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Comic book artist for The Wilds, Snap Flash Hustle, (Black Mask) Bonding, (Vault) The Vain (Oni Press) Repped by @PeteKRyan(She/Her)

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@ReineRosenberg Amazing work! @TincekMarincek @Rintitty 😭 @MatthewErman Omg Sweeney draws them so hot?! @MingjueChen They’re fun :( chunky torsos @MommaMillipede @lianakangas 😭no u! @lianakangas @zdarsky Omg the Hagai comment too @JennRavenna omg this would be tempting for my graphic novel @csmgllz Oh many the lighting in this is so cool, it feels like you find something spooky while bringing out your phone flashlight @lianakangas I LOVE YOU TOO 😘
@strwberryjimi Me too! Sometimes I'll use 2-3 just for one figure @PlinaGanucheau You’re too nice to me! 😭 I look up to you so much as an artist! @AvivaMaiArtzy @jonodiener LOL Jono. And that’s impressive cause fur is hard af to draw! @AvivaMaiArtzy LOL ok but animals are a bit more difficult to remember lets be honest @JennRavenna Amazing work Jenn @oheysteenz That’s cool to hear especially since your art is so stylizEd and cartoony! Like I think a lot of people… @amandawtwong Yeah! I have my phone out next to my sketchbook a lot. @Rintitty I’m so jealous that you can though! I think your art looks great that way? Very fluid and energetic @strawbrybunny Me too! haha Like I feel like I’m furthering myself from where I want to be as an artist @PlinaGanucheau Oh man I’m jealous! I can draw from ref pretty fast now, but I still have to take ref for every panel @Manda_AMSBT I will definitely try this! I think I also tend to have a hard time thinking of what to draw? Like com… @glenn_matchett Omg bless you @nakashojiart Omg ALL I have is time right no. I have not enough energy to work, but it’s gamer and doodler perfect rn haha @nakashojiart Pc and switch! @AdManComics That’s really interesting, your work still has a lot of energy to it! @sweatyandupsety I usually set aside time everyday to practice stuff like that to give myself an excuse for taking refs straight away ahaha @JoeMulv That’s really smart! @sweatyandupsety Ahaha I feel this so much. Ill dress up and take photo refs for comics all the time @the_irishmoo Me too! Im the opposite actually, basic poses from memory is doable for me but not faces unless they’re cartoony @kale_satan Maybe, I feel like when I watch my friends draw on discord half of them are just sketching really cool… @JeremySimser Yeah I feel like the older I get the more and more I used reference until I got to the point where I use it for everything. @JessiSheron Big moodI always ask artists this so I’m curious, how often do you use reference? Do you prefer it over drawing from memory… @DelaneyJanuzzi Your sense of shape design is so good! @ChrisShehanArt I used to have flower zombie dreams as well haha @shriekapedia @Julien_Simon12 Yes! Thank you I was trying to find this! @ChrisShehanArt LOL too real @Trungles Hey! I read your book a couple of days ago, it made me cry. Seriously one of my favorite comics that I’ve… @BoissB_ @JennRavenna I wanna buy so many packs! The photos are incredible! @thetzechun Following this thread! Gotta kill time 😭 @BoissB_ I love for environments. @JennRavenna has some gems on her gumroad too @wastedwings Omg so cute, he looks so smugThere's some more drawings my friends and I did of her, but I'm having trouble finding them, so for now here's some… haven't talked about this online, but my dog and I were diagnosed with cancer in the same week. She passed away l… @mcneese_chris Very good girl! @Rintitty the biggest baby look at my dog
@AmalasRosa @go_maccha Omg cuties 😭 @BethVarni What a good baby!!! @BethVarni omg so cute 😭 @phillipsevy Yeah for sure! @phillipsevy It's ok! Honestly right now whatever the treatment puts me through is better than having cancer so I j… @underthebkcover It's similar, I'm taking Zarxio. The pain didn't show up till a few days later the first time I to… @MatthewErman BIG SIP @underthebkcover They suggested that or Tylonel for me! Tylonel helped before but it's not helping right now, so I… @MatthewErman LOL I'm literally injecting bone hurting juice into my tummy every other week smh @yrabrill Great design! @samanthamashart Beautiful!!! @NinaModaffari Really cool stuff! @TB_Choi12 So pretty! It suits you well! @lianakangas @InevitablesHQ @jonodiener Omg so good
@birault_serge So cute! @manny_oe @pallett_ryan Thanks so much! @anhdangerous Great work! @rycady @AWaveBlueWorld @weredawgz @NOIRComics @definitelyvita @ericpalicki @AdamTGorham @CassieXHart @brian_level wrote and drew a short story for this last year if you want to check it out! Love all these folks and had a great… @zacksoto That's cool! Sounds a writer's version of master-painting studies @JessiSheron SAME thats why I love lore olympus ahahaha @JessiSheron Yeah exactly! I think it’s strange that Aphrodite, Hera and Eros are all separate, because then it’s j… @bengal_art @sequenceart Ahhh! So pretty! @JessiSheron That’d be really cool. I always felt like her job was kinda bland, especially since Aphrodite has love n all @manny_oe So cool Manny! @my2k It looks so fluid, great job! @carolcollector Ahh! Star Trek girls! 😭 @julesrivera Trained and licensed therapy tigers @weredawgz @MattHTaylor best thing about being an artist is drawing cute girls 🥺 @coltmanarts I caved and made her full goth gf in the current version 🥺 @jimmygaspero @EliotRahal @FredCStresing Thanks a bunch! @RioBurtonArtist You're too nice! @RioBurtonArtist I'm cringing so hard at the older ones Rio 😭 @its_kassian You are definitely NOT a beginner artist but I really appreciate you saying this!Ohhh man I hate showing my old art but this story has gone through so many changes over the past 2 years and I'm re…
@steve_lieber @nathanfairbairn @jesswchen @ClaytonCowles Your linework is so excellent! @pepasmaga2 Thanks! That's nice to hear @ShinyEliza_ @EliotRahal @FredCStresing @ccrank Hope you enjoy it! @Beavs Omg these look amazing! They look super difficult to make
@Fumi_chun I want to eat these all so bad! Would you be okay w/ people painting these for fun/studies? @AnthonyRhys1 @EliotRahal @OniPress Hope you enjoy it! @AmalasRosa omg 🥺 @RobotJQ 🤓 @RobotJQ Lol yeah I know what you mean! I usually set aside a few hours for studies or fun drawings everyday @RobotJQ Ty Bob! I gotta get back into doing painting studiesSome old cloud studies that I still like
@elbowrocket That’s great that you figured it out though! The colors were the first thing I noticed! @elbowrocket Amazing! I love the colors on this! @BrenttHarshman It's fun! It's not too hard either once you get used to it. @BrenttHarshman Ohhh I used to DM cyberpunk 2020! Id love to @MatthewErman @KayleePinecone @thevaultcomics I miss his book! @tech_jedi I am!!! @shiningcapella Thanks!!!
@RobbieAldis now show me yours!!!