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Unaccountably soft and luxurious. Ladycore queer. I ❤︎ hacks and snacks. Yes, I took the photo in my header. I made for some reason.

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@singe @IanColdwater FUCK this is good @alicegoldfuss @seldo I have managed to cry at the entire stack @nasamuffin Are you winning @znmeb it’s a pretty intense app. not altogether friendly, though. See some tutorials here: @znmeb See PixInsight. @lenazun @kf omg hi @benzobot @wholemilk @GodzillaJonny who the fuck is joeThe Honda Fit Hybrid is categorically the worst car I’ve ever raced in @KateLibc SportI’m racing in a Honda Fit Hybrid.Current status: screaming “RUDE” at this car in Gran Turismo trying to draft me @kf @lenazun yeah but kf you were moving real estate @kf @lenazun at most ages, i am much less “prepare for trouble” and much more “make it double”Can’t deal with how creepy Devinoni Ral in Star Trek: TNG’s “The Price” is. Skeeves me out each time i watch this episode. @ESMahony i am @\allbeefemily @ESMahony I should’ve had @\beef @lenazun ahhhhhhhhh <3 @lenazun @mspowahs @lynncyrin @kf jesus @qkate also i kinda love this GIF @lynncyrin @kf side question, does GRS count as a piercing? because that's definitely by appointment @kf @lynncyrin i don’t get enough piercings to be familiar enough with multiple studios to know the whole situation, KF @jennschiffer @seldo @lynncyrin fool-stack @kf @lynncyrin have we talked about how confident you are, KF @rabcyr i feel like this one’s actually possibleoh ur extremely online? name every example of this meme @stevelosh I dig it. @zkat__ whaaaaaaaaaaaat
@Obviously_Cloe I guess what I’m wondering is, is it bad to have plans? You’re not tweeting pro-Bernie anymore, yo… @Obviously_Cloe Is that...good? @noopkat we must protect her @alicegoldfuss tell me about it @EmilyGorcenski maybe, uh, shrinky-dinks @dbsmasher this already exists, it’s called drugs @wholemilk i like you rachel <3 @wholemilk good thing you are currently Cool @xor @ehashdn It seems to be easier to define lawful and chaotic @EffingBoring so much i wish we were in a place where we could compare candidates’ detailed plans on an equal basis… @noopkat I want it in sticker format, but yes!Cursed be @nasamuffin @kf feel free to come along and knit while i'm trying to photograph space sometime tho @nasamuffin @kf advanced patterns are even worse, you’re constantly having to count loops of yarn, so you’re unable… @nasamuffin @kf i don't usually knit because it's SO boring @mistydemeo still unsure how to feel about “thigh-press soloist”Skimming Hippocratic License Version 2.0
Retweeted by All Purpose Cultural Chat Girl EmilySomeone asked why we are still fighting for Warren. It’s simple — we want more for marginalized people. Elizabeth…
Retweeted by All Purpose Cultural Chat Girl EmilyElizabeth Warren's campaign site has some pretty awesome cross stitch patterns, if that's your thing
Retweeted by All Purpose Cultural Chat Girl Emily @sailorhg first photo looks like you’re sitting next to the World’s Largest Pad @juliaferraioli @brandicarlile @seattlesymphony i feel like I see some gay couples behind you, and I miss that environment <3 @noopkat learned about from @noopkat, and my brand has never been this strong. @Admae81 Not yet here in Portland. But I don't generally like the;dr: we've even managed to turn the night sky into a landfill.Most of my processing these days isn't about making the subject clearer. I'm mostly just trying to remove all this… background isn't black. It's more of a yellowish gray. This is the accumulation of mostly light pollution from… photo represents the noise I'd see over a few minutes' time. I've annotated all the satellite trails. Many of… taking pictures of the night sky is an absolute nightmare! Literally every photo I take is washed out in l…'m gonna make a mini-thread here in which I get mad about the sky. Why do I consider this photo such an accomplis… @Admae81 it was pretty nice :3 @lishevita @bigskeet4 @ADubiousPronoun I prefer a candidate who can speak fluently and concretely on topics of oppr… @nicolefv lists are number one with a bullet @richburroughs i feel youCold front out there passing through with alacrity. @iff_or bless u for keeping the Quality News in front of us <3 @lishevita @bigskeet4 @ADubiousPronoun why are you telling this thread what trans people experience? it's VERY POSS… @alicegoldfuss this was entirely my day yesterday, wishing naps upon you <3 @kerrizor new medieval Byzantine chant album is super rough on my speakers. First thing I’ve ever found which actually c… @isislovecruft @realwolfpupy @theavalkyrie amaze @jilljubs video games are sent by god to make us happy @nasamuffin @kf take this offer up! also i can get you started knitting, even if i don't know the advanced stuff :) @stillinbeta never rinter nights @gesa Is “scream at own ass” a callback reference? @ticky @mistydemeo It was meant to convey his brash villainy @sophaskins Miller genuine draft punk @sophaskins I wish I got three letters so we could get Daft Sputnik @sophaskins Oh yes @ticky @mistydemeo @sophaskins Daft Spunk @kf @gesa Chrome already has a logo @EmilyGorcenski if this emily is a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’ (her tweets)Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, I’m being assailed by Soft Feelings this evening @nasamuffin Okay not just me, rad @jckarter Bitch I might @nasamuffin Have you ever had it under your butt and then felt like you’d peed @nicolefv @dbsmasher i'm fascinated with your use of both an ampersand and the word "and" spelled out in the same p… @buritica jesus this would kill me @Gyozafox indubitably @shawnacscott bless you for this extremely important information, the internet had me thinking i was flirting with deathJoke's on them, my perspicacity is nonpareil @shawnacscott apparently it can burn you or shock you, or you can break the wires, or some shit.How certainly will I die if I lie on a heating pad under my back?This is a long list. I'll start with one thing: reading the dictionary recreationally in middle school. @adriennefriend kitty @lenazun i guess the supposition is that names are...not in Spanish? @lizthegrey @seldo can we just vote for them? @lishevita your “verifiable facts” are nothing more than an analogy. @lishevita why should i want Medicare for All when trans people would still have to use the private market anyways?