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emily nunn @EmilyRNunn The Department of Salad

Writer, cooker. I wrote The Comfort Food Diaries. Former editor @newyorker and features/food reporter @chicagotribune.)

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@courtneycyarkin It’s beautiful @noSubjecttt Gifs are never the answer @frynaomifry NahMy 3 1/2 pound barrel of Maldon sea salt arrived just in the nick of time. I like this size because I can also carr… @carolynryan Yesssssssssss!!!!I love @ossoff. (Perdue looks embalmed.) @RepMattGaetz @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump Like you have a heart. @RepMattGaetz @realDonaldTrump Ok, gas mask.Tip: wear red when cooking and preparing beets. Or a spacesuit 👩‍🚀 @allih30 Thank you!The pandemic is getting to my son.
Retweeted by emily nunnAnd here’s that liberal hippy magazine ⁦@TheEconomist⁩ endorsing ⁦@JoeBiden⁩
Retweeted by emily nunn @WhiskyOpinions They’re light as a feather. @procopster @domenicacooks Have some more lsdTwo security executives call this “the most significant cyber security threat we’ve ever seen in the United States”…
Retweeted by emily nunnI’m using a mix of beluga and French green lentils this time though @MaryNorrisTNY Exactly. @LeslieEDaniels Haha! I’m drowning in the momentIn addition to a sumptuous Insalata di Riso from cookbook author @domenicacooks, we’ll have this beet and lentil sa… is where I come from @wagz2it But you can chill the can of beans before you even open it @szacharek Yes! She was being sweet, but I was thinking about how sweaty I get.Hire him? I wouldn’t let him make me a sandwich you willingly and eagerly attach your legacy to one of the worst people in American history, it instantly beco… wonderful, from ⁦@isawstephen⁩ @andreapitzer Variety is the spice of death @nielslesniewski There is no Constitutional requirement that we get the count fast. In the days of the framers, it…
Retweeted by emily nunn @Mike_Pence So one vote @SafyHallanFarah Some white women can’t survive without their cliques, which seem left over from their post-pubesce… @SafyHallanFarah Yes, of course.Aerosol spreader.
Retweeted by emily nunn @Emdashes So me. @SafyHallanFarah I’ll share! @David_Shorr Very. It’s not 35 internet posts a day, but I try.La di daSomeone just sent me a note referring to my writing as “leisurely musings.” Because I write with burnt dollar bills… @TuckerCarlson Check behind the fridge. Stuff falls back there @andreapitzer How exciting! @amandabarrett So many injections @alisoncook Jesus fucking a win for democracy?
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@kayleighmcenany @realDonaldTrump We’re all stunned @anglibubs Agree @carney And then she gets a prison cell ...I mean engagement ring @carney Maybe he’s giving her the chance to learn to make rice exactly the way he likes it.1. I hate REELS on Instagram. 2. Make your own damn rice @alexheard @carigervin You were only off by 4 feet @alexheard @carigervin Yes, I recall hearing a lot about that in the 90s @GOPLeader That should do it @SpecialSka @nytfood It is @alexheard @carigervin He IS?? @carigervin They love him @joehagansays He can do some autofiction tooI wish more people would write long pieces about Martin Amis. I feel like he is in real danger of becoming obscure @dietsch I fantasize about burning mineThis is just to say that I’m slightly (but only slightly) tired of salad and need to make this crazy delicious, eas… Supreme Court will *not* expedite latest GOP challenge to Pennsylvania mail-in ballot rules, leaving in p…
Retweeted by emily nunn @alexheard ♥️♥️♥️ @alexheard Congrats!! @Rumaan The designated mourner gutted me, back in 2000 with Deborah Eisenberg and Larry Pine @tejalrao I loved this piece. What a great life.Uh uh now, as we say in the South @carigervin Ooooh!!Also: this week in the DEPARTMENT OF SALAD: Official Bulletin: I've started what will be an ongoing dive into testi… soon as this stupid pandemic is over, I'd love to take one of her culinary tours to Italy.I can't wait to share an amazing salad recipe from @domenicacooks: her Aunt Gilda's Insalata di Riso. It's in the F… @MollieKatzen I never have @IxnayCrabwinkle Too late!I skipped my mother and went straight to grandmotherToday is the day I became my grandmother. I complained about a loaf of La Brea ciabatta being stale and they sent m…😁 @Bksandauthors Thank you! We can learn together, from my salad guests, all of whom have a different salad story to… Mom @thesaltedtable I love mustard too. I should have bought 3 jars while I was in a town with a TJ. I could eat this plain. @GrantGinder But not because of a silly quiz @xtinehlee I love her @TamarHaspel @tomcolicchio Love @TamarHaspel @tomcolicchio I live this dish with red cabbage right here... 💯
Retweeted by emily nunn71 million people have already voted -- more than the total turnout in every election through 1964.
Retweeted by emily nunn @MichaelSctMoore A lot of canned tuna is very bad.My reason: it has a lovely mellowness—no sharp edges. Ideal for salad greensThanks to the many of you— it’s now in the millions!— who asked.Tens of thousands of you—literally!— have said: “Emily, world famous salad explorer, what is your favorite mustard… @MichaelSctMoore That is a fact but it sounds good @Maxibon020 @NYTimesFridge I don’t think soNot @NYTimesFridge but @nytimes fridge. I did not know the fridges there had an account again, I don’t want to be bossy. @AlexMHuber I know. Some people like it and some still think of it as dieteticRE the @nytimesfridge quiz: it’s remarkable how many of you see it as classist. Do you not know how many Trump supp…👇now THIS is a takeaway @luvcookbooks2 I wish @scottofsimon That went dark fast @TPrice504 I defy you to find expired food. @noSubjecttt Mine is very small, so eventually it all comes down to fuck it I’m cramming it in thereYou may think you have more important things to think about, like the end of the Republic.Please don’t call the food safety police on meOne of these is my fridge. The other is my fridge. Can you guess who I’m voting for? (How DARE you?)’s in Prince’s Fridge? – Heavy Table