jim. @TimesNTroubles Sav 😢 I'm sorry. I wish people weren't so hurtful @JairMcBain JAIR MY HEART 😭❤ @JairMcBain I'd finish writing GRIMOIRE 😂 it's been so long @laurclinn Yeahhh they don't make my life easy 😂🙃 @Pattyqubed That does not sound ideal @Pattyqubed Hahahaha oof I've come close a few times believe me 😂😅Dad immediately made a dad joke - "I'm Bi too! BI-BI 👋😂" but mum was NOT HAPPY, not one bit. "oh I thought you wer… fuck around and randomly tell my parents I'm Bi before fleeing to security at the airport
@CptHollingworth Time to get emotional!! @alexpgwoodward Oof yeah I used to do this with my cats all the time. The fear is real 😂😅 @natsum77 I thought I heard distance squealing @TheGameHEART Absolutely not upset - you just don't have the full picture of my situation and it's nuances. 🙂 @TheGameHEART Some assumptions here. I've barely had employment and I job hunted for two years. I'll be working out… yeah don't do this
@beabravo It feels really empowering! ❤️